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This has been long overdue, I used to run these every few months and had an angry mail the other day…well, sir, I’m not obliged to run anything, but despite your anger, I have decided to run another competition – as the results can be quite amusing. I hope I have picked a decent image for you folks to get your creative juices flowing…enjoy!
Please don’t try to enter 100s of times, maximum 2 tries I think is fair, but please leave your correct email address as well, so I can inform the winner and give them their prize!

What is the prize? It’s a FREE month’s access to
(this was where the image was taken from)


If you like OTK spankings and want to access some pay per view movies only (they are a lot cheaper than forking out on memberships etc) then check out 3 choice additions to NAUGHTYBOTTOM – of course, if you don’t then just enjoy the free previews that all the new movies now contain, a decent sized movie clip! 😀

or you can check out ALL the recent and classic movies HERE


My next update are the gorgeous Japanese girlies – and it’s a mega post, so don’t go too far…have a great weekend! Time to prepare the BBQ!!!


  1. brad brad

    “Well then, shall we try out your new hair brush young lady”?

  2. Hibby Hibby

    Zoe hated the fact that her father was a hairdresser

  3. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    “Excuse me Sir, can you please explain to me again exactly how it’s MY fault that there hasn’t been a Caption Competition recently?!!”

  4. brad brad

    “oh i do LOVE your new hairbrush younglady, in fact, i plan on giving it a ‘stress test’ right now”

  5. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Ok my second (and final):

    Flat-backed hairbrush for spanking: $10
    Watch for accurate timing: $50
    The look of apprehension as he prepares: Priceless

  6. Holden Holden

    Guess the number of bristles…win a prize!

    I’ll still spank your butt—but not your thighs….

  7. andy andy

    ‘he’s probably just going to get the knots out of my hair… yeah no more that that’

  8. “Isn’t is time for dinner yet?” she thought, glancing at her father’s watch. The rich scent of her mother’s roast wafted into the room.

    And then–her mind contracted down to one single thought …

  9. Hibby Hibby

    Getting those tangles out of her hair was a painful experience at best and now Dad was going to show her an alternative way of doing so which she doubted would actually work.

  10. “Oh, no! The principal has Mrs. Johnson’s hairbrush again!”

  11. “Mommy told Uncle Joe to spank me with her hairbrush! Oh no! He’s going to notice I don’t have hair down there anymore!”

  12. “Naughty Girl to Enterprise… Scoty, beam me up NOW!!!”

  13. Roy Roy

    “Get a proper grip before you use that on me”

  14. Weasel Weasel

    Dammit! I was hoping he’d grab the strap!

  15. Marty T Marty T

    Every day now she regrets ever encouraging Father to become a “Fuller Brush” salesman.

  16. To the Hairbrush Salesmen: “Hmm, well, yes I am sorry, but this this X90 hairbrush model is simply not going to work at all. Just don’t like the feel of it in my hand. I am looking for something a bit larger in an oval shape that I could test out right now, perhaps a lovely exotic wood if at all possible?”

  17. “I knew I shouldn’t have gotten him another stupid tie for Father’s Day.”

  18. aka_ireland aka_ireland

    ZZZOOOOOOMMMMM……..Here comes the hairbrush get the runway ready for a rough landing.

  19. Roger Roger

    Surely Uncle this is not the way a Brazilian should be given !!!

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