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Spanking Awards: Lifetime Achievements – The Results

The results are in for both “Lifetime Achievement” Awardsin the Producer & Spankee categories. I think this will be held every few years, as the winners won’t get included in future nominations, obviously.


Lifetime Achievement – Producer






2nd rsn



3rd shadowlane


Lifetime Achievement – Producer






2nd leia



3rd erica-scott


Lifetime Achievement Award – Production Company

Lifetime Achievement Award – Spankee

Inappropriate Spank Dance Moves Workshop

Just a bit of fun… we came across this today. Sarah is into Swing Dance (West Coast Swing, actually) … she did point out that this was “East Coast Swing” for those in the know! Still this is rather fun and quite relevant to those who like to spank their partners whilst dancing (LOL).

Check out this inappropriate Swing Moves workshop. You will see Tiff and Kenny teach 9 different inappropriate moves addressing such important subjects such as Spanking Moves, Feel ’em Up Moves & Revenge Moves.

swing dance spank movies

Spanking BB Housemate Harry Amelia

Young Glamour Model, Harry Amelia, recently was one of the latest evictees from the Big Brother House on the annual reality TV show in the UK. I wasn’t aware that it still had a big following in this country but I was wrong and it is watched on the national (free to view) Channel 5 network – it is still popular with those who love this style of show. It could be watched online so when I checked Harry’s Twitter Feed HERE – I and my colleagues were shocked to learn that Harry had entered the Big Brother House as a contestant. I won’t bore you with any more detail… I have provided a link to the show’s main website and you can navigate around it but I’m sure you are all familiar with the format as I do remember it being global at one point.


Now it just happens that Harry isn’t shy and she knows what work she has or hasn’t done… after all, many evenings you will be able to see her appearing on shows such as the adult “Babestation” and similar… so rather than hold onto this content for another year or more, a video she co starred in alongside the very lovely but ever so naughty Chessie Kay (if you have forgotten her already…) she has made some excellent films for AAA and appears at other sites… I love this girl too! Yes, she might do regular porn, but she also LOVES to be spanked. A girl after my own (spanko) heart!

cheer005 cheer006

Charming ladies! Harry Amelia (left) & Chessie Kay (right)

The video is called “Catholic Cheerleader Spankings” and has been released at AAA Spanking as an additional FULL Film bonus this week. meaning there is still a NEW film to come out as well! Once I have given you a background to this you might wonder if she has done more work – I have some information which should help you if you’d like to see this hot Brunette in more spanking film releases. This was the only actual film Harry did for AAA so let’s make the most of a (rare) appearance of Harry filmed on a spanking site! From what I can remember, I think this was filmed in 2013.


This is a special full film bonus update we love bringing to you from time to time. It would appear one of the “Cheerleaders for Christ” featured here had been moonlighting away from the good cause for the Catholic Church! Harry Amelia was recently evicted from the Big Brother House Reality TV Show in the UK (which we were sad about). Some of the AAA team had followed her exploits online and she was a great housemate that we supported. However, this site is an international one and so many of our members may not have been familiar with her or that this TV show was still going after so many years. So to her detractors, perhaps they would like to see her taken down a peg or two… and this film could certainly help. We are sure she won’t mind! She is a true kinkster after all. You will see her spanked on her bare bottom, alongside fellow cheer girl Chessie Kay. They both got a hand spanking over the knee, in turn and in front of each other (for added humiliation) by Father Michael. It was a no nonsense short, sharp shock hand spanking punishment given as a last resort.

Chessie Kay OTK cheerleader otk spanking panties pulled down spanking cath_cheerleaders05 cath_cheerleaders06 cath_cheerleaders07 harry amelia spanking cath_cheerleaders09 cath_cheerleaders10 cath_cheerleaders11 cath_cheerleaders12 cath_cheerleaders13 harry amelia sore red bottom spanking cheerleader Harry Amelia cath_cheerleaders16 cath_cheerleaders17 cath_cheerleaders18 cath_cheerleaders19 spanking asses

Check out the free play clip (below) taken from this movie (it’s lower res but you’ll get to see what it is about)

[jwplayer mediaid=”41957″]

Access the full film in full HD1080 at AAAspanking.com

aaa spanking

This will also be available as a one time download option from the Clips Store


Some other sites you might find Harry Amelia in are below – most notably as a twosome with Chessie Kay (again) and working alongside Michael Stamp at some of the Xerotics sites. I’m aware they aren’t everyone’s favorite but Harry did appear here in about 10 or so films and you would do well to find the majority of them via the 4 Site SpankPass – if you haven’t been here for a few years it’s most probably worth it! & I am guessing they will also be available in some form or other at HDspank in their highest resolution. It’s hard to say what is at most of the sites as they never update their front page covers but I do know that there is a good amount of films (as I said) from Harry & Chessie together via the Spankpass Network option for sure. Some images taken from the films are below:

film01a film02a film03a Harry Amelia spanks Chessie Kay film04b film05a thrashing schoolgirl butts schoolgirl spanking spanked in the cellar secretary spankings film10a film10b




Finally there are a couple of spank castings Harry did for Redstripe Films – from what I learned she actually wasn’t that well that day, in fact, very unwell as she had meningitis or something equally sinister and went to the hospital – of course she is okay now but one can only imagine how she must have felt and suffered even more so on her very first spanking audition in the 2 films (below):

Harry Amelia at Redstripe Films – rather than put up loads more images I found the galleries promoting the website which have a ton of pictures for you all… just click on the image to see the full free gallery page.

harry amelia OTK spanking Harry Amelia leather paddle


Have a good one! TTYL!

BB HarryAmelia

Schoolgirl Spanking & Punishment

Here is a special “Friday Feature” to kick start your weekend…

The Locker Room Strapping for Raquel & Syrena at the Real Spankings Institute

ready for a spanking

The girls are pulled out of gym class for not wearing bras, and are sent to the locker room to wait for the Dean. He bares their breasts and whips their exposed bottoms with the leather tawse.

12923_014 strapped in her yoga pants 12923_040 12923_056 12923_059 12923_062 spanking Raquel strapping strapping a schoolgirl 12923_131 12923_133 12923_136gym class girls stripped and spanked

The Dean decides to really bring the lesson home and bares their bottoms for further punishment. He does not stop until the tears are flowing…

12924_033 12924_040 spanked and strapped schoolgirls 12924_066 red sore bum

Syrena is then given special attention when told to wait for further punishment…

Syrena is asked to remove her bra and top

Syrena is left in corner time with her breasts exposed to wait for the dean. He stuffs a new bra in her mouth and then blisters her bottom with the heavy prison strap over her yoga pants.

13058_008 panties shoved in mouth 13058_015 strapping spankings 13058_033 13058_042 13058_047 13058_056 13058_059 13058_068 13058_073

Click here to see the full length movies of these girls getting a humiliating and very real spanking punishment from Dean Michael Masterson.

