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Sarah’s 1st Authentic English Discipline

I’m in a rush so will get this out as fast as I can (gotta go meet a couple of sellers of some cars I have seen advertised) and if I have time when I get back later I’ll upload more updates from elsewhere but I have just seen the entire edited film (a big thank you to our hard pressed and often undersung editor who got this to me last night). The wait for the 1st film was definitely worth it! I had teased you with some images of Sarah in her St Trinians style uniform, now you can see the 22 minute movie that this came from! Just check HERE or click on the image below for the 1st show images of Sarah that I had posted previously if you’ve missed them already. Those that like to see brats punished in school uniforms…. “yikes, you’re in for a real treat!”

This film has Sarah bratting oh so beautifully as I knew she would! Paul Kennedy played the hard pressed Headmaster… who you’ll see reading some, ahem… what I can only describe as “educational corporal punishment” material (nothing erotic there, of course!) before Sarah is told to come in when she knocks on his Office Door! Nice publication, Mr Kennedy! *cough*

If you’d like to see a short free preview of this spanking film and the way Sarah behaves when she is spanked, then just click HERE or on the image of the scene below and you’ll be able to view this Wmv clip! the full explanation of the film is available on that page too! I do hope you enjoy this film as we did making it, this was the first of around 3 or 4 schoolgirl films we did of Sarah which you’ll be seeing soon over the coming months (remember you can catch a glimpse of what she filmed with us on a previous post I made HERE). Sarah’s films will compliment our other usual updates… and I’d just like to say a big “thank you” to both Sarah and Paul for helping make some great films with us!

A couple of screen images from the movie are below – you can download & see the full film HERE

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  1. tim tim

    John nice vids of Sarah in her school uniform very cute,best from tim .

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