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A Hot OTK Spanking

Lily Swan is one of Sarah’s close friends who often comes over to visit her for a spanking (especially an OTK spanking) when she needs it. Often during these times, Lily films content with us both when she is free from her own busy schedule. Lily loves pain and admitted to Sarah that she needs to get a good whacking every now and then so when we are all together, there’s no discussing it, it just happens – but we also make some films in between private playtime! One such film (below) was from about a year ago… Sarah’s housemate had been brewing beer in their basement (a lot of beer… and it is rather good, actually!). Anyway, we had planned on filming some more videos down there but with all the freshly fermenting 5 or 10 gallon jars placed there, it was a bit cramped and very “hoppy smelling” so I thought why not make a video based around these real life props! What better excuse to spank someone than illicitly brewing beer in a “Dry House!” 🙂


Lily Swan ends the punishment contemplating the error of her ways with a very sore red bottom!

As I said, Lily could take quite a lot of punishment and she required that she be marked up so she could go home and show her hubby! You may have noticed that she is also incredibly fit and does a lot of working out with lifestyle/fitness coaching. She assured us that she didn’t have to show off her bottom for the next few days and would use yoga pants or leggings anyway… which was a relief! She ended the day very sore and bruised! Just how she liked it! The following film is more of a take on one of my fave spanking pastimes; just using my hand in an OTK position on a bare bottom! There’s nothing quite like it, I love taking a naughty young lady over my lap and giving her an old fashioned tanning!

Brewing up Trouble – The new video with Lily Swan at AAAspanking.com


Lily Swan is back in a great OTK spanking video and you will see why she got this swift bare bottom punishment as she thought that her landlord, John, would be away on business for longer than she anticipated. She was brewing gallons of beer in the basement hoping to hide the evidence before his return. Only he caught her red handed making this from returning early from his overseas trip. What made this worse for Lily was that John had a rule about alcohol in the house, a simple rule – NO ALCOHOL at all. It was a “Dry House”. He gave her a spanking that made her bare bottom sore and she knew she had to take this hard spanking for her obvious deception and lack of respect toward her trusting landlord! Lily is exclusive to the SG Group of sites and a very popular spankee here at AAA: We know you will LOVE to see her “getting it good” once more!

b002 b003 b004 spanking b006 over his knee for a spanking b008 b009 otk spanking 1 b010 b011 bare bottom OTK spanking otk spanking 2b013 b014 b016 OTK spanking b018 b019 b020 b021 b024



otk spanking 3

Check out more OTK spanking films & hard videos featuring the amazing Lily Swan HERE


Or you can view this film as a one time download to keep and play back as often as you want in full HD1080-MP4 format from the following Clip Stores (direct links to the videos are below)

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Rosie Ann’s Spanking Chair

Rosie Ann spanked

Finally, I managed to update the latest film released on AAAspanking.com – As you should know by now… I help update all the films on the SG Network alongside Miss Gregory but unfortunately for Sarah… she hates updating my previously owned site (now part of the SG sites) as I had no content management system (CMS) and had just used HTML/Dreamweaver and FTP uploads which made it harder to update for others not used to this method. So I am often left alone to update this site (still) – anyway, it is up, and also available at the Clips Store (in full) and with a new featured HTML5 player option (as all new fully updated films are now shown in for those who use mobile/tablet devices as well as not wanting to download the full films to a hard drive and just stream it). The HTML5 option (not Flash, I hasten to add) is an ongoing process and there’s probably about 60-70+ films updated to include this but I will try to get this completed by the end of this month for the entire members area. Then we will look at Sarah’s main sites too but she has a CMS which makes this option a little harder so will need to contact her original designer for this project.

OTK hand spanking

Okay, on to the more interesting subject of young Rosie Ann’s fab revealing punishment spanking. How could anyone resist looking at cute Rosie getting a traditional OTK hand spanking in that uniform? Especially over white panties and then with them pulled down. The difference is that Michael used a nasty hard wooden hand paddle, they are particularly “ouchie” and feel like a hairbrush/small wooden paddle as they contain far more sting and a thud (if the impact is done right). Not every girl can take this sort of spanking punishment… but Rosie proved she could endure this… as well as the more revealing and intimate “reverse seat spanking” afterwards. It was a very sexy position and something she was asked beforehand if she was comfortable with doing… you’ll see why from the images and vid clip… not every girl would be able to maintain any sort of dignity in this position knowing that her butt cheeks were hanging over the edge of a seat whilst a camera was close by recording her every reaction! I have discovered that it can be quite intimidating… so fair play to Rosie for doing this… and doing it so well that helped make this a really hot, erotic spanking film too!

spanked in her panties panties pulled down otk rchair004 schoolgirl otk spanking panties down spanking

More images below from the film including stills images that members can view

Rosie Ann

rchair006 Rosie gets spanked

This unique short sharp shock film stars stunning Rosie Ann, dressed in a cute, very sexy school uniform. It was her turn to be spanked over the chair but Mr Stamp had a special implement that he had decided to use this time… a hand paddle that hurt far more than a simple hand spanking! Rosie’s bottom quickly turned red under her white panties and when they were removed the painful OTK spanking continued. This punishment was far from over, as he had decided she should receive a particularly humiliating end to this discipline session. He positioned her so that Rosie sat over the chair in reverse, with her bottom cheeks hanging out over the edge of the seat making her feel very vulnerable to yet more strokes of that nasty wooden hand spanking paddle! This film contains 3 different camera angles so that you won’t miss a single part of this revealing and embarrassing session that poor Rosie endured!

rchair010 rchair011 spankings close up butt spanked reverse seat spanking rchair015 rchair016 butt spanking rchair018 spanking rchair020 Rosie Ann spanked and spread


See MORE of Rosie’s films archived at AAA Spanking HERE

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… or check out the full library of one time downloads (below)

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OTK Spanking Special

Last year when I was with Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy, I asked if they would make a film for AAA Spanking in which they would showcase what they do in their private life and at their “amateur” inspired Kitchen Sink Productions clip store (which I like a lot – please do go take a look!) – the result was this video, a real life event leading to real life discipline and an intimate glimpse of their lives opened to us… the viewing public. It’s a voyeuristic peek at their relationship and this is a delightful spanking film, filled with plenty of banter, backchat, plea bargaining and bratty behavior thrown in from Alex. I have to admit, I find particularly bratty situations hard to cope with, personally… as Sarah knows full well! For me, excessive poor pouting behavior leads to heavy implement usage… therefore it is nice to see Paul’s firm but reasoned patient approach… until Alex forces him to up the ante and assert his authority in what was, originally, a maintenance/punishment spanking when Alex would repeatedly lose the keys to their hotel rooms!


Check it out, I think most of you will love this rare glimpse at real couple discipline with partners knowing and testing each others’ limits to how far they can push it before the inevitable spanking punishment takes place. There is also a nice tender aftercare scene at the end too! This update today features some images taken from the video plus a short free instant play preview clip!

[jwplayer mediaid=”41049″]

Losing the Room Keys – starring Alex Reynolds & Paul Kennedy

roomkey008 roomkey013 spanked on the sofa panties roomkey036 Paul spanks Alex over his knee roomkey044 roomkey050 spanked for real roomkey059 otk spanking spanking spanked and  scolded Alex Reynolds

Alex and Paul took time out from their own private online project “Kitchen Sink Productions” to show us all exactly what they both make at their intimate spanking website that examines their own relationship with much brattiness and eventual contrition from Alex… as well as the loving D/S relationship that Paul has with her. It would be quite obvious to casual observers such as us, in this short film, that we were fortunate enough to glimpse a part of something very real and not contrived with this spanking carried out as a typical and sometimes playful punishment they would do at home or show at their own clips site. This video was made uniquely for AAA to highlight their relationship, in this case with Alex forgetting her hotel room key (again) and the banter that Alex & Paul had as she pouted, tried to reason and hopelessly bargaining with Paul before she got her much deserved bare bottom OTK spanking punishment which we filmed which can now be seen exclusively in our members area!

spanking aftercare


This video is also available as a one time download option
… at the AAA Clips Store

Spanked OTK for losing the room keys

View all videos available for download at the store HERE


You can see more of Paul & Alex’s work at AAA Spanking or for something unique… their amateur inspired Clips Store HERE or via Northern Spanking


The Lone Star Spanking Party in Houston is unaffected by the adverse weather that has been reported recently. The flooding and rainfall has affected Houston but the hotel is situated on elevated land off “The Belt” freeway and access from both airports is not affected. No more extreme weather is forecast although intermittent thunder showers will be on and off throughout the party days, but as the event is mainly INSIDE it will not spoil the enjoyment of what promises to be a fantastic inaugural event!

