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Spanko Spanking Schpaanking

chores“Oh Hai!” I’m sorry,  I had been a little busy elsewhere and also totally offline for several days with a dodgy net connection which was fixed earlier today… I just had my phone contract to check emails, customer support and sign ups etc which were all pretty smooth, luckily. Anyway, that meant I couldn’t upload data or do work involving lots of research or blog posts and such. So I decided to take a few days off since the connection was an issue and did all those boring chores around the (outside) of the house I’d been neglecting and putting off, like getting a new picket fence replaced, getting it painted and doing other tedious jobs like sorting out my rusty front iron gate that is now fully refurbished and is now a gleaming metallic black as well as other fences and gates that needed wood staining – my, I had been busy (!) and the weather was glorious, which helped. I’m now all “chored out” and fed up… I had been also chasing sunsets recently since they were so stunning, I won’t bore you with my sunset or fence pics (lol) – shall we just get on with the many spankings, and “schpaanking” shenanigans I know you are really here for…

Losing a dog costs Karen Hughes more than a bare bottom spanking


I could have done with someone like Karen Hughes – a “house sitter”… someone to help around the house and also spank when she didn’t do the jobs properly… and  with a VERY spankable ass like hers, I’d be giving her difficult tasks to complete so I’d have an excuse… like Jonny Stockton (lucky man!)

spanked in diaper position diaper position spanking strapping sitter_n018 sitter_n019 sitter_n020 painful strap sitter_n023

With her jutting bottom already marked from Jonny Stockton’s many spankings, Karen Hughes is reluctant to bend over for another licking after losing an owner’s dog in House-sitter. “The strap hurt way more than I expected,” says Karen.

See this latest film from the knockout House Sitter series HERE

Firm Hand Spanking


Dance of the Heart (Painful Parting) with Joelle Barros & Bianca Rose
from Punishedbrats.com


Joelle discovered that Bianca was having an affair with a young man in town, behind her back. She decided that it was time to return to New York and end her time with the lovely red head. When informed of this, Bianca exclaimed “You bitch, you can’t leave me!” Joelle then demonstrated what a bitch she could be and took her now former lover over her lap for a spanking. Using both hand and wooden paddle to make sure that this parting would be epically painful - Before casting Bianca out of her home, Joelle made Bianca apologize to her for being with the boy after each swat of the paddle. After her punishment was done, Bianca was made to pack her belongings and leave. Is this the end of this complicated affair?

otk paddling spanked and exposed panties down paddling otk spanking

This is just one of many Joelle/Bianca spanking films found HERE

Punished brats


New Airline recruit Samantha forgets the Pre Flight Speech – at Spanked in Uniform


New Stewardess Samantha forgot some of the safety speech on the Madrid bound flight so she decided not to do it or get one of the other stewardesses to do it. Mr. Johnson found out, of course, and she was soon called to his office for some well needed old fashioned discipline. This involved a good scolding and a “schhound hand schpaanking”, Dutch style, uncomfortably over his knee.

 europe_ep38_11 europe_ep38_4 europe_ep38_6 episode38_SAM_0520 episode38_SAM_0521 spanking episode38_SAM_0528 europe_ep38_10 europe_ep38_9

More excellent uniformed “schpaankings” HERE

Spanked in Uniform


Finally today… a very sexy girl spanking girl extravaganza!

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12

In the final installment of the Life Coach series, Jenna Sativa has skipped class to go out with a girl. When Star finds out, she puts Jenna over her knee for a long, hard spanking with hand and hairbrush, even though Jenna’s friend could show up at any minute. Then Star uses a vibrator on Jenna, just as her friend does arrive… Jenna is so angry that she spanks Star, too. It’s a hot girl on girl, very sexy spanking finale with these hotties in the Life Coach series.


Girl Spanks Girl is MASSIVE in its own right and will more than keep your hard drive busy getting filled with HOT female spanking content, however, it’s also part of the massive Clare Fonda Pass – 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost – See MORE on this HERE



Check this out… I will be featuring more from this service soon!



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Post Election Spankings

Results of the UK General Election 2015Well, that was interesting and unforeseen, though analysts are now working out the “Scottish factor” in how it all went so horribly wrong for a couple of major player parties and better for others… but at the midst of it all, Scotland in the UK elections was pivotal to it all. I don’t expect non Brits to fully grasp this or be interested, so again, go to SPANKING STARTS HERE a little below. For the rest of you… here goes: The party I voted for got annihilated in the elections, losing heavily to the Scots in the north and the Conservatives (Tories) throughout England in the south and their heartlands in the south west. the Lib Dems knew it wouldn’t be good (smaller parties that help form coalitions know they will lose badly sometimes) so they were prepared for losses… but I appreciate they did it for the good of the country way back in 2010 when the world seemed a scary uncertain place as a Brit then. It hasn’t been easy, living with Austerity, but I do believe the country got better (considering the alternatives) and didn’t end up like Greece or Spain within Europe which would have been disastrous.

Results in pictures HERE

Final standingsIt has been an emotional election, something I doubt Americans or Europeans are even aware or care about! The Scots will be a noisy but largely ineffectual presence in Westminster but they will get more concessions as promised so it will be interesting but as for more instability? – Game over: I can rest a little easier, I suppose. It’s the lesser of 2 evils. I just deleted swathes of paragraphs, this is a spanking blog after all, so just click on the links I have left or the button above if you want to see what happened.

