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Sexy Girl Spankings You Should See

letsgetonwithspankingAfter yesterday’s humungous effort I am still trying to catch up with all the spankings going on so you are in for a treat with yet more fantastic updates from some of my favorite sites I frequent outside of the SG Network & AAA (of course). Please feel free to check them out from the links I provide as there are often free videos and clips that I won’t have shown to you here: These are basically just the latest films from each site. Check them out for more detailed descriptions of what they are all updating with recently! There are some nice surprises!

As always, there are requests for any offering of the now retired Amber Pixie Wells… so members at punishedbrats.com had a nice surprise most recently when an old as yet unreleased film surfaced from one of the earliest shoots they ever did (we are talking 2006/2007) David got the footage re-rendered and edited to the best possible quality from the original raw files and it’s not half bad! Pixie looks fantastic! You could almost imagine she never retired and hope that punishedbrats.com have more hidden gems like this one to compliment their growing library of spanking erotica!

The latest release: Pixie & Veronica Bound – Staring at the Floor

Amber Pixie Wells at punishedbrats

Pixie was called home from school after receiving several speeding tickets. Her mother informed her that she had earned a spanking. Pixie protested, as she was a college student not a child. However, Veronica instructed that she was dependent upon her for her college tuition, living expenses, and even to pay the tickets. Pixie’s spanking started over her shorts and she was mortified when she was made to take them down so her mother could continue her punishment on her panties. Soon things got worse and her panties were lowered. After her punishment the physics major found herself in the corner with her red, sore bottom on display.

1 2 3 6 otk spanking otk spankings 11 12 13



Click here for your chance to see MORE wonderful films of Amber Pixue Wells



Angela Sommers will be featured in great length at Sarah’s sites (incl some fantastic F/F films at AAA coming soon) – but in the meantime, you can see her here in action spanking Amelea Dark in the 4th installment of the “Bad Plumber” series.

004 (1)

Amelea Dark is back to fix Angela Sommer’s pipes for free as promised. But when she can’t fix them, she gives up and also gives a bad attitude. Angela is not having any of it. She puts Amelea over her knee for a long, very hard spanking with her hand and a wooden spoon. Oh, and Angela is wearing the shortest shorts EVER!

005 006 008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015



The 100th episode to come from Spanking Sorosorority Girls is a little special – it’s a fantastic outdoor location with some of the finest girls I’d love to see in a spanking movie. It’s called “Lost in the woods” but I can see (from the days when I used to work there…over 20 years ago  – sigh) that this is in the St Tropez hills on the Cote d’Azur coast of southern France (it’s beautiful there!). “Go down, girls… St Tropez is that way!”

The Sorority 100th Episode Spectacular! 


The sorority girls are lost in the woods and when it is determined that Veronica lost the map, Teacher Snow Mercy spanks her right there in the outdoors with the girls watching and assisting. But Teacher Snow must take the ultimate responsibility and the girls decide that she must get her bottom bared and spanked in the woods as well.

003 spankings 006 (1) 007 008 (1) 009 (1) 010 (1) 011 (1) 012 (1) 014 (1) 015 (1)


Each of the sites shown above from this network are massive in their own right, however, these sites do make up part of the Clare Fonda Pass network – Giving you up to 5 sites combined with one set of codes for a fraction of the overall cost. CLICK HERE for more info.



& finally, I just wanted to show you a very special offer from Spank Amber and her network… I think the video below explains it better than me waffling on! This is rightly so one of the hottest domestic spanking sites out there and I can never praise her work high enough! Both Amber and her Daddy who helps her on this project have amassed quite a cult following over the years with their many spankings featured so see what you get for your money … link provided AFTER you watch the vid clip… deal?

[jwplayer mediaid=”48284″]

Click here to access the site for $9.99/month or $75 all year! (that – is – a – deal!)


& do NOT forget… the BIGGEST Party is coming to Houston – SOON!


February Already? Spank on!

Well, the first month of 2016 flew by… or so it seems to me and this is all rather concerning with the equal blur of spanking films and updates to start off the year. So is time fast running out of control? Never mind… “Pinch Punch” n’all that, let’s get on with a few choice spanking updates that I am sure you will just LOVE!

First today, I am featuring a couple of outstanding films from Punishedbrats.com – one is a request and a special remaster of legendary Amber Pixie Wells, no longer in the scene, but still able to get our hearts  fluttering. This was a special request for a never before seen Pixie video!

A Sister’s Duties with Amber Pixie Wells and Holly Dey


Holly, as the oldest, is responsible for the discipline of her younger sisters. This is a common practice within their conservative, religious community. Holly shared a room with the second oldest, Pixie. That day, Pixie had been disrespectful to her mother during her lessons. When Holly informed Pixie that she was to be spanked she was shocked. As she was now eighteen she believed that she was too old for such a punishment. Such was not true and Pixie was required to go over her big sister’s lap. When Pixie gave Holly sass as she was being spanked, her PJ bottoms were lowered. When she continued to talk back, Holly employed a hairbrush that got Pixie’s attention immediately. She promised not to be disrespectful to her or their mother again. (This story was written by David’s brother and was based on a true story)

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11


Punished brats


Alice Spanked by Grandpa – features Alice Michaels at SarahGregorySpanking.com


Alice is under the care of her grandfather as she is so out of control that her parents have given up. Grandpa tries to be nice to her, buying her stuff and she continues to be defiant and unruly. He sees no other way to deal with his naughty grand daughter than with corporal punishment. He spanks her and then takes his belt to her. Alice is soon promising to be a good girl.

0239_alice_spanked_by_grandpa_grabs-026 0239_alice_spanked_by_grandpa_grabs-041 0239_alice_spanked_by_grandpa_gal-001 0239_alice_spanked_by_grandpa_gal-003 0239_alice_spanked_by_grandpa_gal-004 0239_alice_spanked_by_grandpa_gal-007 0239_alice_spanked_by_grandpa_gal-008 0239_alice_spanked_by_grandpa_gal-010 0239_alice_spanked_by_grandpa_gal-011 0239_alice_spanked_by_grandpa_gal-012 0239_alice_spanked_by_grandpa_grabs-052 0239_alice_spanked_by_grandpa_grabs-055


sarah Gregory Spanking


A fantastic new film is also available at MommaSpankings.com with a wonderfully stern and frightening “Momma” performance from Miss Chris with “daughter” Maddy Marks – check out the description below and the spanking she dished out! #HOT

Maddy is “Caught by Momma” – out now at MommaSpankings.com


Maddy is not expecting to see mom at the door of her hotel room when she is waiting for her next client. Let’s just say mom is less than pleased to find her daughter dressed like a whore, prostituting herself in a sleezy hotel. Maddy’s very angry and upset mom doesn’t waste anytime chatting, it is right over the knee for a good hard spanking on her bare bottom before taking a wooden hairbrush out of her purse to really drive the message of how disappointed she is in her daughter home.

momma-201-002 momma-201-004 momma-200-001 momma-200-004 momma-200-006 momma-200-008 momma-201-027 momma-201-041 momma-200-015 momma-200-011


Momma Spankings

Both sites are part of the better value Sarah Gregory Pass – giving you access to her sites for less than the combined cost with one set of codes for your convenience! See more info at the banner below:

Sarah Gregory Pass



Tuesday’s Spanking Classics

Here are some reminders of those who are no longer active in The Scene but are still available to check out in copious detail at the following sites mentioned. Gone but never forgotten, I guess. I’ll start with the beautiful and unforgettable Amber “Pixie” Wells – who was most synonymous with Punishedbrats.com

Check out this classic called “Insurance payment” taken from the PB Archives

Amber Pixie Wells paddled over Miss Susan's knee

Pixie was supposed to put Susan’s car insurance payment in the mail for her, but it slipped her mind. When Susan gets a ticket for no insurance, Pixie’s bottom has to pay more than the premium’s price. Pixie suddenly sees the importance of getting the bills in the mail on time and is begging Susan to be allowed to run to the post office. This features a good hard leather paddling across Pixie’s bare enticing bottom, typical of many of her classic videos you can download in full from this website!

OTK Paddling spanked OTK OTK spanking Amber Pixie Wells painful spanking leather paddling of a bare sore bottom spanking Amber Pixie Wells spanked Pixie is spanked OTK struggling with a bare bottom paddling


Punished Brats - spanking archives


I don’t see a lot of new stuff with Lila anymore, but she featured strongly for a long time across the RSN sites and this scene below from around 3 years ago was typical of her many embarrassing and painful punishments she endured, often stoically but with an addictive yelp she’s often make too!. I loved watching her take her spankings! Let’s hope she hasn’t left the scene altogether!

Lila’s Surprise Uniform Inspection at RSI


Mr Masterson springs a surprise uniform inspection on Frankie and Lila. Both girls seem to have everything in order, until he gets to their panties. Frankie has her correct one on, but Lila does not. Lila is told to remove her clothing and get on all fours on the study table. The Dean hand spanks her in front of Frankie and then tells her she will finish the day without her clothing!

Lila removes her clothing spanked and exposed opened up and spanked schoolgirl spanking Lila is spanked tight teen butt spanked hard naked and spanked by teacher sore bottom spanking aftermath



RSI is also part of the 8 site Realspankings Pass Network

Real Spankings Pass


& something from a few years back as the uber gorgeous Ela Darling quite literally gets a “good spanking” from Chelsea Pfeiffer at her goodspanking.com website – This is HAAAAAWT!

