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Sunday Spanking News

A lot has been happening in the world outside our Spankosphere… a normally quiet peaceful place like Norway has been hit by a terrorist outrage (perpetrated by one lone maniac) Shootings & bombings of an indescribable nature have so far killed at least 93 in a country so nice, in fact, so tranquil that for this to happen is, well,  quite shocking! I’ve never met a bad Norwegian person, they are just, well… so nice (Justine, the redhead model I had the pleasure to work with, for example… unbelievably nice). I once went out with a red haired sweetie from Bergen… & yup, you guessed it, she was really nice! (oh & very naughty, but that’s another story). Seems there are rotten apples in every barrel of every “nice nation”… My deepest heartfelt sympathies to Norway.


& next was last night’s announcement that Amy Winehouse had died, joining the illustrious “Forever 27 club” alongside the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin & Kurt Cobain but to name a few tortured musical genius souls. I’ll admit I never liked Amy as a person, she had a God given talent few of us ever will have and she lost it to an addiction & had terrible taste in men but it looks as if that habit she had looks likely to have killed her, so it’s a tragic waste… so now that I have completely put a downer on things this weekend, how do I get out of that little hole?

Hell, I don’t know… but at my own site, I’m trying to offer new options and ways for people to access our site and be rewarded for doing so. Now, as I won’t ever offer a Trial Membership again (If I can help it) – I’m not offering pirates an easy cheap chance to view my stuff  like that – incidentally, these wankers are intent on ripping my content and killing off the site if I do nothing about it… but I am working with the Porno Police and others to stop this site killing rip behavior at the moment. Seriously, to any pirate reading this, tell me why you insist on trying to rip every damned thing from my site? Oh, & I’d like to do it in private where no one can hear your screams!

“I have worked hard, spent a lot of money up front to produce the content to the best of my ability… and for what? So you lowlife can make $30 per 1000 hits of whatever file sharing network it is? Then you post this on god knows how many sites etc? If I don’t try and stop the wholesale piracy, then AAAspanking is as good as dead and there will be nothing for you to feed off.”

So, for those who want to support my efforts, I have come up with a Special Year Membership that works out at just under $8.50 a month. If you have the cash, admittedly it’s a lot up front, but like anything, you will be rewarded for staying and get the best ever deal… I will see how it goes, I will be honest and tell you that whatever we make currently (it’s no great shakes) every penny goes back into paying for new film shoots. (in fact I’m paying myself towards the shoot costs too but can’t keep doing so) but I love filming them, but for me, they are so expensive… as any producer will tell you… the lucky ones are models who can film at their own places, there are 2 extremely expensive costs immediately saved. Oh, and the fact that I now have a job and must work away from spanking should tell you all that I really do not make enough to make it a full time gig… ah, if only I could *sigh*

So I have now adapted the site to include MORE non recurring memberships and also include the $99.99 full year deal (which of course is NON recurring)… and if you don’t like that and just want to download the odd film or 2, well, to reward those that want to do that, we are adding NEW UNSEEN movies to the Clips Store, there is a brand new film going up this coming week at the store with Sarah Gregory, and I promise you, it is f*cking hot!!! See image below from the film…

This will be coming only to the Clips Store later this week.

Stay tuned and of course we’ll be updating the AAAspanking site as normal, giving you the chance to view yet more new films and updates on a regular basis as we have done from Day 1! There’s not much more I can do, we have produced some great MP4 format movies, they are so crisp and clear without being so huge to download (and that is down to the skill of the AAA Editor and Cameraman who is as dedicated as me to making this site work and some of his editing goes unnoticed to bring you the clearest MP4 images around).


