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Sensual Spankings – Part 1

There’s a special 2 parter today – so do come back later when I have collected the images I need for my second post, I promise you will like this if it is your thing 🙂

I have devoted part 1 to one of my favourite spanking models – Amber Dawn – and as it’s getting more wintry here now… watching these set of movies with stunning redhead, Amber and Sophia Locke on Amber’s fine Site Network HERE – I was amazed at just how addictively good watching Sophia and Amber together was! There’s another movie which I haven’t had time to cover here… it’s all about Amber sneaking up on Sophia in the pool that you will see below in the dark and abusing her for her own selfish pleasure – it’s HOT. However, these 2 films, one in the pool… and the other with Sophia in a split screen movie over Amber’s lap will more than give you enough idea as to what you can see recently!

Warning: Will most definitely cause severe #TrouserArousal for gentlemen with unruly nether regions… & ladies, those of you inclined to be turned on by girl/girl play and spankings please ensure gussets are not ruined! Thank you.


Sophia is filmed with Amber’s special underwater cam which is intensely cool… the actual film footage is much better and fluid (pardon the wording) but you get the idea as Sophia teases us with some hidden underwater play and Amber catches some great angles of Sophia’s bare bottom, pussy and feet as she swims to the side to reveal more. Amber is then filmed play with and groping, making out with gorgeous Sophia in the pool… I have to say, Amber has got by far the best out of Sophia in any spanking situation… she looks absolutely gorgeous in these films… this is one girl I now desperately want to work with on one of my many visits to the states next year!!! Thanks to Amber’s sexy footage!

ambersophia002 ambersophia003 ambersophia004

ambersophia005 ambersophia006


ambersophia008 ambersophia009

ambersophia010 ambersophia011

Check out footage from this film by looking at SpankAmber.com


ambersophia012 ambersophia014

ambersophia015 ambersophia016


I haven’t seen a split screen film in entirety before, but in this case, it works. Sophia appeals to my love of redheads, of course… and it’s a double delight for me as she is spanked by Amber… Sophia has a fantastic spankable butt as you will see and Amber enjoys slapping, smacking and kneading those tight cheeks… bringing out the redness from a nicely spanked bottom! Check out the face cam and butt cam split screen angles, they work perfectly on close up… You can see Amber getting up close and personal to Sophia as well… a nice touch with the sex toy makes this a super hot girl on girl erotic spanking film!


ambersophia020 ambersophia021 ambersophia022

ambersophia023 ambersophia024


ambersophia026 ambersophia027

ambersophia028 ambersophia029

Oh my… isn’t this a smoking film? Just some of the many typical hot unique girl girl discipline films Amber has worked on to her style over the years, all filmed by her daddy – they know what’s hot and what is not, don’t you think? #schwiiing!


Join up to SpankAmber.com and access to all 3 sites in her network – I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

Sexy Spankings of Amber Dawn!

If you don’t know me by now, I have always had a spanking crush on Amber Dawn of SpankAmber.com fame (Sorry Sarah!!! But you know that I LOVE you, ok?) – I would love to film her just once for my own site (with her Daddy’s permission as he’d be there to help film anyways… I can but dream, I guess). OK, it’s been AGES since I last updfated you with any news on Amber… Amber’s spanking films have become progressively more sexual, as you’d expect from a real life couple and I love the way this dynamic has grown over the years as it is real… & I’m happy to report that it’s still a labour of love from my last contact I had with her, which is cool. Amber is also very well known as an amazing webcam model… but as this is a spanking blog,  I will concentrate on what she does best in this niche, being naughty and bratty and getting punished by Daddy!

Below are some screen grabs from some of her more recent offerings you can see as a lucky member – you get access to all her 3 sites with one membership… so I guarantee you will be busy as hell downloading all that wonderful spanking content!

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FAD4 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FA93

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FACE Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FA95

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FAA7 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FAAB

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FAC4 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FAC8

Of course you also get to see Amber & Daddy at play, often in some great close up and POV style shots… she is a wonderful exhibishionist and loves looking at the camera as she is performing a juicy BJ or getting her bouncy bubble butt spanked while he enters her from behind!

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8EC Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8F7

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8F5 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8E8

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8CF Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8E4

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F945 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8C4

The full extent of Amber’s loving spanking submissive relationship is best summed up in the next few screen grabs from another film out last month… again, a great POV style angle to the films as they invite you in to see what they get up to in the bedroom!!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F4F1 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F4F4

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F4F9 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F502

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F4FE Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F48B

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F491 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F498

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F49B Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F4A3

See all of Amber’s updates – CLICK HERE for more details

Spankings for the weekend!

Well… that came round quickly! Far too quickly, in my opinion… or perhaps my life has been one hectic blur this week, I suppose with the film shoot earlier (the one featuring Leandra) and a 500 mile round trip for me in my car… I guess that took up pretty much most of what I had been concerned with earlier this week. My new passport has also just arrived (I had to get it renewed as my trip to America later this year was put on hold as the old passport expired less than 6 months from the start of the short vacation… so I had to wait… and watch the air fares rise, which was massively frustrating: So I will book that flight this weekend to secure a seat on the plane(!!!) and ensure that I am going to do what I had planned to do – The Shadowlane Party in Vegas… that’s just a few days over the Labor Day Weekend, and I have some vacation ideas and a proper studio shoot idea planned with girls I would never usually have a chance to film with… I’ve been told that it’s not a massive chance to show off your wares as a vendor, so am unsure what I could possibly do… I’m not a pretty toppy or subby model, I don’t have t-shirts or pictures to sign or panties to sell. It would be just DVDs or blu rays – which would be a mundane vendor’s stand at best… so I may pass on that one (I will consult with a few that have been before I make my final decision on that) but will probably book a Suite for a few days for any interested parties to come and share in the fun with a few of us Triple A misfits that may turn up along with a few others I know! That will be exciting (and costly if I lose heavily in the casinos!) *stick to Black Jack*

I also dare anyone to try and drink me under the table… you will lose! *hic*

& back to today! I would have liked to have said that the offer I made, which is THE BEST for any independent small producer (I have checked everyone else!) started well enough and I got some encouraging sign ups, but that… and more worryingly… overall sales the past few days, have dried up, I don’t know whether it’s CCBill once again scrubbing too hard and preventing sales, I have seen a few refused sign ups (along with the dodgy ones) which suggests that they are being ultra cautious yet again (sigh) – it’s bad enough I am being charged a $100 a week extra to pay off the needless and exhorbitant annual fee from Mastercard, so that… coupled with a drop in sales makes it a tough time for me currently! In case you’re wondering, does $500 over a month make a big deal to me? Answer: yes it bloody does! So before I show you what else away from my sites is out there… please do check out my own site HERE and if you can support what I do, please help it with a membership sign up…currently every penny earned just goes back into production and day to day site costs, there is absolutely no profit at the moment (which is a concern for me, thank you Master-bloody-Card) – it would be rather nice to make a little something for all my hard work!

But enough of my bleating… sign up how you wish… but remember I will remove the offer NEVER to repeat it – it will not come back in this form ever again! & that’s a promise! I will just ignore any mails in future from anyone asking about it, I have stated here it only came back now because I needed the additional income short term, looks like my poor credit card will get hammered instead, disappointing… but I half expected it, to be honest 🙁

Current members who read this who have an annual deal from last year, I would honour an extension of their current deal (see inside member’s area something I have posted for you all) … as I will not be doing any future annual memberships like this, it’s up to you guys… mail me or write into the support desk at the site if you have any questions about it.


& on with some great updates and news from other sites I have seen earlier today 🙂

Amber Dawn – co owner with her daddy of AmberSpanks.com and SpankAmber.com (join either site and you get a 3 site pass with access to the others) Now features Crystal Cat, a petite college girl pocket rocket with a bangin’ body. First, curious Crystal is filmed teasing and stripping for the camera. On the next visit, Amber puts her bubble butt over her knee and gives her a first time spanking! Turns out she likes it, and Amber proceeded to give her a second whipping, followed by a solo masturbating with a Hitachi. Crystal is also spanked OTK in public over Amber’s knee as her cries are echoed off the buildings in San Francisco! All this contains over 90 minutes of new video footage with the beautiful Crystal Cat! Images and teasers are below for your enjoyment and preview for yourself!

CrystalCat1a CrystalCat1b

CrystalCat1d CrystalCat2b

AmberSpanksCrystal1a AmberSpanksCrystal1c

CrystalCat2c CrystalCat3c

CrystalCat3d CrystalCat4a CrystalCat4b

AmberSpanksCrystal2c AmberSpanksCrystal2e

AmberSpanksCrystal2f AmberSpanksCrystal2i

CrystalCat4d CrystalCat5a

CrystalCat5b CrystalCat6c

CrystalCat6f CrystalCat6g


AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1a AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1b

AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1c AmberSpanksCrystalPublic1d

See more at SpankAmber.com or Amberspanks.com (join either site and get the other FREE!)

