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Caption Competition

Right, I’m very disappointed in this, hardly anyone’s bothered to enter. This isn’t a joke, someone WILL win a month’s free entry to

However, I’m gonna need a darn sight more entries or I’ll scrap this competition so please enter, what do you have to lose? Perhaps I chose a crap picture, I don’t know, but come on…there’s just 10 or 11 entries and that’s from about 5 people FFS! 1000’s read this blog everyday and that’s all I got…am I doing something wrong? Click on image below which leads to the correct place to leave your caption comments!

I will notify the winner and post up the winning caption on Monday so you’ve got until Monday morning (UK time) – after we probably lose to bloody Germany in the World Cup 😉

Don’t go far, I have a cracking new all girl spanking update and some interesting stuff coming up in an hour or so that you’ll enjoy, I promise!!!

PS. Please leave your comments at the link I provided (click on the image above) – I notice some of you have left comments here, please try to avoid that and add them all to the original. This post is really just a reminder as the original one is buried on the 2nd or 3rd page by now but it links directly to it, thanks.


  1. Yes, it is a lousy picture. First of all a man should be spanking her, because he will always do a better job, in corporal punishing a naughty lady. And second, you deserve to have your panties taken down, and given ‘six of the best’, strokes of the cane on your voluptous bare bottom, for making such a big mistake.

  2. I thought I hid that brush better.

  3. Why is it always that brush?

  4. Here we go again. Keep the bastard happy.

  5. Will he get mad if I fart?

  6. That reminds me. I need to trim my bush.

  7. I wonder if I turned off the iron.

  8. HEY Folks! Please try and use the original thread and NOT this one, thanks!

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