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Audrey Sugarsmak now at AAA Spanking

nurseThe incredible debut of Audrey Sugarsmak is finally here at AAAspanking.com and it has been well worth the wait. I have long admired Audrey’s work, primarily at Punishedbrats.com and I never gave up wanting to film with her… watching her booty getting spanked for other sites was hard for me to watch (lol) – so in April 2016, we changed all that when she spent the afternoon with Sarah & I and helped make some pretty awesome films, filming things you wouldn’t normally expect Audrey to be in… and of course in our trademark crystal clear HD quality playback. I only have screen grabs as this may have been the last film of the day and we were running a little late so I was just grateful that I got to make this great little film, with Audrey wearing an authentic nursing uniform from the UK. If only all nurses looked as good as Audrey… I don’t think that would do anything for those with high blood pressure!

Okay, I have prattled on enough, please do check out the images and GIFs and decide for yoruself if Audrey is worth the entrance fee (still possible to view the site from as little as $12.50/month if you take the Rewards Membership). We update relentlessly at all the sites Sarah and I are involved with so you will always have at least one new film guaranteed every week without fail at every site.

SENIOR NURSE DISCIPLINE – the debut of Audrey Sugarsmak at AAA Spanking


Audrey is the Senior Nurse of the care home she is helping to run (in authentic nursing uniform) meeting CEO Johnny Lake who has flown in especially for this showdown meeting and he has methods of spanking discipline that shocks her… so the rumors about their boss WAS true!

senior_nurse004 senior_nurse008 senior_nurse011 senior_nurse017 senior_nurse023 senior_nurse028 senior_nurse029 au1 senior_nurse030 senior_nurse045 senior_nurse038 spanking senior_nurse049 senior_nurse052 senior_nurse058 caning senior_nurse065 senior_nurse076 senior_nurse077 senior_nurse079 senior_nurse080 au3

ambThis is a debut appearance for Audrey at AAA Spanking and we thought we would try something a little different by dressing her in an authentic British nursing uniform (the ones that are used in care homes) and have her punished by our good friend and excellent disciplinarian, Johnny Lake. Audrey was the senior nurse of a prestigious care home for the wealthy elderly which was run by a subsidiary of Lake Enterprises. Audrey was invaluable to the company but being involved in a scandal and loss of revenue, Johnny flew down in person to deal with this the best way he knew how. He hated having his company name dragged through the media for all the wrong reasons so he arranged a private disciplinary meeting with her. She knew what was coming and was nervous, being spanked with her panties down by the CEO was embarrassing but she couldn’t afford to get fired. Worse was to come as she hated the cane and Johnny knew this! She took the strokes anyway as he reminded her of the alternative right there and then. Watch Audrey, looking so cute in that nursing outfit getting a punishment she thought she had grown out of. This was a reminder to the staff at Lake Enterprises that this CEO took his job seriously when it came to personal discipline!





This film is also available as a one time download – CLICK HERE to view the movie



Hello again! Spanking Parties are hard work!

lonestar300When I have time later this week to collect my thoughts I will provide you with a full update of how the Lone Star Spanking Party went (it was a humungous success with more attendees than we could have possibly imagined!) – however, I am totally burnt out at the moment and this is one of the reasons I hadn’t updated here as I was so pre-occupied with the party and ensuring that it ran as smoothly as it could at a new venue.

Anyway, we filmed just once at the event but it was a fantastic chance to fulfill both a personal and professional fantasy of having multiple girls in one shoot, especially cheerleaders with matching uniforms (we had 5 v 4 cheer girls at the start!) I will just provide some brief images taken from my phone so you get an idea of what’s coming soon! I will also let you know what else happened throughout the party over the weekend as I need to go through many of the official images we took. The ones below are with my camera and capture the moment 🙂

Coming soon to CheerleaderSpankings.com

cheer1 cheer2 cheer3 cheer4

& this was rather impressive, a 10 girl bumfest in Michael Masterson’s suite (LOL!)
See what you have missed, eh? Oh boy…



Anyway… here is just a reminder of what went up at Sarah’s site this week as it co stars one of my fave ladies, Lily Swan – who is exclusive to her group of fine sites and is VERY popular… she is also a wonderful painslut who doesn’t need to film but does so because she and Sarah are very good friends! We are so lucky… and thank you Lily for helping to make yet another hard spanking film for us both!

Sarah is a rather accomplished caner, one of the best females in the biz wielding her favorite “stick” – the cane from Quality Control in the UK (we will be visiting them in person next month to make some more purchases!!!)

spanking females

Lily’s Mistake – now showing at Sarah Gregory Spanking

0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-026 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-028 spanking on her panties 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-044 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-049 leather strap on the bare ass 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-062 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-067 girl girl canings exposed bottom caned hard 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-076 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-077 sore exposed bottom humiliating punishments

Lily has really messed up this time; she has shipped the cane and paddle order to the wrong address. The lovely BDSM couple ordered a huge box of spanking implements, but Lily made a mistake when shipping it out and put the wrong address on the package; THE CHURCH. How humiliating this was to have this order being sent to the town church. Sarah cannot have her employees making mistakes like this. Lily will now get to experience how much a spanking can really hurt when used to teach her a lesson in making mistakes. Sarah spanks Lily over her skirt, then on her bare bottom with her hand before using a thick leather strap on her and finishing up with the cane.


Please do check out the amazing free clip of Lily’s punishment below!


sarah Gregory Spanking

This site is part of the Sarah Gregory Pass giving you access to her sites for less than the combined cost with the same set of codes for your added convenience!

Sarah Gregory Pass


Oh… while I am still here on this subject of hard discipline… I just had chance to download and view the latest film featuring the lovely Belinda Lawson in the last of her current Military Discipline series… a rather good caning punishment and a fitting end to one of her best, in my opinion! Images and film clip link are from the excellent Firm Hand Spanking

Grand finale 24-stroke military caning for Belinda Lawson, panties down


Belinda Lawson proves her super-stardom after 18 strokes of the cane on her bare bottom in Military Discipline. She’s disrespectful to Colonel Grey and earns herself an extra six of the best, a total of 24 strokes! Slow-motion replay and Reaction Cam show every moment of this epic buttock striping finale. Belinda tells us what she thinks, too.

military_cj004 military_cj005 military_cj007 caning on the bare bottom military_cj014 bare bottom caning military_cj017 military_cj019 sore spanked bottom military_cj022 military_cj023

There is a free clip of this awesome finale which you can view below…


Firm Hand Spanking

Midweek Spanking Updates

It’s that time when I attempt to catch up with some of the best spanking updates I’ve seen from the SG Group of sites in one go! That’s 4 websites for you to look at and there are some amazing spanking scenes and stories to tell. I hope you like the images and GIFS that I have made for you here… if you see these GIFs elsewhere, just remember that you saw them here first 😉

midweek spankings

I’ll start with AAA Spanking and a long play film in 2 clear parts: I have covered the first part here (below) which is wholly F/F and is a Mommy/Daughter spanking scenario (that’s the Sarah Gregory influence, which I think is a good thing!). She wanted more of these type of scenes played out so with the AAA twist, the second part sees the (step) mother of Stevie punished by the distraught husband in a hard domestic discipline with “heavy leather straps and sticks” who never gave his new wife permisssion to spank his precious little daughter!

This films stars Stevie Rose & Miss Anna (the wicked step mom)
Spanking Daddy’s Princess (part 1)

spanking daddy's princess

Stevie is confronted by her new step mother before bedtime in another unfair “discipline session” that went too far this time with Stevie getting her PJ bottoms pulled down and given a hard bare bottom spanking, leather paddling and hairbrush punishment to tears. (just wait til daddy finds out – in part 2)

daddys_princess002 daddys_princess003 daddys_princess004 spanking mommy spanks her daughter daughter punished by mommy paddled otk daddys_princess010 daddys_princess011 daddys_princess012 hairbrush and otk spanking daddys_princess014 otk spanking daddys_princess016 hairbrush spanking daddys_princess018 daddys_princess019 01daddysprincess

Stevie Rose had a new stepmom and they didn’t like each other one little bit! Anna made sure that her new bratty daughter got no favoritism from her when Stevie’s Daddy (John) was away on business. He trusted Anna to look after her as she was his Special Little Princess. His wife found fault with Stevie’s behavior and often spanked her hard until this time she went too far and spanked Stevie on her bare bottom with a leather paddle and a hairbrush!

daddys princess rubbing her sore bottom



The full film is now available at the Clip Store HERE


1149308_oCheerleader Spankings delievers on its promise of sexy films and real hard discipline films – although, personally I’d find this new one in the “both” category this week. Angel Lee (who we rarely see online), as far as I can see, has only appeared at the SG network of all sites featured here today… so it is my pleasure to showcase this excellent cheergirl discipline film. Angel took not only a Reformatory Strap but the 5ft+ Workout Strap which I also believe is the first time it has ever been shown on film… Johnny (FLAPaddler) was the coach who wielded this wicked piece of heavy leather. Take a look at her sore bottom and tell me this punishment didn’t get the message across!


