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Spankings on t’Internet!

Before I start today, I’m feeling a little low, why? Here in the UK, we realize that our country is virtually bankrupt and we are going to suffer, work longer til we drop for less and basically accept that huge cuts in welfare, jobs and the armed forces (the Royal Navy will have no working aircraft carrier and the fleet further reduced – it’s a disgrace but as a nation we are screwed if we don’t cut something and God knows why our little army is losing soldiers in Afghanistan whilst the rest of Europe hide behind us instead of supporting us and the world’s largest military power, the USA, that can, in some way, afford our losses, if that doesn’t sound too insensitive as any life lost is precious and a waste!) but getting back to the fact “Great” Britain is nearly $2 Trillion in debt – we will find a way to solve this, it’s not nice but our govt have a plan from the tossers in the previous administration and the disgusting banking chaos – *climbs onto soapbox*

so what do the French do when their 35 hour cushy week and generous but totally unsustainable pension rights are brought into question the last few days? They fucking riot and go on a burning spree – I don’t expect to have many French readers, but fucking hell – WAKE THE FUCK UP, FRENCH PEOPLE! Your country is more messed up economically than ours… sigh, soap box rant over, I lived in France for 13 years so am well aware of their “working” culture, anyway… as I realize that I have virtually no pension and will probably die impoverished, here is my latest round of updates and the first, actually goes as a credit to Chross at his excellent blog (for some reason he has never replied to any of my mails on the Hotmail address he had advertised but I’m happy to link to his site and show this as it’s something I can totally identify with).

Mary Louise Parker, the most excellent actress who plays Nancy Botwin in the awesome series “Weeds” gets it good in a recent update and thanks to the post at Chross Blog HERE I managed to download a clip in case you guys here haven’t seen it and maybe it gets taken down via his hosting so I’ve hosted it here myself – it’s shown on mainstream TV and the belting/spanking she gets is very real, just check out her red welts as she has wild sex over the bar! Stunt bum? hmmm, maybe, but those weals are very real! The “No smoking” scene is also something for the ladies as the guest buttocks belong to bar owner Jack played by guest actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar.


What I particularly like is the soundtrack when it gets raunchy, it’s from a band who are from California and you may have heard this same tune recently on CSI: NY “Unfriendly chat” episode at the beginning with an uber babe (Bosnian model, I think) dancing to the tune. Anyway, I am digressing, they are called Fol Chen and the track is called “In Ruins” – You can download it HERE as an MP3 download – they are currently on my playlist and they have one album out which is really good and the 2nd is out for download, I think, which this track is from. (better check out iTunes!!)


Ok, and to some naughty spanking updates and why not start with Clare’s latest episodes of her EXCLUSIVE Education 5 Series (EE5) and the first clip below and images are of new girls Elise Graves and Sandy – I love the way Sandy snivels and sobs, and you’ll see an excellent facial shot of her in the clip as Elise’s bottom is being spanked by Lana – check out a few images I’ve got too from this recent addition!

These girls as you’ll see cry out and sob as their bottoms get smacked and spanked in front of the class adding to their total humiliation and shame whilst Clare looks on and adds her 2 cents worth to mock the girls a little more, these 2 had never been spanked yet alone so publicly like this, don’t you love it when “goody 2 shoe” types get a spanking???


Also check out Nikki Rouge in this later scene as the spankings and hairbrush punishments continue, egged on by Principal Fonda, both Miss Turner and Panettiere bring tears to the next miscreants…I particularly liked Nikki’s reactions and you can see this in the punishment below…




oops, I was gonna do more of an update, but I have been recovering from yet more dental treatment today… slowly but surely my teeth are becoming less British by the day, LOL! 😀

OK, have a good ‘un and I’ll be back soon,


  1. Brad Brad

    Ahhhh, music to my ears chief, music to my ears!….lol

  2. which bit? The girls who are crying, my rant at the French or the fact my teeth are less “British”? LOL 😀

  3. Brad Brad

    lol….no no, nothing to do with your teeth, but your rant was awesome but it is the crying i love and the spanking sound…..LOVELY

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