Full details at the link below for pay on the day guests – see you there! 🙂


Aleesha spanks Ella

It’s out, the second new movie update this week and it’s only Tuesday (well, very early Wednesday in Europe, I guess) – Anyhoo… this has been much anticipated between matriarchal Aleesha Fox and Ella Hughes playing in her first role at AAA Spanking – it’s a more traditional and scolding film that might have happened in the 1970’s and 80’s… it was kept to be as realistic as possible even though in a home the panties might not have come down… for our purposes they were pulled down so Aleesha could spank Ella on the bare bottom. She also used a hairbrush which had Ella whimpering as you will see below…


Aleesha Fox played the disappointed mother who punishes her daughter, Ella Hughes, because of her poor grades at school after promising that she would do so much better…

aLsas005 sas011 sas012 sas018 sas014 sas015 sas023

This film features two firsts – Aleesha Fox made her debut as a stern, matriarchal figure spanking another new girl to the site, Ella Hughes, dressed in an authentic gingham dress school uniform. Ella had not been performing as well as expected at school and when her grades were revealed, mid term, she faced the consequences for letting down her family! She was spanked OTK, then her crisp white panties were pulled down just enough to reveal her reddening bottom to which she was thoroughly spanked on the bare and then given a hair brush spanking that had her squirming in real pain. Watch this traditional no nonsense film on how we used to discipline naughty schoolgirls at home in real 1980’s surroundings for that added authentic feel of days gone by!

sas030 sas034 sas038 sas043 sas041 sas045

When it came for Aleesha to place Ella on the chair… it would have been rude of the camera guys NOT to have got a little upskirt action of the mom… Aleesha in this case – as she continued to tell off naughty Ella in her school uniform… the dress pulled up beautifully to reveal her red bottom!





This film comes with a great stills and video grabs gallery… I have a few images from the movie below so you can see that too (in FULL size) and of course it is in HD1080 so you get to see it all clearly. This film is also available at the clips store right now to view as a one time download to keep and play back as many times as you want.

spanked-after-school022 spanked-after-school076 spanked-after-school093


CLICK HERE for the AAA Clips store




In other news, I spent Valentine’s weekend helping Sarah at the NELA Fetish Flea… it wasn’t as busy this year because of the extremely cold and snowy weather (windchill of -40 Farenheit which is basically -40c as well… did you know that?) So it was f*cking cold when the wind found every loose piece of clothing… packing up at 8pm was NOT fun taking the stuff back to the truck for a 3/4 hour drive!!! Still, we had fun!

20150214_214042 20150214_224302

I’m sure Sarah will blog about it in more detail at some point on her blog HERE

Mandie Rae gets a Tearful Spanking

Mandie Rae in pajamas PJs

There’s some great films coming up over the next few weeks and I’m also adding exclusive extras to the Clips Store (which may or may not end up on the main site at some point but I’m undecided as it would probably be very far ahead up to a year’s time in some cases). Anyway, back to today’s new film with Mandie Rae getting spanked by Sarah Gregory in a film called “Hell no, Kitteh!”

Hell No Kitteh - Mandie Rae

Yup, it revolves around that strange obsession young females still have over a certain feline looking character from Japan that we all know now was in fact supposed to be a cute little British girl (and not a cat!). So, cuteness and pink overload ahoy in this film… It’s an all girl bitch-fest and older, stronger Sarah easily wins out when looking after the bratty blonde, Mandie.

kitteh006 kitteh030 kitteh036 kitteh053 kitteh058 kitteh066

Sarah sent Mandie to her room as she was being such a brat and the film opens where we see her, in (Sarah’s) PJ’s playing “Spank the Teddy” – Mandie is obsessed! Sarah comes to the room after telling her to keep it quiet upstairs… and this is where it all kicks off as Mandie had boil washed Sarah’s favorite onesie PJ’s to fit her petite frame and had also taken many things from Sarah’s old room (She is playing a college girl come back home for the holiday). All I will say after this is that Mandie’s “smart” mouth gets her into further trouble and Sarah knows exactly what to do to this annoying, bitchy little brat!

Mandie Rae is given an OTK spanking kitteh073 kitteh085 red sore bottom hairbrush spanking Hairbrush punishment at home

I love seeing Sarah get mean with the girls… this is no exception and I remember being blown away at just how good she can be sometimes! Hmmm, now I know why she won “Female Spanker of the Year!” 

hellnokitteh21 kitteh103 kitteh118 perky breasts in PJs spanked to tears

Sarah had been asked to look after Mandie while her parents were out and she was such a badly behaved brat that Sarah sent her to bed early to get her out of her way. However, Mandie thought she had the last laugh by “borrowing” some of Sarah’s precious old Kitty merchandise she kept there while she was away at college! Sarah caught her making a noise playing “spank the teddybear” & then saw her stuff, asking why she always had to play with her things. Since Mandie was not being grown up about the whole situation, Sarah decided to spank her like a naughty little girl. Mandie soon shut up as she realized this was going to happen for real as it was the worst time… bedtime! She’d feel this all night long! Sarah spanked and used a stinging hairbrush on Mandie’s bare bottom until she was satisfied that the younger girl was remorseful and that her tears were genuine!

tears for Mandie

Check out a free HD spanking clip of Mandie’s punishment HERE

Now view this site from as little as $12.50/month (see join page for the Loyalty deal)
Trial Offers also remain open so if you can’t afford a monthly, take a 5 day membership!

Don’t forget that this film will be available in FULL in the format of your preferred choice at the AAA Clips Store by the weekend! There is another brand new film appearing there which should have the narrow minded “won’t someone please think of the children or just give us a payment instead” censors in the UK seething, even if it was made in jest over 2 years ago… involves lovely Lola Marie facesitting, lots of outdoor spankings and face slapping with bouncy breasts! It’s called, appropriately “In Your Face!” and will be available at C4S very soon! I’ll bring more news of it when all the formats have been released…

KEEP CHECKING HERE – someone’s been naughty 🙂

Spanking Start to the Weekend!

Oh boy! What a way to start the weekend… if you are reading this, then you are in for a real visual treat as I bring you some very special films, some with clips for you to gawp over and admire too! I won’t waffle on so will just get right on with it as these films are way too important to just fill with my inane rambling today!!!

First today I will start with my own site update and as promised, new girl Melody Nore impressed with a rather traditional OTK spanking followed by a much more intimate and revealing wheelbarrow session to see what she was made of (literally!). Now you know I like redheads, there is something about leaving marks on such beautiful pale skin, anyway, I am  digressing somewhat as you will see. Melody and I had a blast making some films from the recent Chicago Moon Spanking Party and she was keen to see if she could take the embarrassment of the wheelbarrow position after I warmed her up with my hand and a very “handy” leather hand spanking strap… since Melody is a big player, her bottom took some time to mark up from scratch and I was giving it hell… as you will see! Incidentally, this was a day after I had paid a visit to the ER for my new found asthma… but the meds had kicked in so I felt relatively strong and gave her a memorable debut at AAAspanking.com

Introducing Melody Nore – making an impressive OTK & wheelbarrow debut


Below is the official storyline with the good sized clip and some more (reduced size) screen images… AAA Members get the images at full resolution (1920×1080) which are the same sizes as the full HD film in both WMV and MP4 versions.

