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Vajazzlings & a light hearted look at spanking

God knows why, I’m in a brighter mood today! I shouldn’t be really… it’s a Monday, I hate Mondays… it’s the start of a normal working week, the depressing slog of many of our lives as we work longer for less… the world’s economy is still a heap of festering shit, conflicts, extremists that hate our way of life continue to bomb maim and kill many innocents and our little but overflowing country can ill afford to be a part of, or continue to police things around the globe alongside the likes of larger ones better equiped to do so like the USA whilst other European nations (France & Germany… *cough cough*) are happy to sit back and let our underfunded and hard pressed troops take the bullet in the fight against extremism alongside our American brothers! I actually love being British (or English) – I love our language, it’s a global language, I love our tolerance (though that gets put to the test often nowadays despite the overly PC twats that want to ruin everything)…

I also love the fact that some of my American chums have no idea what “Vajazzling” is all about as our young girls. Well, maybe just Dave from Cherry Red Report (lol) so not intent with following the accepted trend of shaving or trimming their pubes… I mean, it’s ALL girls now that are totally aware of this phenonemon, that MUST be the power of the internet, right? Seeing porn stars cropping their bush… you can almost tell what year the porn films were made… from the mid 1990’s onwards when trimming bushes gradually, then shaving the lower regions whilst having hair above and other trends continued to either fancy pube designs or none at all… so many girls have decided that just shaving or waxing “down there” is lazy… and true to form, our “Essex Girls” (please do Google that and you’ll understand the mentality of this wonderful vacuous group) have led the way with a fast sweeping trend that is sure to be a part of the Oxford English Dictionary very soon!

To Vajazzle (vb) Vajazzle (noun) Vajazzling: The act of applying glitter and jewels to a woman’s nether regions for aesthetic purposes.

Images below should more than clear up this naughtiness 🙂


OK, I think you get the idea, right? In fact, this is nothing new as, I have (ahem) delved deeper into this trend and note that Jennifer Love Hewitt is indeed to blame as she first mentioned this on a talk show way back over 18 months ago… only our Essex Girls have really taken it on to a whole new plane and a massive growing industry behind “Vajazzling” is cropping up on the internet and at beauty parlors everywhere! Below is the interview with Jennifer L-H (who is in need of a damned hard thrashing, I might add!) Ignore the fact she looks so smug… “SHUT UP… and get over my knee, woman!”

So in my light hearted look at things today… (I think if I had Jennifer L-H over my knee, with her nether regions sparkling as she claimed, she might just have discovered ol’ Chief’s “wood” box… anyway, as a giggle, I decided to upload one of my best loved films I took part in onto our Clip Store so it’s available in a really decent format without so much of the chit chat build up so people can choose the parts they want to see (it’s split into 3 parts) the actual full movie is over 21 minutes long and has been available to members at for an age – but now it goes out in clip form for those that just want to download the odd chosen clip! I and the very lovely Jasmine had a lot of fun playing this as we really did mess about in between the spankings… I’ve got you a short clip of me fooling about as the bumbling, wide eyed & hypocritical pervy boss that is fooling nobody by saying that spanking Jasmine in such a way is by no means sexual! Ha! “It’s all highly erotic…” I claimed! *cough! cough!*

I have chosen a few images below (these are reduced in size but you get the idea) – I’ve shown this before but I have cut some different images for you to give you an overview of the film that you can watch HERE




This movie is now available as a one off payment as downloadable clips in the same high quality WMV format as members get on the main site! It’s not streaming, you get to download and keep the clips for as long as you keep them in your hard drives or whatever it is you do with your downloaded movie content 🙂

Or if you prefer – a cheap membership option of ALL our full length and HD format films are available below!


OK, this was just a light hearted post today, I am now updating some of my other blogs (finally) with more spanking updates of the day, have a good one and don’t let the week ahead get you down! 🙂
Regards, Chief


  1. You know, I’ve always hated the entire concept and culture of vajazzling, but a few weeks ago I was struck by a random desire to do it, for humour/irony value. I thought it might amuse D at least. But I didn’t quite dare.

    Your post has given me an even better idea. Indulge my silly desire to mess around with vajazzles – and then get spanked for being so tasteless! Best of both worlds! 😉

  2. Yup. I plan to do a vajazzle spanking on our next filmshoot – it’s nonsense, isn’t it? 🙂

  3. Well, I say, this dazzling vajazzling fad is completely new to me–I learned something new today. Thx Chief! 🙂

  4. Sabrina Sabrina

    That’s a first to me! In this context anyway! Back here this is the “regular” outfit for some girls during carnival… Don’t really mind sparkling things, but I am always for a good laugh. Love the idea of being trashed for bad taste! lol

  5. Yeah, I’d expect it in a carnival but on a simple night out with the girls to find boys? Hmmm, that’s just asking for trouble, I gotta do a spanking scene for this! heh heh!

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