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The Ultimate interview with Amber!

Wow! Credit where credit is due, I’d heard of this site but never paid much attention to them as I’m usually too busy in my little fetish world sorting out my own blogs, reading the news updates and whatever from my list (I really do read them all in my sidebar!)

However, this video interview with Amber Dawn of SpankAmber fame is around an hour and 20 minutes long but it’s really interesting. I honestly did spend most of my time watching it, lol! If you have some free time and want to know more about one of the hottest spanking models out there and what it’s really like to run websites, be involved in the industry, what she did before etc etc… then this really is the one to watch! Hey… I even get a mention (around 44 minutes in, I’m honored!)

Amber, if you pop by! You’re gorgeous! ๐Ÿ˜‰

ELM Avenue: Interview with Amber Dawn from Benic Way on Vimeo


Amber can be seen at the following sites (as if you needed reminding on here!)

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