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What’s occurring? Spankings as they happen

If you want to access AAAspanking from just $8.50 a month – see how HERE


Hello everyone, now as it’s getting close to Christmas… way too close, I am spending time on here when I should be visiting mother and family 100 miles away today on my day off… so I hope you appreciate my efforts as I quickly bring you some news of more Xmas Fayre and unfair seasonal spankings as well as a quick nose around a few other sites for your viewing choices!

Starting at AAAspanking – the site is barely a year old yet has an impressive archive of videos stored up already (which is why the prices WILL rise after the Festive period as I explained) but I’m giving you all forewarning so get in quick and join Santa (I have been checking the download logs there’s a busy IP address from Lapland in the name of S. Claus).

Well, it’s here, the “Triple A Spanking (anti) Xmas Video” – 23 minutes – 4 girls – just hand spankings – fully loaded in HD with Wmv or MP4 versions approx 600 MB each. All placed up yesterday with over 200 bonus images of video and stills photos. I can tell you my poor hand was busy sorting out these girlies (don’t feel too sorry for me though) as I had the dubious pleasure of spanking new girls Jenna Jay, Taylor Richardson, Danielle Hunt and a welcome returnee, Kami Robertson! See for yourself in 2 image galleries that are now available online (click images to access the free galleries).

It’s our 1st Xmas online so we thought we’d give you a little treat and have John spank and stroke each of these 4 girls bottoms one after the other. He is confronted with all manner of shape, size and varying wobblesome or jiggly butts that we have all loved so much. Of course, John ensures that the girls bottoms definitely turn a darker shade of red to start matching their tacky Santa helper outfits that he had thoughtlessly provided! John isn’t a big fan of Xmas (we can see that with his rubbish outfits he bought them) but don’t let this nasty scrooge stop you enjoying a film that lets you see some new and established spanking talent from the UK getting a good dose of old fashioned hand spanking this Festive Season! John would like to remind you all that no Christmas presents were thought of or used in the making of this film! Bah Humbug! Happy Holidays everyone!


Thank you to Paul & Lucy at who decided to bring me a Xmas present early… the full updates to what you’ll see below, Leia-Ann Woods all packaged up “In Storage” to be used as some punishment toy as and when for a group of Alpha Males who get off on seeing a beautiful girl helpless, tied and gagged, stripped of her dignity and shivering in a cold garage lock up… just waiting for any company… even theirs; to feed her and warm her bottom (or so I would believe!) Am I rambling, or drooling? Apologies, please check out some preview images below.




There’s always lots of laughs on set, especially when the unexpected happens… so in time for Xmas there’s a nice Out Takes package on top of the usual updates 🙂



See a whole lot more of what is on offer from the unique


As I’m running out of time today, I’ve got a few galleries for you from the very latest updates now out at and it stars Wynter Skye in a schoolgirl punishment film, love the uniform and of course Headmaster looks frightening in his cloak and mortarboard hat as always!

See a full free movie clip of Wynter’s spanking punishment – CLICK HERE


Want to see who Sarah has got bent over? This sly detective series continues… be warned, Sarah doesn’t mess about!

There is also a great free promo clip in HD of this punishment, don’t miss it HERE


As everyone seems to be filming Kami at the moment (and why not as she is absolutely one of my fave girls to work with) I thought I’d take a peek at my own stored content from as I remember there are some excellent films of her there when she first started out and you’ll see the difference! Fortunately, I got this gallery (click image below) which helps better explain what I mean!

Check out all of Kami’s films she did at SoundPunishment HERE

Note: Please be aware that the sites English-Spankers  and SoundPunishment both have very special Xmas Offers giving you the best and cheapest rebill options for the life of your membership… they didn’t have to do this, so if you want to see their stuff (and it IS good!) get a whopping $10 off their monthly prices before they go back to normal pricing!


In America… at there are several lovely new girls appearing, one is called Audrey and I just know she is going to be hugely popular in 2012… David had lots of nice things to say about her, so I know that this taster you’ll see here is only the start… and incredibly, access to his site is STILL the cheapest anywhere on t’Internet! Check out the images and if you wanna know more, please do go check out their pricing and further updates and I’ve got you Pixie’s previews below. have brought back Joelle who I absolutely loved (remember her in that Brazil soccer shirt? OMG) anyway, she starred alongside Beverly Bacci and even Pixie made it back and got her first spanking on film so I can’t wait for that!!!


Below is the conclusion to the full movie “Unexpected Welcome” with new bottom, Audrey!



Audrey’s obnoxious behavior has earned her a spanking and makes David think twice about leaving her alone while he is away on business… As if a spanking followed by corner time wasn’t bad enough, Audrey is informed that a nanny will be supervising her while David is away!

Check out MORE of new girl Audrey HERE


Lorraine went into major debt buying designer fashion clothes and other school “essentials” and ignored the bills. When Beverly starts receiving calls from collections agencies at the house, she paddles little sister’s bottom to a glowing red!

Lorraine is one of my fave spanking models… ANYWHERE – and you can see why HERE!

Finally, another new scoop as I bring you their latest naughty teen “girl next door” to join the ranks at PB!



At – they surely know it’s Chief’s wish to see Michaela McGowen punished for his own personal viewing pleasure… well you can too (bah!) as Michaela shines once again in this excellent and (for me, erotic) hard wooden paddling film… in fact, anything with Michaela in does it for me… EVERY SINGLE TIME! *sigh*





Yup, this is what you get for cheating in your Finals, Michaela!

In case you haven’t read my other blog, I recently did a special feature on FirmHandSpanking and you can see a ton of content and previews for all that RIGHT HERE (I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of this site)


OK, that’s me done, I’m woefully late so I better hit the road and see the folks… back soon and have a good ‘un! Chief


  1. tim tim

    John you are a lucky boygetting to spank these lovely girls ,Santa has been nice to you ,we shall enjoy the vids ,i have been with you since you started your site John and it has grown into a grand site with lovely young girls being spanked and this blog is brilliant you are busy ,best from tim.

  2. Thank you Tim for your support, have a good Xmas!

  3. Nigel Nigel

    Chief, you do a fantastic job, do not let ANYONE tell you different. I know its a shit to be dealing with emotional domestic problems especially at Christmas, as we’re expected to be ‘jolly’ (hah!). Stick with it mate, I separated to be with a 22 year old spankee, but returned to my wife because she’s awesome, and have discovered that she likes to be spanked! I mean for fucks sake…
    Best wishes, Nigel

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