Trial membership starts from under$5 & recurring memberships at just $24.95 with 800+ films in the archives!


I’ve noticed that some people give Kyle Johnson a hard time over his spankings of girls… maybe they are jealous… I don’t like all his films, but I wouldn’t cite him as being so bad that I’d not visit a site because of him… here is a website I haven’t promoted in a while and it has grown massively. OK, Kyle haters, there are quite a few of his films there, but there are also the usual suspects including what I used to affectionately call “Hovel Man” usually spanking Kisa & a couple of other girls (probably had them captive for a few months) in his redneck shack somewhere out west! But I rather liked the Kyle film below, which has just been released and he has bigger moobs (man boobs, lol) than me (which makes me very happy!!!) – the spanking is good and I like the domestic boyfriend/girlfriend scenario… and Sam’s ass turns a very angry red!!!

665_0001 665_0004

665_0006 665_0010

665_0014 665_0019

665_0022 665_0030

What Women Want: Girlfriend given hard nude spanking for unspecific nagging!

Sam and Kyle are making out nude in bed, trying to set the mood for the night, when Sam turns around and says goodnight. Kyle is confused and asks whats wrong, to which Sam says “You are not giving me what I want or need”. Kyle tries to reason with her, only to get the same confusing response, and getting irritated, decides to get up in his boxers and pull his already nude girlfriend over his knee for a long and very hard spanking to get to the root of this problem…
See the FREE previews and more movies in the “Amateur Niche” at Markedbutts.com


I love seeing Sarah Gregory getting a good old fashioned OTK spanking… and I’m glad she got it off Aunt Tasha, who we haven’t seen for a while on the site, I have a sneaking feeling this is a rather old film just released… but it’s rather good and as they say… “all good things come to those who wait!”


Not only is staying over at a boy’s house a no no, but trying to lie about it on top of that will get Sarah Punished for sure. Sarah is staying with Aunt Tasha and being spanked is not something that happens with mommy. Auntie won’t have her niece lying and trying to cover it up. She uses good old fashioned bare bottom spanking to teach her naughty little niece a lesson she will never forget.


015 015a

015b 015c

015d 015e


See MORE of this rude sassy brat getting the spankings she deserves HERE


What happens to noisy giggling girls who disturb others on sleepovers? Please do read on…


Alex and Pandora have been bad girls, staying up too late talking and laughing loudly under the covers. Poor Tom was kept awake half the night, even though he came in and told them twice to be quiet. So the next morning, before breakfast, he orders both girls to lower their jeans and come over his knee for a long, thorough spanking on their upturned bottoms and even the sensitive backs of their thighs. Pandora begs him not to spank Alex – she’s her guest! – but Tom is adamant that they had fair warning to be quiet, and both of them are old enough to know better.

Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover037 Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover062

Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover061 Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover080

Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover088 Dreams-of-Spanking_sleepover090


Once they have been soundly spanked, the girls must lie down side by side on the bed…
then lower their knickers for a whopping total of 80 strokes of the long leather strap!

See the FREE preview of this most recent film from Dreams Of Spanking


That’s it for now… I shall be back over the weekend, so have a good one, wherever you are 🙂

Bank Holiday Spankings

It’s a bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, the 1st and last Mondays here are always bank holidays and they haven’t been that far apart this time as Monday fell late at the start and early at the end of the month which kind of makes me think the month has gone by faster than expected… which is worrying! However, as we all know here in England… we never expect much from our rubbish weather. I laugh at the boffins telling us the planet is warming up when all we have endured this year are record low temperatures and increased rainfall patterns… so here are the 3 scenarios, one or two of these WILL come true… which is why I have elected to work Monday and receive double time and a day in lieu – and it’s a doddle as not many people are about making my life a whole lot easier… so, as I said, these are the 3 scenarios.

1. Total Traffic gridlock as the weather pattern changes and promises much warmth and sunshine!


2. The weekend and Monday is a total washout!


3. Monday is a glorious sunny early summer day and the entire nation flocks to the beaches!


Personally, as I’m working, I don’t give a damn… so I hope it’s nice so people here can cheer the fuck up!


Shall we take a peek at some more spankings? Firstly below, here’s a site I love to bits, I haven’t really highlighted her site recently as Amber concentrates far more on her lucrative webcam work, which I fully understand… however, she still loves her spanking and some of her recent work shows this: Amber also has possibly THE best deal ever for anyone interested in checking out her site. Personally, after 3 days, I’d be hooked and gladly pay the (still) low month’s fee to ensure I got ALL her content… as it is VAST… we are talking 100’s of films (I estimate 5-600 films?) from across 3 sites spanning back about 6 years that you get access to – and I shall shut up with the superlatives, just check out my fave redhead spanking model of all time… feast your eyes on spanko switch, Amber Dawn – images below are just from her original site SpankAmber.com (sign up to one site for 3 days at LESS than $5 and get access to her 2 other sites free!)

SpankAmberHD010a SpankAmberHD010b

SpankAmberHD019a SpankAmberHD019b

SpankAmberHD027b SpankAmberHD028a

SpankAmberHD028b SpankAmberHD029a

SpankAmberHD029b SpankAmberHD030a

Sign up at SpankAmber.com or Amberspanks.com & get access to the other site FREE (incl. bonus site Amber Dawn Nude!)



Another gorgeous redhead you can’t miss (I featured her yesterday) is Veronica Ricci… this is the 2nd day of the Spanking Cinderella fantasy series showing at GirlSpanksGirl.com – and of course, Veronica in the Cinders roll is getting another unfair spanking at the hands of her wicked step mom… told in a modern day setting, I like this series… especially as we get to see a lot of cute Veronica in the buff… and that super trim toned figure – oh my!

002 003

004 007

008 011

012 013

014 015

Check out the long play videos, the erotic and disciplinarian styles unique to GirlSpanksGirl.com


This site is awesome and massive in its own right, but it is also part of the 5 site CLARE FONDA PASS


Sarah Gregory has now got herself a multi-site pass deal combining her own branded website SarahGregorySpanking.com which I guess has been around for 3 or so years… and her new age play site alongside her online strict Momma, Dana Specht, (who can scold like no other momma!!!) in the aptly named MommaSpankings.com – now you can sign up separately to these sites or sign up at the link and banner I’ll provide at the end of this part of my update today… it”ll save you a decent $10 off viewing both sites!!!

1st up – the latest film from Sarah Gregory Spanking – “Whitney Whips Ass!”

001 003

008 009

010 012

Whitney has warned Sarah time and time again not to call her at work. Sarah once again calls up Whitney at work to ask something unimportant as usual. So when Whitney gets home she tells Sarah she was fired and gives Sarah a hard spanking over her little dress, panties, and on the bare to teach her to lesson.


& the latest film to feature sassy Sarah and strict Dana at MommaSpankings.com is below!

Taken from the long play film – “Sarah Gregory’s day off”

001 002

003 004

005 006

007 008


Sarah tried to skip school and when Nurse Dana comes to her house to check on her, Sarah realizes having her temperature taken isn’t much fun and she’d rather be in school. Nurse Dana spanks her for lying and pretending she’s sick, then informs her that Sarah’s mother will be notified. The nurse sends her to school to finish her afternoon classes…

010 011

012 013

014 015


Visit SarahGregorySpanking.com or MommaSpankings.com

Or… visit the combined pass site giving access to both sites for less at SarahGregoryPass.com



Ah bugger… I’ve run out of time… had so much more to write about so I’ll catch up with you all this weekend… Have a great holiday weekend everyone, I know it’s Memorial Day on Monday in America so that’s another biggie!

So here’s a cheering image of a beautiful random bottom found on my Tumblr blog #mmm-mmm!


Friday Spankings – Pt2

As promised, here’s part 2 of today’s update and it’s a little different and I doubt you’ll find these images and particular updates featured elsewhere today, so I hope this certainly doesn’t feel “samey” – it also happens to be some content I have watched and loved watching… why? Well, I like tears, I like to see good hard honest punishments, I like to see gorgeous girls spanked and of course, the pervy side of me likes to also see a girl often stripped of her dignity in a submissive position and her various private parts on display for all to see. I’m not always into such punishments, it depends on the situation and the girl… but of course, I also like to see girl on girl action and sensual/sexually charged spankings too.  So I hope the following 3 films from these sites covered have all this and more… I trust you will like these too!