Coach had called for one of his best cheerleaders, Angel Lee, to see him when he found out she had been late for practice again. She had potential but her attitude and workrate recently had started to let down the team. He ignored her weak excuses and took her over his lap for a hard bare bottom spanking that had her gasping in disbelief. This punishment took a turn for the worse when Angel swore at her coach in frustration when he made her repeat “Practice makes Precision”. No girl on his squad would dare show such disrespect so he gave her 2 further painful lessons bent over a bench, her bare bottom high in the air, quivering and exposed. First, the reformatory strap did its job then the dreaded 5ft long heavy workout strap crashed onto her sore, red cheeks for a total of 10 furious licks of mean leather no girl should ever have to take! Warning: This is a severe punishment film that not many girls can take… See how much Angel was able to withstand in this authentic style cheergirl discipline drama.

CLS-54-020 panties down spanking spanking her hard otk spanking CLS-54-039 CLS-54-043 CLS-54-058 CLS-54-069 panties down spanking and strapping strapping the cheerleader CLS-55-015 02practice CLS-55-021 CLS-55-023 ANGEL LEE - SORE RED CHEERLEADER BOTTOM


cheerleader spanking - click here for more girls punished panties down

Or visit The New Cheer Clips Store (below) to view this full HD video

cheerleader spankings clip store - click here to see all the latest films


At Sarah Gregory Spanking Johnny Lake is again featured giving the amazing Harley Havik her most tearful and very real discipline film with “Straps and sticks!” As I recall, Harley was only filmed twice as both films were severe and there was no way after this one she could continue… in fact, sarah and I caught up with her later the following week in LA and made some more hard, but beautiful punishment films). On thsi particular day, we were at a private spanking party this was the last film we shot (well, we only did 2 and they were both severe) You can see her other tearful film already showing at AAA Spanking HERE (<<free gallery)

Real Tears, Real Apologiesfeaturing Harley Havik

0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-014 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-016 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-018 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-028 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-029 leather strapping 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-035 caning harley to tears 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-054 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-060 03harley 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-063 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-066 caning 0248_harleys_real_tears_grabs-080

Harley has really fucked up this time. She was caught on camera kissing, dancing, and being spanked by another man. She knows the rules, woman only. Johnny is not happy with her to say the least, in fact he is disappointed beyond belief. His girlfriend and submissive will not disobey him like this. There are only two things he uses to teach her a lesson, Straps and Sticks. He takes his thickest meanest strap to poor Harley’s bottom and then his thickest cane. By the time the first stroke of the cane comes down she is crying real tears and begging for forgiveness. This is Harley’s first ever time crying real tears in a film.


sarah gregory spanking - real tears


Finally for today, another Mother spanking daughter video, also with Miss Anna… from Momma Spankings – only this time the spankees are sisters played by the adorable pairing of Alex Reynolds and Adriana Evans… oh my, look at them all!

Adriana Evans - Mommy Miss Anna & Alex Reynolds

Sister Trouble – with Adriana Evans, Alex Reynolds & Miss Anna (their mom)

Alex and her sister Adriana are non-stop arguing and fighting and mommy has had just about enough of their behavior. Mommy takes each of her naughty daughters over the knee for bare bottom spankings. This elicits real tears from Alex as she apologizes and cries. Adriana continues to sass mom and earns herself another trip over mom’s lap for the hairbrush. Alex makes snarky remarks from the corner and also earns the hairbrush on her already sore spanked bottom. These are two very sorry sisters.

told off and scolded by mommy momma-213-010 momma-213-012 spankings momma-214-049 Adriana spanked by mommy momma-214-032 momma-214-090 momma-214-102 04sisters hard spanking action momma-213-040 momma-213-042 Alex is spanked and given the hairbrush on her bare bottom momma-214-172 very sorry sisters



This is part of the better value Sarah Gregory Pass – giving you access to both her main sites for less than the combined cost! just be sure that you have enough disk space as there are 100’s of Gb of film data to view and download! See more info on how to join by clicking HERE or on the banner (below).

sarah gregory pass


lone star spanking partyI love drama in the films but NOT at meetings or public gatherings – which is why, for a large national spanking party, you will get to enjoy meeting other like minded spankos on your level… this is at the LONE STAR SPANKING PARTY – There’s absolutely no pressure to join in any organized stuff but it helps for some of you who might be alone to break the ice (such as newbie orientation, the Spankee Hawkins events and so on…) but there are some great classes (such as Amelia Jane Rutherford’s and a special presentation from Michael Masterson too!). Then, of course, there are all the suite parties where lots of the nocturnal shenanigans happen. If the doors are open you’re welcome to go take a looksee and maybe join in too! The main suite will be open so anyone is welcome there and people often take off to various rooms for smaller parties within a party.

Last year’s party was a big hit with the relaxed atmosphere that people appreciated and this year will be even better – a new, better, very kink friendly hotel that can’t wait to welcome us all… I know Sarah, Tubaman & I are excited about it this year. So if you are in the Houston (Texas) area on May 19-23 then come book a room at the hotel for a discounted group price, pay your registration and enjoy all the fun.
It’s even cheaper this year if you don’t want to partake in the Evening Ball/Dining on Friday and Saturday (as that costs more) so there are options for everyone’s tastes/time and wallet. There is also the Dark Party (which got quite raunchy where there was a little more BDSM play involved). Oh my… there is so much to do including an excursion to the coast and the bus we have hired will have tinyed windows and a driver that will expect LOTS of spanking noises going on behind him! LOL – just go take a looksee at the website and check out the full schedule!


Welcome to Houston! 🙂

The Clinical Approach – Spanking & Enema Play

“Oh hai!” I’m sorry about not updating this spanking blog as often recently, it’s not for want of trying. So much has been going on (all good, of course) behind the scenes. If you follow my Twitter account, then you’d get a sense of what is happening but I won’t bore you with it here -go stalk me, it’s not exactly hard to find, lol!

clinicalapproachAnyway, one such time that both Sarah & I were busy was our visit at the end of last month when we were in Las Vegas on a very hectic schedule. We met Tony & Eve from Shadowlame.com to feature in a film alongside the very beautiful and talented Violet October. We had a really fun shoot doing something VERY similar to what you’ll see here below… this film featured here today was carried out not long ago on Violet alongside Nikki Rouge. The release of the film with myself, Sarah and Violet is imminent… so this film will prove most apt for you all to check over! It will give you an idea (with a special twist) of what is to come!

Beautiful, 22 year old thrill seeker, Violet, revisits Nikki Rouge (her summer disciplinarian). This time she confesses her ardent desire for further therapeutic correction. The petite blonde has been dreaming about embarrassing anal discipline, butt plugs and enemas. She has even visited a sex therapist for preliminary anal training. Lovely, leggy Nikki enthusiastically accepts the assignment, informing Violet that anal penetration must always be prefaced by spanking. This is to render the culprit’s bottom a deep, dark pink and infusing it with warmth that should last throughout the treatment. Below are some scenes from the film…

 “The Clinical approach”

WARNING: Purists will complain and huff and puff… others will enjoy this for what it is. A very sexual F/F spanking film infused with a deep fetish of anal play, humiliation, embarrassment and enemas.

Over the knee spanking & lubrication of an anal plug

a02 spankings a04 a01 anal play a06

An early part of her introduction to the treatment – there will be spanking involved!

[jwplayer mediaid=”47686″]

Nikki uses a professional lube shooter to inject surgical grade lubricant into Violet’s upturned bottom. She then slowly introduces a wiggly, 5″ silicone dildo into Violet’s tiny rectum. All this along with plenty of crisp hand spankings to her bare bottom.