Syrena naked and tearful at RSI

Real Spankings Institute

It’s part of the 8 site Real Spankings Pass combining the best of the RS Network for less

Ladies are having all the fun!

I’m out tonight helping a good friend in a fund raising event for his partner who has terminal cancer… he lost his 1st wife to it about 10 years ago and this wonderful lady helped him out of the pits of despair only for her to beat 2 cases of the dreaded “C” before this one will finish her off. She wants to spend time in Vegas to watch her boy get married… they also love Vegas (I understand that) and want it to be their final farewell for her. It is so desperately sad as she is remarkably upbeat and lights up a room with her presence… it helps she is extremely kinky too and I love having conversations with her when half the “vanillas” don’t know! Anyway… better not put this on a downer. I received so many nice comments in mails and feedback from the Clip Store after putting up an old movie never placed there before that I had made with Jean Bradley & Paul Kennedy so I thought it would deserve a little mention here today all on its own. I’ll get back to other regular updates tomorrow!

confessionsIt was an homage to the fun kinky and slapstick films made in the 1970’s in Britain with Robin Asquith in the “Confessions of…” series of films. Obvious ones like a window cleaner getting into all sorts of sexy romps with housewives etc… so we did a kinky one instead. Paul was the Robin Asquith character which was very amusing… and Jean was one of his many horny housewives he’d come across… only this one liked to be spanked too! As Paul remarked on Jean… peering through the window and talking to the cam … Jean was “a right kinky one!” (LOL)

This was also the last series of films that I know of in which Jean Bradley switched and played the sub role… she could take a hell of a thrashing, I’d seen her take a multiple cold caning without breaking a sweat at one of her infamous parties… she’s retired now, of course… somewhere nice in the Spanish Isles. So here’s to Jean and Paul for making a really enjoyable film with some great spanking action in it too! It’s all rather grown up which I kind of like!

I have some short clips from this 25 minute film and some images so you can follow the story… it is available to download at The Clips Store HERE … or in remastered formats at AAAspanking.com 


[jwplayer mediaid=”40551″]

window window2a

[jwplayer mediaid=”40552″]

window2 window2b window2c window3 window3a window3b

[jwplayer mediaid=”40553″]

window3c window4 window4a window4b

[jwplayer mediaid=”40554″]

window5b window5c window5d window6

[jwplayer mediaid=”40555″]

window5aThis is a kinky long play movie at over 25 minutes of good hard fun grown up spanking punishment with a twist! It’s part of a rare & sought after exclusive series of films starring Jean Bradley in one of her last ever submissive roles and you’ll see how this lady loves to switch! In an homage to the cheeky “Confessions of a…” series from the British 1970’s TV & movie series comes our take on that genre that has a chirpy window cleaner (played by Paul Kennedy) talking to the camera about one of his kinky customers he sometimes “has to service” with a good hard spanking as poor Jean can’t get enough of this at home! We’ll see him spy on her, we’ll see Jean getting turned on, spanking herself after watching one of the many downloaded films on her laptop – & then we’ll see Paul get a very happy Jean over his knee for some good old fashioned spanking and playtime with some of her favorite wooden implements! This is a delightfully grown up spanking movie containing authentic, hot, erotic spanking scenes between 2 very consenting adults & lots of bottom rubbing and grinding between naughty playtime kinksters! This is a “Must View!” spanking erotica video with great acting & fantastic spankings as the Brits only know how to do in situations like this!

View the full film here as a one time download

… or check out a reasonable membership option below from the main website

AAA trial membership options


Remember if you’re in Texas at the end of this month… then grab yourself a place at this awesome inaugural spanking event!


A classic olden post for the weekend

cakeI am all “caked out”, I have one more chocolate cake to devour after the Black Friday Sales experience and intend to see that one off tonight… because I have been allowed to! So… in no particular order today… please delight in the following images from various websites for your fine perusal from the past before I stuff myself with 3000 calories worth of nom noms… all approved by none other than the almighty “Spank Cat” making a brief triumphant return! The all seeing and all knowing feline that has replaced even Ceiling Cat in all that was known by kitteh-kind! Spank Cat is a feline fetishist, a marauding moggy that isn’t satisfied until he (or she – we dare not ask!) is satisfied that the human females shown on this ‘ere veritable spanky blog have had their rear ends well and truly tanned! “me-owww!”

It would appear that some people were unable to take a joke, which was a great pity as Sarah & I thought it was amusing… and it is nice to know who some of the readership are even if they just don’t get it… never mind!

So it is with great pleasure that I bring you some cracking images courtesy of Spanking Server – I have always loved their use of implements and contraptions, I guess that the girls here, including the gorgeous Sandra Sanchez… would disagree!


pic_2 pic_3

pic_4 pic_5

pic_6 pic_7

pic_8 pic_9

pic_10 pic_12

pic_13 pic_14

Check out the very latest wicked punishments of East European girls from SpankingServer.com



An oldie from Northern Spanking as this schoolgirl is caught touching herself instead of studying… she is quickly punished for her filthy behaviour!!! Part of the VAST archives of spanking material from over 10 years of non stop spanking updates!

NSI058-KLE006 NSI058-KLE007

NSI058-KLE008 NSI058-KLE009

NSI058-KLE019 NSI058-KLE023

NSI058-KLE027 NSI058-KLE029

Click here to see more naughty and excellent punishments only from Northern Spanking



Ok, a little reminder treat for you as you get to see this great OTK spanking of Veronica Ricci over the knee of a twisted nurse played by Asphyxia Noir… check out the clip and a few reminder images (and Veronica’s revenge) – I liked this as it had a genuine good hard OTK spanking as you’ll see!

Or if you are viewing this on an Android device, Flash doesn’t show so click link HERE for the WMV clip

002 004

005 008

Veronica goes in to get tested, but the nurse behaves rather strangely. First, she takes Veronica’s temperature anally. Then she begins spanking Veronica super hard, lecturing her on how to change her ways. She even breaks a large paddle over Veronica’s ass. Finally, Veronica has had enough and fights back, getting Nurse Asphyxia over her knee and teaching her just how tough and strong call girls can be. Both ladies leave with very sore and red bottoms.

012 002 (1)

007-2 008 (1)

014 015

Check out one of the best and naughtiest sounding spanking sites that lives up to its name – SPANKED CALLGIRLS – it is also part of the Clare Fonda Pass network giving you access to 5 of their best sites for a fraction of the total cost. If you have never considered this option then do take a look, it will save you a lot of money but it’s an addictive hobby as you’ll be downloading content until the cows come home!


Have a great weekend… and today’s final spanking aftermath image was 100% approved by Spank Cat! Enjoy!


Spank cat also approves of the naughty POV site and spankings below 🙂



Oh, & don’t forget to nominate for your fave categories in the upcoming Spanking Awards!

