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This time last year

I was busy preparing to go to a film shoot “oop north” in England and the weather forecast was for a very hot day (yeah, right… I thought!). I was also unsure about the location as I had rented out a property for a weekend and only when I called to confirm that I was on my way (as I was instructed so I’d get the keys) did I find out the owners were living right next door! I remember thinking what a disaster this could be. In fact, it turned out to be more than OK in the end, it was a really nice place, the girls turned up and unfortunately the weather forecast was correct as we had a record warm day, the hottest ever October day on records (in fact!) We had to keep the windows shut to muffle the spanking and yelping noises and there was no air con, so we were all getting rather warm under the lights but we did make some fantastic films… there are still about 5 remaining from that day but I thought I’d remind you all of what we did (so far) that glorious warm weekend… and let you in on a couple of sneak pics of what is to come in the not too distant future at the site or clips store (in advance)!

Sophie (left) & Jasmine  – coming soon to AAA Spanking

The film shoot that day last year involved new girl Sophie (at that time) getting her first ever online spanking courtesy of my site (which I was rightly proud of as she marked so preciously as you’ll see) and a very popular return for Jasmine. I remember Sophie being quite nervous, despite starring in many porn movies, but Jasmine was a real bonus helping Sophie adjust and these 2 had some great chemistry between them in the films and they contributed to some of the best ad libs during filming I had come across. All in all, we had a blast, both girls got a very sore bottom by the end of the day (as you’ll see) and these are the films they made. Now I have chosen all the available galleries I can find and tried to place them in some order throughout the day that we filmed (from memory… I don’t have the film sheet to hand for that day… sorry!)

Films shown so far on – click the image for that gallery if you so wish

Welcome back Jasmine

Introducing Sophie

Rebellious teenagers

Self defilers

Jasmine’s revenge

Humiliating paddling for Jasmine

Who wet the bed?

Sophie’s maintenance spanking

Jasmine’s maintenance spanking

My chocolate!

I think that’s it from what I remember… there are still some films to come, I do know that there is a nice film of both girls having their sore red bottoms spanked in the bath tub which is currently available only at the clips store (see below) – it’s a short film but I promise in the HD clip form, it has been very popular as you’ll see from the preview images below!!!

…from what I remember, the poor girls really couldn’t take any more and I think it shows in the film! I am sorry, but this is exclusive to the clips site and I don’t have plans to show it on the main member site so if you’d like to see this film (I have uploaded it in original HD-MP4 for best playback) then do take a look and click on the image below.


View the best quality possible in this amazing short movie of 2 gorgeous girls, Jasmine & Sophie getting their sore red bottoms spanked for a final time as they had hoped to relax in a bath together! John has other ideas and spanked their wet bottoms, see them glisten and hear the wet smacks as the girls complain and moan that it isn’t fair! 

More scenes and images which are exclusive to you good folk taken from that film on the Clips Site can be seen below! Enjoy!




As I promised a few sneak images of what you can expect from some “Hawt” unpublished movies of the girls – coming soon!

You can more of the girls (and of course Jasmine’s complete set of movies from her previous time) at


OK, I’m off to the cinema now (the missus is away so I can watch what I want… when I want!) laters, Chief.

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