OTK spanking by Chelsea on Ela

This is what Chelsea had to say about her time spanking Ela: Ela is another gorgeous, nice, genuine and super-smart young woman. Seriously, with Ela, I have a real girl-crush! She is leggy, has a shapely body and perfect bottom which are just icing on the cake. Ela also begins with a nice hand spanking warm up, where we work the lovely layers of her pretty dress and panties. Then, sassy Ela takes off all her clothes (except her cowboy boots!) and takes more hand spanking ( a little harder this time). The hairbrush, a flogger and a strap all help to makes Ela’s bottom beautifully red, glowing to perfection and oh so hot!

Ela gets spanked hand spankings beautiful Ela spanking Ela Darling Ela Darling has a cute round bare bottom Ela darling strips off cute ela darling ass up face down Ela hairbrush spanking hairbrush spanks cowboy boots and spankings for Ela Ela spreads her spanked cheeks wide Ela Darling Ela is strapped by Chelsea


Ela hugs Chelsea after her spanking

goodspanking goodspanking.com website - enter here


In other news… Watch out for a NEW HD video of stunning Lola Marie tomorrow with a full stills set and screen grabs (as standard) in the next update “Personal Trainer’s Punishment” coming from AAAspanking.com

Lola Marie - punished personal trainer

Spanking Awards announcementAs well as this… there will be the next result of the Best Facial Expression in a spanking – so if you haven’t already… make your votes count  and go to the link as I can tell you it is really tight at the top with at least half the girls in with taking the honors! Exciting stuff! (I’m making it sound like X Factor, lol!)

Massive Tuesday Updates

Feeling achy? Sore throat? Bleeding bum? Oops, then you must have Ebola! Here is a quick update and survival guide before we get down to some serious business of a big spanking update today!

Okay… before the Ebola virus takes us all in Europe… I reckon it will only be a matter of time before the 1st case of someone is reported in the UK. So I had better get this massive spanking update out for you all… however, before I do that, here are some top tips to AVOID Ebola… and also, as it is a virus that is ONLY transmitted by fluids, it isn’t airborne. This is important: Nor is it likely to mutate, fortunately… as if there was no known cure (currently) we would be looking at BILLIONS of people dying from this if the present mortality rates of approx 70% held up. It has been known to be up to 90% which makes it the deadliest and most frightening threat to mankind if it was ever to become airborne without a known cure making the Plagues and Black Death of 6-700 years ago look tame in comparison!


testing_a_bat_for_ebola_virusGood old West Africa… why do these idiots have to play with fruitbats? *sigh*

Most importantly: Do not believe the crap in the Daily Mail (and probably Fox in America) or other newspapers/news sources with their scare mongering, this virus is not likely to mutate, fortunately. Ebola is similar to the AIDS and Hepatitus viruses, these are only transmitted via bodily fluids. Unfortunately that means any sweat, tears, saliva, blood, urine and such as well as the obvious one like having unprotected sex will put you at severe risk with anyone infected and it has a long incubation (up to 21 days!!!). I’m not sure if that means that bumping into someone sweating and getting it on your skin would mean that the virus would permeate through… I think it does… as that poor nurse in Spain right now had protection but not the full bio level 4 protection she should have had dealing with Ebola victims. Air travel remains the biggest threat right now… so my advice is if you have to travel… do not brush against anyone and avoid sweaty, tearful people who spit a lot (ahem! sounds like me, lol) & you would NOT have unprotected sex or share a drink with these strangers… so I reckon you should be okay (for now!)
You can bet every Western, Asian, Chinese and Russian laboratories are working flat out to find a solution to this in the unlikely event if it was to ever become airborne or continue to spread. In that case, “The Apocalypse” could turn up in the form of a terrible virus after all…  *anyone read Stephen King’s (very long) end of the world novel, “The Stand”? It could become something like that!

Right, feeling happy and secure? I thought so… Let’s get on with the business of some outstanding spanking updates I have seen this past week! Staring with  Spanked in Uniform – 2 featured updates with Monique & Amelia Jane Rutherford in separate uniform niches.

The Tawse for Monique – (SIU Badminton Club)


ep8_2 ep8_6

ep8_9 ep8_10

ep8_11 ep8_12


After each practice one girl is assigned to clean up. She has to make sure all the rackets, shuttles and clothing are put away properly. This time it was Monique’s turn and she thought that chatting on her phone was far more important. When Coach found a few rackets in his office, little lazy Monique was soon bending over the chair, feeling the sting of his two tailed tawse!


Amelia Jane Rutherford “Close the Curtains” – (Sexy Maid Agency)


ep10_3 ep10_5

ep10_6 ep10_7

ep10_8 ep10_9


One of the Agency’s sexiest and popular maids was sent to Mr & Mrs Brown. As usual, Amelia did her best but there was one slight problem. When Amelia did her striptease and sexy dance, she forgot to close the curtains and the neighbours called the police. No charges were filed but for that reckless behaviour agency owner, Mike, had to punish Amelia. He used the carpetbeater as she loved hand spanking too much and it was a punishment after all! #hawt!



At Mike’s original site Real Life Spankings – there’s a nice uniform update that members can get there currently… the site normally concerns itself with more domestic and first timers getting spanked… but this makes a nice change and there’s a great photoset that accompanies the full HD film too! In this recent update, it features naughty Monique who I had just covered at their sister site (above):


report_card_day_P1010303 report_card_day_P1010306

report_card_day_P1010307 report_card_day_P1010310

report_card_day_P1010311 report_card_day_P1010314


Monique asked Mike if they could do another Daddy/Naughty Daughter fantasy and if he would use the belt because that was the implement her father used years ago. She also asked him if she could wear the Spanked In Uniform “St. Catherine’s” school uniform. Mike agreed and she got a damned good “schpaaanking” in Part 1 – Monique was scolded and soundly spanked for bringing home a bad report card. She was told no mobile, internet, TV etc. for two weeks! part 2 contains the belting scenes which members can now download IN FULL!





If there are spankings involved then Amelia Jane Rutherford is never far away… case in point… this latest F/F punishment film alongside a lovely new girl called Jess as 2 bad Au Pairs is a real visual treat – courtesy of English Spankers

Check out the FREE HD movie preview – & the images/plot behind this latest spanking film!
“A Pair of Au Pairs”

Can’t view the above freeview? CLICK HERE to download the free clip

Au Pairs Jess and Amelia Jane are now awaiting the promised continuation of their punishment for drinking and neglecting the children. Mrs. Stern produces a nasty leather strap and after a few exploratory whacks on various hands she proceeds to leather poor Jess’s bottom till it is black and blue. The poor girl is close to tears before the beating stops and Amelia looks on horrified at the treatment given to her friend.

npp6086002 npp6086014

npp6086015 npp6086018

npp6086022 npp6086026

npp6086028 npp6086036

npp6086038 npp6086045

npp6086051 npp6086053

Check out more free view movie clips and the latest hot spanking updates


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s Amber Pixie Wells getting her bare bottom spanked! Take a look at the recent film update, it’s really rather good! let’s check out “Sensational girl”

sen2 sen4

sen5 sen7 sen8

sen9 sen10

sen11 sen12

In tonight’s episode of Sensational girl, along with her good friend Danger Girl, made a major mistake and broke into the home and arrested a federal judge mistakenly believing him to be a drug kingpin. It turned out that the kingpin lived next door. The judge was in a forgiving mood and noted that he would not press charges so long as these young super heroines were given a sound spanking. When Danger Girl was to be spanked and was being approached by inspector Pierson she noted “Men have no power over me.” The inspector responded “We do have women.” All Danger Girl could say was “rats!” Detective Veronica gave the bratty super heroine a spanking that started over the outside of her skirt, then her panties, and then, much to Danger Girl’s humiliation, her bare bottom. Then it was Sensational Girl’s turn to be punished. She was taken over the lap of Inspector Pierson. Ordinarily, Sensational Girl is invulnerable but she loses her powers whenever she feels guilty, and at that moment she was feeling very guilty. Soon she was crying out in pain as her bare bottom was spanked. Soon the two misguided crime fighters were made to serve corner time before being permitted to go home and face their most fearsome foes — their angry mothers.


Access Punishedbrats.com STILL from $17 for a month! (Are they mad?)


My favourite “Fonda” website SpankedCallgirls.com has an interesting update featuring gorgeous Christy Cutie, I think this is her first appearance at this site. I’d say she was far too cute to be involved in such shenannigans…  especially opposite the very naughty Veronica Ricci, but I have met her and can say she isn’t as innocent as she makes out! Fortunate, really, for a website about naughty spanking hooker babes!

“Elvira Spanking” is a 2 part movie, which members can now see!

001 003

004 006

008 011

013 016

Veronica Ricci (Elvira) had told Christy Cutie that she must dress “evil” for the callgirl party. But Christy, as usual, dressed “cute.” So Veronica must teach her a lesson with a long, hard spanking with her hand and a wooden paddle. But Christy blackmails Veronica and ends up spanking Elvira’s curvy bottom as well.