Daria from 2punish.com

First up is Daria from Peter’s site 2punish.com – it’s kind of an offshoot of spankingserver – but has many unique punishment films that just get on with the punishment and little dialogue. Here, Daria is drilling holes into wood and paddles in his workshop and Peter catches her and gives her a rather humiliating spanking with the wooden instruments on the workbench and her inner thighs, pussy, anus and bottom don’t escape his attentions either… oh, and she has a rather attractive “lady garden” too, as you’ll see! *drool*







See more of Daria’s films & what other girls are featured in explicit & severe punishments HERE


Sensual and sexually charged girl girl spankings are found at one of my fave sites and fave redhead spanking models unique group of websites, you now get access to all 3 of her sites whatever site you join through and as always there is a cheap sign up option of , to be honest, the monthly price is bang on as there is so much to download you’d never manage it in a few days…. the site?

AMBER SPANKS – and she fucks and licks… and gropes … and and (well, see for yourself!)

The latest series of films stars a gorgeous submissive unique to Amber’s site called Abbey Rhode

There are several films starring these 2, and Amber has her fill of forced orgasms, bondage and plenty of oral pleasure and spankings to keep us all very much glued to the screens!






See why I rate this network so highly – check out Amber Spanks for yourselves!


& finally a real beauty that cries from her hard punishment at the hands of none other than Dallas – this was Tanya James and this stunning girl got a proper hard spanking punishment as you’ll see from these actual images taken directly from the film. The film quality is better than I can make here… so fear not! This gives you an idea of what she suffered for His art!

GO Go Dancer Tanya gets a good old fashioned hard hand spanking that she said she needed – she got it alright! As you’ll see from the screen images of this classic film below:







See more of stunning Tanya’s tearful punishment HERE

Amber Dawn – A Spanking Goddess

I wanted to focus just one post here today to the most awesome redhead model who you all know I have a massive spanko crush on, one Miss Amber Dawn (from the San Francisco area). It’s such a pity I’m visiting only the east coast of the USA later this year as I’d have asked if I could meet up with Amber & her lucky Daddy… but maybe another time, eh? But in case you are wondering what this infamous webcam babe has been up to, Amber still spanks and still gets spanked as documented on her kick ass 3 site network (buy one membership – get access to all of her  sites and the very latest news of webcam updates including a lot of webcam footage for members only that she had performed previously too!)

 Amber as we best know her – smouldering and pure spanko sexiness!

However, I will concentrate on something from her 2 main sites (access either – and as I said, you get free access to the other) so let’s see what a naughty pain slut Amber truly is, having Daddy spank and thrash her before she submits to pleasuring him with her pouty lips, soft mouth and tight wet pussy!

This is a classic Amber spanking where she and Daddy play out a domestic sub and dom relationship between lovers intimately and perfectly… Amber takes pride in pleasing her man during and after a spanking session… I would assume Daddy takes solace in being one of the luckiest guys around! See why (below)






So, this is the submissive side of Amber we know so well, but this bisexual red haired beauty is also on the hunt for female flesh to spank, oil, lick, suck, grope, slap and fuck herself… and this is where she has excelled over the last few years in my opinion, bringing in some unique models and unseen girl next door types. She has found girls just wanting to see what a good hard girl/girl make out with some seriously sexy spankings thrown in for our hungry eyes to devour!

Below is the latest series at Amber Spanks co-starring blonde submissive, Abbey Rhode.







Abbey has featured in other films with Amber and they are just as hot!

There are 3 option sign ups!

  1. A continuing Trial Sign up for under $5
  2. Monthly sign up $29.95 then just $24.95 for all 3 sites after
  3. One off payment for 6 months access for $100 (that’s approx $16 a month & no rebills)

Jubilee Spanking Special

Welcome to the Diamond Jubilee Edition Spanking Spectacular

Yay! Time to celebrate! Today in the UK we have an extra free holiday and as I’m sure you can see from the Union flags here… in every town and village bunting is festooned everywhere fluttering in the gloom that is our great (damp) British summer! So even if today is a damp squid, we care not… only one other monarch, Victoria, of our great kingdom has reigned for so long… and I doubt she would be “amused” with the spanking shenannigans I am about to give you… come to think of it, I doubt her majesty, Queen Elizabeth 2nd would either… so at the risk of high treason and losing my head… enough of my Jubilee ramblings and on with what you’re all here for! A cross section of global spanking smut that I have been fortunate to watch, past and present!

I couldn’t resist bringing you something from one of gorgeous redhead Amber Dawn’s sites, so here is a great spanking I had just watched again from the vast archives that is AmberSpanks.com – here she is initiating real life sub Anna into her world of girl on girl naughtiness and sexually charged spankings that I so enjoy viewing!






This session with Anna was hot for a number of reasons, the images you see above were only taken from the 1st 2 of 8 films they did together… for example there’s a fantastic mutual butt slapping film and a great scene of Anna being spanked in the shower… members get to see this from the archives… and the good news is that you get access to ALL 3 of Amber’s sites with one passcode. No extras and there is still a special Trial Offer giving full access all areas from under $5!


A blast from the past next as I dug out this old spanking classic from badtushy.com – something I’m sure not many of you will have known about, so check out what you can see from their archives too, this site is mainly geared to F/F spanking and punishments but every now and then, especially in the archives, you get some great male on female spankings, some rather naughty.. like this film which I loved as it has the football jock testing out who should be the head cheer girl… her initiation was rather different to what she had imagined… no simple blowjob for this girl, oh no, that would be too easy! She takes the test to see how much her ass can get spanked until it is a burning red (that blowjob can wait!)





See more of this film and check out the very latest HOT girl girl spankings HERE

One of the most recent movie updates (and possibly one of their finest) from Japanese spanking site CutieSpankee.com is a classic maid and mistress scenario… the beautiful submissive maid is giving a back and foot rub to the mistress of the house when she admits to her that she needs to be punished for breaking some plates. Well, this mistress needs no second asking as you’ll see below in these amazing free previews (with unseen images you won’t find from other free sources) including a special exclusive free trailer! This is a beautiful masterpiece of Japanese spanking erotica!





For the full movie & the very latest extensive tour pages – You can see much more HERE

Continuing the girl on girl theme, you will be happy to know there is a 2 part movie update at Spanking Sororitygirls which shows us further initiations dreamed up by the girls for the new pledges… however, someone has to try out their ideas! Images and the storyline to the 1st part of this film are below!


Roxy explains just how rushing will work: The pledges will get spanked and/or paddled for every infraction of the sorority rules. When Kat asks for a volunteer, Kat pinches Karina, who jumps up, essentially “volunteering.” Roxy uses a laser pointer to demonstrate how big Karina’s bottom is and where she will be getting spanked. Then Roxy spanks and paddles Karina who didn’t expect this to be so painful!




…but when Veronica is caught laughing, she will find herself over Roxy’s knee for a spanking too, followed by another hard paddling which members can see now and I shall update this very soon – see MORE of this latest film exclusive to Spanking Sorority Girls

Remember that in this network the Clare Fonda Pass now covers the above site and of course the next lifestyle domestic discipline update below which stars Clare Fonda giving a rather good OTK spanking punishment to Alex Reynolds… with use of the cane too!!!

Images and film courtesy of Girl Spanks Girl




Alex Reynolds is a life style sub with a nice, curvy bottom, who can take a hard spanking. Clare Fonda tests Alex’s tolerance with a long series of mother/daughter spankings. She lectures young Alex, spanks her bare bottom for a number of reasons, and if you missed it, gave her a humiliating mouth soaping CLICK HERE – This was Clare’s last long, traditional spanking shoot, though there is still one shot earlier that will be released after this instant classic.

See more of these films at GirlSpanksGirl.com


Or view these sites as part of the top value Clare Fonda Pass


At Spanked-in-Uniform.com I have a treat for you as it covers parts 1 and 2 of the schoolgirl section where catherine and Nicky are caught playing truant from school. It’s a “schpaaanking” spectacular as both girls get a thrashing downstairs in their unfirms then in the most holy of holies, their bedroom – such shame and humiliation… it’s highly addictive viewing!

Images and full storyline from Part 1 (below)




Nicky and Catherine decided to play truant. They gave the Headmaster two fake doctor’s notes and stayed home. He obviously noticed the fake signatures so after school, he paid them a visit at home. After a good scolding both naughty girls went across his knee for a sound spanking. After the spankings the Headmaster told them that he would pick them up the next day at 7:30 and they better be ready! Will they?

Um… I think not as you’ll learn from the images and full storyline (below) of Part 2





At 7:30 the headmaster arrived at the house but of course the girls weren’t ready! He asked Nicky’s mum for a good slipper and he went upstairs. After a scolding both girls were ordered to put on their ties, and each had to lay over the bed for a sound slippering. The HUGE slipper made their schoolgirls bottoms very red and stinging. Then he drove them to school.

Click HERE to view the entire uniform spanking archives

& finally today, a brand new spanking movie from English-Spankers.com that stars Pandora Blake in a dominant role (at least in this part of the film!) and the delightful Jenna Jay who is one of the naughtiest answerer-backers in the biz… which of course gets her into all leaps of trouble!!!