I have made no secret of the fact that I love spanking redhead girls in the past, maybe it is something about their pale skin and they way their bottoms mark up so beautifully? Most redheads I’ve met have had an amazing tolerance of pain too! So when I met Melody at the Crimson Moon Spanking Party, I was very keen to play with her and also film a few good spanking movies for my membership! I was not disappointed… This was our first and an interesting introduction as I took her over my lap for a more traditional OTK spanking over her shorts, then on her pale bare bottom before I used a special leather hand spanking strap later on… but of course, I also wanted young Melody to become the latest addition to my infamous “Wheelbarrow Club” which you will also discover was a great finale to her first ever film at AAAspanking.com

melody003 melody009

melody029 melody044

melody055 melody074

melody085 melody099

melody112 melody120

melody127 melody129

melody131 melody141

melody156 melody169




You can also download this film in various full HD formats at the CLIPS STORE



MORE TO COME… I am editing this post… come back SOON!

Cheerleaders & More Spankings!


I might have bored you with my recent new found ill health, well, today I had my long awaited Doc’s appointment here at home and he wanted to ensure that I do not have COPD instead of Asthma… (COPD is a term for, among others, emphysema and chronic bronchitis which are often interlinked making it a nasty condition!) I didn’t quite know what it was or even imagine I might possibly have this terrible condition in it’s early stages until I got home and looked it up… needless to say, I think I’ll wait until I take my “Spirometry Test” which has been booked after I take a course of new meds which should help diagnose exactly what I have. In the meantime I am going to be still here boring you with my blog ramblings and site updates for the foreseeable future at least! I will announce my own exciting special new girl update tomorrow (the first of about 6 over the coming weeks!!!) & I am excited about her introduction as we made some really good films together at the recent Crimson Moon Party… as you’ll see tomorrow from her unique introduction.

Tomorrow, real lifestyle player Melody makes her unique OTK & intimate spanking intro at AAAspanking.com !!


But in the meantime, let’s check out some other fabulous new updates and the first today is a stunning reworking of a classic that had me gasping for air! No! Fear not… not the asthma  but the sheer stunning beauty of Sarah Gregory getting spanked by “momma” Chelsea Pfeiffer in her latest long play production at MommaSpankings.com – and just “wow!” – this has everything you could want… mommy/daughter roleplay, cheergirl uniform and both Sarah and Chelsea at their best… it also happened to be a good hard spanking film.
WARNING: Images below caused me severe #TrouserArousalwatch out for damage to your undergarments if viewing the following images as I can not be held responsible for stretched stitching or spoiled gussets, thank you 😉

Cheer Lies – the new film starring Sarah Gregory & Chelsea Pfeiffer


momma-115-002 momma-115-005 momma-115-008


momma-115-018 momma-115-019

momma-115-021 momma-115-025

momma-115-027 momma-115-032

This video is from Sarah’s archives. The wonderful Chelsea Pfeiffer portrays Sarah’s mom in this classic. This video just HAD to come to Momma Spankings and be brought to people’s attention as it is one of Sarah’s harder spankings from the classic Sarah days when she began her career. You don’t want to miss this one. Even though not done originally in 1920 HD format, it is still an amazing spanking video which has been remastered to the best qquality possible making this an absolute “Must See” addition to the “Momma style spankings” Collectors Library.


See the FULL film HERE at the unique Momma Spankings website


At Sarah’s own namesake site… SarahGregorySpanking.com – I helped her out when she asked me to spank Alex Reynolds for letting her down. I love helping out with real life requests… so this movie was fun (for me) to help bring to life… and I remember this well as we were both staying in LA in February with Paul & Alex & I had just spanked her in a very hard OTK spanking film earlier for my own site (this went up a few weeks back HERE in case you had forgotten… an awesome OTK film, by the way) – & then had to do it all over again (sigh, it’s a hard life, eh?) but fortunately I had use of a leather paddle too as my poor hands were starting to feel the burn of some excessive spankings I had been dishing out… seriously, I gave poor Alex some pretty mean spankings in this (& my own) film… check out the images below which are both screen shots and stills which members can view along with the new film in full at Sarah’s site now!


Alex Reynolds & I in the film – “Spanked for Sarah”

0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs1-004 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs1-034

0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-009 0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-013

0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs1-037 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-004 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-016


Sarah has sent her boyfriend John to spank Alex. They had plans to room together in Vegas and the room was under Alex’s name so Sarah and John couldn’t get in without her there. Upon arriving they found Alex not there and they had to wait for her for a long time. Alex didn’t even call to say she would be late. John gave her such a thrashing for her tardy behavior upon Sarah’s request.

0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-022 0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-024 0175_spanked_for_sarah_gal1-025

0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-029 0175_spanked_for_sarah_grabs2-032


You can see the Full Film – HERE at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Both sites above are awesome in their own right but you can also get access via the discounted double site offer
& that is via The Sarah Gregory Pass CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS


A few missed updates on my part with a couple of new intros I was well aware of since I helped with this final filmshoot for Paul’s final “big” shoot in the UK at  NorthernSpanking.com – This was a fantastic location which Paul had been eager to film at for some time… we all had a blast and I felt privileged to be a part of this closing chapter as Paul now concentrates his efforts for his site on the US West Coast… (which I am somewhat jealous of since there is a willing supply of fetish models in LA!) I know he will still continue to film here in the UK too (as will I… and I am later this month) but they will be smaller and more specific model related shoots, which I understand fully.

Firstly… Seeing Zoe Page punish Satine and Masie (again) was a joy to watch… I wonder if you can guess why? (below):


NSI110-ZMS009 NSI110-ZMS026 NSI110-ZMS033

NSI110-ZMS052 NSI110-ZMS059 NSI110-ZMS062

Miss Page corners two uninvited guests in on of the many outbuildings on her estate. Trespassing is an offence and the girls are going to be stripped, humiliated and thrashed.

The 2nd is a retro feel with Amber West’s intro… I watched Paul set this up, a master at work as he paid attention to detail… even the BMW was a classic car that fitted in with his 80’s style shoot… Amber’s uniform rounded this off nicely.

 NSI128-AP002 NSI128-AP009

NSI128-AP018 NSI128-AP027

NSI128-AP039 NSI128-AP042

Here’s what Paul had to say about Amber’s intro to the site:
Another fairly swift introduction of a new face at Northern Spanking. And what a pretty new face too! We were really pleased to shoot with Amber, a well-known UK fetish and glamour model quite recently.
This scene is another of my recreations of my youthful exposure to corporal punishment imagery. And whoever says it should be in black & white will now leave the room! Amber looks super-sexy and super-scared in anticipation of her visit to a professional disciplinarian as directed by her ladies academy. She fears what awaits within and rightly so. What waits within is a world of pain and humiliation for poor Amber.

The 3rd features Rosie Ann – who we have both filmed with (just before I left for the USA a few months back) – & I intend to again very soon! I love this girl! She debuted at my site recently and she will be a very busy young lady over the next few months in both spanking and bondage which she genuinely loves… some of her images made “Kinky & Popular” on Fetlife which were amazing! What a trooper… hehe!

A few teaser images of Rosie Ann’s 1st appearance along with Miss Jessica who also made a memorable debut as the nasty female top (who I had a lot of fun with and hope to meet again at some point as well!) “Thank you ladies for a fun few days!!!”


Paul had this to say about his next new girl!
A very warm-bottomed welcome to Rosie Ann, our latest subbie starlet! Just 18 when we shot with her, Rosie is a true lifestyle submissive, with far more experience than she has any right to! This is a double debut as this is the first thing featuring Jessica West, or Miss Jessica, whichever SHE prefers! She may be small but crossing her is distinctly unwise! This gentle introduction for Rosy Ann sees her receiving spanking and a taste of the slipper, just as many young girls did in the privacy of their own, or their big sisters bedrooms in 1986!

