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Just who did wet the bed and other Spanksgiving treats

OK, as a Brit, I think it is rather selfish for our American cousins to be having 2 big family shindigs so close together, barely a month apart, with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up (incidentally, if you guys *have* to choose… which is more important, could you choose?) I have a member of family over there and he is with his fiance’s family… no doubt tucking in to a huge turkey about now! I haven’t forgotten that Canadians have celebrated their Thanksgiving too, but it is much earlier… I don’t know why but I’m guessing it’s something to do with the seasons? Anyway, if anyone can enlighten me (I’m far too lazy to look it up on Google) then please do… and I will try to answer the first mystery tonight and also give you an idea of what is coming up, behind the scenes of as we are planning a big filmshoot over the weekend and Monday which I’m both excited about and quite nervous as it is going to be rather expensive (yikes!)

So, the burning question right now is “Who wet the bed?” Yup… Jasmine & Sophie won’t admit to me what babies they are by thinking they can sneak out and ebjoy their evening whilst muggins here has to cleab up after them… well, I certainly don’t stand for it as you’ll see and invent new and humiliating ways of investigating this heinous crime! There are 2 image galleries below which describe to you what is going on rather than me waffling here about it!

Click image below for the video image gallery

& if you STILL want to investigate further, perhaps this 2nd image gallery can assist!

I won’t spoil it just yet… but it’s a fun film and one we all enjoyed making (members will get the idea of us messing about as there is a reference to the girls claiming a cat did it… and you’ll see our editor messing around with the footage, blink and you’ll miss it!) Sorry to tease, but I thought it was funny, at least! Only Ceiling Cat knows… and he isn’t telling!

Boo! Ceiling Cat… such a meanie! Go play God on another blog you feline philanderer!

Well, I can only say a little for fear of fur and claws attacking me from up high, but I do remember that we were near the end of the day, it was baking hot outside (seems a world away now, sigh), the girls (I hope) had a good time as we all had lots of laughs and of course had to be mindful at the time of the neighbors, which none of us were happy about, closing the windows, and practically suffocating inside… but we did it and the final film we did which, for now I’m not sure will be out, was a bathroom scene and the girls were happy to get some colder water to cool them down before I whicked them off to the train station at the end of the day! So this film bring back happy zany memories and I hope that those who watch it in full will enjoy it too – Check out more right here


By the way, I’m not going to find any “Thanksgiving film references, it’s not me, really, I know some producers do this but I may stretch to a Christmas one (hmm, Danielle Hunt in Xmas gear, must think about that and get hold of her!)

So I’m just gonna show English films today 🙂

Check out this site which has improved a lot recently, with some old and new content mixed in, I recognize the first girl from way back when I had worked with her, though she was called Lena… here at they call her Leah… it does not matter a jot as her bottom is still beautifully bouncy and oh so damned spankable! Check her out below!

When Leah turns up to her class without her school uniform she is sent to see the headmaster. He tells her to go and change into her uniform and return to him. Once back in front of him he decides to punish her with a traditional over the knee spanking onto her firm bottom. Despite her screams she is soundly spanked and you will get to see this magnificent rear take a deserved thrashing!




Click here for the free movie preview of this enticing punishment

This is how I also remember her at – click on image below to take you to the page that contains a free clip!


Finally today, I wanted to show you the latest goings on at – always a good place to stop by and these latest updates do not disappoint at all!

For lovers of girls with such rounded perfection as Kate, you will be thrilled to see her back in this recent update simply entitled “Brat”



Stephen has had enough of Kates untidiness and laziness, so when he finds her still in bed at lunchtime he decides its time for this little brat to be punished… and just check out her rounded rump as she moans and brats over his knee, her flesh turning red under his masterful strokes!

& NorthernSpanking are very proud to announce the following (as well as an awesome cast as you’ll see below), if you check out the images from the 1st part of this film you will understand their excitement!



Aleesha, Xela and Pandora are on Parole after a stint in prison for different offences. They meet their new Probation Officer, Josie, who is a far cry from the soft touch of Mr Mann, their previous officer. Whom, it has to be said, was more than flexible in allowing the girls a little discretion during their parole. This new officer however, is one tough cookie. And she means business!

Paul and Lucy are thrilled to welcome the LEGEND that is Josie Harrison-Marks, publisher and editor of Kane Magazine to our team of formidable Dommes.


& of course there is the added bonus of Sasha Harvey’s recent return as well!!!

See more of what to expect HERE


OK, have a great Thanksgiving, those that partake and stuff themselves silly on turkeys! Back soon.

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  1. tim tim

    John very enjoyable vids with lovely girls Jasmine and Sophie spanking each others cute botties under your directions until you take over shame lol, my favourite girls spanking each other ,best ,tim.

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