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Jasmine Lau – back getting a spanking!

I will be writing to Jasmine Lau tomorrow as both Sarah Gregory & I are filming her near the end of the month for our own spanking shoot with her. We are excited and I have told Sarah how cool she was when I used to film with her in my early days with AAA. We’re not filming much in the UK, but with the return of Jasmine from around 4 years of not doing porn or fetish work, no doubt she will be in high demand! We would also have been filming someone else who was equally as cute as Jasmine, but unfortunately the company she worked with put her off. I’m not going to mention any names but I was pretty pissed off as we had talked a lot beforehand about filming together and arranged a date… but she won’t be doing any spanking work: I won’t be promoting her stuff I have seen either – out of sight, out of mind, I guess. Though I have certainly have nothing against her, of course, and have extended an invitation should she ever want to try again we will be there for her. Then we promise to have more range and take advantage of what we saw she was capable of rather more than just beating her because she “must be punished” (yawn).

So let’s return to Jasmine – I filmed a lot of stuff with her in the early days and she had always been popular, I’d have easily filmed more content with her but she disappeared for a while so I didn’t push it (you get a feel some girls don’t want to continue so out of respect I left it) but as you’ll see, Jasmine is back and looking as hot as ever, she is still in her 20’s and physically very fit (from the martial arts training, I guess)


This first film is courtesy of Sarah Stern at spankingsarah.com – a kind of two part film where Jasmine self spanks and then gets a spanking from Sarah Stern afterwards in a humiliating position we all know so well. It’s a great intro film and something I would  have most probably done (I have a double plot planned with the girls but more punishment based… trust me, it hasn’t been done on AAA like this and it’ll be a knock out!) However, in the meantime, I can definitely recommend that you take a look based on these images (below).

DSC_9814 DSC_9820 DSC_9824 DSC_9828 DSC_9834 DSC_9838 DSC_9843 DSC_9844 DSC_9849 DSC_9852

Jasmine Lau had been spanked many times so Sarah wanted to get something a little different when she came over to see her. She asked her what she would like to do and she said could she start off by spanking herself. Sarah asked if she had a reason: she did, she had been quite naughty over the week end so Sarah told her to think about that as  she spanked her lovely bottom. She made a real good job of it, and did not hold back and delivered some real hard spanks to that bare bum.

In the latest installment: Jasmine has been doing a bit of self spanking, she thinks she can do it better than Sarah can, silly girl! Sarah soon shows her that not only can a spanking be painful but it can also be very humiliating. She gets her into the most revealing position and then you will see from her POV just what a spanking looks like when it is really hard and when the girl is stretched out with everything on display.

HC330-01001 HC330-01003 HC330-01004 HC330-01005 HC330-01008 HC330-01010 HC330-01012 HC330-01031 HC330-01033 spanking


Spanking Sarah

They Never Learn

A tongue in cheek film title this week, the first of TWO NEW FILMS being shown in full this week at AAA Spanking is the title of today’s Blog Post title – “They Never Learn” with an awesome final pairing of Jasmine Lau and Sophie Keagan – both ladies have now retired from the scene, which is a pity 🙁

I filmed this and had it edited over 3 years ago… and I thought I’d better get this out, finally, rather than have it sit in the cyber vaults collecting “cyber dust”… it’s a great way to see these girls off… it was very nearly called “2 Sore Red Bottoms” as both young ladies had taken a long painful day’s filming (as you’ll see) and as it is the month of Halloween… I thought I’d get a cosplay style film out… this is the first of 2 cosplay scenarios: the 2nd is worth waiting for and I won’t say anything yet about that but it will be out in time for Halloween at the end of the month!

Jasmine & Sophie regret deciding to go the posh Fancy Dress ball in such slutty cheap costumes!


Sophie & Jasmine are routinely punished in John’s house as they never seem to learn their lessons. Consequently their bottoms need only the lightest warming up and the cheeks return to a full blown shameful fire engine red! The girls attempted to go to a Fancy Dress Ball in some cheap slutty costumes that just plain annoyed John so much that they knew what was coming next! Their short skirts revealed 2 naughty red bottoms which soon became dark and swollen at the1st signs of their spanking… Sophie felt it especially as she had been punished the most recently and she gasped out loud in this short sharp shock punishment as both girls were spanked so they couldn’t sit down or dare go out in such revealing costumes as they’d show off the shame of their most recent discipline session. What a way this was to ground his girls! Witness the last ever pairing of naughty Jasmine & Sophie in their exclusive spanking finale!

Below are some screen images taken from the film…

tnl006 tnl021

tnl037 tnl043

tnl045 tnl053

tnl058 tnl086

tnl091 tnl102

tnl107 tnl119

I may have mentioned this before, but when we filmed this, it was early October and was in 2011 when record temperatures here in the UK at that time of the year made it warmer than most summer days that year. Unfortunately for us, the place I had hired to film in had the owners living right next door and we had no AC (Air Con) and opening the windows to the place would have alerted the owners to what was going on with the sounds of spanking and the girls crying out… not that I don’t think they didn’t know something kinky was going on… I decided to film where possible in the least sunny rooms… with the lights and confined space, the girls, myself and 2 guys on camera… it got warmer quite easily. Both girls were real troopers and made it an unforgettable day, we made some amazing content, some of the best stuff filmed that year, in fact, and I was very pleased with this shoot. So it is always sad when you show your last film from a particular shoot like this. Even more so when both girls have naturally moved on to do other things in their lives so I or other producers won’t be able to film them again – which is a pity as they were great sports… as you will have no doubt seen. Thank you to both Jasmine and Sophie! A short film clip from this latest movie is below:

If you are unable to view this film clip in your browser – CLICK HERE to view & download



This film is also available to download in full at the Clips Store in various formats of your choice
CLICK THE BANNER below for immediate download access – thank you.


Naughty Girls & Wet Bottoms

Yay! The weekend is nearly here… I am in a quandary as to what I should do tomorrow if the weather holds up. There are a couple of things I could do to spend a pleasant afternoon celebrating one of my local park’s fete … and also enjoying my hometown’s festivities celebrating National Armed Forces Day here in England. That would mean a fantastic aerial display from the Red Arrows with any luck… I shall consult my local news media later. In the meantime… as promised here is the next part to the many cool and wonderful updates you good folk should know about. As I won’t be writing here tomorrow, I thought it only fair to let you know what was the FREAKY FRIDAY film that I uploaded in addition to the conclusion of the gorgeous cheerleader, Lily Swan’s first ever online punishment… a reminder of that is below in this Free Gallery.

Lily Swan is the Thieving cheerleader – out in full at AAAspanking.com



Wet Bottom Spankings – with Jasmine Lau & Sophie Keagan

I remember this film well, it was the last of the day at our sweltering October filmshoot, for those of us in the UK… do you remember the beginning of October when it broke all records back in 2011? Well, I most certainly do… I had hired a small place which was really very nice but I hadn’t reckoned on the owners living right next door (I usually can tell when I look up properties to hire etc) … there was no air con (rarely is in our country as we don’t often need it) and we had to keep the windows firmly shut for filming so the noises of spanking and such couldn’t be heard nearby. Oops! An occupational hazard… the girls wanted a refreshing dip and we came up with this short film which beautifully highlighted their very red and sore bottoms. I have to laugh… I get some trolls (“hello trolls”) who bitch about the site saying we don’t spank the girls hard enough… I sometimes think it’s a jealous clips producer or something the way they harp on… anyway, what a piece of crock, we spank them accordingly… there was only ever one girl who couldn’t take our punishment, fair play to her, it wasn’t really for her and she lasted out the day… but, as those in the biz know, I have range – it’s important… I couldn’t continue to beat 7 bells of shit out of her so had to adapt… I won’t mention her name as she’s gorgeous and a lovely girl… oh, and I still have a few films of hers that have to go up at some point. Oh, have I digressed? Let’s just admire these girls and see how they have been rather well spanked, eh?

bathtime003 bathtime006

bathtime008 bathtime014


bathtime038 bathtime039

bathtime045 bathtime052


bathtime064 bathtime073 bathtime083

Members can download this Freaky Friday Film and 70 images HERE


If you want to download this in HD format then it will be available over the weekend at The Clips Store


Currently the full film (various popular formats) of 3 Sassy Schoolgirls – this week’s other main film release is available to download as a one off  viewing experience now!