Over The Knee Bottle Enema

a1 a2 otk spanking a4a humiliation and spanking a6 a6a a6b

Making sure to keep Violet’s jutting cheeks pink with spanking… Nikki then administers a preliminary over the knee, mini bottle enema infusion into Violet’s well-lubricated anus.

The red water bag enema scene – spankings and humiliation roleplay

b0 spanking and enemas b2 b3 b4 b5

[jwplayer mediaid=”47685″]

Never forgetting to spank Violet’s satiny smooth cheeks to a constant state of pinkness. Nikki relubricates Violet and administers a classic bag enema to her charge, while Violet kneels, in the knee to elbow position.

The Final scene – a 24 stroke caning

caning c2 c3 c4 c5 c6 SPANKING AND CANING c8

Violet’s therapeutic punishment session is finished off with a purifying 24 stroke caning across her adorable bottom, administered with careful exactitude by her thorough mistress.

[jwplayer mediaid=”47684″]


Shadow Lane


Oh, before I go, a quick apology to members at AAA Spanking - The new film should have come out on Wednesday & I was tasked with putting this up but I had to help with a film shoot in the UK. I was still (and am) suffering from jetlag (having flown in from LA). I will be getting that up later today and letting you know more about it. If you can’t wait, it is already released at the Clips Store in full HERE and has already become a top seller. It’s no surprise as it features a really hard tearful severe Uncle/Niece leather strapping punishment. This is with new AAA debutante, Harley Havik! She is awesome… as is Johnny Lake who spanked and strapped her in this film - (see below).


Personal Trainer’s Hot Spanking Punishment

Lola MarieHi everyone, just a quick update to keep you going and it won’t have been advertised anywhere else yet as it was only released a few hours ago…. Today’s post features a TON of images for you to ogle over… the reason this update was a little late at AAA was because Sarah was busy and I couldn’t help her get this out on time either as I had been visiting relatives before the Xmas  period gets under way and they were in the middle of nowhere with poor internet connection (oops!) – However, it is now out for members at AAAspanking.com and stars the beautiful and very sassy Lola Marie getting a pretty severe discipline session (you only have to take a look at the Preview clip of her hairbrush punishment to see what I mean & I’ll let you know where you can see a free preview of that later).

The carpet beater used in Lola's spanking punishment

This video comes with approx 150 screen grab images (there’s a lot of action) and about 60 High Res Stills which compliments the video so it’s a good sizeable update for members to view! I have some sample images, all reduced in size but you’ll get the idea! I can remember this film like it was yesterday… it was a hot summer’s day (July 2013, the day before Dodgy Dave & I left for our first trip to Las vegas and Nevada/Arizona) and we had been filming outdoors and these were the last vids of the day and I mentioned to Lola that the last film was going to test her… and that it did. It might have been a video with a lot of banter (Lola Marie can’t help her sassy attitude, of course) but there were scenes, especially with the wooden implements that I guess she was a little uncomfortable taking but she did it through gritted teeth…. otherwise it would not have been a punishment, would it? The hairbrush, bathbrush and a hard wooden paddle were used as well as some stinging strokes with a carpet beater, six strokes of the cane and I believe there was also a heavy double stitched leather strap… all in all, poor Lola took quite a spanking punishment!

Are you ready to spank me?

Read on and you’ll find out why…


Personal Trainer’s Punishment starring Lola Marie

personal trainer's punishment

Lola Marie was a specialist Personal Trainer at a Kink Friendly Gym Club. She was aware that as well as exercise, club members would practice discipline sessions in the basement. She had been called to the basement before her shift one morning so knew something was wrong! The Gym Owner needed to confront her over an issue brought up by some of the members. She had been mean & working some of them too hard so they had requested that she be disciplined to teach her a lesson. Lola was aware something like this could happen & was paid a lot of money within this kink friendly environment. Her attitude got her into trouble with the owner & she had to accept the consequences… she was spanked to start with then placed on the bench, mouth gagged to keep her more compliant and then a variety of implements, both leather and wooden, were used across her bottom including the dreaded bathbrush, carpet beater & a horrible looking tawse! Finally, Lola Marie was caned on her already sore bottom & told to reflect on the error of her ways!

Images below are taken directly from the video…

bubble butt made for spanking personal_t007 hairbrush spanking personal_t041 tawsed and spanked personal_t049 bathbrush spanking personal_t068 personal_t080 personal_t086 personal_t094 personal_t100 personal_t107 personal_t118 personal_t129 toned trainer's naked body spankable ass spanking aftercare
Lola needed some aftercare and reassurance after this punishment.


beautiful bubble butt


This video can also be downloaded at the Clips Store HERE




Don’t go too far… as I will be bringing you news of the next category to vote on in the Spanking Awards as well as results of the Best Facial Expression in a Spanking. Laters!

You can still vote in the following categories at the time of writing:

Severe Spanking Special



Tearful Angel’s Severe Punishment

Sarah filmed one of her most severe films ever at the Crimson Moon Spanking Party earlier this summer with 2 friends in the scene, Angel Lee & Johnny Lake. Below are some screen stills from this dramatic video and the reason why tearful Angel got this once in a lifetime filmed punishment. This is a really special event that was very emotional for Angel and will even satisfy those boring monotone sadists out there that regularly bitch and complain that “some spanking films are never hard enough!” (WTF?) *sigh*


This was the most severe spanking film ever produced to date for Sarah Gregory’s main site: Angel put her life at risk… so in this real life discipline film, her good friend Johnny dealt with this. After some scolding that pretty much had Angel in tears, it was right to the bare bottom punishment for an OTK strapping. Then Angel was made to stand up for the wooden paddle and finally the cane (these scenes are particularly severe). Her bottom marked up and welted severely as she cried. By the end of this, she was one sorry little girl!

0228_tearful_angel_grabs-013 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-016 otk strapping 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-023 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-031 spanking otk spanking wooden paddle 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-069 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-073 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-095 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-099 caning 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-106 0228_tearful_angel_grabs-107


spanking aftercare

sarah Gregory Spanking

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Sarah Gregory Pass


Don’t forget the Spanking Awards 2015 Nominations HERE


& lest we forget: All those that gave down their lives so that we could live our own in peace, respect & freedom of choice. You will never be forgotten! November 11th – Remembrance Day in Europe, Canada & “Down Under” – “Veterans Day” in the USA (though there seems to be less about actually remembering those fallen in the US and more about it being a day to go shopping in some sales as I see it, or am I wrong?)


Spanking Updates to start your weekend

As promised, here is a selection from tonight’s Spanking Menu: a few sites you may not have seen from me for a while… (since I caught up in other business) but I’m back and should be updating with the latest or fairly recent (as I haven’t written about them even though a couple might have been out for a week or longer) – So… lots of images and the full stories behind these films – do go check out the sites I have selected, their tour pages often have more info and free clips which are always a bonus! Without our support, these sites won’t continue in their present form or will become more expensive or less frequent in updates and then we’ll all lose what we love seeing, new fresh spanking films and images on a regular basis from these companies that are still committed to trying to bring us all ever more interesting and different spanking fayre!

So let’s start today’s catch up with NorthernSpanking.com

Jenna Jay

Borstal girls: Jenna Jay’s Public Beating

VIDNSI1166-010 caning and spanking caned in assembly VIDNSI1166-018 caned at school bare sore welted cheeks VIDNSI1166-027

As an example to the other girls confined to the institution, second-time offender Jenna is brought to the lecturn during a specially called punishment assembly. In front of the entire facility, Jenna is to have her leggings and underwear removed and be caned in public.

Check out this small freeplay clip – a hot scene of the scolding, anger & disappointment by Paul Kennedy and the humiliation that follows for Jenna as she is caned in front of the *Borstal establishment assembly!

[jwplayer mediaid=”43101″]

*Borstal was an old British institution where young offenders would go for a short sharp shock – in an attempt to keep them out of prison at a later date… these institutions were for both girls and boys. Borstal was tough, it was brutal… and is now no longer part of British society.



