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Happy New Year!

It’s that time of the year yet again where we wonder what the hell happened to the last one! It’s frightening, isn’t it? I was going to think up something clever and witty but I have a hangover from hell after entertaining guests and family the last few days so will just post a couple of new movies I’ve seen come out as well as provide you good people with some links to more spanking goodness to see in the New Year!

As I write this they’re celebrating New Year in Sydney, Australia… I shall be looking forward to Big Ben in London covered in fireworks pretty soon too!

So where to start? I wished Greg at BunBeatingFun a Merry Xmas and he reminded me that he had a new film out and it was filmed when he traveled down to Florida earlier in the year and found a sleazy motel in that great state to film this uppity model get her just desserts which is a fantastic addition to the growing collection of hard hitting and unique OTK spankings that he employs! he said I’d enjoy seeing Galas getting spanked – and he was right! Her meaty buns and her real tears are addictive viewing!!!

She sort of has that Anna Kournikova look about her, don’t you think? This is what Greg had to say about her:
Your RSVP to a gala butt blistering! She calls herself Galas and she received her invitation from us just one short month before the happy day. Of course, the invite wasn’t spelled out quite like that. But the little strumpet’s conduct was such so as to ensure that it played out exactly like that… in spades! The fact that she had the sort of bottom that jiggles most delightfully was an added bonus!

You can see an additional FREE Clip HERE that shows the whole punishment in a preview – on the same pages you’ll see all the other recent model spanking additions and I can highly recommend this site as the spankings are long and sustained as well as having real tearful uppity brats spanked in a location they would really rather not be in!


As I’m short on time, I have decided to end my post today with Amber Pixie Wells and in this spanking, I have to say, it is by far the REDDEST I have seen her cute butt in a long time, this was a spanking and a half as you’ll see! If anyone doubts the authenticity of this, please take it up with poor Pixie who really did take quite a spanking! This really is an impressive spanking film that blew me away and I think it’s a fantastic ending post addition from me for 2010! Enjoy!

As you’ll see from the above clip (and what a delicious red bottom, eh?) Pixie’s pleas and promises aren’t enough to get Mike to stop spanking her until he feels she’s learned a thorough lesson! She is sure to be one attentive nanny after this (and DO the washing up!)

See ALL the very latest updates including this amazing OTK spanking film out in full!


& with that I bid you farewell for this year and look forward to 2011! All the very best and thank you to those that take time to read my blogs and share our love of our favorite kink! Best regards, Chief.

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