Spanking News & Updates

OK, with just 1 day to go (My birthday actually, and what a way to celebrate!) for the 1st exciting part of my new movie starring beautiful Jessica and the infamous Zoe Page getting what looks like her comeuppance… I thought I’d bring you news of what else is going on in the spanko world both sides of The Water.

Recently I mentioned that the new site Spanking Sorority Girls is now active and going strong, well, there’s even better news as that site has been included int he 5 Site ClareFondaPass Network making this THE multi site to obtain for all yoru varied needs for beautiful American girl spankings!

& to back up what you’d get withthe multi site (at a fraction of the 5 site combined cost, I might add) I have some of the other latest news from those sites that Clare has now entrusted to The Cameraman… or The Big C as he seems to be affectionately known 🙂

Click on any image below for the latest film images from one of my fave sites SpankedCallgirls.com

Clare is upset with veteran Sarah Gregory and bratty new girl Christy Cutie. She teaches Christy how things go when Mama Clare gets upset, by putting her over her knee for a hand and hairbrush spanking. Then Sarah is reminded that she should watch out for the newbees when Clare does the same to Sarah. Then Sarah is made to spank Christy with a large wooden paddle. Then Clare puts Sarah back over her knee for a final flurry of spanks. This was the last spanking filmed with Clare (though another scene filmed earlier will appear on the site after this one).





See the whole film from SpankedCallgirls.com or as part of the 5 Site Network Pass

There is a new redhead model re enacting her painful times growing up, I have never heard of her before, but I’m sure she’s yet another hot porn starlet (I will have to Google her name after this for some further exhaustive investigations, you understand? *ahem*) Anyway, she’s amazing to look at, reacts beautifully to a spanking and has long legs that are draped over Clare’s lap with an ass that speckles just right when spanked! *swoon*

Ladies and gents – Introducing Phoenix Askani at SpankedSweeties.com



This is what Clare had to say about this latest acquisition: “A tall red-headed beauty, adult model Phoenix Askani has many interesting stories about how she was spanked by her mother and father while growing up. Her porcelain skin turned bright red and speckled while she took very hard re-enactment spankings from mom and dad.”

This was Clare Fonda’s last scene playing “momma”  – don’t miss it HERE or via the 5 Site Pass

The next spanking update from this network shows me some promise of what more is to come as there is a guest appearance in the spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Room Mate in the form of the very sexy bisexual spanko predator, Sinn Sage… she is capable of giving some of the horniest spankings ever known, as well as receiving them… so alongside the curvacious Madison Martin… this is one film that ticks all the girl/girl spanko boxes for me!




This is episode 106 in the ongoing spanking saga! CLICK HERE to see all the episode updates

Finally from this network, one of the most established sites is GirlSpanksGirl.com and it’s split into 3 sections for easy perving – I mean access… Sensual, Discipline and Erotic! I have loved seeing Clare playing her “Momma” roles and this latest domestic discipline cracker is no exception as you’ll see in this pyjama spanking thriller! (mmm, PJ’s, my fave!)

It also stars a girl called Alex Reynolds, she contacted me about work but unfortunately I can’t fly in girls from the USA (pity) but she is a genuine lifestyle sub and I’ve seen some of her realtime thrashings and she can take more than enough thrashings, just like a naughty English girl next door (which is who she reminds me of, so I really get this latest film update – it looks real and not “Hollywood”, if you know what I mean…




This is what the site says officially about this latest update: Alex Reynolds is a life style sub with a nice, curvy bottom, who can take a hard spanking. Clare Fonda tests Alex’s tolerance with a long series of mother/daughter spankings. She lectures young Alex, spanks her bare bottom for a number of reasons, and even gives her a mouth soaping and a caning. This was Clare’s last long, traditional spanking shoot, though there is still one shot earlier that will be released after this instant classic.

Indeed! View this long play movie HERE

Or see all of the above AND new site SpankingSororityGirls.comonly at CLAREFONDAPASS.com


Now as I am on the wondrous subject of pyjama spankings, there is a brand new series of films alongside a guy I know well, “Uncle Paul”, who I am sure will be appearing at my site very soon doing what he loves best as you can see here courtesy of English-Spankers.com – spanking naughty girls in their “jim-jams” – and hopefully with no underwear underneath (I now cane any girl for such infractions if they dare to disrespect me in such a fashion, lol!)

Check out these excellent images of Paul and one of my fave spankees I have worked with personally… Miss Jenna Jay – then check out the link at the bottom which shows you a fantastic free OTK spanking clip!




This is what they had to say about this new film: The start of a brand new series featuring Uncle Paul and his pyjama spanking club. Totally fixated about spanking lovely young ladies wearing all types of pyjamas, Uncle Paul is none the less a severe disciplinarian and does not give these young ladies an easy ride. Once over his knees he lays into them with a hard and heavy hand. His first victim is the lovely Jenna Jay in her new PJ’s. A good spanking over the bottom and then they come down for a good hard bare bottom spanking and slippering.



OK, It’s not a new update, but as you know, I like to remind you of something I have been watching, often as at some sites, I see something and then it reminds me of another film elsewhere I’d like to view again. This is odd, though… as I guess I was thinking that I shall soon meet Paul and Lucy (Lucy I have never met but am looking forward to seeing her) and this film sprung to mind… it also stars the adorable Jenni Mack, who I would also love to have personally over my knee… but I can’t have everything, so settled for rooting out this classic from the guys at Northern Spanking on , what I think was their last trip to Vegas . This 50’s costum set is how is SHOULD be done… Lucy looks a yummy mummy from a byegone era… this film made me grin from ear to ear – bravo!




This is what Paul and Lucy had to say inside the members area about this particular film: A period piece set in the 1950s. A personal fantasy of Lucy, who wanted to play a 50s housewife, with a daughter who is ordinarily a good girl but disobeys her parents. The part of the daughter played by Jenni Mack is wonderfully believable. She is awfully pretty, with the most delicious bottom!


Oh, and of course, how could we miss her getting a good old fashioned traditional English caning at the expert hands of Mr Lewis? Click here to view this HD film in more detail.


Another site that is known for period spanking dramas is Pandora’s site Dreams Of Spanking and this latest movie update explores some darker BDSM elements as you’ll see below. She had also enlisted the help of Hywel Phillips and Amelia Jane Rutherford, who I have never seen in such a dark film before until now…




This is what the site description of this latest film says: New girl Pandora is nervous, untrained and intimidated by experienced pet Amelia. Pandora endures bondage, nipple clamps, humiliating inspections and punishment, culminating in a painful double caning. One of Pandora’s oldest fantasies, this film has a dark non-consensual edge. Amelia demonstrates elegant submission for the new girl, including gruelling slavegirl postures, flogging and a deep D/S hot wax sequence showcasing the genuine chemistry between her and her real life Master. The first of many scenes from our new BDSM series. 

