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Irelynn Logeen at NorthernSpanking

I am really struggling to write anything today, to be honest I’m fed up, REALLY fed up, you know that sort of sick feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you know something is up or expecting something unpleasant? Yup, that’s me today and I’m in a foul mood too…but I won’t digress too much as it’s hard enough writing anything when I’m in this state of mind!

However, write on I must and I took solace in checking out some of my own personal archives and checked out some very fine films from my NorthernSpanking files on my hard drive. To be honest, these folk write some damned good and believable storylines and of course there are some of the finest girls here you’d expect in the UK such as Amelia Jane Rutherford, Leia-Ann Wood or Kami Robertson…but today I wanted to view my stash of Irelynn Logeen films as she’s a real beauty and I love girls with red hair (as you know!) so this one ticks all the boxes!


The movie is called “The Key” and Irelynn has gone too far with her bullying locking a classmate away and Mr Lewis rushes up to her room to find out where the hell the key is that she’s hidden, Irrelyn won’t tell so she is paddled and paddled harder and harder until she spills the beans! Lovers of girls punished in their pyjamas in their room and some hard and quite severe paddling will love this example I have for you today!



I also have cut a short scene from this film so you can see just how hard a punishment Irrelyn took…I also love the way she was defiant even though Mr Lewis kept paddling her harder…the scene as she breaks in the FULL Movie is amazing! Check out my free clip below: It’s their standard MP4 format so I always view their films on the VLC VIDEOLAN Player (click on link if you don’t have this verstile player, it’s free to download – I use it for all my movies now!)


You can view much more of Irelynn Logeen and friends at NORTHERN SPANKING!

I know this is a short update, but I do believe in quality, hope you appreciated it!

(see also my update at TEEN-SPANKINGS! Another Irelynn movie!)

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