When online camming gets tough!

Another week starts as we continue to hurtle through this year at an alarming rate (well, I think so anyway!) and what a way to get immersed in some amazing spanking updates and the highs and lows that accompany Amber as she gets a request for a fast furious belting from one of her cam clients (Daddy was only too happy to oblige, unsurprisingly!) to the joy for us to see Amber’s real pleasure in finally spanking her 1st black beauty… The “Cocoa Goddess” Kay, as she put it (& oh boy has this girl got some “booty” on her, I’m so jealous!) So let’s start with the belting request… money talks, and Amber’s bottom is going to feel the burn of this one!

Amber can’t turn down requests when the customer is paying good money so when he has her with her panties down looking at the cam with her big doe eyes, he requests that she get a damned hard belting… luckily, Daddy is on hand to film this and carry out the wicked punishment! Just think, you could do this with Amber yourself on one of her many cam shows… she’s such a naughty girl, isn’t she? So this time, the customer, after my own heart…. demands that this redhead minx be thrashed fast & furious, he knows she can take it, maybe he had read some of my encouraging posts about Amber’s abilities and cam shows… I’d like to think so, lol! Check out what happens and marvel at Amber’s trim toned body and that mesmerising bubble butt of hers… she’s definitely been working out and it shows!

Images below are the first shown anywhere (with Amber’s permission, of course)

OK, it’s very late here so I better get a hurry on… that’s what happens when the missus is away and I stay up late (it’s past 2am here… yikes). Anyway, this really is a HARD belt punishment, as requested and I have no hestitation recommending this movie at all! Exclusive to SpankAmber.com

The following movie has just been released (at last!) and , in Amber’s words, stars a cocoa goddess by the name of Kay, I remember her talking about this shoot an age ago… comparing her to Serena Williams, who is an Amazonian princess in need of a spanking, but I digress! Kay recalls to Amber her early spanking experiences and soon this beautiful girl is over Amber’s lap on the bed for her first ever black girl spanking. All I can say is.. “wow!” The combination of Kay’s dark skin and that awesome bubble butt with Amber’s flawless pale skin giving her a good hand spanking has to be seen to be believed!

Ok, that’s enough… I have to go to bed and need some sleep, if I start to think about these 2 in a Booty “Shake off” I shall go…. ah… too late! Damn! Well, I’m sure that’ll happen and members will no doubt get to see this very soon but for now be content with Amber’s very 1st beautiful black beauty, Kay, getting her magnificent bubble butt tanned by Amber…. there’s so much more of this to come! I can’t wait!



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