It would seem that if you are to visit Paul and Alex’s place in wonderful LA… then come prepared to get involved in some spanking activity. I can attest to this: Sarah & I participated in that filming/playtime pastime way back in February…  it was such a haven to stay with fellow spankos (especially for me in a foreign land). I also have a cool hard hitting OTK film Alex and I coming out late next month, so do NOT miss that one! – But back to today… it would seem Pandora Blake partook too along with Korey & James Johnson. Now many of you outside of the US scene will not know about gorgeous Korey… she is your quintessential housewife spanko next door…. not that she is a homemaker or anything but I hope you understand… she is the type of young woman us spankos would hope to live next to… there, did I word that better? Korey is a big player at the various parties and has a beautiful spankable bottom as you will see below when Pandora was asked to do the honours… damn!


NSI125-KP002 NSI125-KP009

NSI125-KP013 NSI125-KP019

NSI125-KP022 NSI125-KP029

NSI125-KP025 NSI125-KP043 NSI125-KP047

This is what Paul had to say about Korey’s debut: We were delighted to shoot with our friends Korey and James Johnson when they came to visit us, at the same time as Pandora. This is Koreys first ever time in front of the camera in one of my favourite scenarios… apron & knickers… nothing else needed! We also made a film with Korey & James in a domestic discipline scenario which should be available next month. Welcome Korey, we love you and your delightfully spankable bottom!


See MORE of Korey and Pandora HERE


Now I mentioned Pandora spending time there, let’s take a peek at Paul & Alex’s bathroom and see what these 2 naughty minxes get up to! I have fond memories of the exquisite tiling and whatnot… oh, who am I kidding? I did have fun with Sarah there too… just as these young ladies did, I think it is something in the water!!! (heh heh)

The following full film update came out last week from Pandora’s great site Dreams of Spanking

Dreams-of-Spanking_bathtime001 Dreams-of-Spanking_bathtime027

Dreams-of-Spanking_bathtime031 Dreams-of-Spanking_bathtime037

Dreams-of-Spanking_bathtime048 Dreams-of-Spanking_bathtime050

Soaping each other’s breasts, kissing, and giggling as they play in a shared bubble bath, Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake make a stunning flirty couple in this all-nude lesbian spanking video. Playing University students who are definitely into each other, Alex and Pandora make the most of washing each other in the bath – squeezing and stroking each other’s breasts and nipples, kissing where they get the chance, and running their hands over each other’s wet bottoms. Suddenly, realizing they’re late for class, the girls get flustered. Alex decides that Pandora must be punished for distracting her with her gorgeous body and wandering hands. She bends her over the side of the bath and gives her a firm wet bottom spanking. Pandora declares that the spanking stings more when it’s wet, and is keen to ensure that Alex’s lovely bottom receives the same attention. Slipping and sliding over each other, the girls alternate between playful spanks and tantalizing touches – eventually giving up their lecture as a lost cause and losing themselves in deep kisses, and silky wet intimate caresses.

Also do check out this lovely F/F film “Her Married Sister” with a couple of girls you may recognize from my site too, ahem!

Dreams-of-Spanking_married-sister001 Dreams-of-Spanking_married-sister008

Dreams-of-Spanking_married-sister021 Dreams-of-Spanking_married-sister023

Dreams-of-Spanking_married-sister028 Dreams-of-Spanking_married-sister036

Dreams-of-Spanking_married-sister038 Dreams-of-Spanking_married-sister039

It’s so humiliating to be spanked by your little sister. Maddy Marks protests – “this is so unfair!” – as Christy Cutie takes her over the knee for a hand spanking. This vintage spanking film is set in the 1950s, and household status is dictated by traditional, old-fashioned values. Now that she’s married Christy has greater domestic authority, and she’s determined to show her older sister Maddy that the roles have been reversed. She orders to Maddy to get over her knee for punishment, and even pulls down her sister’s knickers for a bare bottom spanking. Christy’s arrogance knows no bounds as she mocks poor Maddy for her spinster status, and berates her for not doing her duty. Maddy can protest all she likes, but she knows that the rest of the family will be on Christy’s side, and there’s no way for her to avoid a humiliating spanking on her bare bottom. As Maddy cries out in pain and frustration, her younger sister smiles in satisfaction. And after Christy brings out the wooden hairbrush, she will be fully established in her new role as the superior sister.

View more previews and the latest films NOW from Dreams Of Spanking


In Russia, if they’re not thinking about annexing smaller neighbouring states… then their bullying tactics come in useful in the state run schools & universities as young Olga will tell you… only she won’t as she’d be scared of getting caught out… so I will tell her story for you! It’s another fascinating mixture of humiliating punishments, face slappings, ridicule and flogging as well as OTK spankings all in the buff are further enchanced for our viewing pleasure with forced orgasms… orgasm denial and ruined orgasms in this naughty teacher/co ed style film. Olga is just 19 years old… my how she is growing up quickly at University! I have also got a small promo clip for you as well as some great screen images… all from Spankingthem.com

olga001 olga002

olga003 olga004 olga005


olga007 olga008

olga009 olga010

olga011 olga012 olga013

olga014 olga016

olga015 olga017 olga018

Oh… those Russians! CLICK HERE for more perverted punishment action!


My internet connection is playing up so I will have to cut short the updates, I will try to get something extra out in the morning, but I had to get this one out before i shut up shop for the evening… from my fave Fonda site spankedcallgirls.com – a delightfully seedy and naughty spanking film… what more is there to say except – Go check it out!!!

002 003

004 006

008 010

011 013

014 015

Jasmine Mendez Checks In Betty – Betty Bondage (a pro domme) lied A LOT when filling out her application to work at this brothel. When the tall Latino beauty Jasmine Mendez checks her in, she has no choice but to spank Betty for her many lies. And Jasmine spanks very, very hard! Just as well Betty has an amazing very spankable bubble butt that takes quite a punishment as you will have seen! A lesson well learned for Betty.

Check out more of this delightfully sleazy spanking episode…. and if you join now then you can see the pairing of Clare Fonda v Pandora Blake on her recent visit to LA… I shall try and blog about that tomorrow, but members can see it now! I have run out of time… here is a teaser image below!


Spankedcallgirls.com is part of the top value Clare Fonda Pass – 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost




This time last year

I was busy preparing to go to a film shoot “oop north” in England and the weather forecast was for a very hot day (yeah, right… I thought!). I was also unsure about the location as I had rented out a property for a weekend and only when I called to confirm that I was on my way (as I was instructed so I’d get the keys) did I find out the owners were living right next door! I remember thinking what a disaster this could be. In fact, it turned out to be more than OK in the end, it was a really nice place, the girls turned up and unfortunately the weather forecast was correct as we had a record warm day, the hottest ever October day on records (in fact!) We had to keep the windows shut to muffle the spanking and yelping noises and there was no air con, so we were all getting rather warm under the lights but we did make some fantastic films… there are still about 5 remaining from that day but I thought I’d remind you all of what we did (so far) that glorious warm weekend… and let you in on a couple of sneak pics of what is to come in the not too distant future at the site or clips store (in advance)!

Sophie (left) & Jasmine  – coming soon to AAA Spanking

The film shoot that day last year involved new girl Sophie (at that time) getting her first ever online spanking courtesy of my site (which I was rightly proud of as she marked so preciously as you’ll see) and a very popular return for Jasmine. I remember Sophie being quite nervous, despite starring in many porn movies, but Jasmine was a real bonus helping Sophie adjust and these 2 had some great chemistry between them in the films and they contributed to some of the best ad libs during filming I had come across. All in all, we had a blast, both girls got a very sore bottom by the end of the day (as you’ll see) and these are the films they made. Now I have chosen all the available galleries I can find and tried to place them in some order throughout the day that we filmed (from memory… I don’t have the film sheet to hand for that day… sorry!)

Films shown so far on AAAspanking.com – click the image for that gallery if you so wish

Welcome back Jasmine

Introducing Sophie

Rebellious teenagers

Self defilers

Jasmine’s revenge

Humiliating paddling for Jasmine

Who wet the bed?

Sophie’s maintenance spanking

Jasmine’s maintenance spanking

My chocolate!

I think that’s it from what I remember… there are still some films to come, I do know that there is a nice film of both girls having their sore red bottoms spanked in the bath tub which is currently available only at the clips store (see below) – it’s a short film but I promise in the HD clip form, it has been very popular as you’ll see from the preview images below!!!

