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Punishedbrats – Juliet & Lorraine

These are possibly 2 of the naughtiest, horniest brunette brats that wriggle and squirm over David’s lap, I’m not sure if he is wearing cast iron pants protection, as I surely would need such stern apparell unless of course these girls wanted me to explode in other areas and that wouldn’t be a pretty sight!

So here we have a long play movie now out IN FULL from the wonderful where Mom & Dad, David and Beverly can’t even leave these brats alone for a few moments before they have plans to  trash the house with a party!!!

David gets down to business with Lorraine whilst tearful Juliet & mom look on…

The below images are taken from the film “Family Matters” and the description of this movie is provided by David:
“When we left them on their own for the weekend, how were we to know that Lorraine and Juliet would cause so much trouble we had to  return home to deal with them at once. I made sure Lorraine quickly regretted even contemplating throwing a party that could get them in so much trouble. Juliet hoped she wouldn’t get spanked nearly as hard as her sister, but I ensured she was all out of luck!”






The FULL Gorgeous spanking movie can be viewed HERE 😀

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  1. tim tim

    lovely young girls these little spankees wowee .

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