My opinion on the matter no longer counts, the real awful threat I and many had feared has not come to fruition and it would appear this is one reason why the reds of Labour fared so badly in the south and the crucial marginal seats as people chose to stick with the Blue side of the political spectrum whilst punishing the Lib Dems for siding with the Tories in the first place (we all got to have scapegoats, right?) Like it or not, those on the left usually bleat far more, this is democracy in action. Swords have come out and leaders of many opposition parties have fallen on them… we move on. So, enough of this, let’s get on with what we’re really here for!


A delightfully named “Slut Monday” film is just out from NorthernSpanking.com with the gorgeous Ginger Sparks and her very spankable rounded bubble butt inviting all sorts of trouble from Paul Kennedy!

spanked in daisy dukes spanking short shorts bouncing spanked cheeks paddled butt ass spanking rounded breasts and ass Ginger Sparks bubble butt

Ginger is a junior data analyst. On Casual Friday her boss, Paul, gets complaints about her choice of wardrobe. Having summoned Ginger to his office the problem was immediately apparent. His stress level rising, Paul’s attempts to get through to her about why this is not appropriate for work leave Ginger unfazed. As most of her round bottom is on display already, he knows exactly what to do. Bending Ginger over his desk, he begins to give her a sound spanking.  Ginger is less than contrite but offers to change into something else from her car, explaining that she has several outfits for her other job. At his wits end, Paul responds by applying a heavy, leather paddle to her exposed cheeks.
Offended by her inappropriate shorts, he orders her to take them off, only to discover that her undergarments are not exactly work appropriate, either: she is wearing the skimpiest G-string possible! Ginger is paddled hard on her bare cheeks, making her curvy bottom glow with redness. She finally promises to find something appropriate to change into.
Maybe Ginger has learned her lesson but her parting shot on leaving tends to suggest otherwise!

Ginger gets her bubble butt paddled

See this new video HERE of Ginger’s rounded cheeks getting as red as her hair!


Here’s a very British scene with Pandora Blake and some birching action… and it’s outside (brrr!) Go check this out, I like the idea and the story behind this, you can tell Pandora liked this too!

Beautiful Pandora sticks out her tempting bottom for this birching!
Bound, naked and vulnerable… What a sight!

Dreams-of-Spanking Pandora Blake Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden019 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden022 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden029 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden030 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden037 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden042 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden048 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden050 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden052 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden057 Dreams-of-Spanking_surprised-garden071

Thomas positions Pandora so that she is leaning forward, with her bottom thrust out and her nipples hardening in the breeze. He watches in amusement as Michael touches and caressing Pandora’s naked body, playing with her breasts and bottom. The two men silently co-ordinate with glances – Pandora has no idea there is more than one of them there as Michael steps back to let Thomas take aim with the birch. Tied naked and helpless, Pandora writhes under the stinging strokes, completely unaware that Michael is watching everything.
As the birching progresses, the men take turns to stroke and squeeze Pandora’s exposed breasts and bottom, licking her nipples and rubbing the welts left by the birch until she eventually realizes that she’s being dominated by not one man, but two. But whose are the second pair of hands – and who has been doing what to her? It’s not until the blindfold comes off that Pandora learns who has been playing with her all this time…



A gorgeous new F/F film update from English-Spankers.com is next with Sarah Stern getting brunette, Bonnie May, over her lap and those white panties down for a good hard paddling as you’ll see why… (below)

THE SEXUAL PREDATOR – starring Bonnie May

english spankers

There is trouble at the office and Bonnie May is at the root of it. She has been harassing a new young male employee, she has flaunted her body at the poor young chap and he does not know how to respond. He has now reported her to the company boss who has called her in for an interview. Bonnie does not think what she is doing is wrong so there has to be a lesson applied and it will be to her bare bottom. A good hard spanking followed by a session with the leather paddle and a warning that her behavior needs to change.

spanking spanking over panties OTK spanking Sarah Stern spanks Bonnie May bare butt spanking npp7135019 leather strapping ouchy spanking punishment npp7135029 npp7135032

If you want to see the full HD film of Bonnie… and her other films – CLICK HERE


Getting drunk at a music festival isn’t a wise course of action when returning to Mike’s place… as beautiful Dutch girl, Leandra finds out! I liked this role for her as it was something she would easily do (LOL). Her hair is a little darker too. It’s nice to get a fix of her, she will be appearing at AAA Spanking in around a month or so (looking absolutely stunning in a role I have NEVER seen her play) Anyway, you lovers of “Beautiful L” can easily settle your fix of her at Real Life Spankings as she appears here a lot too! Check out this film below!

leandra_strap_tawse_20150504_141450 leandra_strap_tawse_20150504_141507 leandra_strap_tawse_20150504_141531 leandra_strap_tawse_20150504_141615 spanking and strapping leandra_strap_tawse_20150504_141650 leandra_strap_tawse_20150504_141707 leandra_strap_tawse_20150504_141714 leandra_smf5 leandra_smf6

Of course with all the music festivals starting again it didn’t take long for Leandra to misbehave herself once more! This time she got drunk on beer. Mike took 2 empty beer cans, turned his massage table into a punishment bench then made her lay on it holding the cans whilst he spanked, strapped and tawsed her bottom good and hard!