I didn’t want to start with me first, I didn’t know that Sarah had put up this film with Stevie Rose & myself. It’s actually rather good and is now showing at Sarah Gregory spanking – We both got into the roleplay scene easily and the title of the film really showed how “angry” I was – as I could well imagine what Stevie had done to make her poor uncle so mad… of course she got a hard OTK spanking and wicked strapping for her deceit! (I made sure it was the nasty side of the leather strap). Now showing at Sarah’s main site: Angry Uncle John

0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-004 spanked in PJs 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-024 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-025 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-027 spanking by uncle 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-046 strapping by uncle 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-059 0220_angry_uncle_john_grabs-061

Stevie is staying with her “cool” uncle John. She thinks he is so cool that he won’t notice that she borrowed his really expensive muscle car for a photo shoot. When the photos pop up online he is very unhappy to say the least. He is so angry, anything could have happened to her or the expensive car. His naughty niece will get the spanking and strapping of her life.

Check out the free OTK spanking Clip (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”43102″]

Click here to view this film in FULL – This site is part of the Sarah Gregory Pass

Sarah Gregory Pass


Next… A real life punishment for young schoolgirl, Sanna, with an OTK spanking followed by a rather sadistic caning which leaves her in tears and with some very real visible welts. This caught my eye… you can see part of the punishment clip for yourself and decide. Her welts were turning very dark… those were going to be difficult to sit on and bruise for weeks afterwards! This is one of the most recent films to be shown at Girls Boarding School

pic01 OTK spanking pic04 pic05 caned to tears pic13 pic14 welted sore ass

Free clip of Sanna’s caning punishment is shown (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”43113″]

View the full severe punishment film & ALL of Sanna’s videos HERE


First times in Russia are never easy… their spankings tend to have more emphasis on the S part of bdSm – this isn’t everyone’s tastes but this is how Russian girls get treated often in the porn media. Mix this up with embarrassing schoolgirl examinations before punishments and it is a deadly combo! I have only placed images… (as I will for the remainder of this post to save time) but I think you get the general idea below! Spankings and Punishments in Russia are very, very mean!

01 02 examined and spanked humiliating punishments and examinations 05 06 07 real tears Russian canings

See MORE of this spanking & Caning as well as plenty like it at Her First Punishment


Back in the West… plenty of websites nowadays receive custom or member requests. Sometimes producers can do thsi easily, other times, more specific customs can be done in private, I have done a few and have had great feedback from the individuals that I undertook this for. The customs will never be shown as they are for their own private use and I think that is part of the kick people get… knowing no one else will ever see what they asked to be produced (mainly as they are personal). Member requests are different, if they seem plausible, and it sounds good… then, I guess many producers will try. Like Michael Masterson at RSI did with Kajira most recently. the full 2 part video is now available… check out the images (below) that accompany this great little film!

A Member Request –  Kajira’s OTK & Cane Punishment

13131_008 13131_018 otk caning 13131_050 13131_059 caning and spanking 13132_018 sore red spanked bottom 13132_048 punished and spanked presenting her bare naked spanked bottom 13132_088

This video is a special member requested scene. Kajira was taken OTK by The Dean and spanked on her bare bottom with a small cane, leaving her bottom marked and sore. He then placed her in time out and went to get another implement to continue her punishment. The Dean returned with the martinet and spanked Kajira further. She was then told to remove all her clothing and hold the cane in her hands, while fully exposed in her final “time out”.

Check out this special schoolgirl punishment film in full – CLICK HERE

RSI is part of the Real spankings Pass (see more details on this below)

Real Spankings Pass


Finally for today… at Bars and Stripes there’s a great double punishment of two of my favorite ladies, and the punishment carried out by one of my favorite British female tops (who I have all worked with a lot in the past – Miss Zoe Page). So all in all, even before I watched this, I *knew* it was going to be good… AND, it contained a pillow fight, one of my own personal core kinks.  I love seeing girls fight like this (yes, that is just me, I’m afraid). So here today is the close to this post with a pillow fighting and double spanking extraordinaire of Amelia Jane Rutherford & Aleesha Fox. Oh my!

pillow_fight_IMG_4470 pillow_fight_IMG_4551 pillow_fight_IMG_4516  bare bottom spanking bare bottom spankings pillow_fight_scr2 pillow_fight_scr3  pillow_fight_IMG_4578 paddled side by side pillow_fight_scr6

In the halfway house inmates Amelia and Aleesha were supposed to be asleep but they got into an argument over a hairbrush and a pillow fight ensued. Officer Page heard the racket and with her leather paddle and hard hand, she made sure those two noisy little madams went to sleep with very sore bottoms.

CLICK HERE to view this latest spanking F/F video in full HD


Don’t forget to check out the daily AAA updated films (below) incl. extended FREE previews


Do I hear Spanking Noises?

I see and hear spanking

It’s okay.. see? I’m back! However, after the last spanking party (which I just wrote about) all I am hearing are spanking noises in my head… I find it difficult to sleep! It’ll pass… I just have to catch up on the many spanking updates I will inform you about! I’m biased, naturally, when it comes to Sarah Gregory, but her latest film release alongside Miss Chris at MommaSpankings.com is a perfect Mommy/Daughter bedtime punishment film that has the right amount of scolding, oh so cute pajamas, and a wonderful spanked bare bottom with real tears as a final release of emotion. Check it out – I have images and a free clip for y’all! It also happens to be one of the films Sarah had just made last week and she edited this one herself in double quick time… she loved this so much, it got inside her head (hence the real tears) and she wanted to share this with her members. She also looks fricking HOT!!!

Naughty, Sorry & Spanked – starring Sarah Gregory & Miss Chris

scolding momma-179-021 spanking in pajamas spankings spanked on her bed shocked and spanked in her pajamas removing her panties crying and spanking Sarah's real tears punishment sore bottom comforted by Momma

Little Sarah has just been an all around bad girl. She has been playing with her food at the table, wondered off at the playground, and been a real brat. Mommy has told her to go to her room and wait for a spanking. Sarah is pouty and upset. Mommy spanks Sarah until she is a very sorry and sobbing little girl. Mommy knows Sarah won’t be sorry until she sees real tears.

Check out the free Clip (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”43044″]

The website has just had a minor upgrade with playable HTML5 clips on the main tour pages (like the one above) accessible on any device. This will be rolled out as an option INSIDE the members area too for full films and she is currently working on that which will make the site far more appealing to mobile users or those who want to stream content only! You can see MORE HERE

Momma Spankings


There is a new debut girl at SarahGregorySpanking.com and she was one of the surprise finds at this year’s Fetishcon. Her name is Zooey Zara (1st name pronounced Zo-eee). She is a genuine BDSM lifestyle player and somewhat of a painslut – “Yay!” we all yelled at the time. Johnny Lake was rooming with us and he helped out with some filming which we did just on the last day (models there don’t want to be marked until the end) that’s if they do BDSM, extreme rigging … or in this case, “Spankings, Straps…. and STICKS!” Zooey stood at just over 6 feet tall so Johnny is of similar height… not that she remained upright for long! She took a hell of a strapping and caning, as you’ll discover in the images and clip to follow. Rest assured she will be appearing again in Sarah’s group of sites (most probably the one she had to take control of & run with her business, no thanks to ATVOD… I think you know which one that will be, right?) – However, we shall see. For now, enjoy stunning new girl Zooey Zara as an incompetent secretary getting a severe whacking from her hard pressed boss Johnny Lake.

caned and given a hard spankingA full set of Stills & screen grabs (all images here reduced in size) are available with the vid

Slacking Secretary Thrashed – starring Zooey Zara & Johnny Lake

0219_slacking_secretary_thrashed_grabs-014 OTK spanking 0219_slacking_secretary_thrashed_grabs-060 0219_slacking_secretary_thrashed_grabs-079 removing her panties leather strapping strapping a female secretary Zooey takes the cane severe caning 0219_slacking_secretary_thrashed_grabs-150

Meet secretary Zooey. She has been slacking and not doing her job. Mr. Lake is very upset with her and calls her into his office for some “talking to.” This includes a HARD spanking and caning to teach this naughty secretary a hard lesson in work ethic.


See the clip below… the full length video is AWESOME!!!

[jwplayer mediaid=”43045″]

Sarah’s signature site has also been upgraded on the tour pages so do go check it out, there are lots of free to play streaming clips viewable on any device on her tour pages – See MORE Here

Zooey Zara holds her sore spanked and caned butt

sarah Gregory Spanking

Or visit BOTH sites for less with one set of codes for your convenience (see below)

Sarah Gregory Pass


That’s it for now… I *WILL* be back later (promise) – In the meantime why not check out the Clips Stores below that contain all the latest releases and a VAST library of content, choose the films you want to download and also check out Sarah’s FetishPlay Store … providing customs and other things away from spanking that you might be interested in!