001 003

005 006

010 011

013 014

This site makes up the top value Clare Fonda Pass – up to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost


Remember I mentioned Amelia being out at several sites earlier? Well, here’s another new series opposite one of her long suffering tops, Earl Grey, starts today at Firm Hand Spanking – Flight Attendant Amelia Jane Rutherford is spanked at a witness protection Safe House.

safehouse_a001 safehouse_a003

safehouse_a007 safehouse_a009

safehouse_a012 safehouse_a013

safehouse_a018 safehouse_a020

safehouse_a022 safehouse_a024

Check out the FREE Clip below taken from the new series:

Statuesque flight attendant Amelia Rutherford exposes a drugs rings run by pilots in her all-new series. But she can’t handle being stuck in a Safe House with protection officer Earl Grey. Her brattiness gets out of control, so he spanks her hard over 250 times: yay!



Finally today, from a site I always have a lot of time for… a couple of recent updates you shouldn’t miss. These were taken from the last big film shoot in the UK which I had a hand in helping Northern Spanking get Amber West & Rosie Ann spanked by the amazing Jessica Wood.

A Horrible Sister - Jessica just will not get out of the bathroom and let poor Amber get ready for school, with inevitable and rather damp results to Amber’s knickers! And then the poor girl gets her bottom smacked for it as well. It’s not going to be a good day for Amber!

ahorriblesister001 ahorriblesister007

ahorriblesister009 ahorriblesister014

ahorriblesister021 ahorriblesister023

ahorriblesister027 ahorriblesister034


Introducing Rosie Ann - A very warm-bottomed welcome to Rosy Ann, our latest subbie starlet! Just 18 when we shot with her, Rosie is a true lifestyle submissive, with far more experience than she has any right to! This is a double debut as this is the first thing featuring Jessica West, or Miss Jessica, whichever SHE prefers! She may be small but crossing her is distinctly unwise! This gentle introduction for Rosy Ann sees her receiving spanking and a taste of the slipper, just as many young girls did in the privacy of their own, or their big sisters bedrooms in 1986!

NSI128-CJ038 NSI128-CJ039

NSI128-CJ040 NSI128-CJ043 NSI128-CJ049





Hope you enjoyed these updates and don’t take my Ebola doom-mongering too seriously 🙂

Here’s a sneak preview of the new Wheelbarrow film at my own site tomorrow with the incredible Adriana Evans… I love working with this girl and am glad to say she is now a friend too! Check out the image from the film 🙂


Something New & Something Unexpected

My very naughty Girl Girl film with Zoe Page and Alex Reynolds comes out tomorrow… or rather , later today… & you can see a preview teaser of the type of naughtiness that ensues with a Hot Bully like British Girl Guide Zoe getting one over on her “goody two shoes” American counterpart, Girl Scout, Alex! See below:

That’s all I will say on the matter… ahem! The Hot Bully premieres  (later today!)


& onto a couple of swift updates of what is out and about… starting with one of my fave sites FirmHandSpanking.com who have the most welcome return of Adrienne Black in her “Problem PA” series alongside Jonny & Stacy Stockton… some of my fave characters at present featuring at this website! See why I love watching Adrienne getting punished by Jonny & Stacy (below):

problem_j001 problem_j003

problem_j006 problem_j012

problem_j014 problem_j015

problem_j017 problem_j020

problem_j022 problem_j024

A blistering, tear-inducing, butt-striping finale as Adrienne Black completes “Problem PA”. Spanked by Jonny Stockton for wearing shorts in the office, his wife Stacy takes over for six with a cane and 32 with a strap, striping her red, bare bottom like a pro. Ouch!



Punishedbrats.com has an intriguing new film update as it stars Amber Pixie Wells… they found this gem of a film lying around in the PB Vaults… or more accurately, residing on their servers collecting virtual dust, so it got remastered and re edited then produced again for us all to see! This is what made me fall in love with PB all over again… Pixie is surely unique and I doubt we will ever see her sub on film again so for the price of some films or less than you’d find on certain clips sites with debatable materials… why not buy a membership to Punishedbrats.com that we all know and love (?) for still only $17 which is crazy dirt cheap price! View this film along with their hundreds of others. As David Pierson would say… “Would it kill you to buy a membership?” – I know how he feels… I have been having similar issues with very low sales this past month which is odd as some of my content I’ve put out has been some of what I would consider my best! But what do I know? Anyway, no negativity here today, I shall save that for another time… please do revel in the glory that is Pixie as Alice… spanked through the looking glass! I love this!!!

“Go Ask Alice” with Miss Susan as mother.

alice18 alice21

alice31 alice41

alice51 alice61 alice71


alice91 alice101

alice111 alice121

alice131 alice141 alice152

Alice had just arrived home from “the other side of the looking glass” and wanted to tell her mother about her adventures in Wonderland. When she attempted to deliver the tale of her travels, her mother was sure that she had been taking illegal substances. Alice found herself over her angry mother’s lap receiving a hard spanking. Alice admitted to taking a few pills in Wonderland. One made her larger; the other small. When asked what the pill bottle said, Alice replied “Eat Me.” Then her spanking got much worse.




Finally for now, Sarah has released a cracking film with us called “Pestering for a Spanking” where she brats and pesters me until she gets what she wants… a spanking, but that turns her on & I’m far from impressed with her naughty behaviour as you will see!

0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-002 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-004


Sarah is really wanting a good girl spanking from her man but he is busy working and updating his website. She keeps pestering him until he gives in and gives her the kind of spanking she wasn’t expecting, however….she is so irresistible that her wetness in the below regions force his hands to wander, thus making it difficult for him to really discipline her with a hard spanking. Denying her sexual gratification though aching and turned on is more of a punishment.

0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-007 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-008 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-009

0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-014 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-027

0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-024 0177_pestering_for_a_spanking_gal1-025

Yes, she really gets very wet from her good girl spanking!!! Ah, these are the benefits of GG Spankings! LOL


Check out this very naughty and brand new spanking film HERE



Spanking Memories while I’m away #2

I have done the same at my other blog HERE so there will be plenty of spanking materials, these are selected posts over the years that I think you’ll like reading about again… I will try to update you with news of my trip here on this blog when I can (please be advised customer support and anti piracy issues for my site continue as normal) do go check out my Twitter Account as I will post images and stuff there too!

Oh, and remember to send me filming suggestions for Casey Calvert and Sarah Gregory please (together, apart, naughty, kinky, CP, tears etc etc…) these girls will take what is given to them, heh heh – or else!


As I wait to bring you the news from NaughtyBottom.com featuring a fantastic movie package starring Debbie Fraser (one of my fave US brats that I ever had the fortune to spank… and more) – I thought I’d bring you some more updates of some of my fave sites that I’ve been lucky enough to be a member of over the years!

I often think these sites don’t need promoting, but, it would be criminal not to let you all know what’s available, like I’m keeping them secret or something, lol! So, the aptly named Punished Brats – home of Pixie (who I never seem to promote, God knows why, she’s gorgeous and I just LOVE, her facial expressions!)

Amber Pixie Wells

Check out the Home Page of Punished Brats for the free movie clips, I won’t host any here today, but I will let you view some cracking images from her latest movie below!


As you can see, Pixie can’t seem to stop sassing the fearsome Mr Windsor even during her punishment, but if she doesn’t quit, her spanking will never end!

click here

Below, get to see lucky David Pierson handle real brat Chloe Elise
(love that name, to us folk in the UK, it sounds trashy!)

see Chloe learn  


Chloe is finally learning about “patience” but it’s a bit late for her now to apologise
as you’ll see David just continues to spank harder!


click here

Finally from Punished Brats, some bonus pics of some cracking Hi Res images of more recent updates – you get the picture…frightening Veronica with the oh so cute Nyssa Nevers, Mr Windsor and Pierson dishing out their OTK punishments!

click here

click for MORE here


Finally, lucky Greg (aka the Mystery Spanker) from BunBeatingFun.com has an awesome update of a B-movie actress called Julian Wells.

click here

She hasn’t quite cracked Hollywood just yet, but she’s a doll and I gotta say I reviewed some of the films she’s starred in such as “An Erotic Werewolf in London” – you’ll get the drift, she’s also been the main star of movies like the Misty Mundae series, some of National Lampoon’s efforts and horror flicks.


OK, so the girl herself, from Greg’s film, shot at some seedy motel in New Jersey (as always) was a bit of a come down to the production sets she’s used to, so no guessing she gets a bit “uppity” which is when the punishment of this delightful madame begins!

Julian Wells

Uh-oh, the Chief decides to take a very cold shower watching her “devour” this banana! 😀


To see the FREE 10Mb Movie clip and 24 images from this latest film
click on the image of a crying Julian below! I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

click here to view

To see ALL of this fantastic new update – CLICK HERE

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Here below is news on the NaughtyBottom Movie package

Once again, if you haven’t already, do NOT miss this fantastic PPV Movie Package which is out in US Dollar format and even cheaper (as are all movies featured here now) and it stars one of my all time fave girls Debbie Fraser from Connecticut, USA. Just over 6 years ago, she came over and got her amazing butt blistered in front of our cams and unfortunately, technology being what it was then, we hadn’t had the chance to upgrade some of the movies with her which were encoded on Real Player at 360kbs. So I had the dubious honour of finding my fave and the best movies we did with her and placed them into this one off payment Multi Movie Package. Now if some of you liked the Brazil package, you’ll know you got a lot of extra content and extra remastered goodies! Well, the same applies to these 4 movies! Click on the image below which will give you direct access to the movie tour page, there are 4 great promo clips and full movie explanations, which will let you know just what these movies are about!

click here to view more of Debbie

Debbie was a rare thing, she really had that “Girl Next Door” quality about her, and in a couple of movies she’s punished to tears, I have to say I love these movies, I was in a couple of them and I can remember whacking her lovely soft cheeks like it was yesterday, so to see these movies again remastered…oh wow! This girl really does take a very hard thrashing with the strap, even a leather flogger and the cane, which she absolutely hated, wait til you see the “Debbie’s Horse” and “Debbie’s Demise” movies and you’ll see her broken with the Rod!

