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Northern Spanking updates

Wanted to know what’s going on at some selected sites? Well, the images below are all taken from what is being uploaded over the last few days at – just to give you an idea of what is available, and of course they also star some faves of mine that I have spanked personally so I am indeed loving what is going on at this site this week! You’ll see what I mean when I mention kami Robertson, Irelynn Logeen, Zelle Defeu and new girl Xela Chaste… and these are just some samples of what’s going on, there’s so much more but I’d not find time for other sites if I continued, here is a taster of what members are downloading this week so far!




Irelynn and Zille are given a humiliating spanking punishment in their pyjamas… here I have selected the 1st few images of Zille having her wondrous bottom spanked… members can see Irelynn’s red rump HERE




Music teacher Amy Hunter is taking no crap off kami Robertson in this adorable and beautifully shot film. Amy is a great Domme and Kami is one of my fave subs, her bottom is the wiggliest, most awesome sight close up when spanked (I should know!!!) I heartily recommend ANY film with Kami in so have no hesitation in showing this today! OK, one more image of the girls?

If only all piano lessons ended up like this…



Hot newbie Xela at made this amazing OTK spanking film with Paul. She is a very buxom and naughty young madam… I now fully understand why Paul was raving about her and you can definitely see a very wry smile on his face as she is getting a good thrashing over his knee! Lucku git! Check out this full movie HERE





The latest film is out now and stars the legendary Niki Flynn – a blast from the past as Paul & Lucy give us a special movie kept until now and explained by them as to why this is a little different! Enjoy this and the free clip I have for you below, a fitting end to today’s update and something I’m sure you will appreciate as this was co-operation in the spanking industry in the UK at its finest! Just as we are apparently pissing off some pirates who really don’t like us poor producers trying to protect our copyrighted stuff that we have worked damned hard to bring you all… this film represents the good side of the spanking industry as well (read on…)

Novelist, Miss Flynn, persistently misses deadlines. When Mr Byron Richards, The Travelling Disciplinarian, arrives at her lush apartment she is horrified to learn he has been appointed by her editor to address her lack of commitment.

Paul wrote: This footage was written and shot by our dear friends Hywel and Amelia Jane at Restrained Elegance/Elegance Studios for a spanking project they decided not to pursue. When we at NS hit bad times which some of you may remember, our amazing friends kindly donated this raw footage to us to edit and release under the Northern Spanking banner. It has taken a few years for Lucy to edit it together as the formatting was very different from what we are used to and she found it a little bit scary so had to wait until she had more skills in the editing department to do it justice. This is the first of several unseen films from that footage, which include this, and several other films of the now-retired Niki Flynn. We are very excited to be able to share this with you, and are very grateful to our friends at Elegance Studios for their generous contribution. Proving the UK kink scene, and the people involved, are really the loveliest, most genuine people one could ever hope to know.

 Check out more of the latest updates unique to NorthernSpanking HERE


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  2. It plays my end, Tim… might be just a connection issue between the server and your ISP 🙁

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