You can also see a special free HD clip of this new film HERE


Don’t forget!!! Coming Soon to AAA Spanking

Monday Galleries

Another new week as this year hurtles on… I don’t have much to waffle about today so will post some links and galleries for you to peruse and enjoy instead. But as you all know, yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic… such a sad loss of life, I find it hard to believe that it was a 100 years ago…

I was brought up to believe about man’s folly, man’s arrogance… how could “any” ship ever be unsinkable? If ever there was an enduring story about the Class system, privilege and of course the almost dignified way that many accepted their fate early on before the ship’s frightening sinking at the very end where it broke up and the stern rose almost vertically in under a minute – I think any of us could then be forgiven for screaming for our lives… but earlier… as the realization that the ship was doomed… women and children were the first to the few lifeboats… it was a reminder that even in the new techological age of the early 20th century, with ever better cars being built and fledgling aeroplanes taking to the skies… one should never assume mastery over anything.

It made me reflect on things and how people nowadays might have reacted, if it was at all possible to create something so disastrous (thanks to this catastrophe no ship would ever again be allowed to sail without the required lifeboats for all crew and passengers). Now I know we are a much more equal society in terms of the classes, we are a consumer society, we want want want… and I fear that the stoic resignation of many including what would have been one of the richest men alive today, Guggenheim, who allowed his mistress to survive whilst he accepted his fate… I can’t help feel as a people, we are so selfish that we would trample over each other and fight it out in bloody mayhem once we realized our impending fate if the same thing had happened today in exactly the same tragic circumstances. How far we’ve come, eh?

& on that moral point… on with the spankings I have selected. Click any image below for the escapsim provided by the following sites.



Above galleries courtesy of Lupus Spanking



Above galleries courtesy of Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking



Above galleries courtesy of the excellent Spanking Sarah



Above galleries courtesy of Girls Boarding School



Above galleries courtesy of Clare Fonda’s Spanked Callgirls



Above galleries courtesy of the naughty Spanking & Shame

Finally I have a very 1st preview of the forthcoming film from AAA Spanking due out for release mid week. This is the introduction film of Zoe spanking Jessica… and this is the 1st time she was ever spanked by a girl and also you can sense her disquiet as Zoe starts to up the smacks a little… this film has some great nervous reactions of a newbie and also some very intimate poses of her reddened butt at the end as you’ll have seen from the previous pics in my preview post yesterday. This will appeal to fans of genuine 1st timers & F/F spanking, Jessica has that perfect girl next door look, but the “slutty” girl next door old pervs like me dream about (lol) 😉

This spanking clip shows the promise of what is to come! Enjoy the teaser!!!

By the way, this film is already available in special 7 minute action clip (just the spankings, nothing else!!!) and since I uploaded it just a few hours ago, I have had several downloads already, seems you guys really like it, it won’t disappoint!

Schoolgirl Spankings

Schoolgirl spankings, what’s there not to like? Well, it’s pretty much a required part of most spanking websites to cater in some part for this particular niche nowadays… some sites are simply named after schoolgirls (so it’s pretty obvious what you’ll be getting) others feature dedicated sections inside their members area (like mine… and I shall give you a quick preview of what is coming there at the end of this post). Now, just about the only spanking sites that don’t cater to schoolgirls are those that make sure you are clear of that by suitably naming themselves some domestic related name or that they cater to much older ladies etc which is an imprtant niche in itself and which I too am a fan of… and even then I find school uniform role play, age play and such… it’s an entrenched part of our spanko psyche, isn’t it? It’s not solely because we’re all enormous pervs wanting to see schoolgirls in uniform thrashed (as pleasant as that may be, lol) but also a reminder of our youth, the days many of us discovered we were into spanking, like some stolen moments, I myself remember being turned on at the sight of a female pupil in tears from a school next to mine, the girl in question I often walked home with and she recalled her encounter in the front of class with the slipper (over her knickers) from her math Teacher, who was apparently a real stickler. I never forgot this story and about 6 months later we started dating and I did manage to gently spank her once in a roleplay I “engineered” and never felt so alive until that moment… sadly she didn’t reciprocate as I had hoped, thinking of her humiliating punishment… but that memory of my first spanko spark is still very strong and I guess that is why so many of us, like me, LOVE to see school themes at spanking sites!

So it is with great pleasure that Mike at Spanked-in-Uniform.com has updated his schoolgirl section… and he did promise me it would be “right up my street” with the beautiful Landra (featured above), who I admitted to him I had a thing for.. and the equally gorgeous Clover (thankfully with some grown up hair “down there” as you’ll see as they are punished naked in the bathroom at one point!) I also have some exclusive images as well as the screen grabs, these are what members can also download, just be aware I have reduced them in size as that is only fair for those who might want to join this great site and see the larger images and the film for themselves!

Below are some screen grabs from the movie and the storyline behind this latest episode!






St. Catherines girls Leandra and Clover are having a hard day. The night before they stayed up late chatting with the result that the Headmaster stormed into their Dorm Room at 7:00 AM and rudely awoken them. He put both of them across his knee and gave them a sound spanking. They were then told to go and shower and be dressed in 20 minutes. When he went to check on them, they were again chatting instead of showering so he gave them both a good scolding and a sound nude strapping!

& as promised, check out some special previews taken from this movie for you here!




Wow! Leandra and Clover together look stunning, don’t they? You can see all their other collaberations together at Spanked-in-Uniform.com and I’m losing count of the uniform niches added… it’s a uniform lovers paradise 🙂

see more here


If you saw the Caption Competition (please do enter, you could WIN the FREE membership!) then this is taken from my next film at AAAspanking called “Pyjamas Canings” and it should be out for members this Wednesday! You’ll have seen details of this competition previously… and I will keep that post featured at the top of the blog’s main page until the competition ends (I’ll give you some notice, it will probably be around for a few weeks, so get your thinking caps on!)

I haven’t got any images from the film edited just yet… but I will give you an exclusive free preview in tomorrow’s blog post, I’m running out of time today, sorry! (I have an important meeting at work tomorrow so need to prepare for that!) *sigh*

Until tomorrow… and PLEASE do enter the competition… OK? 🙂

Cream Horn Spanking Special

As promised today, I am bringing you some very special Cream Horn rated spankings which I hope you will enjoy! These are a collection of past and up to the minute spankings from across t’interwebz, so please do ensure that you are sitting comfortably and relaxed… please do ensure that you have been to the toilet (do so now as you could be some time gazing at this spledifera of spanking talent.