NSI128-CJ012 NSI128-CJ014 NSI128-CJ016

NSI128-CJ017 NSI128-CJ018

You can see these full updates and much much more at NorthernSpanking.com



Here’s also a stunning reminder of Rosie Ann’s first appearance at my own site a few weeks ago… click on her images to view the full screen video images (I’ve reduced them to 1280×720 here but members get them at full HD size, the same as the film at 1920 x 1080) which have never before been shown anywhere first outside the members area except here – I just “loved” that “cosplay” Japanese schoolgirl uniform and my twisted storyline… She will be featuring again soon but I have so many new debuts coming, it is frightening… I need another site to get it all out, lol!!! (hmmm, that gives me an idea! More on that in a moment)

caughtshort003 caughtshort011

caughtshort012 caughtshort016 caughtshort026

caughtshort029 caughtshort037

caughtshort041 caughtshort046 caughtshort058

caughtshort054 caughtshort062

Rosie Ann was the last girl in her detention session on the school trip before they all had to catch the bus home and she begged to go to the bathroom early as she was aching to go. She is just 18 years old and should know better but she was caught short and made a bit of a mess in the bathroom, wetting her panties and the floor. Her teacher caught her trying to clear up the mess and punished her further with a humiliating bare bottom spanking followed by forced pantie washing and wearing of the wet cotton undergarments underneath her short skirt as a shameful reminder before she was sent on her way to the waiting school bus to take her and the rest of her classmates home from the weekend retreat!



That idea I had is this… my poor PPV site naughtybottom.com has been vastly underused and it is about time that was put to rest… I know many people love to download the odd film instead of a membership… so here is my deal, I think I will also put up some films in advance at naughtybottom.com to give it some more exposure whilst I also get to make sure this site offers better value, WAY BETTER VALUE than, say, Clips4sale – I have control over that – whereas when I upload films to the Clips Store it usually works out at around a Dollar a minute… it’s fixed like that… so in this case the full 30 minute film… which has not been offered in this format until now… can be viewed for just $12.95 and not the $25-30 or so it would cost at C4S!

The film? Check out the link below… and I have a few reminder images too… there is also a free clip in MP4 (there are 2 versions, both in 1280 x 720 of WMV and MP4 which has not been shown before of this classic that started my Wheelbarrow Quest with a vengeance… Ladies & Gents, I give you the full uninterrupted Mishka Devlin Wheelbarrow Spanking “Quintology” – yes, all famous 5 segments joined as one seemless film as it was once intended! Divided into the various fantasy wheelbarrow style spanking sections of:

  1. The innocent looking girl next door
  2. Naked girl with just sexy stripey socks
  3. Dropseat PJs
  4. Schoolgirl in a short revealing gingham dress uniform
  5. Sexy naughty Girl Guide uniform spanking

Mishka Devlin’s Wheelbarrow Spanking Quintology


Mishka Devlin only ever worked with one English Spanking Company – but the films she made with them were outstanding and she soon retired from The Scene which was a great loss as she had the perfect girl next door look without ever being shy. This enabled this fantasy series to be born and spawn a whole series of further intimate spanking re-enactments with other girls. But this producer will always remember the first time this collaberation took place. You will see 5 different scenarios of Mishka in the now infamous “Wheelbarrow Position” as she was spanked as the girl next door, in her dropseats PJs, in a girl guides uniform, as a schoolgirl and in some very sexy stripey socks and wearing nothing else! 2 cam angles show the spankings in intimate detail from the spanker’s view and also as a general view so we see how she is spanked intimately!

This is your chance to download the complete 30 minute HD film for the very first time!

2 5

6 8

Click image below to view the free MP4 HD Clip of Mishka’s wheelbarrow spanking




Finally today, a beautiful image set that accompanies the new spanking film out at English-Spankers.com with another new couple… I haven’t seen this girl with a cracking name before, she is called “Honesty” – talk about setting herself up for a fall… this is one site that consistently has amazing photography that I admire… along with their films, it’s hard to beat generally. See what I mean in this self spanking film, which goes a bit wrong for Honesty when she is caught doing things to herself a young lady would rather not get caught for… all will become clear! I have also got a free HD clip for you to view as well! Enjoy!

npp7060006 npp7060013

npp7060017 npp7060023

npp7060032 npp7060035

npp7060038 npp7060040

npp7060042 npp7060048

Honesty is going through her bosses cupboards and finds some spanking paddles. She soon has her skirt raised and with her black stockings on display is giving herself a good hard paddling. Her boss is watching from another room and after a while he offers to take over and really lays the paddle on her bare bottom, a lot harder than she really wanted but he does not care, a good full strength paddling not only by herself but from her strong armed boss.

You can view the FULL  film HERE



Back later with my site updates & other spanking news with clips & POV offerings you won’t wanna miss!


Traditional OTK Spankings


Hi everyone, I am currently in Miami, after a fun filled and eye opening attendance at Fetishcon in Tampa, FL… this was a sort of event that I had never witnessed before… the entire Hilton Downtown Hotel was taken over for 3 crazy days as kinksters, models, producers and those just interested in attending the event turned up. Over 2000 were there and there were the legendary pool parties and such as well as workshops, an impressive Vendor’s Fair and many “Meet n Greet” events and chances for producers and models to meet up and film… which I did with 2 great girls I wouldn’t get a chance to meet, normally. I will let you know more in due course when I have time to upload a few images, I will tell you now, it’s GOOD stuff!!! I will try and post a few pics at some point soon but am really pressed for time as I have spent this evening updating my site and getting it ready for the new film release starring Alex Reynolds & I in a traditional and hard hitting OTK spanking film that I am sure those of you who appreciate such films will love to bits. It was certainly one of my harder OTK spanking films that I can remember.

I filmed this at Alex and Paul’s place in LA earlier this year when I was out there… I quite like the odd improvised film when we just set up cams and make some great spanking content… this was one of those films. It didn’t need much of a storyline as I wanted to focus on the actual punishment and concentrate on just the most traditional of scenes, and to do it well (which I think I pulled off with a good hard solid spanking of Alex). I have to tell you that her bottom is virtually indestructible… although I am more than sure she still feels every swat, every smack of the hand or whatever other implement gets used on her amazing butt!

Alex Reynolds stars in  “An OTK Reminder”


Alex was very contrite from start to finish of this wonderfully traditional OTK spanking film. This was because she had already been severely scolded and was promised a spanking which was where this film begun as she had been told to wait in her room for John to complete her punishment. He arrived to find her waiting as agreed and in no time she took her position over his knee as he dished out one of the hardest OTK spankings he had ever given to her bare exposed bottom. Her delicate panties were removed for the final part of this discipline session as he knew how humiliating it was for her to be spanked in this fashion. This was the only way she would learn her lesson so that she might avoid future humbling punishments. Continuing with the traditional theme of this spanking, Alex was told to do some extensive cornertime to reflect on the whole process she had just taken with surprising dignity which John had recognized as he gave her a warm reassuring hug which showed that she would receive extensive aftercare following her cortnertime. Fans of traditional OTK scenes will love this full HD movie!

DSC_5110 DSC_5116

DSC_5119 DSC_5126

DSC_5129 DSC_5132

DSC_5135 DSC_5136

DSC_5137 DSC_5138

If you want to see a free OTK Spanking Clip – CLICK HERE

(This is for the latest HD film release shown in both WMV & MP4)



I also have a few actual screen grabs, like the images shown above, these are reduced in size, the screen grabs are 1920×1080 normally, reflecting the HD playback of the films in both WMV and MP4 formats. See below:

alexotk004 alexotk057 alexotk087

alexotk104 alexotk111 alexotk117

This film will also be available in various full file formats at the CLIPS STORE



Back soon with more news and updates!!!