…from what I remember, the poor girls really couldn’t take any more and I think it shows in the film! I am sorry, but this is exclusive to the clips site and I don’t have plans to show it on the main member site so if you’d like to see this film (I have uploaded it in original HD-MP4 for best playback) then do take a look and click on the image below.


View the best quality possible in this amazing short movie of 2 gorgeous girls, Jasmine & Sophie getting their sore red bottoms spanked for a final time as they had hoped to relax in a bath together! John has other ideas and spanked their wet bottoms, see them glisten and hear the wet smacks as the girls complain and moan that it isn’t fair! 

More scenes and images which are exclusive to you good folk taken from that film on the Clips Site can be seen below! Enjoy!




As I promised a few sneak images of what you can expect from some “Hawt” unpublished movies of the girls – coming soon!

You can more of the girls (and of course Jasmine’s complete set of movies from her previous time) at AAAspanking.com


OK, I’m off to the cinema now (the missus is away so I can watch what I want… when I want!) laters, Chief.

Spankings you should see!

Sorry I haven’t been back sooner, I was updating other sites and such so am now back here to my labour of love that is the Spanking Blogg and I thought I’d just show you some films, past and present, that you really should take a look at! So without further waffle, let’s get down to business…

I haven’t promoted my own unique and cheap pay per download site in a while… yup, that’s NaughtyBottom.com – and maybe some of you should check out some of the films on offer, like the one below, which I wanted to watch again (because I could) and I loved the storyline and the costumes, the evil vicar… and of course the girls, Jasmine and Catherine. What’s more, this film is available as a HD-WMV download and has 2 sets of images galleries, one from the film itself and a really cool HQ image set (which I had forgotten about) and which I’m showing some images (reduced in size) below. In fact, this 15 minute film is so good I can’t believe all that with the image sets is just $5 – Yes! 5 Bucks to download and keep! (beat that Clips 4 Sale, lol!)

So all those who love clips4sale and such, take a look at what my own version has with some of the coolest films I had participated in or was behind the scenes in many over the years (when I used to work for that “other bunch” of Yorkshire white trash who never paid me what was due then sold up and moved on).



Jasmine & Catherine wait nervously in the dusty Study at the Old Rectory after the Vicar said he wanted “a word” with them in private. They knew full well that his “words” meant he was going to punish them and they didn’t have long to wait when he started reciting one of the 10 Commandments “Thou Shall not Steal!” to emphasise his disappointment in the thieving pair. He ordered them to strip waist down for a cleansing punishment with his hand and his trusty Lochghelly Tawse across their teen buttocks! Both girls had to watch each other receive this most humiliating punishment whilst they recited passages from The Bible! Don’t miss this very special Collectors Edition now available as a one off download with FULL HD-WMV playback including HQ images and also 100 Hi Res screen grabs as a bonus. This movie is 15 minutes long and is a visual feast of stern severe teenage discipline!

Indeed it is! The direct download page is HERE
Check out one of the best rated and best value one off downloads you can get out their in spankoland!!!

Visit all the other top rated films on offer (see banner below)


In other news, I have been struck dumb at the visual treat that is Serena Storm’s flame red hair and equally VERY SORE red bottom as you’ll see in the latest HD movie to come out at Northern Spanking – warning, Serena’s ample charms, red hair and bottom will arouse yet more hidden spanko desires and filthy thoughts on such a perfect womanly bottom!

I loved this bonkers storyline and can understand the frustrations and motivation behind the making of such a film! Serena is the red haired estate agent showing Stephen and Roxy around various houses, none of which had matched their precise criteria… yup, nothing like lazy estate agents wasting your time to soon infuriate this couple who exact a cruel revenge as you’ll see (and doesn’t Roxy Valentynne look scrumptious?) – A highly improbable scenario, but one I’d love to see happen for real… as no doubt did Paul and Lucy who dreamt up this wicked plot!!! lol!




See MORE of this terrific spanking film HERE


I have also uploaded a ton of Triple A films for those that do just want the odd movie or 3 to upload and also realised that there are loads of films I have missed from the main site so am catching up withthose, below are the very latest films (old and brand new) which you can download in clip form or in full at a fraction of the cost of a full membership if you so wish 🙂

Click on the image below for the movie of your choice




In other news, see what I have been writing and updating at some of my other blogs and sites

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& CLICK HERE for my random site of the day that has LOTS of amazing free spanking previews!

Today is Schoolgirl Spanking Day!

The School Holidays here in the UK are almost upon us… it’s gonna be tough for parents this year if the weather continues to be a complete and utter washout as the little perishers will stay inside, no doubt stuck in front of their consoles or passing yet more rude images of each other on their smart phones… well, to “celebrate” all things schoolgirl today, that is all you’ll find in my update… and I will start with my forthcoming new film starring Jasmine and Sophie, this has got an awesome image set which will accompany it. I have played around with a few images and they are 1st shown here before anywhere else (naturally) and the images are a reduced size… Enjoy this 1st show preview 🙂

Jasmine stays around after school at her friend Sophie’s place, but as the girls giggle and decide to get up to no good with Uncle John’s bottle of fine wine down at the local park… he barges in and has a nasty short sharp shock for boththese naughty girls… poor Sophie had only just got a severe detention spanking at school and now her Uncle was going to dish out yet more punishment for her stealing his wine! & don’t think Jasmine got spared this too! These images are the aftermath of what took place… this film will be out later this week! I promise you it’s a real beaut! 🙂



& as I said earlier, I was messing around with one image, just for fun… and got a few different effects, I won’t be using these on the website, unless you think I should place up a bonus set just for the hell of it… let me know what you think. Click images below to see the larger sizes.


3 updates a week, 1 new film every week without fail & a very special Loyalty Offer – CLICK HERE


Meanwhile… on with yet more schoolgirl spankings from one site you should take a closer look at (if this is your thing) as the owner of SoundPunishment.com is quite the strict Headmaster when he wants to be… the uniforms and punishments fill your every need like the delightful Elizabeth Baxter (below)


Sixth Form schoolgirl, and School Prefect, Elizabeth Baxter has been caught playing around with a boy from the nearby boy’s school. She has been called to the Headmaster’s home so that her severe punishment is kept private. He spanks, paddles and then severely canes this petite schoolgirl until she is truly penitent.


& of course Danielle Hunt also recently went for a visit (yes, she is here too!) looking cute and very pleading with her big bouncy cheeks getting a good old fashioned OTK spanking! Images below are taken from the free movie trailer that you can see HERE




Danielle Hunt is a dispapointment to her Housemaster. Lazy and uncaring of her studies she is summoned to his rooms to be disciplined. Her attitude earns her not one, but two, hard OTK spankings in a row onto her dusky bare bottom, so beautifully highlighted by her pristine white knickers and blue summer school uniform dress.

& another recent update with the charming newcomer, Chloe Rogers… with a filthy habit!

When you are a provisional Prefect at the school you can get too big for your boots. Chloe Rogers thinks that as everyone else outside at break she can grab an undetected cigarette in a deserted classroom. Much to her surprise the Headmaster is looking around the school…. and finds her! It’s a hard OTK spanking she gets before his wicked cane bites into her bare bottom! A truly well-spanked and caned hot bottom in this photo-story of Chloe’s first ever real-life caning.




Check out more of the extensive tour pages and the new lower pricing – CLICK HERE


Staying at school, Games Mistress Amy Hunter has a whole long lingering punishment detention in store for Nimue Allen and Rosie Bottomley (as you’ll discover below). I make no bones about this that it caters to girls with a rather plumper bottom and I love to see big bottoms punished like these!!! Want to see the film? CLICK HERE

Rosie and Nimue have disgraced themselves at a school tennis tournament, bringing down the reputation of their school and their Games Mistress. The Headmaster sanctions an unofficial punishment from the coach to be meted out swiftly and without sympathy to the girls.





NorthernSpanking.com prove again that they produce consistent addictive & viewable spanking films!


Another good place to find schoolgirl punishments is the St catherine’s section of Spanked-in-Uniform.com which of vourxe has Mike’s own unique outlook on all things schoolgirl… as you’ll see below from the last movie update on here starring 2 very naughty Dutch girls, Amy and Monique.