There are 2 films away from my site I want to show you, one is actually with me and Sarah Gregory… and boy, what fun I had making this for – who could resist the lure of a naughty nurse frigging herself off away in a quiet corner of the hospital when along comes me… shocked at such a sight, yet (unsurprisingly) aroused! (Hmmm, me…a “medicin sans frontiers?” More like a Doc with a lot of “front”) and I seek the chance to punish the nurse in quite a rude and provocative way (erm, just in case somebody walked in…)

You’ll see Sarah spanked in the diaper position, given a leather paddling and getting Sarah to play with herself, getting wetter whilst I continued to spank her… well, it was all going so well until we both got paged! Bugger it!!! Out now to view and download with a ton of images like some below , this is the latest Short Sharp Shock movie





Did I suffer any Trouser Arousal? Ha! A gentlemen never tells! You can see this new film HERE


Finally, this next girl is also one of my faves, the very demure and dinky Michaela McGowen, who I am so desperately jealous of FirmHandSpanking for being able to have filmed so much of her, she is simply “awesome” – so incredibly “nice” – I just hope she isn’t the next unsuspecting terrorist after all I said about “nice people” and nations earlier… now that would indeed depress me 🙁

Instead, check out these images of Michaela and the special free clip, the full size Wmv clip for members is of course far better! Did Mr Ryan suffer any Trouser Arousal, I wonder? I suspect there might have been a “twinge” or tingle when Michaela presented that round butt of hers with her PJ bottoms around her ankles… OMG what a sight for sore eyes! (& dirty old men like me!)





Check out this and all the very latest HOT punishments from

Be good everyone, back soon.


  1. Couldn’t agree with you more on the subject of pirates. I think the fact that these talentless leeches are feeding off the hard work and creativity of others needs to be borne in mind each and every time we, as spanko consumers, have a tempting free download opportunity presented to us by these thieves. If you see such things and are tempted then please remember, by actually joining the site it came from, for $10-20, you get not only that film, but everything the site has produced!! And you get a nice warm feeling inside too!

    I think Sarah quite liked your bedside manner too Dr Chief!!

  2. Is xHamster using pirated work or do they have permission for the spanking material that appears there? I seen a few links to free spanking movies, from many producers, on their site it made me wonder.


  3. Hi Prefectdt,
    I think the majority of tube sites like xHamster don’t really have permission and at least most like them have DMCA notices if you wish to pursue it so they will remove it. But at least they may offer the chance for users to purchase your stuff if you see what you like. However, it is those (I won’t name the forums or sites, of course) that a few selected pirates do all the damage and make 1000’s from us, whether it be a certain niche like ours (BDSM/Spanking/Fetish etc) or something else. All that we as producers know is “enough is enough” and it can not continue as they are basically cutting us to the bone and I won’t say anymore but it is approaching “Armageddon” and I know that Interpol are collecting evidence on several known pirates… that is all I will say. It’s no surprise most of them are based in Russia!

    I know what you are saying, a membership at your site brings peace of mind and a vast archive without worrying if the links are down or not from some shitty file sharing site. Just as we have started a 1 Year reward membership, and of course it helps support us to produce more content 🙂

  4. Piracy by organised Russian gangs is now rife. They use servers like oran in Holland that must be illegal but the Dutch authorities do nothing.

    These scum are really causing income problems for the spanking film producers.

    As for the ‘so called’ anti-pirate companies that purport to take your material down, well I think that they are possibly taking money under false pretences. I am seeing pirated material produced by clients ‘protected’ by a certain anti-piracy company on a daily basis that has been online for days, and sometimes weeks that has not been taken down. And this is advertised on a certain well-known pirate link site that even a novice can find.

    I have just spent an hour getting DMCA notices out on 30+ of my films and this to me is time well spent because they will be killed before the pirate can make any commission on them.

    Speed of getting the material off the file servers is the key. Until an anti-pirate company can say that they can find, verify that it is a live link and get it off-line inside 48 hours of it being posted I shall do the job myself.

    If that company could also collate information and instigate legal proceedings against oran, sendspace, filesonic and get these hosts closed then that is something I would pay for!

    Issuing DMCA notices is like pissing on an inferno. I would rather an anti-pirate company tried to turn off the life-support of the pirates by targeting the file locker companies with writs to identify the pirates. The pirates are getting paid commission by the file locker companies so they can be traced by following the money! Then we could arrange for the pirates, especially those domestic to the UK, to feel our wrath!

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