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A Russian beauty bared & spanked

In these times of spying allegations and revelations of sleeper cells of dozens of Russian spies implanted into our wonderful Western culture and way of life (hah!) comes this little beauty filmed last year, no doubt she was some sort of Spanko Spy, to test out we Brits and what makes us tick…she was fooling no one with her tears, snivelling and a very Russian look, she didn’t claim to fit in, but she came for a full day’s shoot and got paid, I doubt she’ll ever bare her bottom again…but she made a fair few movies that day, I think this is the last of the ones that have been released from the film shoot last year, and I was there, it was quite memorable…enjoy the red bottoms, the real tears and in fact a real trooper, thank you Ivy.

You can view the full movie now out at SpankingDigital – (ps doesn’t her underwear look great?)


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