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This cracking movie featured below is now out IN FULL - called “Thou Shall not steal” – it’s the classic style religious Catholic movie that SOL does that no other spanking site DARES TO! Shocking? Blasphemous? Perhaps… but considering the scandals of the Catholic Church nowadays, these girls and Father O’Brien act out a very harsh but extremely humiliating punishment as these cute choresters in their bright flowing crimson robes are taught in the eyes of the Lord that Stealing from The Church is punishable with extreme force across their bared teen behinds and exposed privates! Imagine, stood there, in front of a man of God, your quivering vagina drooping in utter embarrassment as you take turns to watch your partner in crime take a spanking and a darned hard strapping, oh the utter shame of it!

Exclusive SOL Movie Update

Click on the differing images below from the movie and I have also included 2 EXCLUSIVE scenes of Jasmine getting a humiliating OTK spanking whilst poot Catherine is forced to watch with the bible in her hand, her vagina on display, and the 2nd scene has Jasmine leathered… hear her cry out in pain, the fires of hell visiting thieving Jasmine’s burning butt!



Enjoy these 2 Free Clips c/o SpankingBlogg
Click here to view this spanking clip Click here for this strapping clip

MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON MY BLOG FOR PUBLISHING THIS! But it needed to be said and shown!

Full list of movies are available to view below

Back soon with some more exciting and brand new updates, so don’t go far! Reverend Chief

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