Have a glass of your finest vino, bubbly or milkshake (whatever turns you on) to hand… and remember to lock the door for that extra privacy as I show you some of what I have been viewing and downloading today… I’m spent, I’m sure you will be too! Ladies and Gentlemen… I give you today’s Cream Horn Spanking Specials! *drum roll*

Possibly my all time favourite spanking model from Punishedbrats in the past was Juliet Valentina, when she had that perfect girl next door look, with her long blonde locks and able to play a schoolgirl or naughty cheer girl at will! She has since come back… and depending on her real life commitments, so I understand, she could well do again (I can hope!) – But fear not, as you will (probably) already know, there is a vast collection of Juliet’s films waiting for you to discover her talents at PunishedBrats.com

Not sure who made this poster at the time – but it’s a giggle.
Edit: Just been reminded that it was Cutiepie of CutiePiesSexySpankings.com that made it (nice one!)

One of my all time fave films of Juliet is shown below, I think it was the combination of that school uniform, the OTK spanking and just how breath takingly beautiful she looked that day over one very lucky David’s knee!




“My Ass is AWESOME!” – Juliet Valentina (made up by Chief)

Currently at Punishedbrats.com there are heaps of great new updates with new girls and as you’ll see in the latest images below, this site, with it’s amazing archives just gets better and better!

Pixie was and still is my number one girl and the reason so many have stayed loyal to Punishedbrats.com – now that she also edits the films, when she can find  time to be in front of the camera… we get fantastic images that accompany this recent film called “Office Pal” – don’t miss it, it’s Pixie at her wriggling, yelping best over (the very fortunate) David’s lap!



the storyline: Ten had been taking advantage of her friendship with her supervisor, Pixie, by asking for a lot of time off work. Now she has left an important project incomplete and it’s Pixie who has to pay the price when her boss finds out! See how Pixie coped with fixing the problems at work with a very sore red bottom! Click HERE for the free preview


Amber Dawn has been a busy spanking bee recently… secretly acquiring newbies like insects to honey… this blonde waif came to Amber for a correctional spanking punishment… I don’t think this young lady will be back as she looks like she might just try to behave and avaoid those stinging hand strokes on her bare soft bottom… but I’m sure glad she gave her the “once over” as Amber has some private time, I’m guessing she might even have broadcast this as part of a webcam show – I’d like to think so 🙂

Amber Spanks Abbey Rhode (like the play on the name… were her parents Beatles fans? lol)





At the time of writing this I have just noticed that there is a new full movie just added, it’s a HUGE file and it’s called Amber spanks Alyssa… she looks f*cking hot and the file size is a humungus at 2.7 Gigs! I’m currently downloading it as I write up this post today (predicted to take well over an hour and then some) so I promise to get back to this but YOU can view this and Amber’s other sites on a Special Trial promotion for under $5! Sign up through SpankAmber and there are the member page links to all 3 sites! That is so cheap… but also, her long term memberships are worth every penny, you’d be hard pressed to even download a fifth of what Amber has in her archives in the trial period! Anyway, check out some teaser images of Amber and Alyssa below… this looks well worth it alone for a 2.7 Gig download!



Edit: I have just seen it – F*CKING HELL!!!! I will get you news of this SOON! See for yourself!


Things are hotting up, aren’t they? I have a ton more stuff for you yet and while I’m taking a break to waffle a bit, please take a break and get some fresh air, stretch your legs a while… as I aim to bring you what’s hot and new across Clare Fonda’s excellent sites… and at the 1st site I’m going to showcase for you, there is a theme running ever since they hit the 100th episode in this ongoing spanking soap opera… that of “female wrestling and powerplay” – Who wins, gets the power to spank the other… and I have to say I had to make a choice with this as these themes are in both episodes 101 and 102, so here is number 101 with Kay Richards and Ashli Orion (who is tall and athletic, whilst Kay is bosomly – I love the way her breasts hang like they do…but that’s another trouser busting distraction… ahem!) Let’s find out how they get on!

“Ding! Ding!” Round 1:  Kay and Ashli are working out when they begin to argue about how their relationship has turned out. First, they begin smacking each other’s bottoms playfully. Then it becomes war. They wrestle and spank each other harder and harder with hands and even hairbrush. It leads to some kissing, but Kay is still bitter about the breakup, so she spanks Ashli hard and tells her “no fooling around!” – Go girl!





The next site with new content was the one voted most improved in 2011, so that means we are taking a quick look at SpankedSweeties.com

Why? Because it is one of the hottest girl-girl spanking sites. Each girl is interviewed, takes some hot photos then gets down to a long, hard spanking. Clare uses the prettiest girls and a good array of newbies, first timers and established models – some have been spanked before and tell us all about what happened to them growing up and re enact some events and some have never had their bottoms spanked before – these girls often have very red bottoms, which I love, of course… take Lilia Spinoza… one of the stars of EE6 ( <<< click this link as it is a really good free gallery of Lilia in a cheer girl outfit!!!) as a convincing cheer girl, see her get a man spanking across the lap of Double Dan in that cutsie school uniform! Mmm!




See what makes this site addictive viewing – Click Here for the tour pages

Finally from Clare’s site GirlSpanksGirl.com today, tall slinky Elise is in trouble with her mother, Clare (again) home from school, Momma has a few things to say and Elise is humiliatingly stripped and given yet more demeaning discipline designed to make her daughter learn to avoid such bad behaviour in future! This punishment included a hand whacking with a wooden ruler which was kinda “ouchie!” (Oh, and Elise looks drop dead gorgeous over Clare’s knee, doesn’t she?)




This is part of the Disciplinary Section (with all the hour long movies and the infamous EE Series of schoolgirl films) – I just thought I’d also show you what I hadn’t seen in a while , which was amazing… this was the film between Chloe Elise and Sarah Gregory in one of these home domestic discipline classics, this film is  one of Clare’s finest in my opinion and I forgot just how bloody good it was! (Thankfully I found a gallery with a complete explanation for you, so click on the image below and all will be revealed!)

These movies and the latest updates I have shown you of Elise can be viewed seperately at GirlSpanksGirl.com


All Clare’s above sites featured here today can be purchased seperately, for they are all HUGE in their own right… or you can get the BEST multi site deal around and get these sites in any combination YOU choose of 3, 4 or 5 sites in the CLARE FONDA PASS – saving a lot of money on monthly and further on quarterly membership deals!


That’s it from me, tomorrow I will be focussing on European sites and some that I haven’t for a while which I promise you won’t want to miss! Until then… cheers! Chief.

Pass the cream horns around, will you? 🙂

Latest Spanking Updates

There’s lots to let you know about today so I won’t get on my soap box and have a rant about this or that… though I feel like a good moan today, I’ll save that for another (lol). “Thank God” I hear you sigh in relief… so instead, you’ll be happy to see me dive straight in without any more waffle to what you’ve all come here for: The latest spanking updates hot off the interwebz including my own latest F/F spanking film * “FFS! Get on with it, Chief” * which I at first was unsure about, but after playing it back a few times (and viewing it in HD) I really loved it and I will let you in on a few behind the scenes goss after you click on the image below that leads to a special 24 image gallery of the film!