When Jenna makes a mistake at the office her junior manager Pandora threatens to report her to Katie Didit, the boss of the company. Jenna, being new and a bit unsure does not want this and so when Pandora offers to spank her bare bottom instead she agrees. She is placed over Pandora’s knee and spanked at first on her panties, these soon come down and she gets a real hard whacking on her bare bottom turning it a bright red. Despite her obvious pain the spanking continues till Katie unexpectedly returns to the office…

Click HERE to see a free HD movie preview of this latest film


I hope you enjoyed my little Jubilee spanking mix… I will be back tomorrow with the full inside goss and review on the very latest release at AAA Spanking which stars Leia Ann Woods over paul’s knee getting a rther well deserved thrashing!

!!! 1 MORE DAY TO WAIT !!!

“You spent WHAT on my credit card?”

& A Spanky Good Afternoon! Pt2

Here’s part 2 of today’s update, and I promise that I have some hot and naughty spanking films, some sexual scenes and some good hard honest punishments that make you want to see more! So no more waffling, I’m delving straight into the first update of the day from a site I don’t often promote here, but should really do more of as it’s part of a great little network, I’m sure you will know it well… it’s called Spanked Cheeks and I just loved this most recent full film update (yup, I’m a member of it… heh heh) so you will also recognise one of my older fantasy ladies, Red XXX – a very womanly redhead cougar Milf that has appeared at many fetish sites, after I provide the links to this great F/F spanking film (with a naughty twist) I’ll let you know where you can find Red getting up to no good on her own site and elsewhere!

Red plays a horny rent officer who first of all arranges an alternative method of payment for this hapless tenant (who just happens to be an incredibly sexy MILF (and YES… I would really love to!). She’s not used to being spanked and punished as you see her cheeks turning red very quickly… but if this helps her keep a roof over her head, so be it!




Red feels kind of sorry for her client, but she is also incredibly turned on and so makes another proposition, hoping that this hard up sexy lady will eagerly take up her offer of something far more sexual… you can see how that turned out (below)



You can see much more of this red hot spanking & sexually stimulating movie series HERE


As I said, you can find Red at her own site below, one of Britain’s naughtiest ladies who thankfully doesn’t know any better. I have been thinking about older ladies for my own site and she’d be right up there, let me know what you think as I found the sight of these 2 featured at SpankedCheeks.com very, very erotic!



& Click images below for some special galleries of this very sexual cougar, Red.



You might also want to check her and some other of the very sexiest fetishistas in the UK at Lady-Sonia

I might start promoting more of Lady Sonia too as she has worked with many prominent spanking models and has made some excellent films alongside her dominatrix style and cuckoldrix films that I find rather addictive (I have signed up to her site several times over the past years… and felt quite sorry for her hubby, Charles) there’s also some spanking punishments as I said but her niche covers much more… you’d have to go check out this site for yourselves! 🙂


OK, as I featured something a little different, I wanted to show you what Amber has been up to most recently on her website AmberSpanks.com – it’s now part of her 3 sites you get as one complete package (I think there is STILL a Trial option but you’d be amazed at just how much content there is and she offers some of the best sign up deals for a month and more in the biz – so to be honest I’d take that as you’d be really pissed off if you couldn’t get what you wanted on a trial offer and might have to sign up again? Bollocks to that!

Amber films her latest clutch of naughty girls!

My favourite American redhead spanko doesn’t disappoint as she plays with her fellow web cam girls on a jaunt to LA (I think that’s what it is, I’m sure she’ll let us know if it’s not) … but I’ve shown you some of what she got up to, lots of spanking and very naughty sexual foreplay before with slinky blonde Aly (see above muff diving Pixie in the foreground)…. this time Amber is joined by MORE girls as she directs them to lick each other out and also get to spank them one by one… as you’ll see from the images below, my underwear went totally nuclear with “fallout” everywhere (ahem)… see why as we get to see bespectacled brunette Pixie and buxom Ely to join in the fun!

WARNING: Yet MORE Trouser Arousal images appear below!







I will get back to you and let you know about a great punishment that Amber’s Daddy carried out on her recently for being drunk and messy around the house, bringing her to tears! However, if you sign up to AmberSpanks.com – then you can see that at her original site, SpankAmber.com (sign up at either as you get BOTH these sites AND her bonus nude site for free too with lots of webcam data which I urge you not to miss!)


Finally today, as I seem to be on some sort of redhead theme… why not stick with it and you can see one of the latest girls at the Clare Fonda group of sites (or is it the Big C sites now?) – In any case, check out SpankedSweeties.com as gorgeous porn and fetish model Phoenix Askani goes over the lap of the Big C as she re enacts a growing up spanking memory…

A tall red-headed beauty, adult model Phoenix Askani has many interesting stories about how she was spanked by her mother and father while growing up. Her porcelain skin turned bright red and speckled while she took very hard re-enactment spankings from mom (Clare Fonda’s last scene playing the mom) and from dad as you will see below.





Check out more of Phoenix’s burning butt from her intro spankings at SpankedSweeties.com

Remember that new site Spanking Sorority Girls is now part of the CLAREFONDAPASS so with this site above it makes a hell of a multi site network pass to have at a vastly reduced price, good… innit?

Another exciting week of Spankings!

Well, as we prepare for a quick short sharp reminder of how fickle our weather can be with snow expected across some parts of the UK by tomorrow (sheesh… I thought we had left all that behind!) and the fact we are now racing into April and I actually refused to read any news online or newspapers yesterday because of their “Hilarious” gags they always pull on April Fools Day (yaaaaaaaaawn) I have decided to venture back online after briefly posting some images from our latest filmshoot to give you some updates about what other sites and producers are up to at the mo!

But before I go on, I do want to mention something I remember clearly 30 years ago today, for that was the sad day that Britain had got itself into such a position (as similar to today, in fact) where another country perceived our military weakness and lack of fight for some “small rocks” 8,000 miles from our shores… well, how wrong were they? I am of course referring to Argentina’s invasion of the Falkland Islands. & of course there is the inevitable sabre rattling from an equally toothless Argentina today, trying to deflect from their economic woes, just as the Military Junta did all those years ago, the only difference is that thanks to the short but violent conflict, the much feared military regime was deposed and a democracy replaced it, giving millions of Argentines the freedom they had craved for so long. No more “Disappeared” the missing 1,000’s of individuals that dared to criticise the regime but they seem to have forgotten all that, conveniently. Such is the freedom that is afforded with democracy.

The iconic image of the Falklands Conflict – Royal Marines “yomping” in full gear for the final showdown.

Anyway, I won’t waffle on, each has their opinions, I understand their claims, but after what happened 30 years ago I don’t see how we can ever give back the islands without giving those who actually live there, their say. I shall not be flippant as 255 British servicemen and 650 Argentine military personnel lost their lives over the course of those few months…  so I say let them “Brit bash” us if that’s what they want and makes them feel better… being a lad from Plymouth, I remember clearly the impact it had on our city, having the largest naval dockyard in western Europe, my family had many navy and marine personnel who bravely served there (so I’m biased, of course).
This was a unique conflict for Britain, one which brought pride back to the country and if any mealy mouthed leftie thinks I’m some sort of war mongerer then they can think again. This was a decisive short war, it achieved its aims unlike every conflict we have been a part of a coalition in since (Iraq and Afghanistan… cough cough!) and apart from the whinging and sabre rattling nowadays from Argentina.

This was something we did alone, as the world watched and wondered how the hell we pulled it off… what I also remember is that the old Soviet Union at the time was especially interested to see how a member of NATO, going it alone from America reacted to  a threat of its “sovereignty”. If they had doubted the resolve of any member NATO country, then this provided them the answer as it made them realize that if we were prepared to defend some islands so far away in a remarkable task force I will never see or witness again from our country, then defending each other in Europe would be a walk in the park – with or wthout American military support at the time

So good and bad points in brief (if there can ever be any?)

The defeat eventually ousted the unpopular military Junta and democracy was once again given back to the people, it still is today, no more disappearances of political prisoners and torture. For Britain? It gave us immense pride and resolve as a nation that we could do much more than others gave us credit for, it also proved that old adage that going to war is good for votes, if you get it right and win quickly and decisively… something which Tony Blair, a former CND campaigner (who ironically lost his 1st eelction as a young man immediately after the Falklands conflict and saw how this had galvanised voters to back Thatcher after the 74 day military campaign! Years later, he was to use that infamous excuse of leading us back into the Gulf War (part 2) with the WMD stories against Saddam Hussein… but that is another story and one which is a conflict I am neither proud of or wanted us to be involved in.