During recess the Headmaster noticed Amy and Monique in one of the bathrooms and their ties looked scruffy. He ordered them to his office and he scolded them that St. Catherine’s girls are allways properly dressed and that includes the school tie!. He bent them both over his desk and he gave them both a sound spanking over their skirts and knickers. Then he put them across his knee, took down their knickers, and spanked their bare bottoms soundly!



Check out the other 46 schoolgirl episodes – this is just one niche, there are now 10 series of differing uniform spankings that should satisfy your uniform punishment cravings (I know it does for me!)


Back to Dani Hunt (again, lol) and this is her 1st film shot with The Big C at their newest sorority site – Spanking Sorority Girls – and I have to say, Dani looked good in red, don’t you think? Oh, and over the knee of these evil nuns!




Dani Hunt is a very naughty student. She gets called into the office of head nun Sister Mary Olivia, played by Lady Olivia Outre (star of over 300 fetish videos). Sister Mary Olivia has been telling Sister Mary Ginger how necessary it has become to return to the old ways of discipline, which she demonstrates on Dani with a hand spanking. Sister Mary Olivia then instructs the young nun to also place Dani over her knee and give her a sound spanking.. And to drive the message home to Dani that she must change her ways, the nuns cane the bratty schoolgirl. She definitely learns her lesson!

This is the latest episode from SpankingSororityGirls.com – another excellent addition which has made the 5 Site Clare Fonda Pass even MORE attractive with the best ever pricing for a choice of 3, 4 or 5 sites. The below site should always be included in the pass, but is equally MASSIVE on its own… and that is Spanked Sweeties – this week showing us another new girl recounting her school days at home. Welcome Stevie!





Stevie Rose is a lifestyle spanking enthusiast who got into it late, as she was not spanked growing up. But shortly after turning 18, she discovered what a discipline spanking was from a boyfriend. She talks openly all about her exposure to spanking and is given a hard discipline spanking from a large male.

See why this site is so popular – Click HERE

Spanked Sweeties & Spanking Sorority Girls can be purchased as part of


OK, I hope you liked this little schoolgirl update, I shall be back soon with more spankings and am about to write on another of my blogs HERE - Thanks for popping by and reading the latest offerings


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Ah… Bollocks!

Depressing but predictable news, really… out on penalties YET AGAIN!!! Ah, Bollocks! Fair play to the Italians, they were far better than us and for us to have sneaked past them in the shoot out after the scores remained 0-0 would have been harsh… but at least our team are rebuilding, under our new manager we have something to look forward to in a few years,I am sure of that! Anyway, this image below summed up the bollocks that was our exit last night! Well done lads, we didn’t even expect you to make it this far!!!


Anyhoo, to get rid of the upset of going out on bloody penalties for the umpteenth time (it’s an English habit) I just uploaded a great new gallery for members, it’s a HQ image gallery of Jasmine and Sophie who are rival step sisters who constantly bicker and fight… this time jasmine tries to steal all the chocolate! Click image below for the gallery and full story! Thsi new set is in adavance of another great new movie with the very sexy Jessica who you will see at the end of this post getting her 1st ever man spanking on film for being a very naughty girl (as you’ll soon discover!)

There are plenty more images and the one below is an example of the full size image that members get with the FULL gallery they are able to view and download right now! I love these girls together, just …. so spankable! 🙂

OK, that’s it from me for the moment, I am too depressed to continue writing *sniffle* so please help console me by logging into AAA Spanking and gazing at Jasmine and Sophie’s antics! have a good day and I shall be back later!


Out later this week… Jessica gets her 1st man-spanking for “wanking on the job” (all will become clear!)

Hmmm, see this HD film when her smirk is replaced with one of shock!
Seriously, what is it with girls nowadays? You’ll find out why I was displeased on Wednesday! *wink*

Revenge Spankings

I love the whole scenario of girls getting their own back on each other, whether it is because one got into more trouble by association, or another girl tried to save her own skin and tell tales on the other (a personal favourite of mine), or whether it was just a plain return spanking to even a score… I love the whole idea of girls switching and dishing out what they had earlier received! So with that, I give you my latest film update from AAAspanking.com – rather obvious in the title, called “Jasmine’s Revenge”… and it is based on the follow up from the aftermath when both girls got a good hard thrashing in that same room for signs of masturbating… or “wanking” (that is such a crude but succinct word I love mentioning) underneath the bedsheets!

You can catch up with the original storyline and images in this FREE gallery HERE

Then take a look at some images (including some additional ones not shown outside the main site) that helps explain how Jasmine got her own back on a sleeping Sophie!

Click HERE to view a FREE preview clip of Sophie’s spanking by Jasmine



Jasmine was bitter that she had to take a harder spanking the previous time these 2 girls were punished in this very same room when Sophie got out of a far more severe discipline thrashing by telling tales on Jasmine. Jasmine vowed revenge and it wasn’t long before she sneaked back into Sophie’s room to carry out a little fair play and justice on Sophie’s recently thrashed and very sore red bottom, bringing her close to tears! During this tearful state she got her to admit that she was wrong! Another great little pyjama discipline film which has a lot of sore red ass and sexy girl on girl punishments that you would expect from this site. Enjoy!



If you’re into revenge punishments then you are going to love the new stuff that I filmed recently between Zoe Page and Jessica Jensen, a couple of preview images are below as this film is currently being edited as we speak and I hope it comes out by the end of the month or so…

Wrestling & Spanking : Featuring Zoe & Jessica
(Hope you don’t mind me playing with an image or 2!)


Continuing this theme, the following films are what inspired me, from my hard drive I present to you Samantha Woodley and Lizzy Madison (who I once featured on here looking STUNNING in her cheer girl outfit, just enter her name in the search bar and you’ll find the post!) Anyway, here is a classic example of both girls taking turns on each other and it came from FirmHandSpanking.com in one of the many “House Rules” series starring these 2 amazing girls!

Check out these images… this is some seriously top rated stuff from yesteryear from the vast movie archives of FirmHandSpanking.com with gorgeous Samantha Woodley totally nude, bent over a chair in the bathroom for a resounding spanking with a wooden bath brush. Add to this the entrancing Lizzy Madison as her brush wielding housemate, and this is indeed a rare treat many of you may have missed! Oh, and Samantha HATED that damned brush!





& then the tables are turned as you’ll see below (Sam is quite a capable switch!)

The House Rules series provided a double dose of discipline as Samantha turned the tables and spanked her housemate Lizzy Madison with the infamous and dreaded bath brush! (Anyone who knows anything about brushes will know these things are PAINFUL!) That long handle packed a lot of extra sting, as Lizzy found out to her cost as Samantha got her revenge!





Do not miss these classic movies as well as the very latest punishment spankings!
Click Here to see the free previews


OK, this is not quite a revenge spanking, but one of my favourite films from last year at NorthernSpanking starred the ever so voluptuous spanking sex kitten, Jadie Reece alongside Leia Ann Woods… these 2 can get up to all sorts of naughty female shenanigans, and in this film… they certainly do not disappoint as Jadie pays the forfeit (this time) when she loses their weekly game of tennis.

Unless you know the girls well, you probably would not believe it’s true but, during the summertime, Leia-Ann and Jadie play tennis once a week to help them keep fit. But that is not the real reason. Of course the winner buys lunch but the loser, well, the loser HAS to be punished! She has to have her bottom soundly spanked in her damp, frilly white tennis panties. She has to remove her top so that her glorious breasts may be enjoyed to the full, straining to escape from her bra. The girls have a range of instruments of discipline available to them, as you would expect and these may be applied to the losing backside, once those damp cotton knickers have been pulled down. As you will see, it’s not all about punishment and today it’s Jadies turn to be tenderly undressed, kissed and caressed before the final, inevitable caning of her bare bottom. And with her striped, thrashed bottom in the air, there is one more task that Jadie has to, ummm, perform… (I didn’t realise lunch was served early as she dined from Leia’s “lady buffet!”)




Do NOT miss the many films of Jadie and Leia together… they will melt your PC screen!!!