This was the very 1st film of the day between Emma and Taylor, they knew each other but this film was a first in so many ways! Emma is an experienced dominatrix and only tops men as a rule… & young Taylor is a switch but wanted to explore her submissive side (especially being spanked and punished) & this was a first for her too as she had only been a sub to a male before this day! To add to a little apprehension, the lights and cameras got the better of them as the intros took a fair few takes. However, as they both relaxed and realised that we could retake this as many times as we wanted, I was impressed with both ladies professionalism and determination to make their day with us work… and from humble beginnings – as this short film showed… we got some great content. That’s not to say this film is not any good, far from it! If it wasn’t, I would not have put it up on the site. No, it was rather personal for me… and I suspect, for the ladies too…  this was a hurdle they overcame in style, and I know they will be reading this blog and seeing this film come out… I just wanted to say “thanks” again – and I hope to get them both back, either together or seperately to work with us again at some point if they still want to… as we had a blast filming them. I also wanted to get this film out now as I have a great Headmistress/Schoolgirl film coming up at the site in a few weeks that will knock your socks off, Emma was so f*cking stern… and seeing Taylor (& co star Jenna Jay) stripped and humbled after their punishment… yikes… am I teasing? (heh heh) That’ll be coming soon, I promise! 🙂


Don’t forget that Triple A now have a Special Loyalty Price Deal
That’s effectively giving you access for a measly $8.50 a month!


Hmmm, I had also just mentioned the lovely Jenna Jay, hadn’t I? How about seeing her as a naughty inmate, thrown in a Reform Institute and put through all manner of humiliation behind bars? Sounds good? Damn straight it is.


I had only recently viewed Jenna’s intake at Bars-and-Stripes.com and it’s cracking… (good job we filmed her before she is serving 5 years!!!) She is as feisty as ever but soon learns to keep her big gob shut as it gets her into trouble when confronted with Officers Stephen Lewis & Zoe Page who have seen it all so many times before and take great enjoyment out of teaching this madam a painful reminder of her place now that she’s “banged up” inside!

Images below are reduced in quality and size – but members have extensive image sets as well as the films of Jenna to download; But I hope you get an idea from this film series as I loved it!!! (Then again, I’m a big fan of Jenna – as well as Miss Page & Mr Lewis too!)





See MORE Previews of Jenna’s intake and the other unfortunates – CLICK HERE


Here’s a recent fantastic film from Sarah Bright’s great site spankingsarah.com with the beautiful but disgracefully thieving nurse, Sally (played by the luscious Satine Spark!) – It also stars Paul Down, I love this guy, he filmed with us and he’s as bonkers about PJ’s as me (lol!) Well, here you’ll see him in his own PJ’s – being taken advantage of by Nurse sally! I also loved this storyline, it’s a great plot and an excellent spanking film as Sarah gets to the “bottom” of this conundrum!

Matron is none too happy, there are some funny goings on at her nursing home and she needs to get to the bottom of it. Enter Sarah Sly Private Eye, she is set to find the guilty party. It does not take long and young nurse Sally is apprehended doing the naughties with poor Paul. It’s the police or an instant punishment from Sarah Sly, nurse Sally chooses the punishment and finds herself over Sarah’s knees being soundly spanked, first on her uniform then her panties and last of all on her bare bottom whilst bent over the trembling knees of poor Paul. Her spanking is hard enough to mark her tender bottom and leave her in no doubt that she has been well and truly thrashed!




You might also be interested to know that Sarah gets a damned hard thrashing, one of her most severe paddlings ever on film, and it has just been released! Thoughtfully, she has provided a fantastic free gallery which you can see (with the full movie explanation) as it’s the aftermath of her spanking the beautiful stable hand, Kiki in that barn, which you will remember I covered in some detail in a previous post! Seriously, go click on the image below for the Free Gallery

Having met Sarah – I can safely vouch that she is the perfect switch: Fantastic Sub & a wicked Top!


Another Sarah I love to bits is one Miss Gregory… who at the moment is showing a film at her site – SarahGregorySpanking.com that she and her Daddy, Paul “Tubaman” Rogers filmed with Paul Kennedy & Amelia Jane Rutherford. This particular film shoot was made just before my own that I made with Sarah last year so I have to smile when I see the location… it brings back happy memories (and also the one of my near fatal car accident on the way back from that filmshoot) – anyway, let’s enjoy this excuse to see the lovely AJR dressed in a school uniform getting a real tears thrashing as you’ll see below!

English schoolgirl Amelia Jane is on exchange at school in America. She is a very, very naughty girl who thinks she can get away with it because spanking is not allowed in her American school. Well, think again Amelia! Little did she know that her headmaster has brought in a disciplinary consultant and he will be learning these new methods on this naughty school girl!





& of course you will see sarah punished too in her oh so unique and expressive way! 🙂

Take a look at these sample images below that I have from Sarah’s last explosive film
(spanked by brother Preston! Yikes!!)



FirmHandSpanking.com continue to show us stunning girls getting what they deserve and also feature some of the best girls to get some hard spankings like Allaura Shane, Alison Miller as well as new tearful girls like Kelly Morgan & Aleesha Fox (from the UK!)

Check out these latest films which members at FHS are now able to all download in full!



The board of education teaches pretty student Kelly Morgan that going camping and not reporting for work carries consequences in The Intern. Ten swats from Earl Grey across tight jeans with a school paddle has the teeth-clenching cutie bawling after five, and very sorry after ten. Ouchie!

be the 1st to see Kelly Morgan’s Free Preview Film HERE

FirmhandSpanking.com wouldn’t be the same nowadays without appearances from Alluara Shane and Alison Miller – 2 very popular girls and so I won’t disappoint, check out their latest exploits in these images (below)




Staying out all night and wearing Alison Miller’s clothes earns brat Allaura Shane a bottom tanning to remember – 24 with a leather prison strap. After making out with the pool boy, Allaura takes the lunge position for a tough 18 strokes on her bouncing bare booty in Houseguest from Hell.

You can see a free preview clip of this punishment on the home page HERE

& Finally, below is a special free preview of another new girl to this site, Aleesha Fox!



It’s the job from hell, as Aleesha Fox finds out when she’s spanked by Mr Partridge (played by Earl Grey) in Au Pair Trouble. 56 with a hairbrush turns her bottom crimson and splits the wood too! Not doing her job properly and upsetting Mrs Partridge (Amelia Jane Rutherford who plays the mad stressed wife) is fatal…

See the rest of this brilliantly amusing, wonderful OTK extravaganza at FirmHandSpanking.com


& before I go, don’t miss out on the return of my once popular “Cream horn Spanking Special” which means I shall be finding some super sexy updates for you to gaze at and scoff in the sight of a cracking brat or 5 getting their just “desserts” – I am sure Clare Fonda will be helping out with this as I have noticed some new stuff appearing at her site, so I shall… ahem … be perusing at leisure, some of her fine ass spanking sites as well as a few others I just know you will want to see that only I feature here on a regular basis! (Come back tomorrow and you’ll see it all!)