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AAA & POV have also just opened new stores at SpankingLibrary.com – providing better and longer freeview clips although the playback is in Flash and the quality reduced, the actual films are usually HD1080 or HD720 - these will be updated on a daily basis from now on… check out the urls below and see for yourself (POV has only just started uploading films and is the newest store featured there!)

AAA Spanking LibraryPOV Spanking Library

POV Spanking

Naughty Bottom


Okay, I better go to bed now… the “slap smack whack” noises are calling me!

Midnight Feast leads to a Spanking

Joelle Barros has always been one of my fave girls to work with ever since I met her back in 2012. So when I got a chance to work with her again (this film was made way back at the end of 2013) I jumped at the chance to. This also marked the time that all future spanking film shoots were always going to be filmed in HD1080 onwards. It was filmed in a cute New England residence, the owners rented out their property to like minded kinksters and I was really impressed. I know that Sarah & I have not ruled out a future shoot at their new location as we know it will be as good or better at their new place!

Midnight Feast

The setting was a well to do Boarding School dorm room… and Joelle was a bratty student who didn’t like playing by the rules. Something I think she excels at playing! Anyway, this was a good excuse to give her a caning, the full explanation, images and a link to a free clip are all below for your perusal. This update comes with a 100 plus video image gallery as well as over 30 HQ Photos with the HD1080 film as standard available in both Wmv & MP4 formats.

Midnight Feast – starring Joelle Barros


Joelle was eating cookies in the dark… stolen from the teachers Staff Room canteen.

midnight004 midnight012 pulling down the pajama bottoms midnight025 midnight028 caning midnight061 midnight064 spanking a bare bottom midnight080 spanked bottom

The images (above) are taken from the film and reduced to 1280×720 for promotional purposes… the ones below are the reduced size HQ photos that members also get to keep along with the movie…

Joelle Barros spankings spanking handprint midnightfeast013 midnightfeast014 midnightfeast020 caning punishment

Joelle had snuck into the staff room late at night to take back some cookies to her room for a “midnight feast” as she was starving and fed up with the strict diets imposed on the girls at the boarding school. However, she had greedily consumed some cookies on the way back to her room before snacking on the rest, leaving a trail of crumbs for Mr Osborne to discover. He tracked the staff room incursion back to Joelle’s bedroom and confronted her over the theft. Cane in hand, ever prepared, Mr Osborne knew Joelle had no excuse. She took a hard no nonsense caning and spanking punishment over her pajamas and on her bare bottom!





This video is also available as a one time download from the CLIPS STORE – check it out

AAA Spanking - Midnight Feast feast2

aaa clipstore

Spanking & Caning for Karen Hughes

Just a quick update from a recent film out in full at Firmhandspanking.com – it features one of my current faves there, Karen Hughes, in the Housesitter series with Jonny Stockton… this latest spanking video is particularly good as she gets a rather good caning across those jiggling cheeks whilst STILL being sassy during her punishment! Karen is a feisty individual… I hope when this series ends they bring her back for another… she can also take quite a punishment as you’ll see from the images (and clip) below:

Karen Hughes feels the sharp sting of the cane for damaging a $30,000 mask

sitter_p001 spanking caned on her panties sitter_p007 sitter_p011 spanking and caning punishment sitter_p016 sitter_p017 bare bottom spanking caning caning Karen Hughes

“I’ve never had a cane or switch used on my bottom,” confesses Karen Hughes. “So the intense sting of 18 strokes was a shock! But it doesn’t last as long as a paddle.” See her react to the cane in House-sitter as Jonny Stockton uses it for breaking an art piece.

[jwplayer mediaid=”42542″]

Firm Hand Spanking

Spanking Shenanigans!

map_of_scottish-highlandsHello again… This is a purely “update only” post today, nothing behind the scenes, just what has been released this past week from some of my fave sites that you ought to be checking out! This post was brought to you by the “Spanking Information Council of the Outer Hebrides” (SICOH – Scotland) – in association with the “Spanking & Awareness Wellbeing for All” (SAWA) society from Northern Ireland. Thanks to both for sponsoring this post with their suggestions as to what should be updated and so we start today with those from Lewis who suggested the following new film update from the good people at Northern Spanking

Percussive Therapy with Jenni Mack & Miss Chris

Jenni begins her first day at a new and apparently progressive clinic. First, she meets the Nursing Director who, upon conducting a basic medical, detects an elevated pulse rate, blood pressure and temperature in her new recruit. Luckily, there is therapy available to reduce these evident signs of stress. It involves the application of her hand, them a leather paddle, repeatedly to nurse Jennis bottom! It seems to work!

VIDNSI115601-005 VIDNSI115601-012 VIDNSI115601-010 VIDNSI115601-015 VIDNSI115602-001 VIDNSI115601-017 VIDNSI115602-002 VIDNSI115602-008 VIDNSI115602-010 VIDNSI115602-017

See the full HD film only from NorthernSpanking.com


Another spanking site with past Scottish connections and getting a nod from the Outer Hebrides team today is FirmHandSpanking.com – however, they too prefer the American domestic discipline series that is currently showing with the luscious Stacy Stockton & her now impoverished hubby, Jonny. here is the latest series of Truly Madly Deeply – Spanked for Extravagancewith Stacy & Jonny Stockton.

tmd_n002 tmd_n003 tmd_n006 tmd_n007 tmd_n012 tmd_n014 tmd_n018 tmd_n020 tmd_n021 tmd_n024

When you’ve no money and your husband has just lost his job, you don’t buy new clothes – unless you’re Stacy Stockton! Her curvy bottom pays a high price with a spanking and belting in Truly Madly Deeply. But will it stop her spending?

Check out the entire series only from Firmhandspanking.com


The 1st nomination from Northern Ireland today is to their European neighbors, Holland and a buxom blonde new girl spanking video that has recently appeared with a very spankable bubble butt. Check out Mila featuring at Real Life Spankings

Meet the lovely 25 year old Mila

Mila is a charming, lovely and bubbly young lady who has been fascinated by spanking for a while now. She saw the RLS website in Holland and decided to give them a call. Make added, “She loves playing the naughty little girl!” – Indeed… you will be able to see much more of her!

mila_first_spanking_SAM_0534 mila_first_spanking_SAM_0541 mila_first_spanking_SAM_0542 mila_first_spanking_SAM_0543 mila_first_spanking_SAM_0544 mila_first_spanking_SAM_0545 mila_first_spanking_SAM_0549 mila_first_spanking_SAM_0552 mila6 

Check out the first of new girl Mila’s spanking films only from Real Life Spankings


The Scots love a good caning (usually at the hands of the English in various football shaped sports, lol) so it came as no surprise that this English Spankers website update this week, featuring Rachel Leigh’s first painful caning, should be on their list of “must watch” this week!

Rachel Leigh’s 1st caning – with Sarah Stern on hand with the cane.

npp7173001 npp7173002 npp7173004 npp7173009 npp7173011 npp7173014 npp7173016 npp7173022 npp7173027 npp7173031

Rachel Leigh has just had her bottom well paddled, she was using our house to put on dirty web cam shows and I do not like that. The punishment did not seem to have the effect I expected and so I have decided to cane Rachel. This is her first ever caning and I will make sure that she does not forget this is a hurry. Some good hard strokes of the thin whippy cane on her bare bottom will do the trick.

See MORE of Rachel in this full film update only at English-Spankers.com


You can always rely on our Irish cousins to nominate a good Sarah Gregory film update (even if she is not starring in it as her influence is all over this one… and this latest epic feature, courtesy of MommaSpankings.com – it received a very notable inclusion and was awarded “Do not miss at all costs!” (Northern Irish waffle-eaze for this is top priority!!)