Lunch was served early as Jadie had developed quite an appetite – it’s hungry work spanking Leia!
CLICK HERE for the complete movie


Stay tuned for yet more updates coming very soon! Chief

Latest Spanking Updates

I’m late getting this out today, this was due to 2 reasons. I had to go to work this morning and was driving at 4.30am (yes, there really is a 4 in the morning… sigh) and due to the severe winds we’ve had, the road was blocked by a fallen tree, a huge oak, just ripped from the ground and strewn acroos the highway. I turned aroudn and took a longer detour, almost crashing into another tree not quite blocking the entire road, but this fallen tree was hidden by a small brow of th ehill, there are some scuff marks on the side of the car as I swerved to avoid this danger but that was about it! So I have had a little sleep when I got back from a stressful day at work, hope you don’t mind 😉

I also had a little hitch getting the latest film up (crappy connection here again!) but it resolved itself finally and so, as I mentioned yesterday, my latest film is now out for members of AAAspanking.com and you can see a free clip on the Home Page HERE I will also feature 2 galleries at the end as I am currently uploading the FULL movie to our Clips Store as well for those that want to see Jasmine and just want to pay for that (which I understand). But in the meantime, there’s plenty to see, so I am starting today with an excellent movie just finished with the very beautiful Charlie Skye… and I have a reminder of her from around a year ago… she started the updates for both new years… what “blistering” start for Punishedbrats.com she is, possibly one of the most stunning girls to get a spanking, she is seriously beautiful and has a bottom that literally makes me drool *drool*

Charlie Skye – ignore this beauty at your peril!

This film was uploaded a year ago –  a film called “Sister Savior”. I have found the text that shows the storyline so you can understand why Beverly is whacking the bejeezus out of her little sis!




Charlie is at first very glad to see her older sister Beverly come to her aid after getting into trouble at school. Charlie is certain her dear sister will take her straight home and she’ll be spared any corporal punishment. But to her surprise, Beverly asks to use the headmaster’s office and gives the mischievous girl a thorough hairbrush spanking herself.

& now for the very latest film from Charlie, over the knee of Veronica,this time…




Veronica catches Charlie texting after she’s taken away her phone privileges. She has the girl fetch a wooden hairbrush and then climb over her knee for another tough lesson. Charlie absolutely hates the hairbrush and struggles mightily to endure her painful punishment which makes watching this film addictive viewing!

You can see ALL of Charlie’s films, past and present at Punishedbrats.com


How do I follow that? Well, Clare Fonda’s ongoing new series of films starring yet another LA babe, Dylan Rose, continues to enact roles from her childhood as she recalls the spankings she got off her mother… of course expertly played with a wicked glint in her eye by Clare herself… and who can blame her as Dylan has a perfect spankable butt as you will see below!!!




SpankedSweeties recently won the “most improved award” at Brushstrokes Spanking Spot (and the other site I featured above came 2nd) – (“Hey, where was my site?” *sniff sniff*) Anyway, you can find out why newbie girl spankings, re enactments of their growing up, spanking model fantasies and interviews as well as a lot of spankings got this site into 1st place – CLICK HERE

I don’t think I featured this double spanking of the gorgeous Jenni Mack and Veronica Ricci at Spankedcallgirls.com – well, the film is now released in all parts and is an awesome visual feast of tanned butts as you’ll see below! All this in 1280 width Wmv playback as well! Miss Chris plays their mother whacking the crap out of her good for nothing whoring girls… “crackers”, but as ever, these storylines work!




This is easily my fave site from Clare at the moment, and you can see why HERE

Now, that is not to say that My Spanking Room Mate is not a worthy contender (especially as I have just seen the latest film, more on that in a mo)… I have followed this spanking soap opera from Day One and I find it hard to believe but it’s up to episode 96 already… the one I’m showing you is number 94 as it featured Clare getting a good ol’ whacking, and the girl carrying it out? One of my fave models that Clare uses on a regular basis, especially here… the husky voiced and very naughty Kay Richards! You’ll see why I enjoyed watching this full movie in the special free gallery I found (to save me time) – any movie with Clare getting her comeuppance is worth its weight in gold every single time! Click image below to access the free piccies!

I have also just seen the very latest film just released (too late for me to update it here today) but you can watch it now and it stars Missy Rhodes and Veronica Ricci in their debuts at this site… seriously, these 2 together… worth the entrance fee alone, yes, I have “wood” 🙂

Remember that you can view all of Clare’s sites I have featured here today (and it’s how I discovered her latest update of Missy & Veronica…. schwiiinnnng!) via her renowned and best value Clare Fonda Pass – which is the “Dogs Bollocks”, as we say over here in England!


Finally a new debut for an excluisve girl to FirmhandSpanking.com – and I think you are all gonna love this girl, I geel a contender for new spnkee of the year already and it’s only January 5th! Please welcome Miss Belinda Lawson!

She looks like Scarlett Johansson, has a bottom made for spanking, and a lilting Welsh accent. Meet Firm Hand’s latest exclusive model, Belinda Lawson! This bratty miss failed her senior exams and faces a summer of hard work and corporal punishment. Good news for us!




Check out the free preview spanking of new girl Belinda HERE


Ok, that’s all for now, please do continue to give me feedback on the new blog theme, I’m still undecided but am willing to perservere if you’re still willing to read it 🙂

Oh, and as promised, 2 links to my new galleries and a link to the full link film out now of Jasmine!


& click image below for the full film to download as a one off…

Regards, Chief.

Tidying up & other boring chores

Hi everyone, I’m not talking about picking up after myself, I’m a hopeless basket case when it comes to keeping the place tidy and it infuriates “Er Indoors”… but what I’m referring to here is tidying up the website, both here and at AAAspanking.com – you see, both sites have grown so much, here there are Gigs of free images and such collected over the years and I have been desperately looking for a way to showcase these and the old posts that many will either ignore or miss (which is a shame). So I’m hoping as I persist with this theme that it slowly looks more presentable.

For example, all the featured posts start first, this will be a chosen one from me from at leats a year ago… I can change this anytime and will do everytime I post a new update here, so you get 2 posts, really! There’s also a neat sidebar thing where you can check out all my latest posts without having to leav eht page and it should load quicker as I am *ahen* prone to uploading tons of images per post, aren’t I?

So there are just the beginnings of the blog here, so what about Triple A (I hear you ask disinterestingly)… “Well, thanks for asking… but also let me tell you about something else first!”

I’m also starting up another long lost blog which I’m looking forward to running again, it really has the best domain name and has been massively under used and stuck out in the cold after last year’s fiasco of the sale of “You know who” to “You might not know who” (I’d “lol” but it still annoys me, sorry)  – and finally, as my own little site has developed (it’s nearly 1 year old), I have had to cut away and move content around on the tour pages so that the site loads easier and such… all tedious stuff behind the scenes which is why there’s no postings of spankings from around the web today, but as I’m waffling here, I have also been updating the site behind the scenes for tomorrow’s great new movie starring Jasmine Lau in her oh so sexy Girl Guide outfit (you’ll have seen above) getting a rather humiliating and embarrassing paddling. It’s a visual treat, the movie will come with all the usual HD screen shots as well as around 40 HQ stills images which I’m still editing. But of course, you can have a sneak preview and the blurb of the storyline that you will be able to see very soon! Enjoy!

Jasmine had been caught with a whole stack of expensive cigars she had pilfered from one of John’s trusting elderly neighbors. To make things worse for this thieving minx, she had gone round in her sexy Girl Guide uniform on the pretence of being neighborly and used this as a distraction. However, Jasmine’s sheer greed by stealing so many to sell on was her downfall as John could not fail to discover them, there were that many! Old Mr Jones was contacted and he demanded that Jasmine be taught a severe and humiliating lesson which he could no longer carry out himself as he was quite frail. So step dad, John, was only too happy to help out! She was to receive a proper red bare bottom spanking followed by a paddling that would leave her bottom burning that she would then have to return the cigars to the elderly gentleman and show him the results of this embarrassing punishment to add to her growing shame!



Check out what makes Jasmine such addictive viewing as we see her bum reddened beautifully with a spanking and a hard paddling with a specially designed composite stinger that made her yelp out loud… she didn’t like this punishment and what was to follow one little bit! But you will! Enjoy!

This movie will be out for members on Thursday 5th January! It’s a little “belter” 🙂

Also stand by for those that only want to download the odd movie – as this should be up in full to download at the Clips Store as well! (there’s about 90 clips there at the mo, something for everyone including exclusive unseen stuff too!) OK, it’s late here and I need to rest, so goodnight all. Check out the site later and there will be a free HD clip to view as well!

