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Brief Spanking News & stuff

I’m gonna have to be as brief as I can today as I got waylaid with other things so apologies (I had promised a mega post… will have to do that over the weekend instead… sorry). Well, I have been listening to feedback and looking at ways of making a sign up to my own little site even more attractive to 1st timers… remember we produce all our own content and I am rather proud of the MP4 films that we produce as well as the WMV ones as standard which has some of the best quality around… (I’ll dig out the comparison movie clip galleries for you to decide later).

So before I bore you all to death in this shortened post today… please do check out the site tour and join pages for the revamped sign up which includes out best ever monthly non recurring deal (as I know that somehow still gets people concerned, as well as a kick ass 1 and 3 month recurring option (I’m not even gonna mention the prices as they are our lowest ever) and of course the chance to take out the year membership giving the equivalent of just $8.50 a month access which is, well… a way to reward those that want to help support our efforts and I think that’s only fair… so thanks to those that have signed up by this method, I hope we don’t let you down. Our site has been running for just over 6 months and has averaged over one new film every week on top of the 20 odd we started with so I think there’s something like 40 something now available which is quite impressive in such a short time and we always update with full screen grabs and a full description so you can see what’s coming when the films are longer! Enough of my waffle… see all this and more at


Oh… and a couple of comparison galleries are below as promised! Just click on the images and I’ve also added a free gallery of a great film I did with Kami Robertson dressed as a French maid… spanked then belted to real tears… enjoy!


OK, I have also seen that there are a few new updates from Clare’s great sites as well, all with a redhead theme (yay!) and it includes yet another hot newbie called Dani Jensen that I shall be investigating more of this weekend (ahem!) as she appears at letting us know her spanking history growing up and being introduced over Clare’s lap… note the refreshing tuft of womanly hair “down there” very rare and very welcome in my eyes nowadays! Check out these seriously hot galleries below of Dani’s 1st films!

See MORE of Dani Jensen right now – showing at


& as promised the uber babe, Veronica Ricci gets her debut as a hooker babe getting a good thrashing off Momma Clare at – this is a really hot sexy spanking and Veronica is a real life porno babe that also happend to be a Penthouse Pet as you may well recall… so she is oh so convincing as a top class hooker and here is why I’d blow a stash on Veronica below (if I won at a Blackjack in a Vegas casino)… given half a chance! Just check out that red speckled ass of hers in the free gallery below… oh my!

This film is available to download now HERE at


Remember both these sites are part of an option to view as part of Clare’s Spanking Pass




Back soon… and have a good weekend wherever you hang out at whatever spanking site ๐Ÿ™‚
Regards, Chief.

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  1. tim tim

    Dani and Veronica are two little cuties along with the other girls on Clares great sites ,best from tim .

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