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A Severely thrashed bottom takes some more!

Forgive me if some updates every now and then appear not as often, I am out and about all over the damned place at the moment and currently have internet access so am able to bring you this fine update at last which showed up earlier today! Anyway, won’t bore you with my personal and family stuff so will continue on with today’s fayre. You certainly don’t want to hear about my little worries… However, what we can and should try to avoid with our loved ones is seeing repeatedly poor behaviour embarrass us from those we thought we could trust. Now take Carla, the brand new girl out now at

She is the sort of girl every father would dread… the shame of a slutty daughter, so it goes for her guardian here, her family long disowned her and sent her to England to finish her education to become a “young lady of repute” however this is miserably failing despite the attempts by those that care and only want what is best for her. they give her hard regular thrashings with everything at their disposal in the carrot and stick method, even a severe caning is not getting through to this tearway as evidenced by her recent thrashing which we all get to see the results of here!

I have reviewed this movie in full and this girl is worth viewing for sure, she is more than capable of taking a very nasty caning as you’ll see from the images below and the reason for her slippering on top of this becomes clear when her filthy lewd behaviour on the independently run school bus even throws the service into chaos…something really has to be done as you’ll see below!

As well as these exclusive 1st show images there is a scene of the slippering as Carla is told to bend right over so her wobbling globes can be properly thrashed with one of my fave items, the slipper, and of course, such an iconic piece of footwear, a red Converse All Star “Sneaker” (or “Trainer” as we call them here in the UK).

If you actually want to see the other angle of her slippering (as shown above) CLICK HERE

This new movie is out now to download only from SpankingOnline

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