Friday Spanking Features

Well, I have literally just had a massive row with “Er Indoors”, seriously, I’m wondering whether we have a future together, it was that bad… it’s been brewing for a while so this came as no surprise. I don’t blame her at all, I have been working my ass off in my lowly paid job (in no part thanks to the fuckers that I used to work for who I was way too overexposed to their crappy network when they sold it off nearly a year back). So I’m now training elsewhere and wondering what the hell I’m doing there as I got notice of the pittance I earned last month whilst also trying to run a paysite, pay for a mortgage I’m in negative equity in…. oh and also write on this blog – and it is wearing me and her down as we just don’t spend any time together. Yup, I have the wankers who ripped me off from many years of working on a “pay if I’m lucky salary” with tons of promises and fuck all else –  at the sites I never will promote anymore for that…. saddled with crippling credit card debts helping those fuckers out over the years… so guys, if you’re reading this and still wondering what I will ever say (like you seriously give a shit) “Do me a favour and don’t ever bother calling me with some hair brained money making scheme”, I’m sure the loons who bought your lame empire you ran into the ground are still sorting out your monthly stipends or whatever the fuck it is they are paying you for the shared to shit stuff  you sold them…. so here I am, really pissed off tonight and wondering what the fuck I am doing with my life… it’s a real crossroads moment as far as I am concerned. & the best part? I have to drive “her” to her brother’s where we are spending Xmas… this should be a fun drive if we ever get that far as she asked me to leave.

Oh well… & to top that, I got a bollocking from a member who got angry (understandably) at me for not updating a film I had genuinely forgotten… I thought it had been updated but there was a part I had missed. I’m sure he will be reading this, it just added to the people I had to deal with earlier today, smile grin and bear it… well, I all I can do is help him view what he had signed up for so I hope what I offered at least helps… we’re all human, and I would like to remind people that it is only me updating the site, so go easy on me. I don’t pretend to be a part of some glorious spanking network or empire, it’s just a spanking enthusiast doing the best he can…

Oh for fucks sake… she’s coming to have another go at me (having had too much to drink , I might add) for writing on here… “live… as it happens” I’m so fed up with this shit!


Well, I had better get something out, so the movie I had forgotten was “Who wet the bed” and members at AAAspanking can see the conclusion of this and the full MP4 HD and Wmv files I will promise go up after Xmas. Here is a reminder gallery of Jasmine and Sophie… suitably chastised and humiliated in a bonkers storyline that at least makes me smile as I remember the laughter and disbelief of the girls as I diapered them after their spankings!

There are 2 free galleries from this film below, just click images for the gallery of your choice

To see more including a free clip reminder – CLICK HERE


I’d have written more but I hope, under the circumstances right now, you understand why I don’t enthuse about anything else right now! I seriously hope you are all having a better time than me! I wouldn’t wish what I’m going through on anyone right now at this time of year!


Friday Spanking updates continued into the weekend…

Right, as I said in the Friday post, I got caught short, so wanted to continue… and since then you might have seen me come up with a distracting idea about my little “All about the ass” images – if you see any that you like, by all means send me a link or email me at my address in my “about me” section HEREand I’ll post them seperately without links to paysites and such unless it comes from a well known site and I’ll let everyone know where it came from (likewise if it’s from a Tumblr site or whatever, let me know so I can credit the original poster where poss… ’tis only fair! There’s never enough time, and too much ass out there to enjoy, so help me out! *wink*

Oh… in case you are ignoring my crass advertising
“here’s another to rub you up the wrong way!” (lol) before I continue!


OK, I had to leave it with the naughty Sarah Bright yesterday, and another within that network is English-Spankers.com– which is really Mr Stern’s domain and I love the way he chastises his girls, rather like me, I’ve noticed some frightening similarities so I am bound to praise the guy and have only good things to say… 1st to be featured was the recent full movie now available of Xela Chaste, who I rather have a “spanko crush” for and I , too… amd hoping she will film with us early next year, after seeing her at this site (and one I will feature a little later) I am in no doubt Xela would fit perfectly over my lap *ahem*




Xela has borrowed money from Strapped for cash, a money lending company with very strange ideas on the repayment of the loan and the interest applied. After being spanked and paddled for non payment the supervisor bends her over and canes her bare bottom hard, a no messing straight forward punishment caning.

There is a FREE Clip of Xela’s Punishment shown HERE

& next is something I get off on too, when ladies write in, genuine amateurs, there is a thrill to spank them 1st, as anyone will tell you, I have had a few of these most recently and I know seeing hellen below spanked on film for the 1st time (and she has a hell of a body for her age, I must say!) I love the contrast, I’d never turn down 18 year olds (of course), like Taylor at my site most recently, but I’d also never turn down a curvy or MiLF-tastic real life spanko like Hellen either! See what I mean with this casting that Mr Stern “handles” rather well!




Check out another FREE HD spanking clip of this movie HERE

Don’t forget they also have a Special Xmas deal going so do check out the join pages to see exactly what offer you will get!


This site is independent but they have often collaborated in the past and are also offering some similar deals which makes a visit to SoundPunishment.com all the more worthwhile, especially as it also stars Jasmine in the latest update! See for yourself in this Special Xmas edition! *mmm!*

Gold panties, Jasmine in a Xmas outfit? Was this just a dream???


If you didn’t need reminding, it’s Xmas next week (sigh) however, as I flipped through the archives of SoundPunishment.com I found this appealing Czech trophy wife spanking dated Xmas 2009 which I am sure you will adore too!



Because of her beauty, Natalie is a spoilt trophy wife to this tycoon. He buys her a Jaguar (car) for Christmas, she buys herself lingerie and tries to pass it off as her husband’s present! She soon finds he is made of sterner stuff! She gets a sound spanking but then he takes pity on her and soothes her reddened cheeks with cream before spanking her moistened bottom again… well he is a spanker and it is HIS Christmas present!

& yes… there is a Special Xmas Offer here too so please do go CHECK IT OUT!


To America next and a visit to Sarah Gregory’s great site where she meets her match withthe awesome Tasha Lee (I was hoping these 2 would get together again), check out the images as a sleeping lazy Sarah gets a “Rude awakening” (which incidentally is one of my fave spanking themes as I have done this a few times at my site).




Sarah has promised Tasha, her girlfriend, that she would not speak to her manipulative ex. Tasha finds Sarah’s phone and notices that Sarah has been speaking to her ex. She awakens Sarah with a very hard spanking that will not be forgotten.

& in news JUST OUT! Sarah’s Xmas Movie has just been released and I have got some special EARLY preview pics from the naughty Xmas spanking movie (Ho! Ho! Ho!)





It’s not quite Christmas morning yet and little curious Sarah sneaks downstairs to spy on Santa. She is just so excited for her presents. Santa is very unhappy to see Sarah up this late not only spying on him, but also giving him a sassy attitude. Santa spanks this naughty little girl and then takes away all her presents! Ho! Ho! Ho!

You will of course notice Sarah’s new blonde look which I have to say suits her… looking forward to many more films of her in this look, so can you – at her site SarahGregorySpanking.com


Oh God damn it, now my server is playing up (just sent in a support ticket) so it’s pointless writing anything more… I will try to get back at another time, so until then, if you get to read this… I’ll be back when I can 🙂

Just who did wet the bed and other Spanksgiving treats

OK, as a Brit, I think it is rather selfish for our American cousins to be having 2 big family shindigs so close together, barely a month apart, with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up (incidentally, if you guys *have* to choose… which is more important, could you choose?) I have a member of family over there and he is with his fiance’s family… no doubt tucking in to a huge turkey about now! I haven’t forgotten that Canadians have celebrated their Thanksgiving too, but it is much earlier… I don’t know why but I’m guessing it’s something to do with the seasons? Anyway, if anyone can enlighten me (I’m far too lazy to look it up on Google) then please do… and I will try to answer the first mystery tonight and also give you an idea of what is coming up, behind the scenes of AAAspanking.com as we are planning a big filmshoot over the weekend and Monday which I’m both excited about and quite nervous as it is going to be rather expensive (yikes!)

So, the burning question right now is “Who wet the bed?” Yup… Jasmine & Sophie won’t admit to me what babies they are by thinking they can sneak out and ebjoy their evening whilst muggins here has to cleab up after them… well, I certainly don’t stand for it as you’ll see and invent new and humiliating ways of investigating this heinous crime! There are 2 image galleries below which describe to you what is going on rather than me waffling here about it!