 Leandra James strapping

Very ouchy! You can see the full results of this excellent punishment HERE


I say this everytime I write a post – don’t turn up at the Last Chance Saloon if you’re in Houston, Texas and want to get the best possible places and access to the biggest spanking party this state has ever known (& it’s known for BIGGER and BIGGEST things, of course). It  gets under way on May 28-31st! Yee harrrr!

the Lone Star Spanking Party 2015



Bubble Butt Spankings

I had planned to bring you this post yesterday, but for some reason my internet connection here is playing up. I’d reboot the whole system but unfortunately I am now in the middle of uploading content important to my site update tomorrow and don’t want to restart. It is slow  a little unpredictable at times so I’ve turned any other mobile devices off in a bid to help with my connection resources… anyway, enough of my domestic connectivity woes… it’s annoying but won’t last long.
broadbandbirthdayI read somewhere earlier today how in the UK (at least) it is the 15th birthday of Broadband… remember before that we had the Dial Up tones and the modems connecting to the router… WiFi was still not a part of connections at the turn of the Millenium. The news item also mentioned that our fastest speeds for some users are currently nearly 3000 times faster than the 1st broadband access… we take for granted nowadays pages loading immediately, videos and clips playing and streaming seamlessly with multiple devices and options using WiFi for viewing, storing data in “The Cloud” etc. The big bulky monitors that we used to look at too are all replaced (as are our TVs with flat screen monitors and fantastic displays/tablets and laptops). I really only got online in 2003/2004 onwards, so I suppose I shouldn’t complain too much when my upload speed slows down to what was once still considered science fiction only 15 years ago.
Do you remember those Floppy Disks (remember them?) that only held 1.44Mb of info: that’s not even enough to hold one picture on a raw unedited photo taken from a standard Digi camera or even from my Samsung Note 4 (another piece of equipment which would be totally science fiction 15 years ago). pile_of_floppys Technological advances are so quick now in computing and other similar areas, we cannot imagine what it would be like even 15 years into the future. There is a curve graph ratio that steepens as we look further into the future. Eg) If we look 15 years back, we can not compare that to what is to come in the following 15 years. Why? Technology from 15 years ago was slower/obsolete from now, the starting point which we would use for the next 15 years – so in fact the rate of change from the last 15 years would mean perhaps only 3 or 4 years into the future from this point for a comparable change. So looking 15 years into the future… the changes will be fantastic to us now. More will happen in those 15 years than the past 50-100! Look at how things quickly develop from the early 20th Century onward and how new advances in any field such as medicine, computing, & communications have changed and would be considered Science Fiction, even! I find that scary. This is where calculations for Artificial Intelligence really come into play… and it WILL become a reality in my lifetime, AI is already with us… but the concept of SUPER AI which is stuff or SciFi – the machines thinking for themselves, or becoming sentient and surpassing Human Knowledge, is barely 30 or 40 years away, maybe less. What then for us all?
So what has all this to do with spanking, I hear you ask. Ol’ Chiefy has once again lost it, I hear you grumble… well, I am marveling at the explosion of spanking content we now have and how, for us spankos, the past 15 years has been an eye opener if you look back… I can’t even imagine how exciting the next 15 will be for those of us who embrace technology… one thing that HAS remained constant, is our love for today’s subject – “Bubble Butt Spankings!”

Brittney to the woodshed!

BRITTNEY BUBBLE BUTT bubblebutt strapping spanking a bubble butt strapping tearful strapping bubble butt strapped in the woodshed Audrey spanks Brittney shame of her spanking crying out in pain holding her sore spanked bottom inspecting the sore spanking

Brittney was sent to work on her uncle’s farm for the summer. When she failed to do her assigned chores, she was taken to the woodshed by her cousin Audrey for a taste of country discipline on her bare bottom. After cousin Audrey finished strapping Brittney, the tearful city girl was made to take the walk of shame, shuffling back to the house with her pants down so all could see her bare red bottom!


see more at PunishedBrats.com


Schoolgirl bubble butts are an easy target when these naughty young madams misbehave… as you will see in this Catholic Style discipline from Spanked in Uniform when this girl’s rather large bottom is given a good hard spanking on the bare!

Cleaning Duty – Bellview Catholic School for Girls

punished at school ouchie spanking spanked over panties spanked over his lap OTK spanking ep11_2 OTK big buns spankings schoolgirl OTK cornertime reflection schoolgirl bubble butt

Another naughty schoolgirl was sent to the Headmaster again. This time Miss Du Pree sent Betty because she was on classroom cleaning duty and she didn’t clean the classroom after the history lesson. After a good scolding the Headmaster pulled Betty over his knee and gave her a sound spanking followed by some reflection time in the corner.

Watch all the many schoolgirl punishment movies plus 15 more uniform spanking styles exclusive to Spanked in Uniform



A “Double Bubble” feature now with Jenna Jay & Amber West – I had missed this naughty update when I was away… I’m still catching up and came across it inside the members area of NorthernSpanking.com which I thought you’d all like to see. It features one of Paul Kennedy’s core kinks, girls spanked in nursing uniforms (which I highly approve of) … we are lucky that we also have “Matron” on hand in the form of stunning Miss Jessica Wood to teach these 2 girls a lesson when they are caught playing around on the stair lift machine at the nursing home they all work at! Seems these girls will have to find some amusement elsewhere after this as their bottoms were very sore afterwards!