Strict American Spankings

I booked my flights back to America for later this summer today – it would appear my procrastination, for which Sarah has berated me privately, got the better of me as I waited and watched for the best deals only for the last few weeks to go to hell and the prices rise by nearly $300-400 on a return (round trip) multi stop ticket! “Shit!” I thought… as I frantically searched the best of what was left today, checking a few travel brokerages I knew on the phones and they all said spaces were drying up and the last minute offers would be few and far between for my dates… so without telling you just how much I paid for a flight to Boston and one back from Las Vegas (these are not direct either, I have the dubious honour of stopping off, albeit briefly, via Zurich in Switzerland!) – I am also not looking forward to the flight on the way back since it is some sub company of Air Swiss that some of these large airlines now like to run as charters or holiday flights that I will be flying back from Vegas to Zurich on “Air Eidelweiss” … I kid you not! I checked their reviews (mixed) and although my flight is a red eye (so I should try to sleep) I am one of those that like to watch the latest movies on the inflight entertainment screens and also to avail themselves to several free rounds of red wine or Jack Daniels… as one might – but I have a sneaky feeling that the films will be sparse as the planes they are using are older and on a trans Atlantic flight I will have to PAY for my booze which is a bloody liberty (Like I had to with Aer Lingus) – you don’t get that on British Airways or Virgin Atlantic (or even Delta which I have used in the past) … anyway, that’s coming back and that would mean my summer odyssey would be over, I’d not dwell on that so instead to celebrate I thought I’d find some American spanking entertainment you might all like! (well, I did anyway from the memberships and access that I still have at the moment).

First offering today is courtesy of RealSpankingsInstitute.com with a 2 Girl Bare Bottom Strapping


Mr M pauses takes a break from punishing two students in order to make a phone call. They are left on display until he returns. Monica is then bent over with her breasts exposed and takes 50 full force strokes while Lila waits and watches

strapping005 strapping007

strapping012 strapping010


strapping016 strapping018

strapping026 strapping022

strapping024 strapping029


You can see the full film HERE featuring Monica & Lila – 2 girls who can take a very severe strapping!

This site is part of the amazing 8 Site RealSpankings Network Pass (see below)


Greg at BunBeatingFun.com got hold of me earlier in the week and it is only now that I had fully seen his latest film, the short story arcs with the ever bratty models and the shitty agents they used to send him these brats continues with new girl, Alexandria Adair, Greg promised me that this was another storyline arc and if you see the latest film then you will understand… I like it when these sleazy female agents get their comeuppance too at some point!

Alexandria Adair – the latest victim model at BunBeatingFun.com


This punishment film sees this typical model brat “get what’;s coming to her” and I liked the fight in her for a while, squirming and mouthing off, until she was eventually leg locked, stripped and of course soundly thrashed with TMS2’s hard hands and, what I like now, finished off with the hairbrush for good measure…. the added humiliating scenes of making her go get the implement didn’t go un-noticed from this viewers eyes! All in all, another excellent Bun Beating extravaganza – I’m a big fan of the un-PC way in which Greg & co deal with their girls… the “old fashioned” chauvanistic way. (You know it’s all in good fun really!!!) – Check out the images from the film and the short spanking clip you can see!

alex-06 alex-07

alex-08 alex-13

alex-17 alex-18


A blue eyed beauty she be, but sadly one afflicted with a very much advanced case of narcissism. Fortuitously, albeit unknowingly, when Alexandria strutted through our doorway a lasting cure happily awaited her. And though the wench wasn’t too keen on taking her medicine, our devoted caregiver determinedly dispensed it just the same… every last bit of it!

alex-30 alex-31

alex-34 alex-36

alex-40 alex-56

alex-58 alex-65 alex-72

alex-73 alex-75




Hope you had a great weekend… & for no reason whatsoever, here’s some bird on a rocking horse with a cock attached and her riding it and sucking a lollypop for the sake of porn – meh!  Goodnight! *fap fap fap!*


Sophie’s HOT new spankings

It’s still sweltering unusually here in the UK, I had a day off from work which was a blessed relief from my stress there and have been juggling several things recently so it was nice to not do much (well, I did update my site… more on that in a mo) and I have not wanted to spend time in the sunshine… I’m at an age, (and ugly appearance) where I really am past caring if I get bronzed or not… unlike, say, 20 odd years ago. But I think my skin could do with a break – so no sunburn from me (yet)!! I didn’t realize that if the weather here was at a reasonably high consistent temperature of +30c (about late 80’s farenheit, I think) for over 5 straight days then it is officially considered a “heatwave” – hardly sweltering, but it’s warm all the same and the 1st time we’ve had consistently high temperatures like this day after glorious day since 2006 – yes, that long ago, that is how shit our summers have been here for the last few years!!! So I will not complain, I’m rather pleased and happy that our lawn is turning yellow, it means I don’t have to mow it for a while 🙂

Please, do I have to keep my clothes on? I’m so hot! (yes you are, my dear!)


& onto the promised updates, if you check out my site, you will see Sophie given a double punishment by Zoe Page who has a naughty wicked plan to humiliate her… an OTK spanking in that cheergirl uniform followed by *drum roll* a wheelbarrow positional spanking leaving NOTHING to the imagination! Someone complained that I was too porny? (whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean) well, this is kinky and naughty and I loved making this. Zoe and Sophie did too, actually… see more images below, I have some HQ images (reduced in size) as well as some screen shots showing you what you can see as a member of the site watching this naughty little flick 🙂

sophiecheer02 sophiecheer03

sophiecheer04 sophiecheer05

sophiecheer06 sophiecheer08




Sophie was one of those girls that never really learnt her lesson. She had been warned by Zoe several times that if she wanted to avoid any further trips across her lap then the bad behaviour & poor attitude would have to show a remarkable improvement! In fact, the opposite was happening & her latest “boob” mishap with her magnificent breasts popping out of her tight cheergirl uniform in front of a capacity crowd had shamed her fellow cheergirl troupe & her coach! All because Sophie couldn’t be bothered to wear the correct sports bra! This film starts with Sophie being told she will be punished, she doesn’t argue, just accepts her fate & whimpers as Zoe progresses quickly to a bare bottom OTK spanking before the final humiliating & embarrassing finale of her punishment… a 1st time wheelbarrow positional spanking! Sophie knows that Zoe can see everything, every detail of her private anatomy & added to the stinging smacks, Sophie pleads for this new humiliation to stop! This double discipline might have just got through to young Sophie at last!

Below are some screen shots and if you haven’t already, so check out the FREE CLIP below

sophiecheer006 sophiecheer019

sophiecheer025 sophiecheer036

sophiecheer037 sophiecheer046

sophiecheer050 sophiecheer066

sophiecheer079 sophiecheer085


If you just want to watch the OTK spanking or the wheelbarrow spanking clips then this can be done at the following clips stores below, a quick cheap alternative if a membership (even a non recurring one) seems somewhat daunting as I just counted up the films and there’s now about 150 there, all with extensive screen galleries and about 90 image sets, not bad for around two and a half years worth and I only started filming from zero… nada… scratch in  Sept 2010!!!

Click either image below for direct access to the clips

sophieotk222 sophieWB


Check out all the films from both clips stores below:






OTK Spanking Update

I have just written up the latest AAA Spanking film update news at one of my other blogs, you can see this in full by clicking the image of the gorgeous girl getting her OTK spanking – yup, that’s Ashley Graham (a most jigglesome actress!)



Sorry it’s brief here today but you can see the full report with dozens of images at the other blog 🙂

Monday Night Spankings

I’m gonna be brief today (hooray, I hear you all cry out in relief)… It’ll  hopefully be a little different from the usual spankings you’ll see, it’s late here, “Er Indoors” is sleeping but will wake up pissed at me for being here bringing you some updates and stuff I have been watching this past few days without her knowledge… so let’s get on with the naughtiness before i’m rumbled, eh?

Below is Allison – a girl next door type I found very exciting to watch in one of the best OTK spanking films I’ve seen in a long long time! It is taken from RealSpankings.com and Allison goes over the knee of Danny in a no nonsense spanking punishment you’d expect at this network!

Seriously take a look at some images which compliments this movie, this girl definitely “has something” about her and there’s MORE films of her at this site too!



