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Friday’s Helpful Guide to all things “Spanking”

Before I start, seems the men (& women for that matter) in the street and in cafes are talking about the offer, the annual deal or getting locked into a better lower monthly rate before the prices rise (sometime soon) at AAA Spanking – as noted the other day in a downtown diner… these guys know what it’s all about!


Anyway, I’ve just uploaded another full movie file for members today and of course there is the Xmas movie coming up along with more goodness before we all get to gorge ourselves stupid, drink insanely and open presents and suchlike! So on with the various spanking updates and red hot stuff from around the globe!


& I make no apology for starting at as I knew that Kami had been there recently filming (I will be placing a new film of Kami up at our site after the Xmas one if her many fans are interested) but back to this first movie out now which has the delighful Miss Robertson in fine form as she wriggles and yelps her way through a particularly painful lesson at the Rockford School of Dance Academy uniform section (see below)





Mr. Johnson saw Kami Robertson sneak out the front gate the night before with a boy and they were both quite flushed. The next day, during modern dance class, he confronted Kami and she insisted it was her brother. Mr. Johnson did not believe her and with her hands against the mirror, she got a sound spanking. She still wouldn’t say who the boy was so after class, she had to go to his office and after a long hard spanking over his knee,  she confessed it was her boyfriend.

See all the very latest uniform spankings listed HERE


Clare has been extremely busy since I last wrote about her wonderful sites, and in case you have just got back from a short trip in outer space… then here are her latest spankings from her excellent sites that cater to lovers of Girl/Girl, interview and now added “man” spankings of both Clare and her stunning girls! Let the festival of spanking begin!

There’s a fantastic new long play movie following on from the EE6 series called Strict Tutor (see below)




Strict Tutor, a traditional domestic discipline video and excellent follow-up to Exclusive Education 6 has arrived. Strict Tutor features three of our top spanking models, Mary Jane, Veronica Ricci and Lilia Spinoza, the adorable Latina cheerleader who was thrashed by Clare Fonda. We also introduce Miss Morgan, a real life pro switch who brings her no-nonsense touch to her scenes. Strict Tutor involves OTK hand spanking along with hard whacks with the hairbrush. The girls are clad in school uniforms, pyjamas, as well as spanked hard in tight 1950’s style skirts. Mother Clare Fonda brings Miss Morgan into the family to help discipline her daughters and the results are strict scoldings, sound spankings and sore bottoms on three of today’s hottest starlets.





See Clare’s girls getting the spankings they deserve at her specialist Girl/Girl site that includes ALL the amazing Exclusive Education series (all 6 of them) and the very naughty erotic and sensual sections for lovers of all things sexually alluring watching women spank each other! CLICK HERE for more!


At – I can’t remember if I showed you this but I know other sites and such will no doubt have featured this so I hope these images are a little different to those from the film of Kyle and Clare that I just watched…. I love that Clare feels the need to switch and get a darned good “man spanking” and to one of the sexiest, sassiest spanko cougars out there, why not let a young man like Kyle do the honors? One of Clare’s hottest spanking movies in recent years, I love that she plays out her fantasies… and just check out that red ass of hers… it puts girls half her age to complete shame!





Clare Fonda has some fantasies about being spanked by a younger man and she explores them with guest star Kyle Johnson in a nephew/aunt scene where discipline restores the age appropriate behavior!

Check out this film and the interviews & spankings of newbies & model fantasies – Click HERE

Remember that these 2 sites featured today from Clare’s network are also part of the infamous Clare Fonda Pass which is by far the best value and gives you the option of choosing 3, 4 or 5 of her best sites for a fraction of the combined cost – perfect!


From one network to another I love reviewing and watching these films, especially as they ALL have special offers for Xmas and you can get a whopping $10 off the regular monthly pricing so those that do rebill from time to time, please remember that the lower prices STAY THE SAME and don’t increase when the sites covered below revert back to their normal fees… this is great value as sites like these (and mine, I hasten to add) always ensure there is a a lot of regular quality content appearing so those that do stay are rewarded with value for money in my opinion!

So, the sites in question? That’ll be the ones run by Mr Stern & his lovely partner, Sarah Bright… and I’m starting with Sarah’s naughty site first as she has a gorgeous Thai girl (Sami) caught out and punished, and you can tell she is itching to spank this dusky beauty… see the class preview images from the film and I have included the important story information below that for your perusal!





Sarah Sly Private Eye investigates crimes and wrongdoing committed by wives and girlfriends throughout the length and breadth of the country. We start at a pornographer’s studio in Devon where Sami has been reported as working as a model. Her husband is none to pleased with this and asks Sarah to gather evidence and then to confront and punish his wife. The action comes fast and hard as she breaks into the middle of a filming session and sets about the photographer before spanking and paddling the unlucky model.



Oops! Actually, I gotta go, I was yapping on the phone (as you do) and it’s gotten late and “Er Indoors” is furious that I’m still stuck in my little office working on this post on a  Friday evening… so I will continue this tomorrow…. so ’til then, Adios! Chief 🙂

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