Click image below for the video image gallery

& if you STILL want to investigate further, perhaps this 2nd image gallery can assist!

I won’t spoil it just yet… but it’s a fun film and one we all enjoyed making (members will get the idea of us messing about as there is a reference to the girls claiming a cat did it… and you’ll see our editor messing around with the footage, blink and you’ll miss it!) Sorry to tease, but I thought it was funny, at least! Only Ceiling Cat knows… and he isn’t telling!

Boo! Ceiling Cat… such a meanie! Go play God on another blog you feline philanderer!

Well, I can only say a little for fear of fur and claws attacking me from up high, but I do remember that we were near the end of the day, it was baking hot outside (seems a world away now, sigh), the girls (I hope) had a good time as we all had lots of laughs and of course had to be mindful at the time of the neighbors, which none of us were happy about, closing the windows, and practically suffocating inside… but we did it and the final film we did which, for now I’m not sure will be out, was a bathroom scene and the girls were happy to get some colder water to cool them down before I whicked them off to the train station at the end of the day! So this film bring back happy zany memories and I hope that those who watch it in full will enjoy it too – Check out more right here


By the way, I’m not going to find any “Thanksgiving film references, it’s not me, really, I know some producers do this but I may stretch to a Christmas one (hmm, Danielle Hunt in Xmas gear, must think about that and get hold of her!)

So I’m just gonna show English films today 🙂

Check out this site which has improved a lot recently, with some old and new content mixed in, I recognize the first girl from way back when I had worked with her, though she was called Lena… here at Redstripefilms.com they call her Leah… it does not matter a jot as her bottom is still beautifully bouncy and oh so damned spankable! Check her out below!

When Leah turns up to her class without her school uniform she is sent to see the headmaster. He tells her to go and change into her uniform and return to him. Once back in front of him he decides to punish her with a traditional over the knee spanking onto her firm bottom. Despite her screams she is soundly spanked and you will get to see this magnificent rear take a deserved thrashing!




Click here for the free movie preview of this enticing punishment

This is how I also remember her at NaughtyBottom.com – click on image below to take you to the page that contains a free clip!


Finally today, I wanted to show you the latest goings on at NorthernSpanking.com – always a good place to stop by and these latest updates do not disappoint at all!

For lovers of girls with such rounded perfection as Kate, you will be thrilled to see her back in this recent update simply entitled “Brat”



Stephen has had enough of Kates untidiness and laziness, so when he finds her still in bed at lunchtime he decides its time for this little brat to be punished… and just check out her rounded rump as she moans and brats over his knee, her flesh turning red under his masterful strokes!

& NorthernSpanking are very proud to announce the following (as well as an awesome cast as you’ll see below), if you check out the images from the 1st part of this film you will understand their excitement!



Aleesha, Xela and Pandora are on Parole after a stint in prison for different offences. They meet their new Probation Officer, Josie, who is a far cry from the soft touch of Mr Mann, their previous officer. Whom, it has to be said, was more than flexible in allowing the girls a little discretion during their parole. This new officer however, is one tough cookie. And she means business!

Paul and Lucy are thrilled to welcome the LEGEND that is Josie Harrison-Marks, publisher and editor of Kane Magazine to our team of formidable Dommes.


& of course there is the added bonus of Sasha Harvey’s recent return as well!!!

See more of what to expect HERE


OK, have a great Thanksgiving, those that partake and stuff themselves silly on turkeys! Back soon.

“Welcome back Jasmine!”

Warning: The Chief  “has wood” typing this as he recalls this movie he made recently with Jasmine

Ok, I have been busy getting our next film ready for release which stars the very lovely Jasmine, back by (very) popular demand and this film was a sort of recreation of her very first movie she ever did with us… a self spanking and sexy tease, as we interview her on the bed before getting her to show us all what she really gets up to at home…

Jasmine is back and looking as amazing as the first time we filmed her! Yum!

Jasmine is as hot and naughty as she appears in her films… it didn’t help that we were filming in a stuffy room one one of the hottest days of the year at the time (with no air con… we had to close the windows in this room for fear of alerting the neighbors… oops!) However, I couldn’t resist joining in, with such a sight presented to us, I just had to finish the movie as a “stunt hand” and ensure Jasmine’s ever so pretty bottom got a real red “welcome back” – and “boy” did it turn red on her first spanking… she later admitted she hadn’t been spanked hard for a while, except doing it to herself. It was just what she needed…

The images below are totally exclusive to my blogs as they haven’t been released yet (these are reduced size images and I’ll get you more info when the film actually goes up in full this weekend, but members will be able to download this really hot full image set tomorrow in full size and I promise they are amongst the best I’ve taken!




The full HD film will be released in one go by Monday next week at AAAspanking… but if you really can’t wait that long, there is the FULL film already out at our specialist clips site which makes it a popular choice for those that just want to download the odd movie of ours, as I know that there are those that prefer that, even though our membership site is amongst the best priced and most competive out there (I’ve checked!)

Check out her movie (below) – I promise you Jasmine is “smoking hot”

Welcome back, Jasmine! The pleasure is all ours!

Check out other clips (there’s over 80 now) including some unseen stuff at our specialist Clips Store

What’s hot & worth watching!

I’m sure these are all valid questions you would like answered out there in the kingdom of spanking… so I shall try and answer a few of these pertinent questions as I haven’t been online except to update my own site and I have been working hours in my regular job that are alien to me, like starting at 5am (getting up at 4!). I didn’t even know there was a 4am! So I have been just too tired – like poor little kitty below…

and I’ve been fed up with these mad hours but as I’m getting used to my ridiculous hours this week, here’s a welcome back post from me so I hope you like it… I’ll start with what is out at my own site as there is a brand new film with Sophie, the new girl I showed last week and a return for Jasmine… back by popular demand and she made a whole heap of new stuff with us which I’m sure you’ll all appreciate in time! This is a particular fave of mine as it’s a pyjamas film and one of the girls are wearing white panties underneath their PJ bottoms (shock horror!) I see to it they get an additional unfair punishment for that!

Jasmine is in Sophie’s private Dorm Room in an unauthorized stay under the blankets & they talk about various girly things until Jasmine admits she’s been “wanking” in Sophie’s bed!

If you haven’t already, click image above for the free gallery I just made public – it explains the movie as well in detail – there is also a great strapping clip which you can view and download HERE

So what can I tell you about the film? I don’t know why, but I found it amusing to have the girls talk about “wanking” – it’s not a word many women often use and I guess it’s also more of a British word, and since the girls are English, then why not?  Which is why I asked them to say it, some might think it rather childish of me, but it actually came across quite well in the film as they bicker about it and I come in and talk about “self defilement” which is what the title of the film is loosely based on! I hope my American members enjoy their arguments and accents before we get down to the strappings and leather paddling which left both girls bottoms nicely sore and a perfect shade of crimson!


& now to Amber’s sites – I had to ask her for my membership codes again since I had lost all my passwords recently… and so when I went back in the other day, I was in for a real treat… so whilst I’m on this “wanking” or “self defilement” theme (lol)… here’s a naughty film of Amber at SpankAmber.com as she gets off on what she describes as a “Sex Bench” – masturbating and jerking off her sweet pussy up nice in close after teasing us to start with… & Daddy joining in to fondle and stroke her tight buns before Amber fucks her aching pussy hard with a dildo and slaps her ass for us all! It’s a great diversion from her spanking films and one which captures the essence of what Amber as a person enjoys doing… receiving pleasure! She admitted to me that she web cams a lot, I think you could expect to see her do pretty much anything you’d want if you were to have a 1-2-1 session! Images below are from the latest movie series at SpankAmber.com






You can see MUCH MORE of Amber wankin’ & a spankin’ at SpankAmber.com

Meanwhile at her site where she gets to dish out the sexy punishments as only she knows how (lots of female play, foreplay, oil, ice cubes and of course her firm hand and myriad of implements both for punishment AND pleasure) we see a welcome return of Jolene, another redhead submissive slut that Amber loves playing upon… as you’ll see below… and I have to say that Amber is fixated with nipple play and clamping both on herself and her sub spankees…. I love it! I’m sure you’ll get a taster of what is going on in this latest series, prepare for double redhead overload!






Delightfully rude, tantalisingly naughty… that is how Amber loves to play and spank her girls!
CLICK HERE for more of this latest series & how to join both sites with one membership for a whole heap less!

