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Tedious Net Connections & Gorgeous Spankings

Well, here goes nothing as I try to type another post with a crap connection and guess what, as I start typing this… a bunch of nosey kids walk into the area I have found a half respectable internet Hot Spot connection which will only fail every 15 minutes or so (luxury) – oh FFS! I had plans to make a nice post about facial reactions and some lovely images of some seriously thrashed bottoms to match, so I’ll see how it goes… typing on the go *sigh*

(I have restarted this blog after a horrendous afternoon’s skiing in a total white out, joys of vacationing in cold mountain weather, eh?) Oh, I have also had to pay a lousy 10 Euros again to try and get some sort of privacy typing this, no nosey kids but a shit awful connection again)

First up from some amazing recent updates and the 1st below is the conclusion of Joelle’s very 1st appearance on PB and she’s already a BIG hit with members and bloggers like myself… is it any surprise? Just check out that facial reaction, her cute gear she’s wearing and of course that amazing red speckled ass!! Heaven!!!




Joelle is quick to promise to get rid of all of the pot and the growing equipment plus return the investment money if only Miss Chris will stop spanking her… you can see how it went on HERE!

My 2nd feature from PunishedBrats stars the gorgeous Juliet Valentina and she of that amazing bottom and sporting some of the best facial reactions, here you’ll see why as lucky David Pierson really goes to town on her poor bruised reddy derriere…





After having her bottom paddled, Juliet is sure to be a well-behaved, pleasant girl to be around! She is also certain to spend a lot of her time standing…why? Well, just look at those marks! Yikes!!!

See MORE of Juliet, Joelle and all my usual cute favorites at the unique PunishedBrats!


Being around with a crap internet connection and unable to upload simple images at times is frustrating but I’ll be off tomorrow, back home (I’ll let you know exactly where I am right now… later, if you are interested…rivetting, oh lurkers and readers…isn’t it?) In the meantime I hope I can upload some images, I’ve had to reduce some of them so I could get them up but I think you’ll get the message and it concerns one of my fave naughty F/F sites starring the fabulous Sinn Sage… she’s not someone I had featured much, foolishly thinking I could just watch and keep her to myself but Sinn makes some of the hottest F/F spankings around and especially when Chelsea is with her…in this latest series, Chelsea tests Sinn with a varierty of trusted and not so familiar objects like the cane and you can see Sinn’s marvellous naked body and her trademark trim tuft of pubic hair as well as her oh so buff body getting a good thrashing! I make no mistake for placing this at maximum “Trouser Arousal” levels (tm Chief), so be warned!

Ah FFS! The images I had just uploaded have all gone thanks to this F*CKING connection, so once I re upload them that’s it from me today, I had so much more planned… another f*cking waste of 10 sodding Euros! (backward mountain c*nts!)







One of Sinn’s site opening offerings became one of her most popular storylines. So, it’s time for Sinn to get another sexy “midnight spanking”. Chelsea awakens the sleeping, bubble-bottomed beauty with a smack! Chelsea works Sinn from top to bottom and front to back as she is spanked with a hairbrush, cropped, gets more hairbrushings and then is cropped all over her hot naked body! Sinn is so naughty she starts to get turned on and opens up her legs and shows off her toned athletic body for the cameras, but chelsea has other things on her mind, a new test! Time for another cropping as Sinn submits to the pleasure! Then Chelsea takes Sinn into uncharted territory, as she begins to experiment with implements with which Sinn is NOT so familiar.Chelsea approaches with her triple cane while Sinn rubs her hot bottom. Getting her first caning! Followed quickly by her very first switching! Ending with a provocative wheelbarrow position leaving Sinn panting! Sinn claimed to HATE the cane, but Chelsea made her like it AND a SWITCH, too! Seriously, do not miss the sexy wheelbarrow position spanking to finish her off… this is HOT stuff and can now be seen in full only at


Well, that’s it, I had so much more planned but the connection is just rubbish and I’ve lost data 3 times and I am supposed to be on holiday so I’m off to get drunk before my early departure. If you think you got it rough, just giggle thinking about my wonderful view and what I skied in earlier… *groan*

My wonderful view (it has since cleared up again as this post has taken so bloody long!)


  1. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Check out Windows Live Writer – you can do your entire blog post locally, and then upload it at the end. No more lost posts!

  2. Thanks, I’m no techie (lol) & will see if this applies to wordpress blogs 🙂

  3. tim tim

    3 lovely girls being spanked ,blushing pinky botties on show ,best from ,tim.

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