Sister spanks for Momma – starring Joelle Barros & Lily Swan


Momma is out of town and Lily is being an absolute brat. Mom has given older sister, Joelle, permission to discipline Lily by spanking. Lily is such a rude brat to her sister. She not only earns herself a bare bottom hand spanking, but she also get the wooden hairbrush and rubber spatula.

momma-171-001 momma-171-002 momma-171-007 momma-171-009 momma-171-013 momma-171-014 momma-172-052 momma-172-063 momma-171-011 momma-171-016

Click HERE to view this latest long play MommaSpankings.com video update

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Sarah Gregory Pass


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Election Day Spankings

libdemor_1I have a couple of really good spanking updates from the SG Group for you today as I contemplate who the heck I am supposed to vote for in the UK… I am pretty much 90% decided as you can see from the badge on the left – this is most probably my party of choice. I won’t bang on about it but needless to say they also have MPs that actually wanted to discuss the unfair Porn Laws in the UK though I am not voting for them just because of that, it was a nice touch. Thankfully I will be back in America soon leaving this nonsense behind me and hoping that there is no far left swing that will knock the UK back decades economically… I’m also looking forward to the better weather too in The States and looking forward to my first visit to Texas later in the month.

Number 10 Downing Street is the headquarters and London residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Who will be walking through this door tomorrow? Hard to tell with the general malaise and perception of politicians in Britain at the moment… more importantly, with so much apathy and mistrust, whoever takes charge should think about building back that trust! “Westminster Rule” is being challenged, the Scots started it, the Welsh are getting more of it and now the English in far parts of this Kingdom demand respect and more autonomy (like the “united” states within America) – they are saying “enough is enough”… less power to the London-centric politics… and I agree, do they really care about what we little people think in the far south west or north east of England or other regions they appear not to care about? We won’t behave anymore… and here is that theme for today… let’s get on with the spanking news while the ballot papers are counted.

– Spanking Update News –

From AAAspanking.com comes a brand new long play film which is broken into 4 distinct parts in the story. It stars one of my fave UK girls, Rosie Ann, I like her a lot and this video shows how far she is prepared to go in a production. She was still only 18 when we  filmed this (which i find incredible as she is so much more mature in her tastes than girls twice her age… I have seen Rosie try out things in the world of BDSM such as needle play (not really my thing) and severe bondage. Anyway, back to this video… this was her idea and she wanted to make use of various things on the set we were filming at late last year… Rosie is very agile and asked if she could hang from the bars while I spanked her (could I? hmmm). Not only that but she had a favorite pair of open crotch bloomers she wanted to wear to mark this occasion.

What Rosie wants upside down spanking exposed and spanked spankings in the face suspended and spanked

This really was just the beginning… & the other things she wanted to do were getting a caning spread-eagled on a spanking bench, (very humiliating), which was very painful as I fast caned her several times! (I have a free clip of that).

caned on the spanking bench hard canings caning Rosie Ann sore red bottom spread and spanked

Check out the free clip of her caning (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”40683″]

Then… Rosie wanted to be tied to the St Andrews Cross next and experience 2 of my most feared straps, one had never been used before, a thick heavy rubber strap I bought years ago from the online Cane-iac store … and it always scared off the girls when I brought it out. So fair play to Rosie for trying it… I don’t think it is something she’d want to play with everytime.

bdsm spanking leather strap strapped on st andrews x cane-iac rubber strap heavy rubber strapping

Finally she had spied that I had bought a new dense oak wooden spoon and we retired to a kitchen setting where she got a thorough whacking with that, it made some great sounds and also left her bottom beautifully glowing red… or as red as it gets! (there’s a free clip of that too!)

exposed and spanked wooden spoon punishment red bottom for rosie bent over and thrashed wooden spoon spanking

Check out the free clip of Rosie’s wooden spoon spanking…

[jwplayer mediaid=”40699″]

The video is about 25 minutes long and members get to see this in glorious HD playback. I am loving our new style of films and so it would appear are new members. I am rather pleased that we are way ahead of the last few months like for like against last year. It’s probably just a statistical blip but it means I can go ahead and make more films like this one safe in the knowledge that there is a genuine fanbase for it out there. So thank you to those that help contribute to keeping the site going and there is much more filming ahead.

See the HD1080 movie HERE with a Loyalty Membership (from just $12.50/month!)

aaa spanking - click here

Rosie’s films can also be viewed as one time downloads from the Clips Store as well.

aaa clip store

Oh, I say this, but I am genuinely interested in any storylines you may have. We also do custom shoots for private individuals and these have worked out relatively cheaply – the going rate nowadays is from $12/minute (fully edited as the cheapest option) minimum 10 minutes. However, if you have an idea of what you’d like to see then let me know, write to my gmail address (it’s located in the about me section if you don’t know it by now). We may even put those into film free if your ideas are feasible and “something! we’d like.


& for something fresh and new from the other side of The Pond today… a new girl shown here for the first time, as far as I can see, before any other site – and she’s a leggy stunner who I hope to meet at the Lonestar Spanking Party in Texas! Please meet Lexi Ellis who was spanked by Sarah Gregory at the recent BBW Party (in Atlantic City). I love seeing secretaries spanked by their bosses, especially a gorgeous pairing such as these two… Sarah was really excited to tell me about her films she did with Lexi… and I have just seen the latest full film here – it’s awesome!

Spanked Secretary – starring Lexi Ellis & Sarah Gregory

secretary long legs spanking

Check out how new girl Lexi gets spanked and strapped (below)

spanked over panties wedgies spankings exposed bare butt on all 4s for her spanking gaping and ashamed ss009 ss010

See the strapping clip (below)

[jwplayer mediaid=”40716″]

Sarah opts for the hard and humiliating punishment option as only she knows how… some great “follow throughs” with a leather strapping when Lexi was placed on “all fours” (as you saw above) on the table which must have been particularly embarrassing for her… as well as a hard nasty hairbrush punishment to finish off at the end before being told to “get out!” Images below and a short clip to show you the severity of this!!!

otk spanking with a hairbrush bare ass hairbrushing OTK hairbrush spanking spanking otk sarah spanked lexi

[jwplayer mediaid=”40722″]

Check out the FULL HD Video of Lexi’s humiliating hard punishment


OMG! Look at those long legs and tight ass! Lexi is sure to be a hit!

Sarah Gregory spanking

This site is part of the better value SG Pass which gives access to MommaSpankings.com as well and for $10 less per month than both together! Click on the banner below to see what you get!

Sarah Gregory Pass - 2 sites for less


Don’t forget time is running out to register in advance for the Lone Star Spanking Party – May 28-31st this month! This is if you want to also reserve a hotel room and spend 2 or 3 days at this event… the website has the full schedule of what is happening including some new things and it promises to be very well attended – especially for an inaugural event! “Thank you, Houston, Texas!”


Lone Star Spanking Party

St George’s Day Spankings – Part 1

To all my fellow Englishmen and women – Happy St George’s Day wherever you are in the world. It’s not something we English really celebrate overtly, sadly the overly PC yoghurt knitters had instilled in us not to fly the flag or upset others who aren’t “English” or born in England which I find odd (most immigrants are hard working and I would argue WANT to stay in England so surely they’d celebrate with the indigenous population too?) Just more nonsense from the Nanny State, of course! Anyway, I won’t be derailed, it’s just a spanking blog, after all (LOL). So to those in England, ex pats and Anglophiles – we celebrate today with 2 posts, it’s late here so this first one shows the most recent addition now out at AAA Spanking – and later today I will update the blog with some gloriously English updates from other sites!


St George’s Day – April 23rd
St George is the patron saint of England – represented by the Red Cross of St George


Meanwhile… Mandie Rae makes a welcome return to AAAspanking.com as a very naughty schoolgirl – her behavior is totally out of control – so much so she is punished on almost a daily basis and that isn’t working! The latest outrage, was discovered by Mr Osborne, concerned that an animal had been stuck in the yard and marking its territory by peeing… however, he discovers it’s NOT a stray animal making the continual mess, but Mandie – it was her who had been peeing behind the sheds! She has gone too far this time… so this short sharp shock film deals with how her punishment was carried out swiftly but she had to learn to avoid this type of behavior and to associate it with humiliation and shame! It was time for her to be properly humiliated and given the cane this time after a good hard leather strapping and spanking! As you’ll see from the images, her poor bottom got quite red and she was rather tearful… would she learn her lesson this time? For the sake of her precious bottom, One would hope so!