Oh, and a big “Shout Out!” to Daddy who films Amber and her girls, how the hell he does this in a room that must smell of sweet female scent when these girls are on heat… my oh my… bravo, you’re a lucky man to then have Amber all to yourself afterwards!


Staying in America why not visit Punishedbrats.com – withtheir new large screen format movies and stunning girls like Pi, or as I called her first… “Twentytwo over Seven” (I’m such a geek I’m thinking about Jeri Ryan who played “Seven of Nine” from the Star Trek Voyager series…. but I could seriously digress… as you will too looking at Pi’s gloriously red bare bottom in these images taken from the film “Art Exhibit Failure”



Pi offended everyone in attendance at the art exhibit and embarrassed Veronica. In order to get her to take the matter seriously, Veronica uses the strap on Pi’s bottom and you can see that Pi’s bottom turns red with shame as the leather strap licks her soft cheeks bringing her close to tears as the embarrassing punishment continued without mercy.

Another fantastic OTK spanking by David Pierson sees one uppity brat, Taylor Rayne, getting what she deserves in this movie now out in full to download as you’ll see below, these images show her off to perfection, a perfect wigglesome ass and one which I’m sure the “Cast Iron Protective Underpants” ® Chief - were deployed by Mr P. for some serious OTK discipline to stop any distracting wriggling onto his lap! I swear by them 🙂




Call From School - Wild child Taylor Rayne was still a bit shocked that she had her bottom bared and spanked, but spanked she was… and hard across david’s lap as she kicked and cried out for him to stop, blubbing like a brat until he had had enough of her tiresome behavior and made her kneel on a stool in the corner, whilst snivelling, to reflect on the situation!

You can see these movie updates and of course awesome residents like Pixie and co only at Punishedbrats.com


OK, I have just noticed at NorthernSpanking.com just jow lucky one Mr Stephen Lewis has been recently…. have you seen the movie updates he’s involved in? Well, if you’re not a member, then perhaps you might want to see what this lucky git chap has been up to… 🙂

So… in no particular recent order and magnitude of “Gittiness” (Moi? Jaloux? Pas de tout!)
The Git Files #1: PJ Punishments of not just Zille Defeu… but Irelynn Logeen as well!



Hey, Stephen… if you’re reading this, just kidding! Awesome films as always, and you can see MORE of Zille & Irelynn with Stephen in the latest film just released…

The Git Files #2: Coach caned, bus blamed.

Just how DID Irelynn manage to win a race in world record time? Mr Lewis gets to the bottom of this (literally) with the helpful report of the busdriver on a route almost identical to the race itself! (Hmmm….) You’ll see both girls getting a deserved spanking and a special caning will be reserved for coach Zille Defeu!




Another movie at the same site currently being updated with Stephen red-lining my patent pending “Git-ometer” is with one of my favorite ladies who I’d “love” to have featured at my own site soon, even though I’m unsure she subs anymore (maybe just one film in amongst her domming the girls? Please???) I could hope, I suppose 😉 – anyway, I am getting distracted again, which is easy with Andi… as she disturbs Stephen’s late time reading…. beware of things that go “Bump” in the night!

The Git Files #3: Beware things that go bump in the night



Don’t forget to check out their vast archives which you can locate easily by model – CLICK HERE


Next… this site and model really need no introduction, but in case you have been living on Mars… then it is Amelia Jane Rutherford’s latest “Marriage Guidance Counselling” series from FirmHandSpanking.com where Amelia is advised on the perils of trying to drive after just a few hours sleep… this spanking is indeed for her own wellbeing, I should know after being tired and having an accident that wrote off my car end of June this year… it ain’t clever, kids… wise up! Some superb images from this movie are below for your delectation and fine early evening perusal:




See the free Movie Preview of this full length film HERE


OK, I wanted to do more so will be updating my other blogs with a movie review coming from this producer tomorrow (I’m not going to tell you which film but it’s a real cracker!) as well as a full movie review from Lupus, I’ll let you know where these reviews will be as well as a weekend update here from some European based spanking sites tomorrow, it’s gonna be busy! Have a good one! Back soon. Chief.

Weekend Spanking Updates

I’m a little inebriated from spending a glorious afternoon here down the pub (a lovely warm day in mid October, around 70f or 21-22c and very sunny, almost unheard of in England at this time of year!) so I decided to give you a quick update, being the generous drunken geezer that I am! So without waffling anymore, here are some choice images from a few sites well worth a mention today and some inside and coming news of my own site’s updates at the end. *hic*

I haven’t brought you my news of FirmHandspanking.com so it’s a great place to start since it features a fantastic paddling movie of one of my fave girls, Adrienne Black… and also a newbie by the name of Kelly Morgan, who looks every inch a new spanking starlet! Images are taken from both movies below and these are reduced in size, members will of course get the full size pics and be able to download the films to their heart’s content!

New Girl Kelly Morgan – gets her 1st OTK spanking over Earl Grey’s lap

“It burns!” pretty Kelly Morgan wails as Earl Grey’s hand smacks her bare bottom 153 times. She’s The Intern. After being late on her first day at work he gives her a choice of losing the internship or taking a spanking! This senior knows that corporal punishment works. Hot debut!




See MORE of Kelly getting her 1st spanking & a free preview clip – Click HERE

Adrienne has been shown elsewhere, as I was a little busy… but she is STILL worth a mention as I know that people don’t always read every blog or special promotional site out there, there’s waaaay too many for me to decide on myself… so in case your chosen others (as well as me) had forgotten this beauty… here she is, the full film is of course available to download, as are a vast growing archive of films starring Adrienne!

Beautiful blonde Adrienne Black knows she’s in trouble for losing a file – or did she hide it? She’s due a cheek reddening 83-swat spanking, panties down, with a stinging ping pong paddle. Skilful editing means we enjoy unmissable facial reactions on the Reaction Cam. Ouch!





Here’s something a little different as I bring you one of the top rated films by members of Girls Boarding School – and the very popular Maggie who is one of the few girls able to take anything that Headmaster Tom dishes out! This girl has buns of steel… seriously, I have seen some of her many films and have winced as she has taken some of the most ferocious whacks with the cane or strap… this film, being top rated, is no different, and Maggie plays the part of a naughty and foolish schoolgirl, caught out yet again by Tom… to perfection. This time? It’s Homework mistakes… far too many of them that gets her thrashed… and thrashed severely!

There’s a short exclusive clip and some images (reduced from the members area) to give you an idea of what this full length film of spanking and extreme humiliation is all about.





NorthernSpanking quietly released their 9th part of the very well received Wheatley Manor – this is an epic spanking movie and one which Paul and Lucy are rightly proud of, with a top cast of Niki Flynn, Leia-Ann Woods and Amelia Jane Rutherford and a believable script backed up by Amy Hunter and Stephen Lewis who are the  tops in this film, it makes for unmissable viewing. The clip I have is really justa snippet and I have some images from the latest part if that helps… but you can dowbload all 9 epic parts right now as part of your membership and of course get all the other goodies that are on offer!

Here’s a reminder of what went on in episode 8 as Niki gets a thrashing completely naked!



& so to part 9… Niki is late for breakfast and so she is thrashed again, in front of everyone and this time it’s really humiliating for her! Some great scenes with a wooden kitchen spatula as well as you’ll discover below:



See the updates and download them as a member RIGHT HERE


In my other news, the full film (for those that only want to download the odd film or 2) of my latest update, the extremely spankable Sophie, is available at the Clips Store HERE  and another free preview is available below:

Remember that we feature many films here before the main site and they’re available in full or as clips and in some cases we only feature the action shots and no build up dialog, read the full info on each movie on the pages to see for yourself, it’s proved quite popular for those that prefer this way of viewing their spanking content.


& in news of what is coming soon, you may remember that Jasmine filmed with us recently, well, I have a great 2 part film of Jasmine and Sophie in their pyjamas getting a good hard thrashing in bed together (part 2 will come out later this year when Jasmine spanks Sophie and it’s a great little film I promise you’ll love too) – and that will be followed by the quite amusing but hard hitting film of me and Leia when she accused me of being a “cakeboy” – I’ll write up more about it very soon, I promise… but these 2 movies I really enjoyed making and seeing on file… I’m sure you will too!

The next 2 films – coming soon in glorious HD to AAAspanking

OK, that’s it from me, I’ll be back tomorrow with more goss and behind the scenes stuff!