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Homesick Angelina’s OTK Spanking

Ah….Angelina, the dusky South American teen temptress is back in this new snivel-tastique spanking movie! As you’ll see from the images below from this exclusive movie at BRITSPANK she is at a posh finishing school, look at her prim and proper school uniform…it’s a pity for her that this English Finishing School Headmaster has other plans for her rather wobblesome dark buttocks!

Angelina has been crying in class and was sent to Headmaster to explain why. Now as she’s from South America (Colombia, in fact) – it’s obviously still a culture shock…magic flushing toilets, cars that don’t break down, orderly queues, cream teas and of course a rather wierd penchant for bare bottom spanking of snivelling brats! Angelina explained her homesickness and although the Headmaster was sympathetic, he thought she needed a good spanking to go along with all that snivelling…. (well, why not, eh?) So it’s a good excuse to soon remove Angelina’s regulation knickers and spank that amazing derriere of hers…I know I’d be spanking her with my trademark cast iron protective underwear, to guard against any embarrassment to both parties….fortunately – this guy is a professional…or perhaps, is dead waist down 😉


You can of course see all of this movie and more of Angelina’s other exclusive spanking content at

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