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Back Up of Lost Spanking Posts

I am making back ups of some lost data but will also include more DIFFERENT content at my other blog TEEN-SPANKINGS so you can be assured that there is going to be a lot of data flooding these 2 blogs in addition to all my usual regular updates! I will continue to do this and pick and choose the very best of these updates that I had lovingly took time over to write up! So these updates will be in addition to my regular stuff and I won’t mention this again: So if you think ol’ Chief has gone mad enthusing about something you may have recognised from a year or 2 ago, then this is why!

I say just enjoy all the extra content! Some of this goes back a few years so hopefully some of you may not have seen any of this, or you may be titillated or intrigued by seeing it again or reminded of something really cool. make this your stop for more  spanking goodness overload too until my server hosts wonder what the hell is happening!!! Enjoy – Chief.


I’ve seen some fantastic posters for some cracking movies at SpankingMags recently – and this is one site which you would ignore at yoru peril. Why? Take a look at the amazing previews below with some of the hardest red bottom punishments with real tears, welted buttocks and some explicit and humiliating discipline added to really put these girls in their places! Click on the images below which lead to special free galleries and movie presentations.

I think you’ll get the idea of the type of punishments that are featured here,and all movies are exclusively remastered, all movies are only HI RES, and these e-Zines are now available for a lower price as well as also offering amazing 3 and 6 month membership deals which work out at unbelievable value! Enough of my waffle, see for yourself  HERE


I have some classics and recent updates from the hard hitting schoolgirl punishment site, GirlsBoardingSchool and as you’ll see, over time, nothing really changes, the girls are very pretty, and they are punished in and out of their uniforms, and no part of their bodies are spared as they get strapped spanked paddled and caned, across their hands, feet and of course, their bare exposed bottoms!

As you’ll see below, this beauty gets a hard spanking, taken from my own personal archives…enjoy!



The themes are varied but all result in the same thing, a very sore red bottom for the girls and often, a very humiliating and severe punishment which leaves them snivelling and crying! The below galleries that I have found are all from the most recent updates at GirlsBoardingSchool and feature some EXCLUSIVE movies starring spanking stars such as Keagan (featured below getting her hands and feet strapped) and gorgeous blonde Molly.

Check out the free galleries of this fine spanking erotica that combines SEVERE spanking paddling and caning discipline and stunning lookers in authentic schoolgirl detention scenarios!



MORE Schoolgirl Punishments are located HERE for your viewing pleasures


This is a vastly under-rated site which focusses on one thing, the punishment of schoolgirls in the USA! If seeing beautiful teens thrashed in & out of their cute uniforms is your thing, then read on! Firstly, it’s a hard punishment site, nothing sexual as it’s schoolgirl themed (apart from those of us who enjoy getting off on the sight of a half naked tearful schoolgirl, with her bare bottom and more fully exposed adding to their shameful punishment!) Just look at some images below and you’ll see what this site is about!

These girls in their cutsie uniforms would be spanked in various locations of the school, nowhere was safe! The classroom for disruptive behavior, the Dean’s Office, where girls knew they’d be severely punished, such as hard hitting paddling and canings. Then there is the privacy and shame of being punished in their Dorms, often stripped completely for our viewing pleasure!



What is good about REALSPANKINGSINSTITUTE  is the fact it has massive archives spreading back years, and with the regular updates, it just gets bigger and bigger, what I noticed also was there are 2 camera angles shot, but often they are played out in full instead of edited into one film. It’s not to everyone’s tastes, but this network has been doing it for years with great success, and you get a chance to view the reactions and not miss a thing either from behind or to the side or the facial cams that you can view!
One thing I like is that one of my favorite models, Kailee Robinson, features heavily when she did a lot of work, and I mean A LOT of hard hitting stuff, check out some more sample pics below and see the real tears, the shame and the very red sore bottom of Kailee paddled in her Dorm Room.



 What I have also seen is that REALSPANKINGSINSTITUTE still has an honorable 3 month offer which allows you to purchase this at just $45 for this period instead of the already very reasonably priced $19.95 per month, which of course is already fantastic value considering they are probably one of America’s largest schoolgirl specialist spanking sites!

Take advantage of the low monthly or 3 Month Special below:


A return to classic RETRO discipline, when girls bottoms quivered in fear if they knew they had detention “after school” as in the privacy of these private institutions, Masters would dish out all sorts of nasty punishments across their bare teenage cheeks. See one such punishment for Helen and Cathy with their contrasting bared cheeks thrashed with the leather strap! A return to old fashioned values and this film is available as part of a unique membership at SpankedSchoolgirl

I have got a couple of special freebies from this movie – see below



Teen schoolgirls getting spanked is one of the topics that nearly everyone can agree on that it’s a “must see”…who wouldn’t want to watch a girl in her uniform, getting told to remove her regulation knickers and get over Miss’ knee for a revealing bare bottom spanking!

So feel free to watch Jodie below getting a thorough spanking across Miss Wood’s knee for her disgraceful behaviour in class…this is what OTK spanking is all about and the very latest specially adapted and re edited movie of Jodie caters to us over the knee punishment lovers! Enjoy!






OTKspank is a one stop resource site for all things OTK and has some delicious spankings like the above and the longer term memberships at this regularly updated site are amongst THE BEST anywhere for the amount of content on the internet! 

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