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Phew! Hot Spankings!!!

Hey everyone…it’s good to be back, well, kind of… I had such a nice break away, even if I did take my laptop, I mainly resisted the urge to stare at it and work. Thankfully “Er Indoors” reminded me that vacations and such like are there to do things differently! Well, there are a few things I have become aware of…

1. I really don’t like sunbathing when it’s over 30c (mid 90s f) and humid (I sweat like a pig, and that’s unfair to the pigs!)

2. Not wishing to put English folk off going to Turkey, the last time I was there was 9 years ago..but f*cking hell, the price of drinks has quadrupled since I was there last time, I resent paying Scandinavian prices for beer FFS! As did my fellow Brits (we do like our beer and wine!)

3. Turkish internet authorities, why have you banned Youtube and poor ol’ (that made me giggle when I tried to log on briefly…but Youtube? C’mon guys!!!)

4. Thankfully teen-spankings and spankingblogg were available to my massive Turkish readership of 5, still 😀

& finally, Turkish Delight. If there is a trade Descriptions Act from this country, it may have been made in Turkey, but it certainly was NOT delightful. Fortunately, the tourist bazaars kept me amused as I brilliantly haggled my way down to what I would have paid for a decent quality item in England – paying for a piece of tat that ‘Er Indoors now believes is a Gucci purse!
Aww, it was nice (just stop with the rip off drinks FFS!) and the hotel and I must say, very attractive female staff, added to my relaxed pervery in the sun! Thank you Sheraton hotels for your positive stunning female recruitment policy. heh heh!!

Some images below include my nice pool view, the old port and a surpsingly empty tourist trap bazaar/flying carpet alley (special price for you!)

But enough of that! I have a lot of catching up to do with spanking updates etc! So just a couple today which you may already have seen elsewhere, but, as always, I try and get you a clip too, such as I can! Irelynn Logeen is absolutely adorable in the latest HD full film released at Northern Spanking called “The Viewing”and I am really beginning to loathe that damned Mr Lewis, what a lucky guy he is, getting to spank all the talent like beautiful Irelynn! *sigh* What’s more, it’s a little naughty as you’ll see as Both Irelynn and Stephen look round a house for sale, shown by an unsuspecting Ms Zille Defeu (estate agent extraordinaire), only for them to put her nose out of joint and romp around the house with a riding crop and slipper as they christen the place – Spanking Couple Pervert Alert! It’s a great movie, and some amazing images below with the clip will explain it so much better than my prattling on! (mental note to self – sexy spanking scenes with Irelynn will do my blood pressure no good whatsoever!)

There’s something about redheads and spanking, isn’t there? You can see plenty more of her at Northern Spanking



& to conclude my delicious perverted spanking special today, I also notice that at one of my fave sites FetishFlixx a cracking schoolgirl special film where a rather appealing Miss Smith looks in total control over her foolish girls is now out for download. there’s a FREE clip HERE and I have managed to get some re edited and remastered stills from this film so you can see EXACTLY what you’d be seeing if you visited the site and downloaded this classic right now! I have to say, it was a welcome viewing experience and fullfilled my schoolgirl spanking and good hard F/F punishment needs this afternoon! I’m sure it will for you too!

This is a great long play film and features some damn sexy OTK spankings of both teenage girls in their authentic uniforms and some continuing hard strappings across bared and reddened cheeks that will have you in no doubt as to the severity dished out by Miss Smith! See why I rate this film and the 100’s more from Fetishflixx HERE

Have a good weekend, back tomorrow with more spanking updates, I have a lot of catching up to do 😀
Regards, Chief

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