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This is the umpteenth movie package out now at NaughtyBottom and I have no doubt it will become a best seller like the wonderful Brazil series! For your further perusal, I have made these 4 special galleries below available, they feature some never seen before images and the promo movie clips. You might want to view and (hopefully) purchase this amazing deal via these galleries as you may get to view the movies easier BELOW than the home page of NaughtyBottom.com as I’m sure the server will be busy with 1000s of people downloading the clips there!

Debbie's Appointment - click here Debbie's Discovery - click here

Debbie's Demise - click here Debbie's Horse - click here

So I present to you, Miss Debbie Fraser – Welcome to England…

She came, she saw, she snivelled & got thrashed – sent home days later with a very sore red bottom!

Debbie Fraser at NaughtyBottom


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A NO BULLSHIT POST THIS EVENING…the wind is starting to pick up again tonight, another storm of immense proportions is fast approaching the south west of Britain as I furiously type this before I bore you with yet more moaning about the wettest weather in the history of mankind as our tiny part of our island disappears into the sea…

*gasp* – and so to some awesome spankings updates and news of my other blogs posts today! Starting with Punishedbrats.com – it’s been some time coming but the return of Pixie to the studio, as spanker, was indeed most welcome. Any return was welcome  as it has been some time… however, Audrey should have been careful what she wished for… getting her amazing bubble butt spanked and punished hard over Pixie’s lap. Check out these images below taken from the film: House Cleaning.


housecleaning1-1 housecleaning1-4


housecleaning1-5 housecleaning1-6


Audrey and Pixie are having a party. With the guest set to arrive shortly, Pixie can not get Audrey off of the phone and do some work in preparation for that night’s festivities. After several warnings, Pixie knows just what her lazy roommate needs , a very hard spanking! After being thoroughly spanked, Audrey is left to complete her chores. With that sore bottom, she won’t want to sit around on the couch anyway!

See the full movie & all the very latest updates HERE


Stepping up onto the spanking stage next are 2 very naughty waifs that fall foul of Sarah Bright in a tale called “Granny’s Dead” out now at English-Spankers.com

npp6065008 npp6065010

npp6065011 npp6065024

npp6065025 npp6065026

npp6065030 npp6065031

The home help is not too happy, she learns that the lady she is supposed to be cleaning for is dead and that her granddaughter Charlie is still drawing her benefits and enjoying the privilege of living in her house. Not only that she has moved a rather cheeky friend Lexie in with her. Lessons need to be taught and no time will be wasted. After making the girls remove their skimpy panties she starts by paddling Lexie on her bare bottom. She then puts the girls side by side and gives them a real swatting with the leather paddle. Despite their cry’s of pain she continues till their bottoms are both bright red.

Watch the free HD Spanking Clip HERE


The stage is set and continues with this fight scene from last week having consequences at the House of Correction in this week’s film update, which includes a full image set as usual with the HD film options at SpankingSarah.com when the girls are punished for fighting in the kitchen

npp5083005 npp5083012

npp5083027 npp5083029

npp5083035 npp5083039

npp5083042 npp5083044

It’s a time of reckoning at the house of correction. Aunty Katie is not around but Sarah takes on the task of punishing Bow & Darcy for fighting in the kitchen and for making a mess of the baking. A nasty plastic spatula comes in very handy for whacking the bare bottoms of these naughty girls, despite their evident contrition Sarah knows that the only thing that will work is the administration of a lot of pain and humiliation. That’s what she is an expert at dishing out

You can see the free movie preview trailer from this new film HERE


Brand new from FirmhandSpanking.com is a new girl, she is a stunning new addition to their site and you will LOVE her reactions and the spanking she gets in this F/F punishment by Dani Daniels (surely one of the sexiest young teachers around!) This new girl has quite the potty mouth on her, calling other girls “bitches” but she is soon regretting being so disrespectful! Welcome new girl Stephanie Murray in a great debut!

First hot spanking for senior Stephanie in school uniform

private_ca001 private_ca003

private_ca005 private_ca011

private_ca013 private_ca014

private_ca019 private_ca023

Beautiful athlete Stephanie Murray has a peach-shaped, creamy bottom due 400 smacks from Dani Daniels’ hand in Private School! School uniform skirt up, panties down, cheeks bouncing furiously red, she says, “I think you missed a spot!” Attitude!

CLICK HERE to view the new preview video of schoolgirl Stephanie


Finally today, something a little different released at Spanking Server as gorgeous Ines, a long time model at this site gets a rather sexy and addictively watchable OTK spanking, the images below are taken from the movie clip you can view as part of the weekly updates!

ines001 ines002

ines003 ines004

ines005 ines006

ines007 ines008

ines009 ines010

Check out these hot girls and all the other naughty and severe spanking updates HERE


As I mentioned earlier, I have also updated 2 other blogs with some great content not shown here today… got a few seconds then check out these 2 blogs as well… and do check them out on a regular basis as I intend to update them far more often and when I have time will be updating the designs to keep them fresh. Updates will be far more frequent… as you will see if you check out the previous recent posts too 🙁



ARUBA! I want icecream & bath tub spankings!



Still here? Spot the photobomb! LOL!

Fantastic Friday

Yay! The weekend is here and it’s time again to gaze upon beautiful females getting spanked and dishing out some in return! Today’s focus is from America and if you haven’t seen these already, then here are some great images… I have tried to choose images not seen elsewhere so to make it more interesting for you 😉

Gonna have to be quick as I wanna watch my Skyfall DVD with several glasses of red wine tonight! LOL!

PAST PRESENT & FUTURE presentations from the excellent Punishedbrats.com

I saw that David (owner of the site) was reminiscing about the movie they did ages ago with Pixie and Juliet Valentina, a fairytale spanking which his brother Rick wrote and directed, I have this on one of my external spanking hard drives and it’s a blast… I located it and replayed it. The images from this production explain how Pixie has earned a tougher sentence and a dose of the hairbrush for her crime of attempted fairytale homicide – she smashed the spider that sat down beside her *giggle* Now featured as a “Classic” (taken from Snow & Muffat)

muffet1-1 muffet1-2

muffet1-3 muffet1-4

muffet1-5 muffet1-7

Currently there is another awesome girl spanking girl film co starring Joelle Barros as the spanker in this film with Pi feeling the full force of her swift and lethal hand! Is it wrong of me to say that I got seriously turned on watching this girl on girl spanking erotica? This pairing (for me, at least) is a perfect punishment combo… I’d have got Pi in for my American Shoot too alongside Joelle if she was available at the time… so well done to David for having the sense and good taste to film them together instead! 🙂

Current full film – “Unprepared”

unprepared2-1 unprepared2-2

unprepared2-3 unprepared2-4

unprepared2-5 unprepared2-7

Pi shows up to an important meeting with a potential advertiser completely unprepared. Joelle is insensed at her cousin’s continued irresponsibility. Joelle bends Pi over a stepstool for a hard hairbrush spanking. The hairbrush sends a painful message to Pi that it is of the utmost importance to be prepared in her work!

Charlie Skye is back at Punishedbrats and one of her films are already out but there’s a sneak preview of MORE to come (below) this is one Baltimore brat I really should have gotten hold of whilst I was there (but again she was unavailable at the time) otherwise I would have done a separate short film shoot in my hotel room! (ahem!)




See all the very latest films previews and what these talented guys are up to at Punished Brats!


Next from Firm Hand Spanking are 2 recent stunning updates from the American side (yes, I know I have seen the very latest one featuring Leia Ann Woods filmed in the UK alongside Thomas Cameron and directed by Amelia Rutherford by the looks of it… hmmm, if that’s an incentive… more on that soon then, eh?). So, not withstanding that FHS always change the girls names unless it was Danielle Hunt (that soon changed back from Rhianna Parsons as she is everywhere, lol!) – Sorry, was I a little cynical thinking it was some sort of ruse to put off other spanking producers? Personally I respect teh girls and ask them what name they go by as they often want to include you in a portfolio and don’t want yet another alias –  but we get to know who the girls are in the end, heh heh!) Anyway, Sabrina Scott, I mean.. “Valerie Bryant” looks as stunning as ever in her latest film in the “Learning Curve” series!

tlc_bb001 tlc_bb005

tlc_bb007 tlc_bb010

tlc_bb013 tlc_bb017

tlc_bb018 tlc_bb020

tlc_bb021 tlc_bb023

Valerie Bryant” bares her round bottom cheeks to kneel on a chair for a jiggling red, fast 245 swats with a leather paddle. Richard Anderson teaches her about corporal punishment in Learning Curve, covering all over both buttocks and upper thighs. Ouch!