Images below taken from: Stairlift to a Hiding

nurses are going to get spanked OTK panties spanking nurse spanked OTK by Matron Amber West ass 2 nurses spanked OTK paddled bubble butt OTK strapping naughty Jenna Jay spanked bottoms

To see more stunning images and updates like this
– check out NorthernSpanking.com for more –

click here to see more at NorthernSpanking.com


This site I am showing next normally has quite thin looking girls, possibly as all they are Russian and (perhaps) could do with a good meal sometimes… I don’t know if it is the state of the Russian economy or not and if the girls eat or whether there is just less shitty highly processed foods like we get in Europe & America which never helps, does it? (he said going for a microwave meal) …. anyway, it’s hard to find girls with real fleshy behinds, especially those who have very trim waists, but I found one: In fact – there are a fair few (thankfully) at this site but this example from SpankingThem.com should suffice in yet another wonderful and delightfully humiliating punishment for this young lady called Anna – she is a bit older than the early twenty-somethings as she is one of the teachers at this austere and frightening institute!

strip for punishment preparing for her spanking self spanking showing off her bubble butt OTK Russian girl OTK bent over for a spanking self strapping 010 gagged and playing with herself open up for inspection red bubble butt

Lots more pervy, humiliating punishments & hot spankings HERE

spanking them - click here


Finally, the Queen of beautiful bubble butts has to be Amber Dawn from SpankAmber.com – This is a typical example of how we get to see nice and close up, in a great POV style, her brief spanking and sexual act that she performs on her lover, Daddy (as he films it) … spanking her when he can in a very sexy, real life couple intimate spanking film – it also features Amber self spanking and slapping her wet pussy! WARNING: Watching this film will cause Trouser Arousal!

Amber Dawn's bare bottom spank me daddy ass cheeks ass grabbing Bubble Butt Amber's spanked bubble butt blowjob and spanking sucking cock slapping her pussy open legs masturbating bubble butt

There’s nothing to be said, except “Damn!” See her revamped site HERE


Finally, Chuck Norris would like to make an announcement!

The 1st Annual Lone Star Spanking Party is on for may 28-31
Check out the website for more details and how to attend! Or else!


Sorority Spankings

Just a quick update and I will get you a full blown multi site review later tomorrow… but this film definitely caught my eye and it’s worth a peek for the 2 uber gorgeous girls in it – this is taken from the site SpankingSororityGirls.com

Angelica (the brunette with the enormous bubble butt) gets spanked by Lily


002 003


005 006


007 012


014 015


Lily Banks is at her new school where she discovers Angelica got failing grades. Angelica says that she will do ANYTHING so that Lily will keep this a secret. Lily agrees to keep quiet and the price is she gets to spank Angelica’s plump round bottom (just look at that magnificent beautiful bubble butt!)  But when Lily hedges about keeping quiet after this, Angelica spanks the smaller blonde Lily until she vows to never mention the grades. (see the 2nd part of the punishment below)


002 003


008 009


011 012

013 014


You can the full HD film of Lily & Angelica HERE

This site is also part of the 5 site Clare Fonda pass (saving you oodles on a combined pass!)



Oh… and if you haven’t noticed, the Amelia/Sarah Film I was on about yesterday is now up and out to download
now at AAAspanking.com

See the FREE HD Movie Clip HERE (and click on images below for actual screen size image)
The image size of the movie!!! a whopping 1920×1080 pixels





Mayday Holiday Spankings

It’s been a while since I did a multi site update outside of my network, and now that I am back and free from jetlag (which I got real bad over 24 hours) … I feel able to get you a decent sized update and also promise you news of what I got up to on my last American trip – which will be coming up in my next blog post… which I absolutely loved.


powWARNING TO CREDIT CARD THIEVES & FREETARDS: If you are neither, please ignore this next paragraph (below).
It would appear that some asshat is continuing to use their quota of STOLEN credit card details (I do wonder how they get them, or if it is actually from organised crime in some way!) and then they petulantly pass on their illicit codes to others when I get to them and kill them (quickly, I might add) via messageboards or sites, I guess… it is rather funny seeing multiple user details showing up often with the same old IPs from those who just don’t want to pay… I would like to remind these freetards that you are helping those using stolen card details  – I know you read this. Remember, these thieves are the lowest of the low…  how would you like it if you suddenly found internet transactions on YOUR card you had no idea of… your card’s details would be harvested, you’d feel violated, right? Imagine the worry it brings, the time you then have to waste to contact your card provider or bank… this is NOT victimless, but what would you expect? I guess you still feel it doesn’t bother you… well, it will if I won’t produce more content in future. I voided 3 transaction sign ups alone earlier today… 3, all from the same person. Would it really hurt those who are so cheap just to support the site for once – FFS… I have a trial option for just $15 – is that so much for some of you cheap asses? Think on it, YOU could actually view and download the content you wanted to see and actually HELP my site to grow rather than try to bleed it dry or help the selfish thieving credit card pirates who make a good living off others misery making a good income from whatever backward hole these lowlifes crawled out of – either selling usernames or sending up files they download from a site onto various forums and torrent sites.



Anyway, enough of me bleating on, eh? Let’s see some great site updates across the globe instead… this will cheer us all up!!! Some catching up to do starting at Spanked-in-Uniform.com with a new uniform niche or 2 and more to show you!


ep6_6 ep6_7

ep6_8 ep6_9

ep6_10 ep6_12

ep6_13 ep6_14


Little Cory was supposed to be practicing but she decided to take a break without asking Coach. He caught her and he immediately got her on her feet for some painful exercises involving her petite bottom and his hard bat. He then took her to his office for her proper punishment and after a sound OTK warm up spanking, she was strapped and told to practice hard until dinnertime.


There is a new uniform feature just released and it is a welcome prison style theme… below are the 2 1st parts of the full movies showcasing the Masonfield Prison For Women starring naughty Dutch girls, Cheyenne & Julie.