Have a good one and hope you enjoyed my little update today! See you all tomorrow here! Chief.

Do you dream of spanking?

Another week, it feels like Spring has already arrived where I live, so mild for the time of year… it’s frightening how this year (to me, at least) has raced along! & I’m so so busy elsewhere outside of writing this blog or the websites… that I hate neglecting this place for a moment so I hope you bear with me as I am now also trying to juggle planning another film shoot, getting new models and locations sorted and this is just SOOOOOOOO time consuming… the downside, I’m afraid, that  lots of you would fail to realise takes so much preparation. But of course when we do film, that’s when I feel it’s all worth while and I have a lot of fun, lots of laughs and we usually film some great content (I hope). I’m hoping the next location comes off and the new girl I have in mind is good to go!

Liked that? It’s a full on 20 minutes of hard over the knee spanking! So, as you’ve guessed,  I will feature some galleries from Pandora’s excellent spanking site – Dreams of Spanking – that I have not given my time to showing. It’s not for want of trying, I just have not had the time to write about it, you’ll no doubt recognise it straight away (I felt it was pretty pointless doing an in depth review since other bloggers have done so already, but am happy to do one if you guys send me a comment or 6, as it is indeed worthy of one!) – So as they have put a lot of effort together with some very decent promotional content… (I know, as I do the same) then check out more galleries below which help explain some of her site’s great work thus far! It’s a site I’d heartily recommend (all memberships so far are NON recurring) and there’s also a 5 day taster membership option which is cool, since it’s a new site… and content is understandably less than more established sites, but the rate of updates ensures there’s plenty to see during the week, it’s all excluisve and some of the stuff filmed you just won’t see Pandora film for anyone else and it’s all added on a very regular basis so far! (Hmm, starting to sound like a review, eh?) Just click on images below and let the galleries and pictures decide for you!):



Please do go check out the site tour pages HERE as they offer more insight than I can offer and will do it more justice than me prattling on here late before I am due to drop off to sleep! Pandora dreams of spanking – Do you? This is a site 4 or 5 years in the making and is now available online for your perusal… Have a good evening, everyone! Regards, Chief

Mishka’s introductory Spanking

Well, as promised… here it is! The very 1st film we did with naughty girl Mishka who was so horny and couldn’t wait to get spanked, she just wanted to play with herself and show us her brand new wand  (I felt this thing and it was powerful… and this devilish masturbatory instrument had variable settings – I felt pretty inadequate after holding that damned thing, lol).

Anyway, the full film in both WMV and MP4 is now out for members, who have been spoilt this week with 2 new films and a concluding part to the very popular Kami film in her PJ’s. Anyhoo… moving on, Mishka teased and played to the cameras, dipping her fingers into her moistening honeypot, and it wasn’t long before she used that black wand , as it throbbed and vibrated her to a quick and powerful orgasm! Then she wanted spanking after she had recovered from her 1st climax of the day!

Below are some exclusive images not seen anywhere except this blog as I give you a quick behind the scenes look at what happened!


Mishka prepares for her first film of the day, her introduction… after she had rushed out of the bathroom declaring herself freshly shaved below, asking me to help her clip on her white suspender belt to her stockings…all the while she is telling me and the crew how “excited” she is… “yeah, I thought…. someone else below is too!” *cough!*

The first scene was Mishka introducing herself to you all, whilst she (genuinely) explained how turned on she was and had to do something about it… silence from behind the cams as we gawp and watch this not at all shy girl tease, strip and play with herself then bring herself off with that evil big wand thing I had mentioned earlier. The 2nd part of the film is her spanking… and before we continue, it wasn’t brutal, it was her first spanking for a while and also the first of the day… I was hardly going to get out my tawse, canes and straps and beat the crap out of her, was I? Instead, you will NOT be disappointed, as her bottom DOES indeed turn quite red after a sustained hand spanking across my lap… she really did have a dinky perky little butt… and to be honest, in those white stocking anmd suspenders, they actually hindered where I wanted to hit the mark… so for the rest of the day, I filmed her without those and you’ll see Mishka looked as sexy as ever in school uniforms and various outfits we had lined up for her!


So without any more waffle, check out the free gallery taken from the film which has the 2 parts mentioned that members can now download in full as a complete 12 minute intro film. Enjoy!

You can also see a free preview clip available on the Home Page HERE

Classic Irelynn Logeen

Below is a feature I was asked about and I thought it was from this blog but in fact I wrote this about 18 months ago at my other blog – Teen Spankings & Discipline – so in case you missed it, check out my little homage to Irelynn Logeen… these images made me determined to get her to star in at least one film shoot at AAAspanking – and I was lucky enough (eventually) to be her last ever spanking house to film her before her online retirement!

The below is word for word what I wrote:
Here is a quick little featurette today in honour of who I reckon is one of the best spanking actresses around in the UK at the moment, and that (in my opinion) is Miss Irelynn Logeen. I was going to contact her and ask for an interview, I think I still may and then cover more of her fine work (and it is!) elsewhere. However, today I thought I’d share with you some of her more recent and stand out work which I found both amusing and of course helped fill that big empty spanko hole for all us greedy voyeurs (thanks Irelynn).

Irelynn’s bed time punishment in the attic

Yup, I’m sure you all know Irelynn, the red haired beauty with beautiful huge doe eyes and an amazing bottom that can take quite a punishment! However, if, like me, you also read her blog (link to her blog is at the bottom of this post or you can find it in my sidebar), then you may be wondering if she will do more filming! Why? Well she admits that she finds the initial spankings much harder to cope with nowadays, or, that should be that she is willing to complain more if it hurts ;)
Damn, these girls and their “growing pains” (heh heh – now I know I MUST just ask her a few questions!)

Irelynn in one of her earliest photo shoots with Northern Spanking last year

OK, as Irelynn has done a fair amount of work at NorthernSpanking this seemed a good place to start today and I have chosen 3 series and also got you a great paddling clip where I don’t know how the hell she (& her co star Lottie Kinsade) managed to act their way through a bonkers script, so I’ll start there…the movie “Sceance Fiction”. God knows what was going through Stephen Lewis’ mind when he dreamt up this one, but it worked on every level and I think, thanks to Irelynn, she made this film work!

Irelynn and Lottie come up with a plan to bring back Hollywood hunk Heath Ledger (a sad loss to female kind and “Brokeback” fans last year…) This is where Irelynn’s acting comes into it, I’d be embarrassed acting this out but she made it humourous and (almost) believable…that is until they do spirit someone into their living room…but it ain’t Heath Ledger…oh no…tis a very grumpy KEITH Ledger from 1960 with some stern 60′s values and he is naturally annoyed these 2 girls have dragged him into the present…hmmm, and this is where the spankings begin!!! :D



Check out the clip below which contains a good paddling scene! Clip is in MP4 Format

I won’t spoil the ending, but it has a great twist since Keith (not Heath) Ledger obviously wants to go back to where they took him from…

OK, can Irelynn iron? According to the following information, I’m not so sure! Trust your shirts with this ditzy gal at your peril, as Mr Lewis discovered to his cost!