Actually there was a rather good strapping of Allison too as you’ll see at the hands of Danny Crighton (below)



See MORE of this real girl next door’s many punishments HERE



OK, I have a real thing for Carina Thompson… she and her sister owe $1000’s on their daddy’s credit cards and their slow painful payback continues at the hands of Patrick Bateman, the Financial coach brought in to curb these spendthrifts… you can see why Carina here earns a slice off the credit card debt right here with a fantastic nude paddling film following on from sister Beth’s equally stunning first nude spanking film!

More images which compliment this latest movie are below:




Check out a fantastic free preview clip of carina’s paddling punishment HERE


whoops this update didn’t last long, I’ve been busted, it is 12.45am, she’s got out of bed to chastise me… so I better get to bed (whoops!) More updates and news tomorrow (it’s a promise) as I have FAR MORE TIME on my hands… so stay tuned!

Regards, Chief.



Midweek Spanking Shenannigans

A chill is in the air, I just got my hair cut and can feel the cold far more on my neck now (seriously) I had a nice thick mop on my head but at my age I should know better as it starts to get scraggy… and of course, the grey hair, oh my! So I’m at home now, warming up and have just completed today’s excellent triple update for AAAspanking.com and it’s a little belter. Not only does it star Aleesha Fox and Jenna Jay, but also a very decent fella called Dave… or Dodgy, as he is often called (heh heh). I don’t know about dodgy… but he certainly plays the part of a pervy uncle rather too well in the 1st of a series of “Uncle Knows Best” films – I have got a special FREE Gallery made which illustrates what the film is about, click image below to access that.

and Dave has his special “11th Commandment” (the title of this film) with which he gleefully punishes his girls fresh home from school! Play the clip on the Site Homepage HERE and you’ll understand what his 11th Commandment is (I ain’t saying another word, lol!)

In addition to today’s update, you get to see the film, the video images AND a cool HQ Stills set (full size) – so it’s quite an update… ENJOY!

this film is also available as a one off download at our clips store



& in other news which I was unable to bring yesterday, my fellow esteemed producers in the UK are always busy so I will highlight some of their latest films just released this week, and they are rather good! Firstly, from English Spankers it’s cool that I can continue the “Uncle” theme for a bit as “Uncle Paul” is back with the scrumptious Sophie who I admitted on this blog last week I was rather smitten with… how can you not be? Check out some images of her below and I have included the latest storyline for you all #SCHWIIING




A new lady to fall under the hand of Uncle Paul as he makes a new film for his pyjama spanking club. This week it is the very lovely Sophie, a young lady very new to the spanking scene but with a delectable body and a really great bottom just made for spanking. That’s just what she got as well, Uncle Paul has a very heavy hand and he soon had this young lady squirming under it as her turned her bottom bright red

Check out a great FREE Preview Clip HERE!


& as I was thinking about our next shoot with Amelia (coming soon) here’s Sarah’s latest film out at her site featuring Pandora Blake as a WPC (police officer) and Sarah’s cute little doggie used in the film (hmmm) – It’s a great film, actually and of course both Amelia and Pandora have worked together loads previously. Images from the film are below and a link to where you can see a free clip too!




 When Amelia Jane Rutherford decides to lose her uncles dog she more than a little upset when it is returned in the arms of WPC Pandora Blake.  WPC Blake is a well known dog lover and has worked out what Amelia has been up to, as far as she is concerned there is only one punishment to fit this crime and that involves Amelia going over her knee for a damn good spanking. Once over Pandora’s knee her pyjama bottoms come down and she gets a real hard and well delivered spanking on her lovely rounded bottom.

Don’t miss a FREE extended preview clips from Sarah’s site HERE


Finally for now… one of my fave moments from Pandora Blake’s site to end on. Not sure when this was actually shot as Mr Cameron had a rather trim beard (which I actually like) rather than something a little more bushy (lol) but both he and Pandora looked pefect in this set as you’ll see below… a proper OTK spanking and a session with the switch #YIKES

Pandora looks so damn cute in this set, don’t you think?

Pandora’s been a bad little girl, and she knows it. Thomas finds her at bedtime, dressed for bed in her teddybear nightie, and takes her over his knee for a sound spanking. Then he tells her to take down her knickers and bend over the arm of the sofa for some stinging strokes of the implement she fears most – the dreaded switch.




You can see more and check out the very latest movie updates HERE



As I am, making no secret of my next film shoot around the middle of next month, which first of means I can’t film one of my fave American stars who had contacted me, Ten Amorette – I know she is filming on one of the very days I am, which is unfortunate… but I know I will get together with her at some point in 2013… right now, my next shoot is with Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly Malone, both these girls, as far as I know have not filmed together! So in that respect I am really excited by this dynamic as both girls are very tall (taller than me and I’m only 5’9″) I’m sure we can use that aspect too! Both girls also switch and there’s the prospect of 2 male doms and another female domme so plenty to think about, I have a few storylines and plots thought up but as you good people know what these girls are capable of, I am opening at least 4 films to YOU… help me decide on what happens to them, it can be any scenario, want to see them fight and spank each other in school uniform? Let me know. What would you like us to film? I will contact them both in advance, so get your ideas in early, the sooner the better. I will remind you all at the end of each post for the next few weeks, so you get the message 🙂

Redhead Monday

In between my internet connection letting me down all day yeasterday and this morning, and my main PC blue screening twice (I’ve just bought a new laptop for website work and am desperately getting all my programs I use onto that ASAP so it will be a painless transition). Take this example today:  I have been trying to upload over 1 Gig’s worth of data to my site today with a crappy rural upload speed of approx 300kbs… meaning the transfer of data takes approx 7-8 hours. Half the data was sent when the PC blue screened, meaning I lost 4 precious hours, it then happened again after another hour so I finally got my ass into gear and got the site FTP account onto my laptop and am currently uploading from there from one of the external hard drives I use to back up my site whilst I write this blog post. It’s currently at least 7 hours still to upload at the time of writing… So I hope members realise the trials and tribulations that I sometimes go through to get you your updates (on time within reason).

As a nice distraction, as the title suggests, I want to delve into a subject on spanking that I absolutely LOVE – seeing redheads spanked. Redhead girls do it for me every single time, I’m afraid. I think if I had Julianne Moore as my milftastic redhead spankee, I’d retire and play upon her constantly until my arm, hand and whatever other appendage I had that I’d be trying to hide inside her would fall off, heh heh!


Ok, and onto my first special as I feel I have overlooked this fantastic British girl in exile over in LA, one Miss Sophie Nova, who has basically filmed for all the spanking houses on the West Coast (damn!). This fetish model, originally from Southampton in the UK, is one of those redheads with beautiful flawless alabaster skin that is perfect for spanking… as Dallas has found out on several ocassions. If memory serves me correct this was her first spanking site she worked with way back, and some of her work showcased this year with Dallas has been rather remarkable. I’m not sure how “affected” her English accent is, as to a Brit it’s certainly NOT really from Southampton, maybe she plays up on this and accentuates it a little, it’s sexy as hell (posh totty) – rather in the mould of a certain beautiful Amelia Jane Rutherford (who I can vouch DOES talk like that in real life and is just… gosh … SO NICE!) – but I digress…

In a whole series of special films, members of Dallas Spanks Hard can see Sophie playing a reporter who we see sides with the banking scuzz, which really doesn’t impress Dallas any more than me… and with some careful blackmail and some underhand techniques he has this snooty arrogant reporter, britches down, spanked senseless and to tears. Check out her 1st series where she is given a good old fashioned hand spanking…

In an effort to provide you something a little different,
all images below come courtesy of the movies themselves!




In the next series Sophie is given the belt across her bottom. From what I remember, this is something she will take and will take a good hard thrashing (she certainly does in this film) and this starts to bring her to tears… time to have this snooty reporter realise just how bad some of these bankers are and stop sympathizing with them! I think the belt does the trick!