Meet new inmates Cheyenne And Julie. Cheyenne has a number of speeding tickets that she didn’t pay and Julie a number of bills which were unpaid. They were both senteced to two months. After the interview, as per tradition at this institution, their underwear was removed. Warden Johnson took them to their cell and gave them both a sound welcome spanking. The 1st spanking was given to Julie as she went over the Warden’s knee close to tears. In the 2nd part of this film: Cheyenne is taken over the Warden’s knee and her bare bottom gets a sound spanking. Then both inmates are ordered to lay over the lower bunk and they get a good stinging punishment across their already sore bottoms with the Warden’s infamous riding crop.

ep1_2 ep1_7

ep1_9 ep1_11

ep2_2 ep2_6

ep2_7 ep2_8

ep2_10 ep2_12

Check out all the various uniform spanking niches now showing HERE


At Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking there is a start to a credible Victorian style Punishment Trilogy… the 1st 2 parts are already released and you can see these below.


Dreams-of-Spanking_stepmother006 Dreams-of-Spanking_stepmother025

Dreams-of-Spanking_stepmother035 Dreams-of-Spanking_stepmother041

Dreams-of-Spanking_stepmother028 Dreams-of-Spanking_stepmother032 Dreams-of-Spanking_stepmother040

Molly Malone plays the strict stepmother in this Victorian spanking scene, taking a firm hand with her stepson, Alexander Knight. As a dignified young man, he’s shocked that she’d try to exert her authority over him, but when she repeats her firm orders that he pull down his trousers, he can’t help but obey. Stepmother Molly’s special brand of domestic discipline sees him taken over her knee and spanked until his bottom is bright red, before being subjected to the paddle. Alex’s outraged protests fall on deaf ears, as she teaches him a harsh lesson about her authority that he won’t forget in a hurry

Dreams-of-Spanking_correction003 Dreams-of-Spanking_correction011

Dreams-of-Spanking_correction014 Dreams-of-Spanking_correction015

Dreams-of-Spanking_correction018 Dreams-of-Spanking_correction023 Dreams-of-Spanking_correction028

This hand spanking from a very strict husband is the second part in our new Victorian spanking trilogy. Dr Richard Barton is displeased with his wife Molly, and to punish her for taking matters into her own hands, he takes her over his knee and turns her beautiful bottom bright red. Molly is chastised for taking liberties with domestic discipline – in part 1 she spanked Dr Barton’s son Alexander, and this installment shows exactly how her stern husband reacts. From her meek apologies and his stinging hand spanks, it’s safe to say she won’t be overstepping the mark again…

see MORE of these latest updates HERE


My fave redhead spanko Amber Dawn has a naughty POV style spanking with her Daddy and an interesting split screen angle so you can see his view and the side view of Amber’s bubble butt and beautiful mouth wrapped around his cock!!! It’s very hot as these screen grabs will show you!

Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296F7 Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296EB

Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296DE Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296BF

Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296C8 Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296A2

Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296A6 Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296AC

Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296AF Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296B2

Screen Shot 2014-04-#B296B8 Screen Shot 2014-04-#B2966E

You can MORE of Amber at all her sites with one membership at SpankAmber.com


A couple of recent updates from the Clare Fonda Pass group of sites, starting with Spanked Sorority Girls and a return spanking for Pledge, Poppy!

001 002 003

005 007

008 012

013 014 016

Poppy is back to her all tricks, spray painting the back wall of the sorority house. But Star catches her and deals out some serious punishment, marching Poppy into the living room where she puts her over her knee for a sound spanking. Perhaps Poppy will learn her lesson this time.

Check out MORE of Poppy’s punishments and the beautiful pledges spanked by their seniors HERE


Spanked Sweeties has an entire series of gorgeous Gigi Allens alongside Clare Fonda – do NOT miss this!

001 003 007

010 011

012 013

014 015 016

Gigi Allens is an amazing beauty who we are so excited to add to our list of Sweeties. She grew up in Australia, where she was spanked regularly by her mom, dad and even Grandma. Clare Fonda makes a big splash in her official return to spanking playing Gigi’s mom (and grannie) and providing the authentic accent and hard spankings.

CLICK HERE to see all the intro family spanking films of the amazing Gigi Allens!


Finally today, one of my fave Fonda group sites has always been Spankedcallgirls and this film gets more to the point of what I want to see MORE of at this site with the girls and their tricks interacting more, and not just with each other… Logan plays a “customer” who takes no crap off these terrible twosome as you will see (below)

001 003 005

009 010

012 015

013 014 016

Alexis Grace and Brandi are waiting for their trick Logan, when Alexis decides to steal his wallet. When he returns, Brandi tells on Alexis and suggests they gang up and spank the tall beauty. They do it hard with hand and hairbrush, otk and in the diaper position. Alexis learns her lesson.

View all the callgirl and naughty sluts getting spanked HERE


…the above Fonda sites can all be viewed as part of the top value ClareFondaPass.com

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Sexy Spankings of Amber Dawn!

If you don’t know me by now, I have always had a spanking crush on Amber Dawn of SpankAmber.com fame (Sorry Sarah!!! But you know that I LOVE you, ok?) – I would love to film her just once for my own site (with her Daddy’s permission as he’d be there to help film anyways… I can but dream, I guess). OK, it’s been AGES since I last updfated you with any news on Amber… Amber’s spanking films have become progressively more sexual, as you’d expect from a real life couple and I love the way this dynamic has grown over the years as it is real… & I’m happy to report that it’s still a labour of love from my last contact I had with her, which is cool. Amber is also very well known as an amazing webcam model… but as this is a spanking blog,  I will concentrate on what she does best in this niche, being naughty and bratty and getting punished by Daddy!

Below are some screen grabs from some of her more recent offerings you can see as a lucky member – you get access to all her 3 sites with one membership… so I guarantee you will be busy as hell downloading all that wonderful spanking content!