& if that wasn’t stunning enough, the very popular Carina  Thompson – um, also better known as Karina Kay, a voluptuous and versatile porn actress… shines in this latest “Paid in Full” series really and really looking shocked when she gets her latest punishment (gotta admit that turned me on!) … this is one girl genuinely not used to a spanking and it shows but the guys at Firm Hand pull it off and the spankings and strappings are quite hard. She takes what’s given… but HATES every stroke! That is what a punishment is about, my dear!

paid_k001 paid_k003

paid_k006 paid_k008

paid_k013 paid_k016

paid_k018 paid_k021

paid_k022 paid_k024

Buying clothes for cash seems like a plan to heiress Carina Thompson when her credit cards are cut up in Paid in Full. Family lawyer Patrick Bateman takes a firmer line with a leather tawse. Will 21 strokes bare bottom, then stripped nude, teach her new values?

You can see both these great films in full for members – CLICK HERE


Finally today from the Real Spankings Institute – Michael Masterson spends some extra time thrashing these 2 girls for reasons that you’ll see below!

Caught sleeping naked together in their dorm room, Allison and Abigail are marched fully naked downstairs by the Dean for a long and hard handspanking. Allison is punished first as Abigail is made to watch… knowing her turn is next! Then… the girls punishment continues as the Dean requires them to get on all fours on the floor, and one has to bend over and place her hands on the other’s back. This final scene of the 4 part movie series features a long and hard strapping! Images and vid grabs from the movie are below to show you more about this excellent and severe punishment series. I also happen to like seeing these 2 girls punished together 🙂


str01 str02 str03 str04

str05 str06 str07


str08 str09

str10 str11


str12 str13 str14


See all the severe institutional punishments HERE


That’s it from me… the weekend is here so have a great time to those that are fortunate enough NOT to have to work through it… as for me, I’ll be at work tomorrow (sigh) but that’s the way it goes, eh? Now off to watch my Skyfall DVD and drink a horrendous amount of red wine!

Cheers! *hic*

Past & Present Spankings – pt1

A little look at what’s new at a site, and a delve into their archives to remind you all just what makes these sites so special! I am primarily focussing on the American sites today and tomorrow since I have probably all bored you to death with our UK ones this week, so without any more waffle, site back and relax… just as Veronica did over a year ago when  she got herself all “comfortable” spanking brat Miss Amber Pixie Wells (who wouldn’t resist the chance to get comfy spanking that beautiful rear?)

Pixie was due for a good spanking, but Veronica grew more and more annoyed that she was experiencing discomfort in administering the punishment. The bed offered no posture support so went off to find a good chair.. and what to do about her poor hand hurting? Solution: With her back fully supported and armed with a wooden spoon to spare her hand, Veronica was now completely comfortable while making Pixie’s bottom very, very uncomfortable! (I loved this movie, hope you remember it too!)





To the latest movie of a very naughty nanny, Joelle Barros who should know better!

Although she has no experience with children, Joelle has taken a job as the nanny for David’s kids. This is a recipe for disaster since Joelle acts like more of a spoiled brat than her charges. Joelle better learn nannying requires her constant care and attention or she may never be able to sit again!




All future film shoots are at last being filmed in HD, another reason to check this site out with over 6 years of archived material and some of the cutest girls to get OTK spankings and whatnot! See the very latest news on what is coming out HERE


OK, I better cut it short as I am due to go to work (dammit) and have had to do some other things in the meantime (like updating my site) so I will be back soon with a continuation of this theme I started today!

& if you haven’t noticed, I have managed to update my other blogs recently HERE… and HERE 🙂

Cheers, Chief.

Holiday Spankings

Well, I might be a little premature with July 4 but to my considerable Canadian readership… I hope your weekend is going well and that you are all having a ball outside in the fine summer weather! & to celebrate that I have found some North American updates for you all today, past and present, so I hope you like what you see. Happy Holidays!

The great outdoors, I have never featured this film, but I love it just for the fact that Chelsea took Pixie all that way for a good hard spanking! Awesome views too… the film was called “Pixie’s Peak Experience” courtesy of the Good Spanking Network



See the full movie of Pixie’s spanking HERE


A new film at Spanking Sority Girls next as senior sister, (blonde stunning) Sarah Gregory catches out new pledge Christy… thinking she’s avoided those nasty hazing rituals… WRONG!





When Christy arrives to the sorority house later than the other girls, the troubled school girl believes that she has missed any hazing activities. But senior sister Sarah Gregory shows up to her room to give Christy a personal demonstration as to what she can expect in her pledge year. She spanks Christy over her knee with hand and hairbrush, long and hard. Then she finished her off with several strokes with the cane. It is a rude wecloming to the sorority for the pledge who likes to fight.

See more of this latest movie and the other features from the new & unique SpankingSoritygirls.com


The spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Room Mate continues with this whacky episode based on a true event and stars some of my fave girls like Lilia Spinoza (who still hasn’t finished my interview request, hmm!), Missy Rhodes (schwiiing!) and both girls over the capable lap and hands of beautiful Mary Jane!





Missy was late for her shoot in real life – which she never is, and she wanted to work that into a spanking scene. So the main reason she gets spanked in this episode is for making Mary Jane late for a photo shoot. Missy said that Mary Jane spanks so hard she never wanted to be late for anything ever again.

Check out all 111 episodes now showing at My Spanking Room Mate!


& finally from this network today, this is why I love this site so much when real naughty films like this get made. I am not ashamed to say I really “got off” watching what is out so far… there is a complete series photo set out (in much larger size than the images you see here) and I can’t wait for the revenge… what am I waffling on about? Check out the images and story so far (below) – then see what is in store – I CAN’T WAIT!

Images and latest film taken from Spankedcallgirls.com






Kay Richards visits a client and is surprised to discover that it is a lady (Kelli Staxxx). Kay begins making out with Kelli, but keeps checking her phone and texting and even takes a call. Kelli has had enough and spanks Kay hard for this. But then Kay finds out that Kelli was hired by new callgirl madame, Snow Mercy, to spy on Kay! This is where it all changes as we will then see kay turn the tables on Kelli… and why not? Kelli has THE most amazing bubble butt as you’ll see from these teaser pics below! members will be able to see this whole film HERE!

Kelli’s big bouncy bottom is addictive viewing – FACT!

All of the sites in this group (Sorority, Roomie and Callgirls) can be viewed as part of the Clare Fonda Pass

See the amazing price reduction on accessing up to 5 sites of your choice from this network!


I end today with some fantastic recent new films now available to view in full from Punishedbrats.com

David and Pixie have been busy getting us some fine rump roasting action and the new girls Piper and Tara are welcome additions to the brats we have seen tamed and tanned previously!

New girl Piper continues to impress me in this film called “Taking a Dive”




Piper is undressing and about to head to the showers when Coach Veronica stops her in her tracks. Coach is not at all pleased with the girl’s complete lack of effort on the courts and bends her over for a strapping with the belt before allowing her to continue on to the showers.

See a FREE Movie Preview of Piper’s punishment HERE

Also check out bratty schoolgirl “Tara” from the complete film, “Can you hear me?”




Check out MORE of Tara now showing at Punishedbrats.com

Tara is once again sent to Mr. Pierson’s office. This time her teacher suspects she has a cell phone on her in class which is not allowed. Of course Tara denies this vehemently, but it’s obvious she is lying when her phone begins to ring in the middle of her argument. She has to surrender her phone and take her punishment with the school strap. With a tear streaked face and a red strapped bottom, Tara is made to kneel on the wooden steps to conclude her punishment!

STOP PRESS! David has informed me of a stunning new addition that members will be seeing shortly, she is called Marissa and took her very first spanking on film despite things like Veronica’s high fever and a possible film shoot postponement wrecking havoc with the best of laid plans! Fortunately, David had the hard task of tanning Marissa’s bum and this tearful girl took quite a thrashing… which I am sure is going to be a surefire hit with members and newcomers to Punishedbrats.com alike!

Some preview images of Melissa (below)




See MORE of new girl Marissa COMING SOON!

have a good holiday season everyone!

Friday Updates & My News

This will be the last post on here for a week or so, as I am going away and won’t be able to write up anything, so I apologise, maybe it’s time for you to check out my generous archives of content? (this blog does go back to 2006, frightening, isn’t it?)  or check out the many free movie previews you can see at my Teen Spanking Tube or the accompanying blog HERE which has a lot of stuff I only post there which I shall be updating later today before I go away! I’m away visiting family and celebrating the birthday of “Er Indoors” who will be allowed out this one time 🙂

I don’t want to write blog posts or update the site whilst I am away but I will be able to check my mails, customer support and such – my  site has been generously updated, whilst I am away and there is an extra movie members can see which isn’t shown on the front page. I have also added a great bonus gallery of images as well as complete some other films, so members going in today will be overwhelmed with lots of shiny new content! The unseen film, called “Troublesome Remote” is an all female cast with new girls Jenna and Taylor as well as stern Aunty Emma… what happens when you break the remote control of Aunty’s old TV? Read on…

We changed the direction of this film when the bloody remote really didn’t work, LOL! I was off set going red in the face when the damned remote wouldn’t work for the girls so we had a little change of direction and decided to have them “break it” instead! Don’t you love the spontineity of filming? Keeps you on your toes, I can tell you! Some video images are below for your perusal, I will try to get up a short clip on the tube site later if I have time.





