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Punished brats & schoolgirls on a Sunday

Here’s a full quick update of Lorraine who is one of my favorite girls at this site and it looks like she is still wholly exclusive to – in her last film which is, of course, out IN FULL to download, this pouty uber-brat  takes a good hard spanking over aunt Veronica’s lap! Imagine this little beauty moaning, whining and squirming as you spank her… what a pleasant thought that is during this weekend!!!



Lorraine has moved in with her strict Aunt Veronica and is learning all of the house rules the hard way! This is going to be just the start to Lorraine’s painful adjustment to living with her Aunt as you can see from these delicious images of L’il Miss Pouty’s ever reddening sore red bottom!



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Of course, there is a BRAND NEW movie with another classic PB beauty (and that is Juliet Valentina!) In this latest film , Juliet is arrested for vandalism and the only thing she seems concerned with is how her evening was ruined having to sit at the police station. Well, David is about to redirect her thoughts with a dose of his leather strap and you just know this is gonna hurt!!!



You can see Juliet punished without the relative protection of those cute panties HERE


Meanwhile, I thought you’d like to check out another of my forays into the magnificent archives of NorthernSpanking for a quick look at a pyjama punishment spanking that I adored starring the very cute Irelynn Logeen. I’m not sure if it’s the combination of her silky bed-wear, her pouty sulking expressions or presenting her bottom for punishment, but this flame haired beauty does it for me and I just had to let you know here… there’s plenty more of her available in some amazing spanking movies HERE

Worried Irelynn is about to get the leather strap on her bare bottom!

Sent upstairs by Stepehen, Irelynn awaits him with trepidation until he tells her to slowly remove her satin pyjama bottoms so that her bare bottom can get the much needed punishment he thinks she so richly deserves! Please proceed with caution, viewing further imagery below could cause uncomfortable “Trouser Bumpage” â„¢ Chief at SpankingBlogg




Pyjamas, bedroom punishments, brats and tearful punishments… ah the joy of Sunday evenings! 

See MORE of Irelynn’s many punishment films HERE


You might want to avail yourselves of my latest additions at

Take the last 4 added below, click on any image and it will lead staright to the movie! These movies are courtesy of the infamous Miss Brown, who knows how to cane an impertenent schoolgirl’s bottom as well as any guys that happen to cross her path! WARNING: Careful though, her stuff is seriously addictive once you get sucked into her world!!!



You can see much more videos in HD-Wmv playback right HERE

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