& after that, if you are still here or have skimmed the above… welcome to my spanking updates! Finally! 🙂


I have 2 of the most recent updates from FirmhandSpanking, 6 cracking images from each and a great intro clip that is both amusing and shows you the promise of what is to come from the 2nd film! If you have made it this far, you deserve some entertainment, see what members are viewing right now!

Scarlett Johansson lookalike Belinda Lawson touches her toes for a 12-stroke caning as things get serious in End of Term. Richard Anderson orders Belinda to bare her spectacular bottom as punishment for disobedience, and she holds position perfectly. Epic slo-mo replays!




See the FREE Preview HERE

Check out the clip I had promised which shows you the promise of a great paddling!
(& I love that one armed bandit slot machine bleeping away!!!)

Valerie Bryant, paddled in real life at high school, faces a wooden paddle for the first time on video in Reform School. “10 swats brought tears to my eyes,” she admits. Frank Reed has her gamble for swats by playing a slot machine. You lose, one whack! Oh, and there’s a seriously great out-take too…




See MORE of  new girls Valerie & Belinda getting a hard paddling and caning for the 1st time HERE


Over to Holland for a couple of really cool “schpaaankings” that Mike has been filming recently, both these featured here are from his new uniform concepts, first is the secretary niche at “Whippingsham Secretarial College” which also stars more new recruits, Cory & Loni.


Cory and Loni learn the hard way that discipline is strict at the Whippingsham College. First they show up 15 seconds late, Cory forgot to put on her stockings and Loni wore unsexy panties. They both went over the knee for a sound spanking which left Cory in tears. Later they showed up late again for the next class and they both learned the importance of punctuality with the aid of the couch, a strap and a slipper.




If you liked that, take a look at “Mike’s 50’s Diner” as Danielle Hunt makes a return and in this film she gets to spank a schoolgirl over her lap before, can you guess (??) Mike makes an early return to find this going on… it is not going to end well for either Danielle or the poor girl she has been thrashing over her knees!



When Mike stepped out quickly to buy some meat, waitress Danielle served a St. Catherine’s girl who came in for lunch. She ordered a cheeseburger and fries but when it was time for her to pay, she claimed she forgot her money at home. Danielle, who knows very well how strict Mike is with the girls, decided to take matters into her own hands. She turned her over her knee and gave her a long sound spanking.  Just as she was about to finish the spanking, MIke walked in and we can all guess what will happen to both girls in part two. Stay tuned!



I’m running out of time after my blurb earlier on the Falklands so I’ll finish with an homage to Amber and Amy, in one of the sexiest films from my archives of AmberSpanks.com (it’s all hot as you should know by now!) but Amber decided in this film to go oriental andht e influence is everywhere, from her wearing a kimono (so sweet) to the decor and Amy is hald asian and so cute, this was made for her! See what I mean from thje images taken from this film (below)




You can get access to all of Amber’s sites at the Trial Option or her amazing value low monthly and special long term offer pricing (& to be honest, you’d need a few months just to download all her fab content anyway!). OK, hope you put up with my earlier diversion, back with more spanking news and only spankings tomorrow 🙂

Goodnight, Chief

Spanking Updates – part 2

& here’s part 2 of the updates for today as I bring you some choice content I was fortunate to watch, this time, from our friends in America 1st of all before I bring you news of something naughty going on here in England!

First up is the ever gorgeous and thief of my heart, Amber Dawn from San Francisco. Yes, you all know how redheads make me dribble like a demented fool, well check out some great perspectives of Amber across all of her sites as you can now purchase a membership and access them all for one low fee, you’d be insanse if you love seeing sexy and real life spankings performed by, in my opinion, one of the most under rated spanko stars out there anywhere as she genuinely gives you a slice of her life with her partner daddy and her exploarion as a very popular webcam model and bisexual kinkster at play with her exclusive girls! below Amber highlights Zahara Haze, one of her best finds in an age as you’ll see below… she really enjoys spanking and fucking this pot head (by Zahara’s own admission) voluptuous, teenage diva!


This is what Amber had to say about her latest film at AmberSpanks.com

Watch me initiate this virgin 19 year old to the ways of submission and ecstasy, for your viewing pleasure. I torture, punish, humiliate, fondle and fuck this little sex doll hard before getting her off for real. Come see for yourself.





Oh! & to celebrate Amber’s 5 years online, here is one of her first movies she did at AmberSpanks.com (although not five years ago as this site was stared around a year later as I recall) this was uniquely a F/F site she started up later to compliment her popular mainstream site of us watching her get some wicked spankings of her own…. which you will have seen plenty of on this blog over the years! In fact, the past FIVE years! Congrats, Amber… here’s to your next 5 wonderful years online! & do any of you remember Amber almost nervously spanking Mel? Oh my how times have changed!!!

Taken from the film “Mel gets wet!”

Mel does a naughty strip tease for Amber. She thinks she’s here to have a sexy spanking and play with her. Amber has other ideas as she uses her bare hand and the leather paddle on Mel’s tight dancer butt. Amber does not appreciate Mel’s sounds of ecstasy so she turns up the heat. Amber continues to torment poor Mel who’s torn between agony and arousal as she oils up her flaming red cheeks, teases her with her panties and gets excruciatingly close to her naughty bits.



Mel was the 1st of many a stunning girl to get over Amber’s lap!!!

& don’t forget that at SpankAmber.com there are now many very sexually explicit movies with Amber unafraid to show us what she is made of (including that fantastic bubble butt of hers) and we also get to see her and Daddy getting it on in between some spanking punishments, of course! I think these screen grabs from the latest series of films can explian this better than me waffling on…. see for yourself.





MORE of this latest series of movies can be seen at SpankAmber.com

& don’t forget you can view all 3 sites now at no extra charge, they are all included in the membership and it’s a good excuse to see Amber and Daddy on holiday last year in Paris, France… for example, from her nude site (below) now included in the sign up


Sarah Gregory once told me how much she enjoyed working with Kat St James…. and I can see why! These 2 “love” to play with each other, and throw into the mix their “momma”, Dana Specht…. and this makes for a potent spanking movie based on 2 misbehaving sisters caught fighting… um, getting the spankings they deserve from a very pissed off mother! Love F/F and home discipline films? Then check out this treat, the movie and all its parts are now fully released with an extensive gallery for members of Sarah’s growing website – SarahGregorySpanking.com

Momma Dana is not happy to find money missing from her wallet. When she goes to confront her two naughty daughters, she is even more angered to see them physically fighting. They are punished with spankings over their clothes, panties, and bare bottoms. each is given corner time while the other is spanked. At the end they are both knelt on the couch for a hard strapping!





You can see all of Sarah’s movies in 2 popular formats – Windows Media (.wmv) for, I guess the majority of us lazy arses who have Windows OS and catering to Mac users, the Quicktime Format (.mov)

You can easily check out more of Sarah’s fine work HERE on her extensive preview pages


OK, so as promised, I will get my ass into gear and bring out the new film at my own site tomorrow and in the meantime, here below is a link to the much awaited hard core and spanking film that Pandora is now proudly showing at DreamsOfSpanking.com (and quite rightly) with one of her real life partners, D – as we get to see Pandora Blake spanked and fucked on camera (truly a voyeuristic treat!) Click images below for an exclusive perv at this latest offering online released yesterday to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day… or perhaps not 😉


A red evening gown, a pair of scissors and a cane. Exposed skin tormented and teased as the dress is slowly cut away. This is D and Pandora more intimate and more explicit than you’ve ever seen them before.

Pandora also had this to say in response to a query about the film:

I do like seeing explicit sexual acts alongside my spanking, but only between real lovers. Without that spark of chemistry, affection and intimacy, it does nothing for me. And I’m not particularly interested in watching fucking without spanking. I’m hoping to produce more of this sort of material, but not loads, and always with an emphasis on both CP and genuine intimacy.

Check out what is going on in more detail at Pandora’s site HERE

… & on that bombshell … “Goodnight!”

Year of the Dragon Spanktacular

Happy New Year! (again) – it’s the Chinese new year and as 2012 is the “Year of the Dragon”, I like this one, not only is it a mythical beast, but a kick ass one too…. not like a dog or dirty monkey… or rather depressingly, a snake *slither*. My company (my day job), like their competitors no doubt, have been quick on the uptake to profit from this with promotional merchandise for Chinese Meals, so I am quickly going to find some excuse to show you some asian girls getting spanked (sadly not Chinese but maybe some are of Chinese descent?) as I have to prepare my noodles and stir fry with a very chilled bottle or 2 of the excellent and very refreshing Tsingtao Chinese beer in those distinctive green bottles (mmm, looking forward to that!)

