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Anyone help me out here?

“This is why I luvs da internetz…innit?” We can all help each other out from time to time… This is a tough one! I got this in my mail earlier today so I’m sending this out with hopes one of you fine folk will have the know-how to make this damn thing work! If anyone of you electronic wizards knows how to connect a surround sound DVD/VCR, please let me know.

My nice neighbour lady keeps asking me for help and the missus is complaining about all the time I am spending over there. I’m really struggling here and of course not writing enough on the ol’ blogs cos of it!

Click on the schematics below for a clearer picture of what the hell is going on, I need some help. Thanks.
Chief (in desperation!)


  1. jim jim

    cablebox/antenna to VCR then from vcr to tv or use multi plug

  2. Did you click on the image to see the full extent of my problem?

  3. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Better hope your missus doesn’t catch you looking very very carefully at those damn schematics. There might be a sudden role reversal in your relationship (involving a blunt object).

  4. Boys toys…innit? 😀

  5. hmm ok well first of all you want to plug the co-ax red cable into the ……….NICE ASS.

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