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FAD4 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FA93

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FACE Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FA95

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FAA7 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FAAB

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FAC4 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0FAC8

Of course you also get to see Amber & Daddy at play, often in some great close up and POV style shots… she is a wonderful exhibishionist and loves looking at the camera as she is performing a juicy BJ or getting her bouncy bubble butt spanked while he enters her from behind!

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8EC Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8F7

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8F5 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8E8

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8CF Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8E4

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F945 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F8C4

The full extent of Amber’s loving spanking submissive relationship is best summed up in the next few screen grabs from another film out last month… again, a great POV style angle to the films as they invite you in to see what they get up to in the bedroom!!!

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F4F1 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F4F4

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F4F9 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F502

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F4FE Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F48B

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F491 Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F498

Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F49B Screen Shot 2013-12-#B0F4A3

See all of Amber’s updates – CLICK HERE for more details

Whooty Spankings to start your week


We Brits LOVE to talk about the weather (over a nice strong cup of tea or “cuppa” and have a good moan about it) – God knows why, it really doesn’t change much as we have some of the most dreary seasonal weather on the planet which usually involves some form of rain or grey (gray depending where you read this) overtones to it all… so imagine my surprise when the start to this October is still quite mild for us, sure it’s cooling down a lot… but the rain (in general) has eased, mercifully, and the sun is shining… which means later today I gotta go out and cut that damned lawn and grass bank before the monsoon and cold really sets in making that task impossible to do before winter takes grip. I have also noticed that the leaves on the trees have hardly fallen yet, they are only now starting to change and drop whereas I see online in New England and some other amazing places where you really get to appreciate “Fall” – what it is really all about! Anyway, another paragraph on waffling about weather and climate, yup… I’m a Brit… so let’s start off with some UK based spanking whooty erotica and where better to start than Postman Mr Lewis delivering a package to a horny & kinky Kate James at NorthernSpanking.com who invites him in to use what he has just delivered to her… what a sexy inviting costume she’s wearing – oh and what a glorious spankable bottom, how could anyone resist that???





OMG! That is a classic Whooty pic (above) – nom…nom…nom!



You can much more of  naughty curvy Kate James at NorthernSpanking.com


Continuing on with this delicious “WHOOTY” theme…
Please check out popular Darcy Leigh’s latest showing at RedStripeFilms.com in a double spanking!

The Cheating Wife

npp5011007 npp5011017

npp5011021 npp5011022

npp5011023 npp5011031

npp5011034 npp5011040

Big boobed Darcy Leigh has been cheating on her husband and is confronted by an irate wife and her husband. She tries to deny it but has to own up in the end. She is placed over both knees and spanked and then her husband gets a thin nasty leather paddle and sets about producing marks and bruises on her large firm bare bottom. This is a real hard punishment which would reduce any young lady to tears.


See MORE of Darcy’s ample bottom and delicious curves spanked hard in this & other films HERE


Nimue & Pandora are good friends away from filming and regularly help each other out at their own sites so I guess they feel more at ease filming more risque stuff (as Pandora mentioned recently about her 1st ever time filming herself masturbate intimately to full orgasm… but that is another story!) Here, in one of their other most recent collaborations now just showing online at Pandora’s site DreamsOfSpanking.com – Nimue plays the submissive role in a short sharp shock film called “Lady Godiva” featuring good use of a riding crop from a beautifully stern looking Pandora!

Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva003 Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva006

Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva019 Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva028

Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva013 Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva023

Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva026 Dreams-of-Spanking_godiva030

Nimue finds herself in trouble with the Treasurer of the Pony Club for her unconventional efforts during Charity Fundraising Week. It seems that the Pony Club does not approve of a dressage show that involves naked bare back riding… no matter how much money it may have raised! A brisk whipping with the riding crop will remind her to behave more modestly in future.

See MORE of both ladies in many films at Pandora’s site HERE


A new girl featured at English-Spankers.com last week, and as many of them do, they have to take the Sexy Cleaning Company induction with pervy Mr Stern and his intrusive camera and wandering spanky hands…. Mia is from Germany on a visit to the UK… they have promised she’ll be back… what a delicious growing spankable whooty she is!


The sexy cleaning company is really happy to extend the hand of friendship to our Russian friends, well extend a hand to one named Mia who is our latest recruit. She needs a job and what better than showing off her assets for our lovely members. She knows the rules of the company and it is not long before she is bent over being spanked on her delectable bottom, a good, strong big bottom and it is made to take a real hard spanking.

npp6030004 npp6030015

npp6030024 npp6030037

npp6030038 npp6030046

npp6030047 npp6030057

npp6030063 npp6030065

 There is a free HD preview clip of Mia which you can view and download HERE


Big bottoms in Japan? Are such things possible? Well, in one of the most recent films  (which is one of their most enjoyable, for me, to date) from this girl/girl hand spanking site which is aptly named Hand-Spanking.com – check out what happens when 2 girls get a little drunk after work and one lusts after the other’s larger bottom… I think I would too! There are also some (thankfully) much harder spankings scenes – want proof? I have cut a short little clip as well as some lovely images you get to download as a member! See below! This is HOT!

o4-05 o4-08 o4-11

o4-24 o4-27

o4-30 o4-33

o4-39 o4-46

o4-44 o4-47

Yuria visits Remi, her older co-worker, for their drinking party. Remi gets drunk and lies down on the couch. Yuria is fascinated with Remi’s big bottom and impulsively begins to spank her… also check out the amazing free previews, and another big bottom episode with Remi (see below!)