Mandie Rae stars in “Schoolgirl Etiquette” – from AAAspanking.com


Finally… the staff have found out who the “Phantom Pee Artist” is… those sheds are not a rest room (or toilet as they would say in England – and it is their national day, after all!)

etiquettestills006 etiquettestills013 etiquette029 etiquette037 etiquettestills016

Mandie feels the full force of a leather strap before her red bottom is caned!

etiquette038 etiquette039 etiquette060 etiquette064 spanking etiquette071 etiquette075 etiquette077 etiquette086 caning etiquettestills027

Mandie Rae was always getting into trouble with her teachers and being punished for her poor behavior and multiple infractions. It seemed like she didn’t care. The latest incident was the final straw when she was caught peeing behind the sheds of the school grounds. This just showed a lack of respect and no decency from this young lady so a thoroughly humiliating punishment was decided by Mr Osborne. He was furious that she could do such a filthy act outdoors like that so he strapped then caned her on her bare bottom as she snivelled and whimpered. Mandie was extremely tearful and barely able to stand up afterward. She was ordered to get out of his sight and back to her Dorm. To add further humiliation, she was told to show the other girls the results of this punishment and just why she was caned! That didn’t go down well with Mandie, but it was all her own fault for the lack of etiquette she had showed earlier.

sore red spanked bottom

CLICK HERE to see a free clip of Mandie’s punishment

This video is also available in full HD at the AAA Clips Store



& don’t forget, with only a week to go before prices increase for the BIG event in Houston! Check out all the details, if you are in Texas at the end of May, this is going to be a fun filled Spanko Event!



Catching Up Pt3 – Stunning New Spanking Update!

neartotalityHi everyone, it’s a never ending game of catch up at the moment. I was talking to Sarah yesterday and she mentioned that she had internet connection issues… and damned if I was shaking my fist at God who I suspect was leering down at me with his pants off and tugging away in glee on his majestic magnificent tiny phallus (for a God) and giggling at me… as tonight I had an “iffy” connection too – which really pissed me off as I had a ton to upload as well as try to get my update out earlier. It probably didn’t help that I could imagine God still laughing at me flapping his tiny “deity” at me – mocking my “bad luck” – So the reason? I wanted to go to bed early so that I could watch the near total eclipse tomorrow morning… and that’s before I have a health check up for my asthma (remember that BS I had last year on one of my American trips?) So I am going to be rushing this, unfortunately, as I need my sleep and don’t want to miss a once in a lifetime event (since I missed the TOTAL eclipse which last happened in my hometown in August 1999 when I was somewhere “partially” sunning myself that day (in the south of France) which had a measly 64% Totality – how the fuck do I even remember that figure? I do because it was nowhere near TOTALITY which every one of my friends said was a ONCE in a lifetime event NOT to miss! The next time that happens in the UK I will most probably be dead since it will be in 2090 – unless there are some time saving capsules of longevity I don’t yet know of (I would be 125 years old then so it’s pushing it) even if I was alive I’d think it was night time or something, he he! – Nurse!


faroe-islandsOK, I’m rambling, aren’t I? I shall have to make do with just the 86% Totality expected that I hope to witness later and will try to take a pic though I suspect when it happens it will just get a bit darker and my camera phone will be unable to show the crescent of the sun with the moon trying to block out the remaining light. Oh… if anyone is still reading this – 2 land mass locations are available in the northern hemisphere to view the TOTAL eclipse… bad news is that one is some Norwegian rocky outcrop in the Atlantic and the other is in the remote Faroe Islands halfway between Britain and Iceland (greaaat!)

Just pain with this leather strap

& so to another fantastic event, the new severe strapping and caning film from AAAspanking.com starring the wonderful and awfully fit Lily Swan in a video called “No Pain No Gain!” before this was made, Lily had mentioned she WANTED to be marked, she wanted her badge of honor to remain for a few days at least… just as long as they weren’t all the way down the backs of her thighs etc… since she took fitness classes so could do so with her welts and beautiful bruises hidden under lycra shorts. Deal! So we did a film about her core kink of pain and her fantatical fitness regimes. I wanted to show off Lily’s amazing physique… she has something between 5-10% body fat which is phenomenal… Lily is strong willed but doesn’t always get the discipline she needs, today this stand alone film  (after we had both filmed with her the day before) would be something special. Oh boy, were we right!

nopain001 spanked and strapped in exercise shorts no pain no gain spankings severe discipline punishment exercises without shorts strapping for Lily Swan nopain007 nopain008

The first part of the film Lily is preparing for a training session but decides to do a different set of exercise routines which her coach (moi!) had banned. The story is that I discover this by accident when I left the basement as we filmed the training sessions and the monitor was on upstairs so I caught her deliberately doing another set of exercises… the story continues that as her bottom was still a little warmed from the day before she had been spanked the previous day for doing something similar… this time would be different.

 nopain009 nopain010 nopain011 nopain012 nopain013 nopain014

& so the punishment began when confronted with the evidence… Lily would get a strapping AND a caning since she hadn’t learned her lesson and this time with her shorts pulled down too! What you are seeing are various untouched (smaller res) screen images from the 1080HD film as well as a few stills I have which esteemed members of AAAspanking.com can download alongside the fantastic new movie… some 217 video grabs and (I think) about 35-40 stills. That’s some update! I hope you like this, the official text for this film is at the bottom of this post!

nopain015 nopain016 nopain017 nopain018 nopain019 nopain020

Lily was supposed to be weight & strength training at her coach’s basement gym for the competition that was coming up. She knew that coach Osborne got results by any means possible which was why she stuck by him even though she had recently fallen out of line & had been punished with various spankings! This was because she had not been following his strict regime set for her. She thought she knew better using PiYo techniques when he had forbidden them in her final build up. He left Lily alone to continue her training & she reverted to her PiYo techniques but she had forgotten that he used a CCTV device for their training sessions. When he saw what she was doing on the monitor upstairs he decided she had to have one final humiliating wake up call as he was going to punish & mark her this time so she’d either learn or end up at the competition with fading bruises – her choice! He strapped her hard making her perform her precious PiYo moves before using the cane whilst she reverted to Abs & Core Strength exercises such as The Plank which was made so much more difficult with the cane biting into her very sore red welted bottom. This is an unusual & severe punishment film starring the very fit Lily Swan! She insisted that she wanted to film & take this hard discipline session – so this is what you get to see in this amazing video.

exercise and spanking caning


leather strapping

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Lily Swan spanked at the Clips store

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& from Sarah’s main site SarahGregorySpanking.com a brand new HF1080 video where she took a break and directed this between the beautiful and fabulous Isobel Wren & myself. As you know, one of Sarah’s core kinks is daddy/daughter roleplays or similar and so this is something I have always shied away from myself, to be honest… but I wanted to help her out and of course it meant I got to spank Isobel Wren… who wouldn’t want to pass that up – OMG! In fact, I do look old enough to be her father (or step dad which is what I privately went with) and in fact it’s a cool “plausible” storyline as plots go when you’re making a 20 minute spanking film in a hotel room which we filmed at last year’s hectic and party fuelled atmospheric, Fetishcon in Tampa FL. I hate when someone tries to pass off a hotel room as a classroom or company office… I’d just deal with the surroundings and act it out accordingly. So I got into this storyline easily and enjoyed spanking Isobel who got rather emotional and cried real tears during this video. I couldn’t see this at the time but knew she was crying, of course… there was much real aftercare when we finished the film and luckily that was the last one and we all hung out later which was real fun! Now, of course… I have seen the full film… and “wow!” she is a beautiful crybaby! It took me over 6 months before I got to see that from the other angle, lol! Okay, enough behind the scenes info, you’ll want to see some fab screen shots etc – Isobel is indeed a fantastic girl to spank… don’t all hate me at once (!) – I was just doing my job!!! This video is called (surprise, surprise)

Isobel’s Real Tears


Take a look at the screen shots and images taken from the video…

0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-004 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-046 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-061 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-067 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-082 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-106

OTK spanking

spanked by daddy

Daddy is very disappointed when he finds his sweet daughter checked into a hotel on his credit card attending a fetish convention. He is appalled at what he sees just walking up to the room. Isobel is shocked that her dad has discovered her secret of being a spanking model. Yes she can take a spanking, but to disappoint her loving daddy brings real tears to her eyes. The Humiliation, embarrassment, and shame she feels are unbearable, not to mention she has betrayed her dad’s trust.

