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OK, I have been busy this morning getting you some kick ass content of the brand new site and at this site it only features EXCLUSIVE content withthe best girls I’ve seen at one place, it’s like the pick of the crop and you’ll get to see NEW and hidden films not available anywhere until now including these faves, Jasmine, best known for her schoolgirl roles and her ability to allow the camera to roam at will between her legs, trust me, there’s some movies of Jasmine here which broke my “TROUSER AROUSAL” meter as it peaked out at 5.0 – a first!!! I’m not going to let you guys see that yet, members can, of course (check out her interview!!!!)

If I did that I’d be distracted with massive “woodage” – sorry…it’s hard enough just reporting on the other wonderful movies I’ve seen, including HOT new girl Lottie who has an amazing ass that takes a severe thrashing again and again, and of course Jodie (taking her severest canings so far) and old fave Hannah, who, like Jasmine, is a very naughty girl in need of a proper thrashing!

Just click on the images below and you’ll get to see some amazing content from THEBAREBOTTOM

Have a great weekend, anyone joining this site will be kept busy…Enjoy!


  1. Hey!

    Nice Pics and thanks for linking my blog.
    It was nice meeting you!

  2. No worries, Lottie…I only really saw you the 2nd part of the shoot as there was a lot going on with 4 girls there! Hopefully see you at the next one!
    Hope you like what you see on film! 🙂

  3. tim tim

    very nice young spankees on this new site Lottie is a lovely little spankee as are the other cuties there .

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