The 3rd installment that was shown a few months back involves use of the hairbrush, and from what I am aware, Sophie has always hated this implement more than any other. Strange really, I would have thought a paddle would hurt more, though hairbrushes (the right ones, and I ensure personally that I have the RIGHT ONES!) do in fact act like a heavy paddle but with greater placement power… anyhoo, this is a real tear jerker… she really DOES hate that hairbrush!




& of course, there was also a delightful movie with this sympathizer learning how to surf on a board, paddling out on the waves, getting into position… courtesy of Dallas helping her with a nasty whippy crop/cane that got her attention! I have enjoyed watching Sophie here so much that I will find you MORE of this stunner from another of the sites she has worked with…

But first, a couple of images of her on that surfboard… naked and looking HOT!





As I said, Sophie also appeared at Clare’s sites… and this one in particular, where she worked alongside the late Hollie Stevens are a few films I haven’t forgotten… the girls are given a thrashing by Momma Clare for not turning enough tricks and getting the most out of their clients! Of course they blame each other and it doesn’t help either, they both get a humiliating spanking by Clare…

I’ve mainly concentrated on Sophie today, but as you can see, Hollie was looking the part a few years back and also made several more memorable appearances for Clare’s network…





This full hot movie can be viewed HERE

& in a continuation, the girls argue and bicker after their humiliating punishment and they catfight with each other, each getting to butch slap and smack each other… to the obvious viewing pleasure of SpankedCallgirls.com members!

Hollie & Sophie give each other hell!



Sophie & Hollie’s films can be found here at SpankedCallgirls.com


Another redhead model that I simply adore and have made no secret about is porn actress/spanking starlet, Dani Jensen. With a super sexy voice, killer looks and a cute girl next door look, she is also NOT shy and will fulfill every naughty whim that I have seen of her and also seeing her spanked is a delight. I remember when she was first introduced at Spanked Sweeties, the film and image set you will see below never left me and seeing her over Clare’s knee getting a good spanking was just the start of her many films she made across this network of sites!

Check out Dani Jensen in the girl next door look getting a spanking off her “Momma” (below)





This is one of the best F/F OTK spanking films and you can see it all HERE

Both sites from this network can be viewed as part of the infamous best value CLARE FONDA PASS


No redhead special on spanking would be complete without Amber Dawn from spankamber.com – so of course here is a little reminder from a good wake up spanking film that her Daddy carried out on the sleeping beauty… looking so scrumptious there, I’d have left her in peace and admired the view, but her Daddy had seen this lazy side to Amber many times before… and he knew just what to do to get her attention!

Amber at first thinks it’s all fun but soon the hand swats get harder and the more humiliating aspect as to why she was being punished resulted in her sweet titties getting a mauling too as he spanked her awake with a beautiful red bottom to match her flaming hair!






 Check out more of Amber’s big booty 41″ bubble butt getting the thrashings it so deserves HERE


Finally, to something brand new and unseen (from Scotland in the UK) – Serena Storm has made her kinky debut with Northern Spanking and you can view this most buxom real redhead with an amazing bubble butt (view some teaser images below) as Stephen Lewis introduces her to the delights of spanking and corporal punishment in this very real, grown up introductory session!




Check out more of Serena and more films to come of her at Northern Spanking


That’s all from me for now, I’m still waiting for my content to upload onto my own site, internet connection here today has been painfully slow (including my blue screens of death which haven’t helped). Cheers, Chief.

& A Spanky Good Afternoon! Pt2

Here’s part 2 of today’s update, and I promise that I have some hot and naughty spanking films, some sexual scenes and some good hard honest punishments that make you want to see more! So no more waffling, I’m delving straight into the first update of the day from a site I don’t often promote here, but should really do more of as it’s part of a great little network, I’m sure you will know it well… it’s called Spanked Cheeks and I just loved this most recent full film update (yup, I’m a member of it… heh heh) so you will also recognise one of my older fantasy ladies, Red XXX – a very womanly redhead cougar Milf that has appeared at many fetish sites, after I provide the links to this great F/F spanking film (with a naughty twist) I’ll let you know where you can find Red getting up to no good on her own site and elsewhere!

Red plays a horny rent officer who first of all arranges an alternative method of payment for this hapless tenant (who just happens to be an incredibly sexy MILF (and YES… I would really love to!). She’s not used to being spanked and punished as you see her cheeks turning red very quickly… but if this helps her keep a roof over her head, so be it!




Red feels kind of sorry for her client, but she is also incredibly turned on and so makes another proposition, hoping that this hard up sexy lady will eagerly take up her offer of something far more sexual… you can see how that turned out (below)



You can see much more of this red hot spanking & sexually stimulating movie series HERE


As I said, you can find Red at her own site below, one of Britain’s naughtiest ladies who thankfully doesn’t know any better. I have been thinking about older ladies for my own site and she’d be right up there, let me know what you think as I found the sight of these 2 featured at SpankedCheeks.com very, very erotic!



& Click images below for some special galleries of this very sexual cougar, Red.



You might also want to check her and some other of the very sexiest fetishistas in the UK at Lady-Sonia

I might start promoting more of Lady Sonia too as she has worked with many prominent spanking models and has made some excellent films alongside her dominatrix style and cuckoldrix films that I find rather addictive (I have signed up to her site several times over the past years… and felt quite sorry for her hubby, Charles) there’s also some spanking punishments as I said but her niche covers much more… you’d have to go check out this site for yourselves! 🙂


OK, as I featured something a little different, I wanted to show you what Amber has been up to most recently on her website AmberSpanks.com – it’s now part of her 3 sites you get as one complete package (I think there is STILL a Trial option but you’d be amazed at just how much content there is and she offers some of the best sign up deals for a month and more in the biz – so to be honest I’d take that as you’d be really pissed off if you couldn’t get what you wanted on a trial offer and might have to sign up again? Bollocks to that!

Amber films her latest clutch of naughty girls!

My favourite American redhead spanko doesn’t disappoint as she plays with her fellow web cam girls on a jaunt to LA (I think that’s what it is, I’m sure she’ll let us know if it’s not) … but I’ve shown you some of what she got up to, lots of spanking and very naughty sexual foreplay before with slinky blonde Aly (see above muff diving Pixie in the foreground)…. this time Amber is joined by MORE girls as she directs them to lick each other out and also get to spank them one by one… as you’ll see from the images below, my underwear went totally nuclear with “fallout” everywhere (ahem)… see why as we get to see bespectacled brunette Pixie and buxom Ely to join in the fun!

WARNING: Yet MORE Trouser Arousal images appear below!







I will get back to you and let you know about a great punishment that Amber’s Daddy carried out on her recently for being drunk and messy around the house, bringing her to tears! However, if you sign up to AmberSpanks.com – then you can see that at her original site, SpankAmber.com (sign up at either as you get BOTH these sites AND her bonus nude site for free too with lots of webcam data which I urge you not to miss!)


Finally today, as I seem to be on some sort of redhead theme… why not stick with it and you can see one of the latest girls at the Clare Fonda group of sites (or is it the Big C sites now?) – In any case, check out SpankedSweeties.com as gorgeous porn and fetish model Phoenix Askani goes over the lap of the Big C as she re enacts a growing up spanking memory…

A tall red-headed beauty, adult model Phoenix Askani has many interesting stories about how she was spanked by her mother and father while growing up. Her porcelain skin turned bright red and speckled while she took very hard re-enactment spankings from mom (Clare Fonda’s last scene playing the mom) and from dad as you will see below.





Check out more of Phoenix’s burning butt from her intro spankings at SpankedSweeties.com

Remember that new site Spanking Sorority Girls is now part of the CLAREFONDAPASS so with this site above it makes a hell of a multi site network pass to have at a vastly reduced price, good… innit?

Weekend Spanking Updates – pt2

What a glorious days we have had this weekend. I had a fantastic day yesterday just visiting my local town and enjoying the Saturday open air market as well as a lot of people watching and a pleasant lunch outdoors! For a few days, at least, this weather will remain unseasonally warm, a fantastic start to Spring! I had a pleasant afternoon then lazing in the warm sun in our garden, drinking copious amounts of chilled Carlsberg Export lager before realizing I had promised to update the blog again today with more updates… but I was a little drunk so didn’t make it. (sorry) So, as I am now sober and I look outside and see the sun beating down, here is part 2. I hope you enjoy!


