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Ladies in Authority – Spanked!

‘Ello ‘Ello ‘Ello…what ‘ave we ‘ere then? It’s been a while since I last checked in at the South West Police Station but it appears Chief Superindendent Johnson has been very busy “booking” the derrieres of his female PC underlings as their shoddy time keeping, paperwork, arrest rates, abuse of power and lack of following procedure leads to yet more bare bottom punishments. Seriously, if you were to be arrested…you’d want to end up at this Spanko Police Station…right? You might just catch one of the PC’s doing public cornertime (if only…lol).

So I have a mega update from Spanked In Uniform today featuring 3 of my fave spanking stars in the last 3 episodes with varying storylines but all with the same shocking bare bottom results! I’ll start with the most recent update which went up yesterday and work back, stand by for some judicial and penal (yes I said penal) spankings!

This episode stars the very gorgeous & extremely spankable Kami Robertson!

18 year old Kami, fresh out of the police academy, was delighted when she got a letter from the South West Police Station saying she has got the job as new constable. She got quite a shock when Chief Johnson told her that she has to undergo an initiation spanking and all the other constables will smack her bottom too! She had no choice so over the knee she went. A few days later she was called back to the office and apparently she had arrested a woman who was fighting without finding out what was going on and the woman agreed not to press charges but she wanted Kami caned soundly so Chief Johnson gave Kami 12 hard cane strokes on her bare bottom!

Check out some images from this latest delightfully crackers movie! 😀


See MORE of Kami Robertson being spanked in uniform HERE

Episode 9 stars pretty blonde Lottie Kinsade & her rounded rump

You may remember Chief Johnson took Leia to be spanked for not answering the phones a few episodes back… well, he told Lottie to take over the phones, which she didn’t. The Chief (Johnson…not me, though I wish I did) gave Lottie a sound strapping and she had to stand next to Leia in reception, her well strapped bottom on display. Later that afternoon Johnson got a phonecall from Bill in traffic telling him that Lottie was seen speeding again through the high street with no emergency! She was called back to the station and she got a sound OTK birching and hard spanking followed by some more humiliating cornertime.



Watch the full movie of Lottie’s perfect jiggling butt thrashed HERE

Today’s final policewoman update stars the ever amazing Pandora Blake

During the last riot PC Blake and 2 other constables lost their name tags and they didn’t retreat back to the van. Chief Johnson identified Blake but not the other 2 girls. Pandora was called to his office and she got a sound leather strapping for not wearing her name tag. After a while standing bare bottomed in the reception area (imagine turning up at this police station and seeing her bottom on full display, lol!), she was called back and she had to give the names of the other 2 constables. Pandora refused so Chief Johnson laid her over his desk and caned her severely until she blubbed and gave up the names - she was sent back to the reception to show off  her red cane striped bottom to everyone!



This full movie of PC Blake’s suffering can be viewed HERE

This is just one section of the Spanked-in-Uniform website I have briefly covered today, but be sure to check out all the other sections which cover all our fave fetish niches with spanking such as seeing Nurses, French maids, Schoolgirls and Airline attendants thrashed in and out of their various perky uniforms.You’ll also notice in the tour pages some of the UK’s best known spanking actresses and of course the lovely Dutch girls that are not found anywhere else unless you’re visiting REAL LIFE Spankings

I’m a big fan of both sites and if you want to take a quick look, I have collected some of my fave updates from Real Life Spankings that I have done over the last year or so! Each image leads to my full review at the time…if anything, it’s a great distraction if you’ve seen these girls before, so stand by for “schummm schpannnkings!”

Hope you enjoyed some of my fave glimpses into these very sexy Dutch ladies getting the much deserved “schpannnkings” that these delicious brats so need! Check out the very latest tour pages and updates from Real-Life-Spankings HERE


Spanking Movie Theater Updates – My latest most viewed!



  1. lol…loved the “bloke wearing stripey shirts” graphic. I believe the man only wears stripey shirts, for reasons unclear to me, for their shpankings.

  2. Indeedy! Mike makes me laugh (in a good way, not pointing finger at way) when he tells his girls they are going to “get a schpannnking”. I must admit I like wearing striped polos as well…maybe it’s a spanko thing?

  3. Well it’s quite simple really. Polos are comfy and you don’t have to iron them 🙂 And the fact that most of them are stripey is simply that in Holland most polos in the shops have stripes.

    Thanks for all your great promotional features of our sites though

    It’s appreciated!


  4. Pleasure is all mine, Mike, love your sites and I’m sure my readers do as well! I’m wearing a blue and white striped Polo today in your honour! 😀

  5. Hear ye hear ye. Today you shall henceforth be known as the striped polomeister! 🙂

    Go polos! hahaha


  6. tim tim

    wow young kami as a wpc being spanked lovely little spankee ,Spanked in uniform is a great site lovely young girl spankees in nice neat uniforms .

  7. Thanks Tim! 🙂

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