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Clare doesn’t need this shit from Madison & Kay

At MYSPANKINGROOMMATE – the continuing spanking soap opera – we are now up to the 43rd full length episode featuring well over 30 odd spanking models, but for me, it’s real nice to see the original roomies back to their bickering berst with Clare. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the very tasty Madison Martin and the very delicious Kay Richards (who I admit I have a bit of a thing for in my doting old age)

Now I admit I don’t often double up my posts and if you see what I’ve written, then it’s is different, but I know that not everyone enjoys reading my mainly FF Spankingnews Blog so you’d miss out on my interpretation and update of these lovely girls getting a darned good spanking off a very pissed off Clare who is annoyed that their foolish nonsesne with the laundry is holding up valuable “Happy Hour” drinking time…hey, I understand…but somebody’s gotta do these dirty jobs of spanking the girls OTK with their pants down, right?

Just click on the image below and it leads to a full gallery and excellent spanking clips which give you a real taste of the banter and constant sniping from the girls as they have to watch each other take a spanking…before Clare finishes them off in the bathroom with a nasty looking bath brush!

OK, you may have seen a few images from this latest update already, but I guarantee you WON’T have seen the clips advertised outside of the Member Area! Enjoy! and also take pleasure from the special BLOOPER REEL HERE that you can also download as the girls show you the “fun” they’re having!!!

Download the FULL Movie and all other episodes HERE

Hope you enjoyed this latest episode, this site has some seriously good shit going on!!! You can also take advantage of the CLARE FONDA PASS and view it as part of her multi spanking network for much less and get access to ALL of Clare’s sites! Decision is yours, my friends! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Regards, Chief.

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