See Jenna, Taylor and Emma togther in many more films HERE

I love this free image gallery I have produced, it shows off the film perfectly, from Taylor’s magnificent curves, the hard face slapping scenes and Jenna’s wigglesome bottom, girls in and out of school uniform too? Check out the bonus gallery which has smaller resized images than the members, but you’ll get the idea…


& of course out THIS WEEK is a new film of Sophie Keagan getting a maintenance spanking she really didn’t want after being so maughty she turns up with an already sore red bottom… needless to say the punishment goes ahead and as well as a spanking, poor foolish Sophie endured the slipper and that awful bath brush as she wipes away a few inevitable tears as her bottom is stuck out presented in all its glory for me to thrash at will as she takes her weekly maintenance appointment stoically! (Bravo Sophie!) There is a free clip on the image below and I have cut you some promo images from the short sharp and very nasty shock movie that members can now download in full as well. (Generous soul that I am!)





more AAAspanking here

Don’t forget the NEW “Fair Price Deal” HERE offering you the best possible sign ups possible 🙂


& elsewhere? Well, Firmhandspanking.com have this delightful British girl, Belinda Lawson, this time dragged out of bed for oversleeping and given a hard whacking in the nude. It’s a particularly humiliating and embarrassing punishment for her to be dragged out like that, but it makes good viewing for us and I love the stern lectures she’s given… Belinda looks amazing as you’ll see and of course you just never know who might appear at my site in the future, eh? *wink*





& taken from the same site recently, probably the only place with GENUINE twins, Clarissa & Marissa Berkeley… don’t they look amazing in their dresses? The girls look even better getting a punishment off Earl Grey, in this exclusive punishment, Marissa Berkeley is in hot water for not keeping the sorority house tidy in Twins Trouble”. Kneeling on an armchair, homecoming dress raised, she’s strapped hard by Earl Grey. 24 of 35 strokes are bare bottom (check out her marks on that wonderful dusky behind)… and the bonus is that Clarissa is next!




& finally, what makes this site so good are the vast archives, and of course, anyone remember this unholy trio? There should be no introductions, just admire the girls in another British location shoot when Samantha Woodley and Abigail Whittaker were in England all those years ago! (If only I had a site at that time I’d have bitten at their heels to do some films!!!) Fortunately you can see ALL of their stuff at Firm Hand Spanking




I am happy to report that David Pierson is much better, out of hospital and raring to go again doing what he does best, spanking girls bare bottoms over his knee and giving them a stern lecture as to why they are in that unfortunate position!

David back in action spanking his naughty girls!

These girls are liable to get the Chief’s heart all of a flutter too… as well as any complicated trouser malfunctions that could befall an unprepared individual! *ahem* However, before I show you what’s what with David and the girls, I had to let you see Pixie’s FIRST spanking since March last year, yes, it has been that long so to see her spanked OTK over Berverly Bacci’s knee alongside the gorgeous Joelle Barros (remember her making that big appearance in her Brazil soccer shirt last year? Oh my!)

Joelle below goofing around on set 🙂


This is a great schoolgirl spanking movie, see some special promo images of Pixie getting her spanking…



Talking of gorgeous girls, the incredibly pretty Charlie Sky makes another yelp-tastic appearance getting a belting and these images below should tease you enough… the film is so much better as you’ll see when Charlie’s tight panties are removed for the final part of her punishment!



OK, I was gonna post more but I have run out of time, so much to do and so little time as always nowadays! Hope you folk have a pleasant weekend and think of me away skiing, despite being unable to afford it, won’t you? (lol)

For the very latest updates of David & Pixie’s Punishedbrats – CLICK HERE


Cheerio 🙂

Weekend spanking frolics and fun

OK, this really is a quick update and I have been cheating as I cut clips and stuff from one of my other blogs, but is kind of reflected the mood I was in (festive) and I have to share this first bit with you below… remember I’m in a rush as I am about to leave for the weekend and film lots of spanking goodness, I hope! here to start today’s classics is jadie Reece (OMG… just so so adorable!!!) and one which Paul admits is just hot as hell to spank (she is ALL woman!!!)

Here’s a really clever festive spanking movie as the “Spanking Fairy” visits Paul in his twisted spanko mind as he daydreams whilst bored at work looking at various jazz mags (that’ll happen, or you’ll go blind, as my ol’ mum used to say!) However, the fairy is the gorgeous Jadie Reece and this hopeless lass is supposed to grant Paul his wishes only she’s a rubbish fairy with a defective wand! (that’ll happen if you look at too many jazz mags too, as my ol’ mum used to say yet again!) However, see Paul spank her (OTK first) then get his way in the free clip below as he makes the wish work and he produces another wand better used for whacking silly girlies bottoms… Nice!!!



Right click image below & save file (Media format is MP4 – playable with VLAN or RealPlayer)

Hope you enjoyed this HD clip, there’s plenty more OTK and amusing but hard spanking films from the unique NorthernSpanking.com


It’s been a while since I last got you some news out of the Eastern side of the USA and as you’ll see David, Pixie and co are always very busy so why not share these fave moments with me as I recall some really hot films they have made over the last year!

Pixie looked fantastic in one of her domming roles & she ensured that the delicious uber-brat babe Juliet Valentina got a  good old fashioned spanking across her knee (she’s getting good at spanking girls, isn’t she?)

This film is called: “Sick Day” and the storyline of this is explained below and I have images taken from this full movie too!
Juliet thought she could get her visiting nurse friend Pixie to write her a note excusing her from work, but she is going to get a firm lesson in employee responsibility instead! Pixie agrees to give Juliet a note excusing her from work for the rest of the day since there is no way she’ll be able to sit at her desk (nice one Pixie!)






Also from Punishedbrats.com – I thought you’d like to see this classic with David Pierson, I would assume he is wearing his vitally important protective cast iron underpants for protection against the very lovely wriggling in that Cheer Girl skirt over his lap! Hell, just look at Carissa… absolutely mint!!!

The gorgeous girl over lucky David’s lap is Carissa, and doesn’t she look awesome in her outfit? The title of this movie (now out in full) is called “Joyride”.

Carissa took the team van out for a beer run while away at a competition. Having been caught, she is spanked with a paddle by David and she is then made to stand in the corner with her red bottom on display until the start of the competition!






A spanking movie is a spanking movie and its connection to reality is never that important, to be honest, is it? Nevertheless, there are times when spanking producers base events on some real life occurance such as this which the folks at Lupus-Spanking have produced, called “the Minimalist”. It’s a real story, picture by picture and word by word and when you see what happened, you’ll be shocked and will have a giggle as well as enjoy some fantastic punishments of 2 teen sisters.

The Strange family together…


Katerina (left) & Renata (right) on their Recorders…

It’s the 1970’s at a prudish but otherwsie fairly normal Czech family. The father, mum, 2 daughters and their granny, a jolly, wordly lady all living under the same roof. It’s a regualr boring family with some traditional habits such as the daughters get spanked from time to time, a common thing in those rigid days. This story starts with blonde Renata coming home 4 hours late from her date, the youngest daughter endures a proper beating with a horrible wooden spoon (see below).

1girl101 1girl102 1girl103

1girl104 1girl105 1girl106

With real tears, tis teen’ bottom trembles with the biting blows of the spoon, but worse was to come as in this family if the girls are punished, they must then kneel naked on the grater, how humiliating!!!


In the 2nd part of the film, we see what happens when the elder daughter brings a rather unconventional rocker boyfriend to such an ordered, restricted and prudish family!

boyfriend1 boyfriend2 boyfriend3

Yup, he gets kicked out for his boorish yob behaviour,a total disgrace, and what happens next is that the wrath of the family is taken out on poor 19 yr old Katerina! See the FREE 1 minute Preview clip below, it shows both Katerina’s caning and Renata’s horrible wooden spoon punishment! (best to save the file to your PC or laptop first – then play back the WMV 10 Mb clip)


So poor Katerina gets the cane as you saw in the clip and also has to kneel, sobbing and completely ashamed, onto the cheese grater as her 18 yr old sister had done previously! Check out some more pics below of this girl’s plump bottom getting a good thrashing!!!

girl201 girl202 girl203

girl204 girl205 girl206

This film, called “The Minimalist” is a classic which members can easily download in FULL at Lupus Spanking – along with the 100s of other titles, with swift and severe punishments with realistic settings costumes, very pretty girls and of course, those hard punishments, this site is a MUSt for teen spanking erotica collectors! Check out their extensive TOUR PAGES HERE


OK, before I go away this weekend, I promised you another review and as  was checking out some of my archives from BunBeatingFun and came across Keli Anderson again, oh boy, am I glad I played this back, it’s an awesome film, it’s around 25-30 minutes in length and this model brat gets everything coming her way as she bitches about the Lingerie Shoot, pissing off TMS’s assistant, Terry, that she calls him to bring some order to the proceedings…yup, that means OTK order and this girl is a screamer! What’s worse, in a rare moment of madness, Keli, a rather slutty girl gives our man a Blowjob in the hope that her punishment won’t last, but it seems to only make things worse as he paddles her then takes her over his knee again for a blistering finale as she kicks screams and blubs like a baby – all the while being spanked hard on her bare bum! Seriously, I have to rate this as one of the best movies at this site and I could even put this in my TOP 10 of spanking films I’ve watched…I really loved this, I didn’t fast forward it, I wanted to watch everything that was coming to this “bitch” (I actually never call anyone that but it seemed appropriate in this context as she was really annoying the bejeezus out of TMS!), and I got to see her properly punished! It compliments the excellent OTK spanking movies from BUN BEATING FUN!