So without further ado, lets find some excuse to show some spankings (brand new) and some of my classic faves, as I try to keep this on some sort of theme 🙂

Do you remember 2 actresses by the names of Helen Lei and Nyssa Nevers? Well, I do, and both girls made a significant impact for me when they appeared at the time. So much so, that if and when I ever do make it to America (well, I know I will definitely be there next year anyway), I will STILL make it my mission to spank Nyssa over my knee… come hell or high water :)

See why below in my screen grabs that I took from one of her many films she made, this alongside Beverly Bacci, who I can never make up my mind if I prefer as a top or a bottom (she is equally good in both roles!). Nyssa allows a computer virus to mess up beverly’s PC…hmmm, I wonder how this is gonna end?





Do NOT miss any of Nyssa’s great movies – which you can be able to view HERE

… & I also wanted to show you some images, a reminder if you like, of Helen Lei, equally pretty and with an equally spankable bottom, she could also brat with the best of them and whine and complain when she was getting spanked (just how I like to see it!) – So without further waffle, check out these stills images taken from one of her films… enjoy! I most certainly did :)




You can see MORE of Helen and her fellow brats getting what they deserve right here


“Chief! I’ve been such a naughty girl, won’t you spank me?”


& over to the cutest girls this week from Japan – I never tire of watching these stunning girls either in their uniforms or in the home or workplace getting the tearful spankings and hard wooden paddlings (some of the best I have seen given by a female to another girl’s bottom at one particular site) and the other site specialises in just one thing – that’s right, HAND spankings! & this is where I will start.

Who doesn’t want to see girls spanked OTK in their work clothes in the workplace, cute schoolgirls at home or in the classroom, girls spanked in PJs in their bedrooms or spanked and scolded by aunts & mothers…. it’s all here as you’ll see when I put together a nice mixed gallery of some spanking images as well as a couple of preview clips! The 1st is from a fave film of mine called “Employee’s Revenge”.


This young employee gets her revenge on her manager by giving her a sound spanking. Squirming on her stronger employee’s lap and highly embarrassed, the wicked manager pays the price for her misdeeds as she is made to realize just what a nasty piece of work she had been to her staff! You may remember I featured a nice review of this site not so long ago CLICK HERE for the reminder – well, I have decided to show you some more choice imahes which cover all our favorite niche sections like schoolgirl punishments, bedroom & domestic mother/aunty/daughter type scenarios and of course (like the above), workplace & uniform discipline!

All images courtesy of Hand-Spanking.com








& of course wearing the wrong panties is ALWAYS a spanking offense in this house as you’ll see mother scold and drag her daughter (played by very cute Kurumi, one of my favorite models from this site) into the bedroom where no one can hear her shameful cries as she is spanked over the offending polka dot panties and then with her red bottom shamefully exposed in a real humiliating hand spanking she won’t forget! Images and short sample clip are below:


Don’t forget to check out all the latest updates with full English translations only at Hand-Spanking.com


& from Japan’s other famous spanking site (only with use of implements like paddles and straps as well as female hands) is CutieSpankee and the first set is from another classic I loved… like some films they had story arcs and this one  carried on from a previous movie that had the lustful teacher getting her lucky mitts on the prettiest girl in the school… and not once, but twice! You’ll see why I chose this as this girl is simply stunning, her pristine uniform, the way she pitifully cries (they all do, of course) and in this movie the poor girl got thrashed after school when she forgot to hand in her homework… oh dear, what a shame! Bend over! This is HOT stuff!!!





& remember there are not just schoolgirl punishments, oh no, as you’ll all know by now, take the very latest movie out now, it covers one of my fave themes, that of nurses getting punished in their uniforms… uh oh… I have unwanted Trouser Arousal, I mean, can you blame me? Just check out just how goddammned cute this thing is… O-M-G!



You can find much more with a ton of preview stuff from the excellent CutieSpankee.com


I thought I’d go visit San Francisco, seeing as it has probably the most famous China town of any American city… and of course, Amber was bound to come across a few asian hotties sooner or later like this beautiful thing which I hope you don’t mind me reminding you of, as she was smouldering in her screentest!

At AMBERSPANKS – you can see this Asian beauty,  a hot 19 year old 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Philipina,  1/2 white 100 percent spankable and fuckable girl put through her paces! This was a beautiful screentest, and Amber had high hopes to meet Sasha again, sadly, as sometimes happens…models flake out, flit, and in this case, it seems she had disappeared off to LA to do porn! The mucky girl…and I thought she looked so innocent from the images you’ll see! *pah!*

Such a shame, as Amber really had the hots for this lassie and had so many plans after a very HOT and very naughty screentest! So, ladies and gentlemen, check out some of the images of that screentest….a RARE and wonderful chance to see Sasha Anna and Amber together…members can see the whole thing now! Oh, and by the way, I love this whole screentest feature…they may never have got the girl in the first place – let us be thankful for small mercies, lots of erotic nudity, girlplay and some very hot explicit spanking!!! the sort of spanking that Amber started to explore and excel at… I think this girl may have started something very naughty inside of Amber!







HOT or what??? Check out the FULL Movie and full set of images HERE

Amber now has the option to join ALL her 3 sites in one go, including her amazing nude site… you can check out all the options including (at teh time of writing) a kick ass Trail Offer for under $5 to see ALL 3 of her sites! Yup! I promise you will NOT be disappointed with any of her stuff, I have been championing it for years! Go see for yourself! (and there is also a 6 month option for all 3 sites at around $100 which is, if you work it out… incredible value and one of the site networks that has bigger archives than you could possibly imagine!


Happy Chinese New Year 2012 from me, tight I’m off to make the meal! 🙂

Unexpected Punishments!

Having a good weekend? It feels so nice to get up later than I have been… so much so that I shall look forward to doing it again tomorrow 🙂

Well, that has left me refreshed and wanting to find something a little different today, so I have got you a few recent updates from some sites I love… though the first I’m about to show you I did find rather odd, as it was just , um… wierd, but I liked it, the full film in 4 long play parts is now available to members at AmberSpanks.com and it is with her voluptuous “new find”, dusky Zahara Haze, who they are working together on various cam projects… so it won’t surprise you to know these 2 get rather intimate and often in all the films I’ve seen of them at this fine site!

So this is the storyline, from what I can make of it… or this is how I perceive it… the film opens with a naked Zahara struggling and chained whilst Amber in her open Kimono dress and a rather frightening Asian mask uses the voluptuous bound girl as her plaything, her punishment toy, so to speak… as she uses a whippy cane across Zahara’s heaving bosoms and body as she wishes. I can’t make out everything Amber says to her from behind that mask (lol) but she sounded like a Canadian (eh?) – and I don’t mean to sleight our esteemed colonial cousins, as I love Canadians… but that was just my impression… was Amber trying to disguise her voice? I don’t know… but what you WILL know and see are a whole series of intimate and pain/pleasure sensations that she puts Zahara through with body flogging, nipple clamping, ice and fire… namely candle wax and a great scene where she forces an ice cube deep up inside Zahara’s pussy. Zahara is so worked up by all this that the final spankings and strappings finish the film perfectly for me. Check out some images taken from the whole series and see for yourself… the movie, of course is far better than I can convey here!









Wow! More of this film and all of Amber and Zahara’s collaborations can be seen HERE

You might be interested to know that Amber has changed her pricing structure and for the moment you can choose to view the site as part of a 3 day trial for less than $5 or as a valued member receive lower monthly rebills after signing up or take out a special one off membership (NO rebill option) that works out at an impressive $16 a month (both of Amber’s spanking sites have massive archives stretching back years and all her recent content is now found nowhere else!) You’d need months just to spend time downloading it all! Wanna know more and check out her tour areas? Click on the banners below 🙂


Ok… and now for something COMPLETELY different! Our stern and unfriendly Headmaster at the school of SpankedCoeds.com is again giving one particular pupil of his a hard time, the drunken Daija… and this time I fully agree with the punishment as the girl is slumped and passed out over his sofa! WTF?

A short sharp wake up call and a very humiliating and tearful paddling sorted this girl out… and he did it in his own unique style! See the screen shots from this short sharp shock film, one of the many typical of his nasty punishments!







You can see more of tearful Daija and her fellow unfortunates for under $15 a month at Spanked Coeds


OK, I shall be reviewing some more sites tomorrow, I now have to catch up on my chores when I am fully awake *sigh* have a good weekend everyone. Chief

Hot Saturday Spanking News – pt1

I was planning on visiting my folk back in Plymouth today but there was news last night of a horrific pile up, one of the worst ever in British history on our Motorway network (freeways to my American chums) which just happens to be the main arterial route from my place to Plymouth on the M5. The motorway is closed both sides and likely to remain so until tonight it has been that bad! So diverted traffic elsewhere will be a nightmare on the secondary roads. I’m a bit cheesed off, but of course, before I think of my own selfish reasons… remember that people have died in what appears to be an incident with 27 vehicles (I know the spot and it’s really disturbing) – so I’m thankful I didn’t travel down last night as I might normally do.