0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-135 bare bottom spanking 0197_isobels_real_tears_grabs-164 sore red bottom

Check out this latest FULL film with Isobel Wren HERE

Isobel Wren

sarah gregory spanking

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Oh, before I go… I was playing with this interesting simulation where researchers and students used powerful algorithm software to guess the impact of zombie flesh eating people taking over the USA… if such a scenario were to happen, of course. You can click anywhere on the map to start off the infection and see what happens, maybe make the zombies walk faster? No problem, program it in! As in most cases, if you click on major population centers, like NYC, Chicago or Miami – it spreads quickly and gets out of control…. I had found that Los Angeles would take most of California and the western coast but it would get contained (apart from the fact it would probably wipe out Mexico!) – but generally west of the Rockies if it happened in the countryside, the outbreak could get contained. Ah…. but not so if you try that other side of the Rockies in the Mid West… oh, no..no… nanana… noh! Try anywhere and it’s game over, lol! For faster effect I started with one zombie in Kansa City and it wiped out the Eastern Seaboard! Watching Chicago fall early on was hard to take after 500 hours from ground zero… as you can see I have been busy calculating my best chance of survival. Tips: deserts and areas with nothing in it do well… Nevada is good, start it in Vegas and it can be closed down quickly (bye bye Vegas!) … Texas not so good, although slower than most… eventually all of Texas goes, but at least the rest of America would have a fighting chance to evacuate those around Texas and seal it off before nuking the Lone Star State of Zombies!!!  My advice: Stay west of The Rockies and go live in the woods!!


A bear will then most likely kill you instead 🙂

& of course there are also studies which of course would debunk any myths that the undead could actually do this… it’s all rather depressing as Zombies would really be at the mercy of nature and simple things like bacteria, necrosis, desiccation, predators and so on… no matter what weather conditions, (hot, dry air or freezing cold) as soon as our immune systems pack in through death… those undead “corpses” will rot and decay – horribly! 🙂


However, don’t forget that in Texas on May 28 thru 31st there is the 1st Annual Texas Lone Star Spanking Party! Details are below, have fun before the zombies take us all!

Lone Star Spanking party

Lily Swan’s Maintenance Thrashing

This film was great timing… it is the latest new full HD release now at AAA Spanking and stars the amazing Lily Swan – I had just finished filming with her and Joelle Barros yesterday alongside Sarah Gregory in our 1st joint venture of the year… and what a day we had (even if I got a little grumpy, ahem – tell you later). Anyway, this film featured here today kind of reflected the nature of what Lily requires from time to time… and something she doesn’t always get. She admitted to us that she is a painslut and wanted lasting marks from our shoot yesterday (who were we to argue otherwise?). I am pleased to say that she got them alright… and how! She informed Sarah this morning that the previous day’s filming and severe play were still there, which she loved! As I said, I’ll try to get some images of that at the end of this post… but right now, this full HD film is out for download with a screen grab gallery and a bonus stills set which highlighted just how red, swollen and sore her buns of steel got at the previous shoot we worked together on! I really liked this short, sharp, shock film… not much build up dialogue needed, this was what Lily wanted, a thrashing… she got a leather paddling, a wooden paddling and a caning bound by cuffs, naked and vulnerable on the St Andrews Cross! I’m not sure if this is to everyone’s taste, but it looked awesome… and what with the impending “50 Shades of Shite” film coming up, why not have a little kinky bondage/spanking maintenance play for once, eh?

All images below are courtesy of AAAspanking.com

“Pain Slut Maintenance”

ps01 ps02 ps03 ps04 ps05 ps06 ps07 ps08 ps09 ps13 ps14 ps10 ps11 ps15 ps16

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! Lily Swan requires a routine of various spanking and maintenance punishments to keep her rebooted and she is never happy unless her bottom has a constant reminder of further consequences in her private life if she strays from her disciplinary path. We join both Lily & John in one of their typical short sharp shock sessions as Lily is tied to the St Andrews Cross, naked and vulnerable, the way she likes to be punished! Today Lily feels John’s strap, wooden paddle and a cane in order to redden her bottom back to full crimson glory! Not much is needed to be said once this session starts, just see how a beautiful young woman needs and takes a good hard discipline session at her own request.





Also available as a full one time download in the format of your choice HERE

painslut lily5b



As I mentioned, both Lily & Joelle filmed with myself and Sarah again yesterday and it was a long but very fruitful day with some amazing stuff shot on the cams. I wanted to make some more traditional stuff (which I got) as well as a very sexy girl/girl 2 part spanking film which I know will be just amazing when it gets edited. I also made some new style POVs which Lily rocked! Joelle very nearly didn’t make it as she was ill at the weekend and was so sweet and apologetic that she might not be able to make it, but I am so glad she did. Likewise, Lily battled through the terrible snowy roads here at the moment, and the poor thing had a flat tyre on the way home so had to wait over 2 hours for AAA (not me, Americans will know what I mean, LOL) to come help her out! Actually over 2 hours to wait for roadside assistance is pretty poor as I know in the UK they promise to try and get to you within an hour TOPS (unless you’re on a mountain pass in Scotland, of course). Oh, and for some reason, I got a little grumpy near the end of the shoot, I think this was because I was STARVING… I’m on a new diet and fitness regime… so I think that started to show (and with that, I will be off to the gym in a mo for a long workout!)

I have got a few behind the scenes images from our films yesterday of Joelle & Lily… all this to come at the SG Group sites soon!!!

shoot1 shoot2 shoot3 shoot4

Detention Delinquent

While I was at a theater production tonight in my hometown… I got a pissed off message from Sarah Gregory saying that her only 2 sessions that she had gone out of her way to organize (finding a location to rent etc) had wimped out at the very last minute. Okay, she had also to contend with New England’s shitty snowstorms (her original flight was cancelled and she left yesterday instead of Monday). Now, before you feel 100% sympathy… she did fly down to Miami to escape the freezing cold and stay at a friend’s awesome place… and she will catch up with a few other people while there. But, like any working model will tell you, they do rely on their session work – this would have paid for her flights there and the car rental etc. She didn’t take a camera with her as she didn’t want to do any filming… which I fully understand. So now she has 2 wastes of space messing her around when she had organized so much in advance. I’m not sure if she took a deposit, I hope she did – I understand why girls do nowadays and it somewhat stops the assholes from wasting their time if they’re serious – Sarah had the same shit with a couple of timewasters in England when she came over last year. Of course, I don’t have that luxury of session work like the pretty girls – so just slowly get more broke over time when I travel extensively. My decision, I guess.

I told Sarah I was going to bed, but I can’t sleep so thought i’d better get this quick promo out of her most recent HD  film at Sarah Gregory Spanking – although it doesn’t feature her, she filmed it with me and the awesome Adriana Evans! I enjoyed helping to make this film, I think it was the last of the day (from memory) and I helped Sarah get some great angles for the punishment incl a low upward looking angle I like but it did look really good with poor Adriana’s caning as you’ll see form some images I have for you from the film. I also liked the story, naughty Adriana was doing her lines but got bored quickly and simple doodling led to outright abuse of Mr Osborne’s character with obscene, flithy imagery and words… there was no going back, no pleading allowed when her teacher saw this… oh no!

Adriana Evans is bored in the new film “Detention Delinquent”


Adriana can not even do her lines in this detention without getting into further trouble when she starts to write other nasty things out of sheer frustration and boredom.

0192_detention_delinquent_gal-032 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-004 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-007

Adriana is in detention and she is there to write lines for her bad behavior. Well, professor Osborne catches her drawing silly photos making fun of him instead of her lines. Not only does this misbehaving school girl get a bare bottom spanking while bent over her desk. She is made to spread her legs and stick out her bottom for an old fashioned caning as well.

0192_detention_delinquent_gal-008 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-026 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-033 0192_detention_delinquent_gal-026 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-047 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-050 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-058 0192_detention_delinquent_grabs-064 0192_detention_delinquent_gal-029

Needless to say, this did the trick and Adriana had to sit down with her sore bottom throbbing from her caning and concentrate on finsihing her lines as she should have done previously!


Please do go check out this new film and the other wonderful films which focus on Sarah herself, obviously. These films she is producing really are some of the best around and I know how much effort both she and I put into making them!

Join at the site or via the Pass which gives a discount on joining both sites with the same set of codes – MommaSpankings.com is becoming really popular with good hard spankings in that mommy/daughter dynamic.



Night y’all