Take what he is giving you and don’t gag!

Click on the image below for a FREE Clip of a screaming Keli given a good spanking!

Download Keli’s film & scores more model brats getting what they deserve

You can also download Keli and a few select model bimbos getting their just desserts at NaughtyBottom.com

Download the films you want and that’s it!


Finally, for those who admire the stunning fresh beauty of our ladyfolk (it’s a little off topic, but hell, why not?) See some of THE most spankable girls, check out these amazing galleries below and a chance to just sign up to the Net’s BEST teen model site on the planet (access to this offer is from the gallery page sign ups and you can access MET-Art from just $9.95!!! (if the offer is still available!!)


Click any image of these stunning girls below and it will take you to the latest gallery portals!


Jeez, what a way to go! OK, I am off, I have a weekend of spanking young madams and I don’t intend to be late! I’ll let you all know how it went as soon as I get back! If you don’t hear from me for a few days, please don’t worry!!! Back soon… Chief


My Recommended Weekend Spank Viewing

Ah, as it’s back to Autumn and getting colder and damper again (sigh – this time last week it was 30-31c or about 90f + in old money) but now I’m shivering and watching the leaves fall from the trees, I don’t know why, but this Monty Python clip has always stuck with me at this time of year, taken from the very funny “Meaning of Life” – check out the “suicidal leaves” 🙂

It always cheers me up… and I have had some time to check out some cracking spanking updates out and about today, so here is a collection for your veritable perusal! This will warm you up if it’s gloomy outside! All videos and reviews are with my seal of approval so you vcan be guaranteed that I won’t let you watch or sign up to anything not worthwhile! Time and money is far too precious for that! & talking of money savers, one of the best value sites out there is STILL Punishedbrats.com – just check out their sign up options and you’ll see – anyway, now that their newer movies are being uplaoded in much larger screen resolution (at long last) this site is a no brainer, see some choice recent additions which should satidsfy all you lovers of new girls like Amaya, or the regulars like Lily Anna (with Pixie, of course) and Lorraine!

This is a cracking new film where Veronica punishes Amaya for offending the neighnors
Paddled in the “Diaper Position” – I think Amaya will be learning to avoid pissing off the locals in future!



See the free preview clips of Amaya spanked by Aunt Veronica HERE

In case you’re wondering about Veronica, I really do rate her with the choice of girls that Punishedbrats.com have on offer like the ever amazing regulars such as Pixie and Lily Anna… and this latest long play film is now available to download in full!




Lily Anna is in every bit as much trouble as Pixie and now it’s her turn over Principal Veronica’s lap as Pixie sneaks peeks from the corner and gives her a whacking that makes her plead for it to stop (but that’s not going to happen!!!)


& of course one of my fave girls at this site (there are so many, of course!) is Lorraine Little… the way she whines and pitifully moans during her punishment, pouting for all she is worth is a joy to watch! I have actually cut a clip to show here exclusively, so you can see what I mean! Amazing stuff indeed!




Some bratty girls need a reminder when they are at home, no matter if they are becoming famous or not… and there’s always dad there to bring a wayward daughter back into line! Lorraine squeals & objects as her Dad removes her white panties and slaps her rounded bare cheeks whilst she kicks and whines across his lap. Lorraine’s bottom is a burning red by the time his hairbrush finishes her off!

Lorraine is a reality TV star that is out of control. Her spoiled ways and obnoxious behavior in public makes perfect tabloid fodder and is embarrassing the family. David is determined to bring the girl under control by revoking her privileges and giving her a solid spanking.

Lorraine’s spoiled ways are tamed with a dose of David Pierson’s heavy hairbrush at Punished Brats


There are some cracking updates with resident switch Betty (who I love equally spanked or doing the spanking) and as you’ll see, betty has her hands full and whenever you want to see some good hard F/F punishment, then check out Betty and pretty teen, Lindsay, who gets a paddling with her bobbies on display!

“Yikes! My perky titties are dangling whilst she’s paddling me!”



& when her girls mess her around, like not paying the rent… then it is with “regret” that betty has to take matters into her own hands (of course!) Check out some amazing OTK spankings like the image below

More girl on girl mayhem can be viewed HERE

If you want to see some punishments from Mr M himself, don’t fear, why not feast your eyes on real life sister of Kailee Robinson…

Kailee’s beautiful real life big sister Lily is Bound, naked and vulnerable… for a hot and hard spanking till her round bare cheeks are scorching! The naked beauty can take a really sound hand spanking! Upon her arrival to shoot with Real Spankings, Lily asks Mr. M if he would do her the honor of incorporating some bondage into her spanking today. He gladly agrees. She is bound fully nude for a hard hand-spanking!



Back tomorrow with some more spankings & exclusive previews that i have for you all to warm up your weekend

Psst! Don’t forget to check out this mystery link which leads to a great one off download film, there is a free preview clip

Saturday’s Spanking News

Well, I’m a little late in bringing you some behind the scenes info on my very own latest movie just released yesterday at AAAspanking.com as well as everywhere else, so no point bleating about it, please enjoy today’s updates and feast your watery eyes on what’s out there currently! ‘Tis a veritable concoction of spankings, tears, mayhem and naughty discipline many of you have come to expect from me on here! Peruse at will!!!

Wynter – aka Sara Winter gets her comeuppance for real when she took too long on a cigarette break!

Now, I’m strictly of the old school fraternity that hates to see girls smoking! I hate the smell of stale tobacco lingering in a room, OK, I have the odd fat Havana cigar… but like former President Clinton once exclaimed “I did not inhale!” (no, sir, you just dipped it in your intern’s honeypot and enjoyed the taste… but I would be digressing… ahem) So, of course I’m no mean bastard, the girls & crew can take coffee and cigarette breaks as and when throughout a day… but to hide away and take longer than expected… holding up the film shoot… well, that’s not on, is it? A perfect excuse to slyly bring down a video camera and punish the girl right there and then… and that’s just what I did to Sara in this latest release now showing! I ensured she got a good hard spanking and brought  a couple of straps with me to reinforce the point that slacking off like that was a big breach of trust issue. I hope you like Miss Winter’s suitably reddened sore bottom as payback for that abuse of my trust! I love excuse and impromptu maintenance spankings like this!




This is the blurb given on the tour pages describing the film in more detail: “Sara had snuck off to take an extended coffee break during John’s film shoot and was caught smoking a cigarette in a restricted area. Not only was she caught out, she had deliberately taken her time and had held up another film being made! John had seen enough and told her not only was she getting less pay for the day for messing his company around, he was going to spank and humiliate her further right there and then! Sara knew she was in the wrong and accepted her fate without too much of an argument. John quickly pulled down her knickers and gave her a spanking and a good hard strapping for her foolish attempt at trying to cheat him out of a film that she was contracted to make! Let this be a lesson to the slackers out there! Mr Osborne doesn’t miss a trick, ladies! Ahem… meanwhile, if you lovely ladies fancy working for his fine upstanding company… then please do visit the Models Page HERE which is also located on the front bottom pages of the site. You can be sure he’d “love” to find more excuses to spank all you naughty ladies out there!”

A small exclusive image of what was taken near the end by the stills camera! 🙂

Check out all the latest previews & quality cheap sign up options now available HERE


& the spankings and paddlings (with possibly the thickest, meanest wooden paddle I’ve ever seen) at GirlSpanksGirl.com as Clare Fonda’s infamous EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION 6 series continues and I have some amazing images which highlights the paddlings and also the real life niece of feared Miss Lana Miller over her knee in this first for both of them… I really do hope Clare persuades Mandee to come back, there’s not enough black girls getting a good spanking in such an environment and consequently, I love seeing this rare gem of a spanking – great on Clare for getting Lana and Mandee to shoot this!


 & check out the awesome paddlings as promised below! Yikes!!!




If this wasn’t enough, remember that Snow Mercy is one of the fearsome teachers in this series… well, in the same disciplinary section of the site a brand new long play movie has just started and features Miss mercy on the receving end (OMG! I can never get enough of seeing Snow bent over shamefully with her panties removed and getting an embarrassing spanking!) – Well, wait no more as she is an aunty in DEEP TROUBLE as you’ll see below!

Aunt Snow has been slacking over the summer and maybe even doing drugs. Her neices, who are staying with her decide it is their responsibility to teach her a lesson. So they overpower her and toss her over their laps for a handspanking, then bend her over and spank her with a hairbrush. Snow swears she has learned her lesson.



Check out MORE of these great updates at GirlSpanksGirl.com

Remember – this site is part of THE top value CLARE FONDA PASS!


Grrrr, I am really having the gremlins as I post this today… I have noticed that  recently when posting, it really slows me down… not that you’d notice, of course as you’ll be reading the finished project. Damned images and such aren’t aligning correctly, even though I have used this stupid software for an age… bugger, f*ck and sh%t!!!

As I have such a potty mouth, here’s a delightful girl that will take away my feelings of anger, a girl I could NEVER get annoyed with… even though she plays the brat oh so well, I am of course referring to the beautiful Pixie Amber Wells and just check out her latest great movie (now out in full) that you can watch exclusively at PunishedBrats.com

Pixie’s film “Babysitting Blues”




Veronica arrives home earlier than expected and finds evidence that the babysitter, Pixie, must have invited her boyfriend over. She finds a rather large shoe abandoned in the living room that could not belong to Pixie or the children, and paddles the girl for having boys over on the job. The teardrop shaped dark wood paddle does a number on babysitter Pixie’s bare bottom. Pixie will think twice before ever bending a rule while working for Veronica in the future!