Which brings me to the blog as it gives me some quick chances to update it and also remind you good people that November 5th here in Britain is an excuse to blow up and set fire to things legally… Guy Fawkes Day, or Bonfire Night… is celebrated around the country… and I won’t bother educating you like I do every year about this unique event, but I like it, it’s distincly British and I like the way it celebrates the death of a traitor who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament many hundreds of years ago! The weather is still unseasonably mild where I am and clear, so tonight’s displays here should be good which I’m looking forward to! So enough of my waffle and let’s get onto the spankings you all are here for rather than reading my blurb…

As promised earlier this week, I said I’d bring you some of what Amber has been getting up to with her lookalike Jolene at her girl on girl spanking site AmberSpanks.com – and here it is – could I decribe it in one word? “Wow!”






Amber admitted to me that this was the 1st time she had eaten out with extensive anal foreplay of another girl like this… and who better than one of her favorite redhead cam girl models than Jolene? This return for Jolene was all about power play, spankings and the desire of Amber to bring off Jolene with a forced orgasm after a prolonged period. I particularly enjoyed seeing Amber make Jolene wear her panties on her face as she showed the camera her gusset, I can only imagine the sweet female scent that submissive Jolene was forced to inhale and taste from that material… oh my! Amber’s interaction with the camera involved us with what she was doing which I really liked and I hope that this is the start of what Amber is capable of filming with the right girl, as this was hot! I’m sure Amber won’t mind me showing this short end scene below, it kind of displays the power that she had over Jolene… and both girls played their part perfectly!

 Check out MORE of Amber and the girls she skillfully & sexually dominates at AmberSpanks.com


This is a quick update but I will be back later with more spankings so check in later!

Amber’s Daddy is a lucky man!

Amber Dawn and her Daddy have been making their own unique brand of films for over 4 years online now and I wanted to focus on a couple of their most recent films at SpankAmber.com which show just how far and intimate this real life couple have become online and I have to say I’m happy that Daddy is finally showing himself more and more on film with Amber as it’s a natural thing to see them play or punish as they would in private… the voyeur in me enjoys this perspective… and it’s addictive viewing, especially the sex and spanking scenes we have been treated to more and more as we know couples like them who practice their own unique brand of domestic discipline and fun play demonstrate more and more to the curious public…

So to the conclusion of the Sex bench, scroll back a week and you’ll see the 1st parts to this movie… here are the inevitable results of Amber’s teasing as she is cropped and painfully whacked with the Lexan paddle bringing her to tears before giving her Daddy a delicious blowjob, taking his engorged member deep into her warm waiting throat before she is fucked hard over the bench, showing us her swollen pussy seeping with his seed afterwards, her freshly punished red bottom all too evident… an alluring sight indeed and one which I, ahem… heartily approved of!





You can see the full series of this movie in HD Quicktime playback – playable on VLAN player – or on the Wmv version which is almost as good, the above screen grabs were from the QT version and you can decide which versions to view thanks to VLAN Player’s ability to recognize many formats nowadays!


& so to their latest film which is a little different, a split perspective on the screen as we see 3 angles at once of an OTK spanking over Daddy’s lap. We get to see his spanking, Amber’s ripe round wobbling bum and her facial reactions as well as what I called the “Breast Cam” which you’ll see in the images below 🙂

So enjoy this nice domestic discipline spanking that has Amber first in her sexy stripey socks, her ass soon matches their color as you’ll see… and watch out for his groping hands on “Breast Cam” – I can almost 100% say that Daddy must have had some severe “wood” spanking Amber like this, I know I “would have”…




See MORE of this fantastic series only at SpankAmber.com


I am going to feature more of Amber this week, at her Girl on Girl spanking site… AmberSpanks.com but members will already know that her latest hot, steamy spanking film with her double lookalike, Jolene are incredible… Amber eats out Jolene and spanks her hard including lots of anal play… (one image below will capture one scene!) if you can’t wait, don’t worry, her movies are up and the Quicktime format is amazingly crystal clear… remember that you can purchase both her site memberships at the same time and get a generous $10 off, making both sites the equivalent of under $15 each, and for 100’s of her totally unique films, that is an offer NOT to overlook in my opinion! Help support Amber to create more of what I think are some of the best original spanking films of domestic and girl/girl genres out there!

OK, I need a cold shower after viewing this! Back tomorrow with some UN-Halloween spanking updates 🙂

What’s hot & worth watching!

I’m sure these are all valid questions you would like answered out there in the kingdom of spanking… so I shall try and answer a few of these pertinent questions as I haven’t been online except to update my own site and I have been working hours in my regular job that are alien to me, like starting at 5am (getting up at 4!). I didn’t even know there was a 4am! So I have been just too tired – like poor little kitty below…

and I’ve been fed up with these mad hours but as I’m getting used to my ridiculous hours this week, here’s a welcome back post from me so I hope you like it… I’ll start with what is out at my own site as there is a brand new film with Sophie, the new girl I showed last week and a return for Jasmine… back by popular demand and she made a whole heap of new stuff with us which I’m sure you’ll all appreciate in time! This is a particular fave of mine as it’s a pyjamas film and one of the girls are wearing white panties underneath their PJ bottoms (shock horror!) I see to it they get an additional unfair punishment for that!

Jasmine is in Sophie’s private Dorm Room in an unauthorized stay under the blankets & they talk about various girly things until Jasmine admits she’s been “wanking” in Sophie’s bed!

If you haven’t already, click image above for the free gallery I just made public – it explains the movie as well in detail – there is also a great strapping clip which you can view and download HERE

So what can I tell you about the film? I don’t know why, but I found it amusing to have the girls talk about “wanking” – it’s not a word many women often use and I guess it’s also more of a British word, and since the girls are English, then why not?  Which is why I asked them to say it, some might think it rather childish of me, but it actually came across quite well in the film as they bicker about it and I come in and talk about “self defilement” which is what the title of the film is loosely based on! I hope my American members enjoy their arguments and accents before we get down to the strappings and leather paddling which left both girls bottoms nicely sore and a perfect shade of crimson!


& now to Amber’s sites – I had to ask her for my membership codes again since I had lost all my passwords recently… and so when I went back in the other day, I was in for a real treat… so whilst I’m on this “wanking” or “self defilement” theme (lol)… here’s a naughty film of Amber at SpankAmber.com as she gets off on what she describes as a “Sex Bench” – masturbating and jerking off her sweet pussy up nice in close after teasing us to start with… & Daddy joining in to fondle and stroke her tight buns before Amber fucks her aching pussy hard with a dildo and slaps her ass for us all! It’s a great diversion from her spanking films and one which captures the essence of what Amber as a person enjoys doing… receiving pleasure! She admitted to me that she web cams a lot, I think you could expect to see her do pretty much anything you’d want if you were to have a 1-2-1 session! Images below are from the latest movie series at SpankAmber.com






You can see MUCH MORE of Amber wankin’ & a spankin’ at SpankAmber.com

Meanwhile at her site where she gets to dish out the sexy punishments as only she knows how (lots of female play, foreplay, oil, ice cubes and of course her firm hand and myriad of implements both for punishment AND pleasure) we see a welcome return of Jolene, another redhead submissive slut that Amber loves playing upon… as you’ll see below… and I have to say that Amber is fixated with nipple play and clamping both on herself and her sub spankees…. I love it! I’m sure you’ll get a taster of what is going on in this latest series, prepare for double redhead overload!






Delightfully rude, tantalisingly naughty… that is how Amber loves to play and spank her girls!
CLICK HERE for more of this latest series & how to join both sites with one membership for a whole heap less!

Oh, and a big “Shout Out!” to Daddy who films Amber and her girls, how the hell he does this in a room that must smell of sweet female scent when these girls are on heat… my oh my… bravo, you’re a lucky man to then have Amber all to yourself afterwards!


Staying in America why not visit Punishedbrats.com – withtheir new large screen format movies and stunning girls like Pi, or as I called her first… “Twentytwo over Seven” (I’m such a geek I’m thinking about Jeri Ryan who played “Seven of Nine” from the Star Trek Voyager series…. but I could seriously digress… as you will too looking at Pi’s gloriously red bare bottom in these images taken from the film “Art Exhibit Failure”



Pi offended everyone in attendance at the art exhibit and embarrassed Veronica. In order to get her to take the matter seriously, Veronica uses the strap on Pi’s bottom and you can see that Pi’s bottom turns red with shame as the leather strap licks her soft cheeks bringing her close to tears as the embarrassing punishment continued without mercy.

