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Cutest Cuties at CutieSpankee

Hmmm, did I mention that these latest updates of the cutest cuties are cute??? 😀

Live from Japan, feast your eyes on this trouser arousal content that has some adorable snivelling crying girls and young madams getting some of the most erotic & hard punishments. Yes, this is FF Domestic, workplace and schoolgirl discipline at its finest…beautiful teens, alluring girls with come to bed eyes and the cutest pertest rumps roasted before our very own bulging eyes!

Ladies and gentlemen, as promised – today’s CutieSpankee spectacular!

Below are 2 of the very latest updates that can be viewed now in FULL, the first has an evil step mom have her way with this unfortunate 18 year old when no one is around! Not even her bedroom is a sanctuary from this predatory female who really gets off whacking this snivelling teenager!

Summoned every evening she takes all manner of embarrassing bare bottom punishments, often across the knee, bottom high in the air, quivering almost as much as her shaking snivelling tear stained face! See the images below:



In a recent turning the tables discipline, we have an unnusual situation where an older domestic maid is disciplined by the younger spoilt brat of the house…there have also been some of these crop up, with teachers getting thrashed, Japanese women, whether as teenagers or in their 30’s maintain their delicate figures beautifully and for longer than us lazy fast food guzzling Westerners, and quite often, I certainly crave to see a beautiful woman spanked and thrashed – Well, Cutiespankee members had also requested this and they are now showing more of these role reversals and they’re amazing, check out the clip and images below – see for yourself!

Some cracking submissive scenes and some nasty caning from the brat Mistress too!



As for schoolgirl punishments, this delightful special below features 2 girls caught by their pissed off teacher in a long lingering lesbian embrace…first they’re paddled oppsoite each other, forced to watch each others reactions and hold each other, if they like each other so much, the teacher thinks, then they can endure this horrible paddling with their knickers down as well! I got you a special exclusive free clip to this blog only, and it’s in Real player format, as this site offers members the choice of downloading their movies in WMV (as you’ll have seen above) or RM as you’ll see below.

Love the regulation knickers – love the double act – love the snivelling!

Clip is 1500kbs playback and is 50 seconds long – enjoy!
The full movie with their knickers down is even more alluring!!!

Check out some stills from the movie below, I think you get the idea by now!!!



They even kiss and caress each other tenderly during their horrific punishment!

A few of my fave images that captures the beauty and quality of this site are below, please loosen trouser garments first, if you haven’t already!!!


See why I rate this site and check out more extensive free content with the forthcoming updates and news including more womanly spankings which are coming next to CutieSpankee

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