& check out new girl Amaya getting a much needed thrashing off Veronica in her bedroom… this looks really promising!!!

A new film starring Amaya  over Veronica’s knee – “Insolence and Consequence” - Amaya went out despite being grounded by Veronica. Clearly that punishment is not getting the message across. Amaya is ordered to the bedroom for a hairbrush spanking.


Finally today, I have a butt thrashing festival of tears and very sore bottoms as I think this is probably the 1st multi bum spanking that the mean ol’ Headmaster at Spanked-Coeds.com has carried out and I can tell you there are PLENTY of tears and screams as he dishes out a severe and nasty spanking and paddling of each girl… twice! By golly, these co-eds get a hell of a thrashing and these images don’t really do it justice but I hope you get an idea anyway!






A tear jerking butt busting spectacular! Go check out the free previews and see for yourself!


Have a great weekend! Chief.

Weekend Spanking Hotties & more

This is a quick update today as I bring you some incredible new stuff from around the spankosphere, something for everyone, and there’s a fantastic review of what’s coming at Punishedbrats.com with Pixie’s ability showing as she gets to grips with yet more editing of their recent film shoot with the wonderful and uber bratty Lorraine Little… this time given a proper little sister thrashing by one girl you shouldn’t mess with! One Miss Beverly Bacci (I still miss seeing her as a sub, but she is an awesome Domme and once any unfortunate girl is across her lap… watch out!) Check out the free 3 minute clip below that Pixie produced on the free Pixie’s Reviews section of Punishedbrats.com

This is all coming soon and I had just found the above video at Pixie’s own blog HERE

What is currently out and showing at Punishedbrats.com are some new movies, one with Pixie taking a hard paddling… and the second movie with Angelina AGAIN naked over the lap of Azul… she of the frightening “Medusa hair locks!” Yikes!



“Not Here” – Pixie enters Mr Pierson’s office to find that he is not in. Knowing she is in trouble, she tries to quickly leave having fulfilled the request to report, but Mr Pierson finds her and delivers her punishment with a very large heavy school paddle! This large wooden school paddle with holes has left Pixie with a very sore bottom and a very sorrowful demeanor!



Azul is not pleased with Angelina’s performance at rehearsal and has the lithe dancer naked again for our viewing pleasure and her bared exposed bottom gets some stinging whacks with her riding crop! These films are now shot in a higher resolution playback for better quality.

All this and you can STILL access the entire site from as little as $15 a month! CLICK HERE


Continuing withthe theme of the riding crop, this rare use of it in Japan grabbed my attention recently from one of their latest films at CutieSpankee.com … imagine your boss keeping that in her office drawer when you didn’t bring the tea or reports on time… it was a behind the doors meeting with ol’ Whippy the Riding Crop! Ouch! (some stunning images as usual from their films as you’ll see below!)



If you liked that, then of course there are the amazing schoolgirl sets and films that are nearly always there and you’d expect to see these films come up with butt warming regularity… and they do! No one does uniforms like the japanese girls, they were made for school uniforms: It’s just a fact, we have to deal with it and accept it… view the stunning results and enjoy!


Check out the very latest FREE Movie preview HERE


Here’s something a little different from BadTushy.com – and they’ve gone overboard with the tushy overload and naughty girl count as there’s a really hot black girl, an Asian girl (looks like she’s of Thai descent) and a naughty West coast gal… put this lot together and it’s a real heady spanking pot-pourri! It’s not for everyone, but I can tell you getting these porno type spankings in is working… as my membership is still going strong and I seriously approve of this spanking frivolity… oh and of course if you want escapist spankings by porn starlets, then this is the place to see it… oh, and there is always Miss Law to come in and make her fearsome appearance… so it covers corporal punishments too! See what I mean with these hot naughty spanking pics from the latest film!





Stunning! Check out all the most recent movies with access to images liek these HERE

Another week of relentless spankings!

Edit: I have added this as I am so utterly appalled and disgusted by the sheer criminality of what is happening in London which no doubt will spread to every major city in Britain this week (watch out for Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool very soon!) as these scum and thugs realize that the police are so stretched… if laws could be passed to make rioting and mindless violence and looting such a severe offence that it would make these freeloaders think twice… they are causing $100’s of millions of damage that the country can ill afford! There are reports of new outbreaks in London, plenty around where I am due to film next week too! FFS! I am so fed up with this whole economic meltdown – so to the greedy bankers in their flash cars that started all this a few years back… you have every right to feel scared and hide under your (rather plush) rocks!

Not sure if this live newsfeed is available from the BBC worldwide, but it’s available to view in the UK – CLICK HERE or image below:


I had a very boozy weekend away from home which was quite relaxing and a lot of fun to be around people I like and enjoying their company… of course I also had to fend off some questions from people I’d never or hardly talked to before at a busy BBQ Party about what I do… ah, that ol’ chestnut! Now, to those that wouldn’t understand… it’s the only part of my job I hate as I come up with some story to those that wouldn’t get what I do or would be shocked, angered or just plain horrified (for some reason)… however, I’ve got quite good at the “Internet Marketing” wheeze by now as well as what I’m doing in my real time job which is mundane and pays the essential bills. So, thanks to the economic turndown, my “Vanilla” job is the perfect ruse for those who haven’t paid me for my work thus forcing me to take on a 2nd job… etc etc…

& so to today’s varied and wonderful spanking updates and I’ve got some crackers for you today as I start with a brand new film starring the gorgeous Annabelle Vanderwood, I had been relentlessly petitioning the owners of FirmHandSpanking.com for more of this cute brat… and here she is! Don’t thank me all at once for Annabelle! 😀




Bottom lip quivering, eyes filled with tears, sobbing quietly, stunning Annabelle Vanderwood learns the hard way: 10 swats with a school paddle! She vandalized a girl’s car at college. Now her Life Coach marks her skin with the paddle’s brand. You will be amazed at the “Reaction Cam” and “Slow-Mo” shots included in this latest spanking production!


 You can check out more of the lovely Annabelle’s latest “Life Coach” movie Right Here


Oh, before I continue, here’s a random Daisy Duke booty popping pic I thought you’d like to view!
Credit to the perv that furtively took this shot… well done, Sir or Madam!!!


An interesting new movie has just been released at Punishedbrats.com with another relative newcomer, Pi… who is also taking a naked OTK spanking… which I most heartily applaud… over the lap of Veronica! As you can see below 🙂





New girl “Pi” stars in the new film “Excusable Excuse” - Veronica has to spank Pi for cutting classes again. She has Pi remove her uniform only to discover the girl failed to wear a bra that day! This further upsets Veronica and does not bode well for Pi’s bottom as she is given first a spanking over her panties followed by a naked OTK spanking and hard hairbrush punishment making her cute cheeks redden with a glowing shame!

Download the full movie at PunishedBrats.com

I also have a sneak preview from the amazing archives of Punishedbrats.com – remember this wonderful cheergirl punishment? It starred Pixie alongside a tearful brunette called Genesis – I regularly check out what’s stored from the past and can highly recommend this from the 1st year that this great site was started!



You can also check out a short preview clip directly below, courtesy of the Teen Spanking Tube

For MORE tearful brats – check out what is available from just $15/month (below)!


Oh more randomness from me today! Girls, I know you read my blog like this… right?


I had a little chuckle as I saw one of the latest updates at NorthernSpanking.com – Paul is a man after my own heart… seeing girls thrashed in their wet knickers… he recently helped me film Sarah Gregory (up next in my updates today) getting her bottom spanked and paddled in wet knickers… it’s very humiliating and extremely painful for the girls… so as I saw Andi Switch carrying this out with a rather dejected looking Nicole Reina… it brought it all back! Yikes, this is taken from “Bathroom Beating” – one of the many updates this week at NorthernSpanking.com




See what members are downloading today at Northern Spanking – Click Here

Oh, and if you wanted to see “Sarah’s Bathroom Spanking” (spanked and paddled in her wet knickers by Paul)… filmed by me, you can only do so EXCLUSIVE to the Clip Store featured HERE – it’s a very popular film, unsurprisingly as it’s only available at this place!


& now as promised above… something taken from Sarah’s own site HERE alongside the awesome Dana Specht who she happily talked to me about for an age when I enquired about her. Dana is a no nonsense disciplinarian, (I’m sure you will know that) and you can see this from the images below when Sarah is caught experimenting with smoking (a disgusting habit, I know) and severe disciplinary action is needed to nip this sort of thing early before Sarah gets a filthy nicotine habit!

Sarah is soooooo busted in this latest film!!!

Butt on Fire - Dana is not too happy to find Sarah experimenting with a cigarette. She gives her a long hard right to the bare bottom discipline spanking that brings real tears!






There’s a new clip store opened below with all the goodness that Naughty Bottom already has and they are excited to be bringing yet more exclusive stuff to both their sites coming very soon 🙂



I am updating the Teen-Spankings blog and The Retro Barebottom review site later today, so please feel free to check these sites out, there will be a film review and a look at what is happening with my favorite Japanese girls and probably a whole lot more 🙂

Regards, Chief.