Another fantastic OTK spanking by David Pierson sees one uppity brat, Taylor Rayne, getting what she deserves in this movie now out in full to download as you’ll see below, these images show her off to perfection, a perfect wigglesome ass and one which I’m sure the “Cast Iron Protective Underpants” ® Chief - were deployed by Mr P. for some serious OTK discipline to stop any distracting wriggling onto his lap! I swear by them 🙂




Call From School - Wild child Taylor Rayne was still a bit shocked that she had her bottom bared and spanked, but spanked she was… and hard across david’s lap as she kicked and cried out for him to stop, blubbing like a brat until he had had enough of her tiresome behavior and made her kneel on a stool in the corner, whilst snivelling, to reflect on the situation!

You can see these movie updates and of course awesome residents like Pixie and co only at Punishedbrats.com


OK, I have just noticed at NorthernSpanking.com just jow lucky one Mr Stephen Lewis has been recently…. have you seen the movie updates he’s involved in? Well, if you’re not a member, then perhaps you might want to see what this lucky git chap has been up to… 🙂

So… in no particular recent order and magnitude of “Gittiness” (Moi? Jaloux? Pas de tout!)
The Git Files #1: PJ Punishments of not just Zille Defeu… but Irelynn Logeen as well!



Hey, Stephen… if you’re reading this, just kidding! Awesome films as always, and you can see MORE of Zille & Irelynn with Stephen in the latest film just released…

The Git Files #2: Coach caned, bus blamed.

Just how DID Irelynn manage to win a race in world record time? Mr Lewis gets to the bottom of this (literally) with the helpful report of the busdriver on a route almost identical to the race itself! (Hmmm….) You’ll see both girls getting a deserved spanking and a special caning will be reserved for coach Zille Defeu!




Another movie at the same site currently being updated with Stephen red-lining my patent pending “Git-ometer” is with one of my favorite ladies who I’d “love” to have featured at my own site soon, even though I’m unsure she subs anymore (maybe just one film in amongst her domming the girls? Please???) I could hope, I suppose 😉 – anyway, I am getting distracted again, which is easy with Andi… as she disturbs Stephen’s late time reading…. beware of things that go “Bump” in the night!

The Git Files #3: Beware things that go bump in the night



Don’t forget to check out their vast archives which you can locate easily by model – CLICK HERE


Next… this site and model really need no introduction, but in case you have been living on Mars… then it is Amelia Jane Rutherford’s latest “Marriage Guidance Counselling” series from FirmHandSpanking.com where Amelia is advised on the perils of trying to drive after just a few hours sleep… this spanking is indeed for her own wellbeing, I should know after being tired and having an accident that wrote off my car end of June this year… it ain’t clever, kids… wise up! Some superb images from this movie are below for your delectation and fine early evening perusal:




See the free Movie Preview of this full length film HERE


OK, I wanted to do more so will be updating my other blogs with a movie review coming from this producer tomorrow (I’m not going to tell you which film but it’s a real cracker!) as well as a full movie review from Lupus, I’ll let you know where these reviews will be as well as a weekend update here from some European based spanking sites tomorrow, it’s gonna be busy! Have a good one! Back soon. Chief.

EE6 News and Amber Dawn gets VERY naughty!!!

OK, this post today is the perfect way to lighten things up after some of my posts, I don’t want to scare you all away or sound preachy… so I have some incredible news (and images) about 2 sites I absolutely adore and am just devoting this post to them both today and you’ll see why!

Clare, Lana & Snow show who’s boss in the long awaited “Exclusive Education 6”

First up – finally at GirlSpanksGirl.com – the fruits of Clare Fonda’s inconsiderable labor are finally coming with the 1st long awaited update to Exclusive Education 6 – the annual spankfest that has Clare get a group of her favorite spankees together, dress them up in cute school uniforms and whack the bejeezus out of them alongside her trusty sidekick Lana Miller and… *sigh* a welcome return for Snow Mercy!


The girls assume the position against the blackboard and show us their ripe reddened bottoms!

You’ll see Clare’s most recent addition like the gorgeous former Penthouse Pet, Veronica Ricci, starring alongside some equally awesome girls this year… it looks as if this series just gets better and better, Clare has created a monster!!! Established names now at Clare’s sites like Ten Amorette *swoon* makes her 1st appearance in any of the Exclusive Ed series as well as Mary Jane… most of the girls are new to this series and as Clare boasted, quite rightly… “this is gonna be one hell of an ass-spectacular, covering girls of every shape and size!” So us ass lovers will be blinded by the sight and shapes of these glorious bottoms… and of course the girls take their traditional 1st spankings 2 by 2 in the large classroon as you’ll see below before the serious punishments with a thick nasty paddle and plenty of ouchy Mason & Pearson hairbrushes are used across these girls fabulous behinds! Check out some exclusive preview pics and see what’s in store and available right now!




Plenty of facial reactions and of course the girls can see each others bottoms as they are being spanked, the traditional and humiliating way to discipline the girls in the Exclusive Education series! Clare informs us that this film shoot had traditonal hand and hairbrush spanking OTK and the paddles just kept getting bigger (yikes!). As Clare remarked… what the hell will they get thrashed with next year… a door or something? I think they’ll opt for a more portable version of that but it’ll no doubt be as thicj and stinging! All of the girls who got the paddle knew they wanted it and owned up when it was time but Naughty Nena (crying above left) had to call out and she took it well.  She played the most disruptive girl in class and when the others said “She started it,” they were not just telling tales!


Veronica looks worried: “Oh God… she can not be serious… am I gonna get a paddling with that thing?”

EE6 features so many elements, spanked cheerleaders (see Lilia below)… strict teachers (eg… the awesome return of Snow Mercy!). Principal Lana Miller, dressed in a stunning red Calvin Klein Dress laying down some major whacks and some news as well of her real life niece starring in this (I’ll come to that in a mo!) – this is such a diverse group of beauties with the booty to shake! You want cheerleaders too? This little beauty is called Lilia Spinoza and she made a cameo role with a cheerleader spanking, I hope Clare gets her back as this looks good!


& finally with the news that Lana’s real life niece, Mandee, took part in this production (yes, she is the gorgeous black honey you may have glimpsed above in some images… but seriously, she is the spitting image of Lana 20 years her junior, don’t you think?) Mandee has never been spanked before, of course she knew what her aunt did… and this was a stunning first for them both… I have it on good authority that Lana appeared to spank her niece just that little bit harder…. probably savoring the chance to do this just the once and get away with it… another first on the very latest EE series! See Mandee below and check out the frightening resemblance to Principal Miller!

See how you can start to view this amazing new movie HERE – only from GirlsSpanksGirl.com

Remember that this site is part of the best value CLARE FONDA PASS


& in my 2nd part today I have some stunning news of a brand new hot girl on girl spanking and punishment film from Amber that is probably one of her most sexually provocative and adventurous yet! What’s more, when you see the stunner she has in her clutches, you’ll undertstand why… this new girl is called Trisha and she is just amazing! A total hottie, this movie is serious HOT STUFF and carries the Maximum Trouser Arousal Rating allowed, so please be warned!

OK, now that you have been warned, don’t blame me for anything untoward as you check out a great story, and what I think is one of Amber’s firsts – filming in a hotel room! It stars Amber as an obsessed fan of Trisha, let’s guess she is like some pop star or something, anyways, Amber plays a stalker – sending gifts to Trisha and she has followed Trisha to the hotel and this is where the film starts as Amber barges her way into the room on a hungover Trisha who she easily overpowers and chastises for ignoring her gifts and messages… Amber plays this all rather too well… LOL! Oh, and she just happens to have some rope and a ball gag as you’ll see… Amber, is there something you’re not telling us? 🙂

OK, there’s not just the punishment angle going on here… there’s the nutty stalking element of the sexual side… you’ll see Amber degrade her idol and completely control her infatuated object with her own lust as she sexually plays with a tied up Trisha… who I have to say has one of the cutest kitty-kats ever! (Seriously, this is good porn!) – Amber uses a variety of vibes and a strap-on to fuck this girl to her satisfaction… all the while ensuring her bottom remains nice and red as a sign of her total domination over poor Trisha! OK, I’ve said enough, the images don’t do the film justice but will have to suffice… however, members of AmberSpanks.com are able to view this hot film right now! OMG, I have aching “wood”!







Words can not describe how incredibly hot and sexual this whole punishment session is!
It’s a fantastic mixture of Amber doing what she does best with some good old fashioned F/F porn thrown in
I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall at this filmshoot… but no doubt a fly with a huge “fly-size” boner!

I loved it, I am sure you will too! Check out MORE of this amazing film HERE

There! Now these 2 fantastic updates have blown away the cobwebs of dark clouds looming over this blog! Go check out these sites, they are worth every penny and deserve patronage! Back later with yet more spanking goodness you have all usually come to expect!
Regards, Chief.