My favourite uniform niche (the airline stewardesses or “flight & safety attendants” as some overly PC peeps would call them) has had a double update, a great 2 parter with 2 very naughty Dutch ladies who have rather curvy and very spankable whooty bottoms which deserve a mention here today, for sure! Loved this, loved the uniforms, of course…. and I loved seeing their asses given a proper whacking with a ping pong bat in part one and a hard leather strapping in part 2! All info and imagery courtesy of Spanked-in-Uniform.com


europe_ep31_3 europe_ep31_4

europe_ep31_5 europe_ep31_8


After a flight to Budapest it had become obvious that stewardesses, Adrienn and Timi, had lied on their CV when they said they both spoke perfect English. Before Mr. Johnson punished them properly for lying, he decided to give them an English lesson with the help of his hard hand and a little nasty ping pong paddle.


europe_ep32_3 europe_ep32_5

europe_ep32_6 europe_ep32_7


After the lesson it was time to give the lying little madams their proper punishment. They were bent over the desk and Mr Johnson’s big leather strap turned their bottoms a fiery red. They were each given an “English for beginners” book and told to learn the first three chapters before being sent on their way!

This is just one of upteen uniform specialist spanking style niches!
… & you can view more HERE


Punishedbrats.com doesn’t hide from showing us the odd incredible Whooty either… and in the very shapely form of Audrey, I have saved one of the best til last as you’ll see from this amazing spanking finale at the hands of Miss Pandora in a tough love style spanking film…


Ms Pandora is letting Audrey stay with her while she gets on her feet after a recent divorce. But when Audrey can’t even manage to pick up after herself, Ms. Pandora realizes she is going to have to show this divorced diva some tough love. Audrey is made to wash up all the dishes sporting her spanked, red  bottom.

maid1-6 maid1-7 maid1-41

service2-4 service2-3

service2-2 service2-5

Trouser Arousal Alert! 

*Trouser Arousal Alert* I’m sorry… “I have wood” looking at these spanking whooty pics! - Ms Pandora is letting Audrey stay with her while she gets on her feet after a recent divorce. But when Audrey can’t even manage to pick up after herself, Ms. Pandora realizes she is going to have to show this divorced diva some tough love. Audrey is made to wash up all the dishes sporting her spanked, red  bottom!


.service2-6 service2-7

Check out the full film of Audrey getting her amazing full bottom spanked HERE!


So what inspired all this WHOOTY appreciation today? I was looking through my files on something to update my site with later today and realised that I hadn’t uploaded stills photography accompanying certain shoots so I shall be adding 2 later today featuring the gorgeous Sophie below (who recently contacted me about another filming session and I had just realised in my busy untidy mind that I should reply to her and say, “yeah… love to film!” and am currently checking out some locations to do this in!

However…. If you’re in the UK (in this case preferably the Midlands or the North) and have a house to film from, want to see what a (small, easy day’s) spanking shoot looks like, maybe even participate… then write to me HERE and we can discuss things further! Hopefully we’ll get to make much hotter and naughtier stuff than I have shown below… but enjoy, my whooty lovers! 2 small sample  images of what will be going up later today of naughty Sophie! *sch-wiiing!*



Volleyball Ass

girls group together to show us their tight butts in spandex shorts

Just thought I’d share with you a new passion of mine, watching *ahem*  female volleyball… not the beach volleyball, oh no, that’s too obvious… and will come into its own this summer olympics… but college and state volleyball, can you work out why? Enjoy these selected images from around the internet all carefully placed here for your easy access! I won’t even think about imagining that these girls might need a spanking, but I shall ensure that at my next film shoot I get a girl dressed up like this and… oh my “Trouser Arousal!” – oops!

collection of female volleyball butts



tight butt volleyball pants butt pic of tight college volleyball girl's ass beautifully shaped volleygirls butt

 touvhing their butts during the game 

butt busting volleyball ass

beautiful college girls ass rear view full tight bubble butt big juicy female bottom tucked inside a tight pair of volleyball pants

gorgeous pose of the girl in her volleyball pants touching their tight butts bent over butt shape on full display

full butt displayed at volleyball  

 Anyway, now that you’ve had your fill of college volleyball ass and such… check out this amazing rally I found on my tour of the internet… gotta love the Chinese commentators, they understandably get excited as this rally carries on! Have fun… from a converted female volleyball fan, Chief!

& finally, this image below, does it look like to any of you that this is Veronica Ricci? She sure looks similar! I have provided a few galleries from Clare Fonda’s sites for your comparison! Enjoy finding out! 🙂

is this Veronica Ricci?

Click images below for some sample galleries and decide for yourself about this beautiful spankee!

click here for more click here for more

click here for more click here

 click here

Check the sites these were taken from the galleries for more Veronica or you can view everything of her via Clare’s amazing CLARE FONDA PASS network at a fraction of the combined costs


This post was taken from one of my other blogs and I just thought you’d all like to see it here in case you never visit the others! I will return later with more Spanktastic updates 🙂

Big Butts & Bubble Butt Spankings!

Time for a wobblesome bottom thrashing update as I delve into what’s available… past and present… at some selected sites here for showing you their fantastic wibbly-wobbly derriere explosive spankings! I thought I’d leave you with something you could literally get your teeth into for a few days showing you some girls with real meat on their tushies as I shall be away filming and mainly offline for a couple of days! However, I hope what I have here for you  is of some interest as seeing a girl’s bottom heave and sway under a ferocious or sustained spanking punishment is a little bit special for me, and I hope for you guys too!