Household chores can be so dull and Irelynn, despairing of ever finishing the ironing, allows her mind to wander with disastrous results. Look at that lovely iron-shaped hole in Stephen’s lovely pink shirt! Looks like Irelynn’s lovely bottom will be a dark shade of pink before too long! (see images below and decide for yourself)





My final featured update with Irelynn today

Irelynn really needs to pay more attention when washing up. She claims that granny’s hateful vase hitting the lino was a complete accident but Stephen is having none of it. It was the only thing she left him (apart from the debts) and he is very cross indeed with poor Irelynn! Cross enough to give her a very thorough smacked bottom. And then he tells her to fetch the clothes brush…enjoy these superb HQ images of Irelynn’s punishment below



To view ALL of Irelynn’s many films and photo sets at NorthernSpanking – CLICK HERE


Incidentally, if you missed my latest post at Teen Spankings & Discipline, it is well worth a look as it features Clover and Leandra (swoon!) from Spanked-in-Uniform.com and of course it feeds my addiction to seeing nurses spanked and pinished in uniform! (damn!)


I will be posting about my latest film which I have just uploaded onto the server at AAAspanking.com tomorrow when it goes live (it’s IN FULL and is the 2nd film of the week!), I will make sure you guys all get to hear and see what it’s all about here FIRST!

Have a great weekend!

Free Spanking Movie Previews

I’m in a generous mood and willing to trash my bandwidth (well, maybe… we’ll see) – so please do go take a look at the latest movie previews I have for you below which I have hosted from my own Spankingtube HERE but you can see the movies directly below and they are all stuff I have watched and checked out this past week in between sorting out my own site updates (well, you gotta keep busy, haven’t you?) There are also some great images of what you can see this week out and about in the wonderful world of the Spanking Internet! Enjoy!

English Spankers have a naughty new girl called Tina (a hard up model) who is in trouble as she foolishly borrows money from “Strapped for Cash” who have an interesting “interest” repayment plan and some extortionate spanking fees for girls that fall behind on their payments! I used to work in a Pawnbrokers and Cheque Cashing establishment over 10 years ago… maybe I should have asked the company to do something similar in the past… imagine!!!

Beautiful young model Tina finds herself in financial trouble and calls on those nice people at “Spanked For Cash” to lend her some money. Their rep takes one look at this lovely young lady and agrees but she has to take the customary spanking and as this is her very first spanking the nasty rep says he will go easy on her tender young bottom. Did he? NO WAY, this young lady took a hell of a spanking and you will see the result in this great real spanking film from English Spankers



However, you can see more as the very latest film has her borrowing MORE money, and this comes at a price – a strapping and paddling this time as you’ll see below!

Tina has just borrowed some money from the nice people at “Strapped for Cash” but has decided that whilst she is at it she should try to get more money. As you would expect the rep agrees and tells her she may have the money but she had not thought that the punishment would be increased as well. With nowhere else to go she has to bend over for a very hard and painful paddling with the thick leather paddle, not an experience she will ever wish to repeat!



See all of Tina’s films and the “$trapped for Ca$h” series only from English Spankers


Sarah from SpankingSarah.com has a fantastic new film, out now in full for members to download… and it has a girl that is just lovely, brunette Kiki, who is a very naughty young thing… as you’ll discover!


This is the story behind the film: As stable hands go Kiki has to be one of the prettiest but also the naughtiest. She has planned a picnic for her boyfriend followed by a love making session. Boss Sarah has other ideas and to prove a point puts Kiki over her knees and gives her denim clad bottom a good spanking before lowering the shorts and tanning her bottom a bright red.




Check out the FREE HD-Wmv Movie preview of Kiki’s spanking HERE


Want to see more movie previews? Of course you do! Well, at NaughtyBottom.com – I’m not biased (much) when I say that this site has always strived to offer the best possible deal for one off downloads and has a choice of films (chosen by me!) that I think you’d appreciate, take these 2 below:  I watched them again this week and loved them both! One’s starting to look a little retro (which I actually like) and the other has a girl that I had rarely seen anywhere, and from what I remember of her (in the Choirgirl film you’ll see) she really felt it across her bottom and was close to tears at the end!

The storyline: Snooty bespectacled Jacobson hates seeing Williams get all the attention so when she spots her cheating at Hockey, she uses this chance to go tell tales! Nobody likes a tittle-tattle but as Headmaster hears about Williams’ poor behaviour this is the excuse he’s also been looking for to punish this cocky girl who has made it through school without so much as one punishment detention! Williams is dismayed and visably upset when she realises that all her previous good behaviour is now for nothing as she faces the full realisation of her foolish cheating! Jacobson smugly watches as Williams is given a dressing down then told to remove her knickers for the dreaded punishment with the cane! This teenager’s plump buttocks take the full force of rattan and is essential viewing for lovers of real authentic hard no nonsense schoolgirl punishment erotica!



The direct link to the download page is HERE

Also check out the Choirgirl clip and images of nervous Lousie (below)

The storyline: Louise had been disrupting the important choir practice yet again with her rude behaviour and lack of respect for the important visit of the Bishop to their church. At just 18 years old, she thought she knew it all and had an alarming lack of respect for her elders! Time to put this madam in her place – and quickly! She was summoned to Miss McCormack’s Study & Louise could offer no real explanation for her bad behaviour. She is taught that a sore red bottom might just remind her to watch her mouth & manners in future! See Louise bent over Miss McCormack’s knee, her bared plump bottom wobbling in shame as it’s spanked until a deep shade of humiliating red!



See the movie on the direct download page HERE

As I said, the above 2 pay per download films (that means you download the film and keep it, or you can pick and choose any film available at the site, with no possibility of a rebill etc) to see every film available at the moment, along with some pretty generous previews… go check out NaughtyBottom.com


In this all British spanking day today… I couldn’t ignore NorthernSpanking.com and I just wanted to share with you some images (they are reduced in size from the members area as the full size images are just beautiful and it’s only fair to Paul at the site…) but you get the idea and Kate’s amazing butt is worth every penny of the more than reasonable sign up fee alone! Stunning!

Kate dreams of being spanked and punished, it’s a naughty dream… then she wakes up and it’s actually happening… or is it? Members can see what happens and all her films that she has starred in at NorthernSpanking.com



Don’t miss your chance to see MORE of Kate’s wonderfully rounded shapely bum thrashed by Paul (who I detect has a grin as wide as the English Channel!) *lucky git!*

I’ll be back tomorrow with more updates as I have run out of time this evening (oops!)
Have a good one! Chief.