Where to start? Why not those gorgeous girls at Punishedbrats.com where there are a couple of new girls for us all to feast our greedy eyes on!

Here’s a catch up on all of the most recent OTK classics that are now available to download in full




Running in the Hall – the start of the “Prep School Brat” series:
Tara (one of the newest girls to appear at Punishedbrats) was running in the halls desperately trying to make it to class on time. When a teacher catches her and tells her to slow down, she calls the woman an unkind name. Tara is immediataely sent to the main office with a disciplinary note which leads to a severe embarrassing bare bottom spanking she won’t forget in a hurry!

This next film is available to view in full with Taylor Rayne cusring and struggling over the lap of Josh who coped well with her feisty behaviour in the film called “The Assualt” :- Taylor has gone too far and assaulted another student. She is to receive her most embarrassing school spanking yet – a bare bottomed paddling broadcast on the school’s network for all to see!



Taylor is sure to be the talk of the school after her bare bottom punishment is broadcast! See MORE HERE

Below, Joelle Baros is back in detention with Beverly Bacci – these 2 were made for each other!




“With Attitude”: It’s Day 2 Detention for Joelle with Ms Bacci: Joelle is hoping that by apologizing profusely she’ll be able to get out of her painful punishment early. But her sorries are insincere and Ms Bacci is having none of it and continues delivering the leather paddle full force across Joelle’s sore wobbling bottom!

Check out the very latest update now with a FREE preview HERE


OK, the next update is HOT as hell and features 2 unseen girls, both very different and the films Amber shot are great. One is so sexually provocative that I didn’t care if there was spanking or not (there was, lots of it… as it turned out) and the 2nd girl had the most awesome punishment which ended with her very real tears… something I don’t see often with Amber’s sites unless it is Amber herself crying when she is thrashed by Daddy… but that’s a whole other story 😉

Just take a look at what Amber got up to with AlyssaWARNING: Ladies, please pay attention to the gussets of your panties for any excessive dampness and gentlemen… please loosen your trouser garments before viewing these images, thank you.

Alyssa is an incredibly sexy girl, who possesses the largest labia I have ever seen on a girl spanked. I was quite fascinated when I saw the size of them and wondered how Amber would cope with that delectable lady-flesh, I needn’t have worried! Seeing her bent over, spanked whilst her labia hung there is an awesome sight… I have chosen some images below and they are vastly reduced screen image shots from the movie, but I have also teased you a little as I wanted to keep Alyssa’s magnificent labia all to myself and Amber’s esteemed members, but you’ll get to see what I mean in a couple of “sneak preview” shots… details of how to view this coming up.






See this very sexual & erotic spanking play of Alyssa and Amber HERE

Amber just recently uploaded a new film with another new girl, the tiny Aly (who is incredibly cute) and this is far more punishment orientated as Aly admitted she was in need of corrective discipline and she gets that release with some unusual spanking and flogging discipline positions (naked) carried out by Amber. Aly has a very tight body, so petite, I’d be scared of breaking her… and you’ll see just how small she is when she jumps into Amber’s arms, all tearful and hugging Amber for the much needed discipline she craved at the end! 2 Different girls, 2 different films, both awesome!

After Amber’s OTK spanking, Aly is stripped bare, her legs opened fully so we see (yet another large pair of labia!) and her nipples are clamped whilst Amber pussy spanks her and uses a flogger on those pert breasts before using a strap that finally brings the tears that had been coming before some cornertime, more tears, hugs and reassurance from Amber!






& if that isn’t good enough, becoming a member of Amber & Daddy’s sites s now gives you access to all 3 of the ones they run for the same price as a single membership used to cost! There is also a Trial Promotion if you are really hard up, but to be honest, there is so much stuff to see, you would need at least a good month or more of spending time to download all that wonderful content from the last 5 years – there are 100’s of films at both the spanking sites alone. Go check it out HERE


With all this new stuff, I thought I’d remind you about some classic spankings that haven’t seen the light of day and these are well worth a look, especially when you see that teh bottom in this case is Audrey Knight starring in a quite severe short sharp shock schoolgirl punishment role! Audrey is absolutely gorgeous in this and my only pet peeve from this particular movie was the teacher who hammed his role a little… but he did give Audrey a sound spanking and a hard strapping in a variety of positions… and anyway, just look at Audrey’s bottom for goodness sake! Lush!

Screen grabs below are from the actual movie!




I had originally decided to feature a girl from the past called Zoya… and then I shouted out “Damn!” when I saw a reminder of her recently at Dave’s great blog … but in the interest of trying not to copy anyone else (it’s hard since a lot of us choose the same sites we love, of course) I have a few additional images of this great OTK spanking. The guy spanking her is very attractive, almost in an arrogant way that he knows… but he dishes out a good spanking and it’s one we can all relate to between partners at home behind closed doors!



So I agree… let’s start a campaign to “Find Zoya… and that beefcake guy” – or you can just watch a few of their films and beefcake guy gets to spank other hot girls too as you can see below (damn!) I added these as a way of a bonus for “Beefcake Guy!” 🙂



Yup! Badtushy.com isn’t all about F/F spankings (as good as some of these are) you get gems like these too with yoru membership! & I’d rather be called “Beefcake Guy” than “Cake Boy”, that’s for sure! (lol)

Check out the extensive tour pages of Bad Tushy and see for yourself!


There is a great new episode added to the ongoing Spanking Soap Opera that is MySpankingRoomMate.com starring 2 of Clare’s hottest uber babes (in my opinion) – Veronica Ricci (shown first below) followed in this film by Missy Rhodes (a native of Chicago who no doubt enjoys the winter sun of LA and the many spankings she gets as she is back again at Clare’s sites – yay!)

Alexis tells Veronica she MUST take her in as a roommate, but she already has a new roommate, Missy. Alexis spanks Veronica until she calls Missy to let her know what’s happening!



Veronica calls to say that she can’t be her roommate anymore. Missy gets the call while taking acting lessons from Miss Claw. This gives Claw an idea. Missy is forced to practice her acting while she is over Claw’s knee getting spanked! (For our viewing pleasure… of course!) Check out the great scenes of Missy’s Spanking in episode 103 making this one of the best double spanking clips I’ve seen in a long time at this site!




View all the most recent episode updates including a special 100th starring Missy Rhodes HERE


There is also a new girl just appeared at SpankedSweeties called Odette (nice name) this blonde girl is recently new to the scene in LA (where else?) and being her 1st introduction to Clare’s sites, she reveals more of who she is, what she’s doing and of course enacts out a spanking model roleplay for us all, which you can see now (images below from this enactment)




See more of Odette’s spanking punishment at HERE

Both of Clare’s sites featured above can also be viewed as part of the 3, 4 or 5 site pass (you decide!)



Finally, I didn’t want to ignore this site any longer, especially as it again has new girl Odette featured and a stunning aduly baby roleplay by Clare herself at Naughty Diaper Girls

Odette plays the adult baby role so well, sissified and pampered, sent to her cot, dressed up in her baby clothing and pacified… and if she misbehaves… well, there’s always one way to sort out a tantrum or 2, isn’t there?



Check out the latest films featuring Odette HERE

& as promised a role reversal, diapering and spanking for Clare with a rare chance to see Clare totally in the buff, blackmailed and made to toe the line like a good little girl… or else! (I think Clare *loved* playing this role, I could tell!!!) & to be dominated by Kay that she had earlier diapered and humbled, well… you just *have* to go see, surely?


The tables are turned and now Kay controls the purse strings in the house. Stepmom Clare is forced to strip and has her pussy rubbed clean with a baby wipe before she is spanked and diapered. The younger girl shows no mercy to the older woman with the diaper punishment. 




Please do not forget – the Caption Competition. xx