Sophie has always been a firm fave of mine over the years, although I haven’t often shown you some of her films, perhaps because I like to think I could keep her to myself (without stalking, of course!)… however, having one of the sexiest chubbiest butts made for spanking is one reason Headmaster Tom keeps her close to him as you’ll see why below in this classic! Check out her amazing rounded bubble butt able to take some of the hardest punishments around like this nasty belting she got!!! Oh boy!

See more of Sophie and the hard punishments you have come to expect from Girls Boarding School HERE


I have a treat for you now… Chelsea Pfeiffer has spanked some of the sexiest girls and in this very latest film update, one of the girls I really admire at the moment is Ten… so this is why I’m showing you her excellent films she did with Chelsea at Good Spanking (where you can see Chelsea’s latest stuff and also purchase all her fantastic remastered stuff from the Classics website too at one convenient place!

“Ten Amorette” willingly climbed over Chelsea’s knee for the start of her spanking, she was still clad in her tight jeans and Chelsea warmed her bottom through that tight material, but the fun really began for Chelsea when she had Ten remove those tight jeans, losing the panties and then takings a long, harder hand spanking. Still not even near the end of her ordeal…Ten was rubbing her sore butt before Chelsea took up a hairbrush on her hot, oh so spankable, meaty bottom making sure that her amazing cheeks burned a flaming red!

From the Classics side of things, check out a rather younger Chelsea here dishing out yet more deserved discipline when one of her employees (who just happens to have a big ripe bum) fails to update her site on time and misses her dealine… hmmm, this girl should’ve known what was coming… even back in the late 90’s when the internet was only then just starting to really kick off! See some images below taken from the old remastered film!



Remember I was raving about beautiful redhead Amber spanking her first black girl? Amber had a real crush on Serena Williams, actually, so do I… so with Wimbledon (and the usual rain) starting today… and in honor of Serena, an Amazonian goddess… what better than to find Kay, a real naughty girl who resembles Serena… only of course, Kay is her own unique self and I thank Amber for finding her… Kay’s cheeks are heavy and can jiggle and jive when they shake like no other…. this is the ultimate “Booty Shake Spanking” and you’ll see why Amber got so turned on spanking, oiling, flogging and playing with her new girl inclusing Kay turning it on for us… the full movie is now available to download at AmberSpanks.com – these are just images taken from the film…. I dare not show any jiggling and spanking action for fear of causing too much trouser arousal 🙂

OMG! Kay is a whole lotta woman and Amber gets to spank her in her own unique way! Unmissable!!!

You can see more of what Amber has been getting up to at  her sites below!

Don’t forget to check out Amber’s generous offer of joing BOTH her sites for $10/month less (that works out at just under $15 a month for both her spanking sites with access to 100’s of exclusive and unique films since 2007!)


I will be offline for a few days as I am away filming for 2 days… yes, & it includes you know who… “Sarah Gregory” – I can’t wait to meet her tomorrow and start filming very soon! We have some great ideas and thanks to those that mailed me with some too, rather than leave a comment… I will try my best to accommodate where possible!!! Best regards, Chief.

When online camming gets tough!

Another week starts as we continue to hurtle through this year at an alarming rate (well, I think so anyway!) and what a way to get immersed in some amazing spanking updates and the highs and lows that accompany Amber as she gets a request for a fast furious belting from one of her cam clients (Daddy was only too happy to oblige, unsurprisingly!) to the joy for us to see Amber’s real pleasure in finally spanking her 1st black beauty… The “Cocoa Goddess” Kay, as she put it (& oh boy has this girl got some “booty” on her, I’m so jealous!) So let’s start with the belting request… money talks, and Amber’s bottom is going to feel the burn of this one!

Amber can’t turn down requests when the customer is paying good money so when he has her with her panties down looking at the cam with her big doe eyes, he requests that she get a damned hard belting… luckily, Daddy is on hand to film this and carry out the wicked punishment! Just think, you could do this with Amber yourself on one of her many cam shows… she’s such a naughty girl, isn’t she? So this time, the customer, after my own heart…. demands that this redhead minx be thrashed fast & furious, he knows she can take it, maybe he had read some of my encouraging posts about Amber’s abilities and cam shows… I’d like to think so, lol! Check out what happens and marvel at Amber’s trim toned body and that mesmerising bubble butt of hers… she’s definitely been working out and it shows!

Images below are the first shown anywhere (with Amber’s permission, of course)

OK, it’s very late here so I better get a hurry on… that’s what happens when the missus is away and I stay up late (it’s past 2am here… yikes). Anyway, this really is a HARD belt punishment, as requested and I have no hestitation recommending this movie at all! Exclusive to SpankAmber.com

The following movie has just been released (at last!) and , in Amber’s words, stars a cocoa goddess by the name of Kay, I remember her talking about this shoot an age ago… comparing her to Serena Williams, who is an Amazonian princess in need of a spanking, but I digress! Kay recalls to Amber her early spanking experiences and soon this beautiful girl is over Amber’s lap on the bed for her first ever black girl spanking. All I can say is.. “wow!” The combination of Kay’s dark skin and that awesome bubble butt with Amber’s flawless pale skin giving her a good hand spanking has to be seen to be believed!

Ok, that’s enough… I have to go to bed and need some sleep, if I start to think about these 2 in a Booty “Shake off” I shall go…. ah… too late! Damn! Well, I’m sure that’ll happen and members will no doubt get to see this very soon but for now be content with Amber’s very 1st beautiful black beauty, Kay, getting her magnificent bubble butt tanned by Amber…. there’s so much more of this to come! I can’t wait!



Remember that you can purchase a special 3 site deal to see all of Amber’s spanking & modelling shenanigans & there’s a nice Trial promotion to see this all for under $5! Go check out her sites 🙂