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Man flu? Time for a rant!!!

Man Flu – it’s the deadliest and most debilitating illness known to “man” kind – we are rubbish at fighting this off, women just don’t understand, do they, gentlemen? I know my female readers may scoff at such a “trivial” condition (in their opinion) but we men know the doom and utter helplessness when that condition starts to take hold and I can feel the impending man flu symptons already… whining, aching, feeling the onset of a sore throat… loss of appetite for my favorite tipple… red wine (this last one has really pissed me off since I just purchased a delicious case of Rioja Gran Reserva!) and of course the scythe of Death himself, teasing me with that blade as I feel it swishing past me in the dark…)
“Yup! Man Flu is indeed almost upon me, I’m doomed!”
So please understand if I don’t get to post here too often (I’m going away next week on a short break… family stuff which will be nice so I hope I fight this deadly bug off in time as where I’m going is certainly not warm! However, I won’t have any internet connection, or very little… as I’m going somewhere quite isolated, I’ll let you know more on that later in the week…. man flu permitting!


So please put up with me moaning a little today as I attempt to waffle on regardless. I have been working on my own site so I will inform you that the full Wmv and MP4 versions of the awesome “Welcome back, Jasmine” film is now out for members… there is a snippet and check out the images on the tour pages HERE!

(yeah, I didn’t want to post any images as I have kind of covered that already, but there are additional screen grabs as well with this update for members, it’s a cracker and I’m really quite proud of what our little site is producing recently, I hope you all like it too and for those that maybe interested in joining, as our archives are starting to really increase now, I will have to up the pricing at some point, I’ve been hanging off for an age but there comes a point when we have no choice. So if anyone wants to be locked in at under $20 a month or support us with a really cool priced longer term membership that works out at starting from a paltry $8.50 a month (that is dirt cheap considering there’s a film guaranteed EVERY week plus other updates and the growing archives, all in HD) then get these membership options while you can – You can see the full options here and I have covered pretty much every angle, I hope… but to be honest, we have to up our prices soon as our bandwidth and hosting costs have soared! (some sites I have seen can cost $10-15 or nearly double our basic monthly standard membership anyway!!!)

Oh… I had also thought about doing a short term Xmas deal, (yeah, I have some cool longer term ones at the mo anyway) but following the advice of some other producers and of course knowing from my time with a bunch of incompetent tax avoiding idiots that ruined what promised to be a half decent network a few years back (with their constant DFS style deals), then I soon realized that this would be pretty pointless. Now since I definitely do NOT work for them or am in anyway affiliated with them one little bit, I can say what I damn well want now even though I won’t name names or slag them off viciously, I thought about it, as the anger I feel is still raw, especially when I don’t feel that well. They’re out of it, I’ve signed nothing regarding non disclosure, I’m past caring, I have kept quiet just because half the time I couldn’t be arsed anymore and I doubt they even read this blog now (they used to watch it fearful I’d say something, how sad) but if they do and can’t stay away, then YOU know this has been a long time coming guys… as you really fucked me off BIG TIME! Anyway, fuck it… I hope I never deal with or see them again, such fucking wastes of time – I’m sure they’re really upset at that, lol! By all means purchase this deal which I have seen resurface (much to my mild disbelief) … I know a few of us producers would take the piss wondering how many sites would be included the last time it surfaced…

I remember it so well a few years back, a sensible and manageable 6 sites, then 8, 10, 11… the super 17 came in a year later… followed by the “epic” ground breaking 20 and finally last year – the 30 sites … OMG – I had a sweepstake on 30 so was really pleased, lol! But I know that the new owners haven’t produced anything themselves since they bought the sites, fuck knows why… I of course was kicked off some of the other blogs I wrote for hosted on that network, hell, even some of my old banners I made mysef are still on the sidebars and of course the blogs are never updated, they are just used to help rank the sites in search engines – and all my affiliate links were changed to theirs (yes, low as fuck – all my hard work, I know) & I can only assume they bought the whole thing rather cheaply considering they had amassed a huge archive of content but it was enough for the previous incumbents to start afresh away from the failed spanking empire they had ruined, sadly.

So have the sites changed? Well, the outside of the sites are rarely updated, if at all, many not since March this year (way to go) & I have checked the sites member areas with my remaining pass which is due to expire anytime now and in fact it’s usually rehash after rehash on the majority of them (still!) not all, of course. There is new material, but you’ll notice them on a few sites, it’s the same girls one after the other even in the same room and bed for goodness sake – as it appears the bought content was filmed in a day and edited and sent to them… the girls are great looking, (I’m definitely gonna film with them early next year for sure!) and some of the stuff is worth watching… but with little variety, it looks rushed and it’s hard to feel that you haven’t been a little cheated? … and you can tell who made and sold it, lol! (I won’t say who, it certainly wasn’t me… but “tut tut”) Still, fair play to the company that made it – I know to even make something like this, there is the cost of the girls, the studio, other expenses that add up… and of course the time and effort of those who own and edit the stuff – so I don’t mean to sound off at the producer in question, I fully understand as it’s a business deal… I have entertained the idea myself as long as our costs on top of the girls were suitably covered for our time etc…
Many sites they have in that network I used to really like which have just got worse now as I know all the old films back to front – what’s more… any new content so far, like I said… is bought (rather disappointingly) – perhaps I should sell them some of our stuff? (just kiddin’)

Anyway, back to the ridiculous DFS style promotions of those offers (to anyone thast is unfamiliar with DFS, they area sofa chain who always advertise deals at half price and I doubt NEVER sell a sofa at full list price as they have sale after sale all year) You get de sensitized to it and end up either waiting for the “next offer” or not signing up, which is what these idiots got themselves stuck into, & unable to break the cycle or ride out the quiet periods so would give in and us spanko vultures would lap it up, naturally… especially when the sites used to be rather good. Now I admit that I advertised this 30 site offer last year, (all pages and references are now removed from my blog, by the way) but that was because I didn’t know they were planning on selling the network and offered me a chance to make some money but I was happy to, if a little bemused by the ridiculous price tag at the time and they were happy to give me a percentage, it was purely economic on my part and it seemed a good deal, almost giving the stuff away, how could anyone lose? I was past caring to be honest, I even told them they were devaluing their brand completely (or more so) but of course I had no idea they were going to sell it so didn’t give a rats arse about what I said, I can now see that they just wanted to get the maximum income they could in – which of course is pretty shitty, and may even have been used as part of their business plan to sell the sites) Let’s not forget that these guys owe me, another producer and the taxman a stupendous amount of money, but of course that’s all history now (that’s another story for another day, if I can really be bothered) so there was no love lost, no buddiness, just a deal to earm my percentage and that was it – & I didn’t have to rely on them paying me pesonally because it was through a billing agent (I wouldn’t trust them to pay me a dime from their own pockets)… of course, they were still making their own stuff at the time (although more infrequently) but at least they did their own… and of course they sold the network, I had no knowledge of this and it did cause me a fucking big financial black hole at the time as I still depended on being one of the last affiliates to actually try and care in some small way about their sites, rather foolishly… and because they refused to give me this domain name and host it, more like (again, another story and perhaps why some other bloggers and certain spankologists won’t link to me, God knows) even though I had reduced my exposure to them bit by bit, it wasn’t enough, even though they did occasionally make something worth watching so I was happy to promote it. This year the new owners won’t allow anyone that privilege to promote their offer… so fuck that… really, they aren’t affiliate driven and anyone promoting the sites with their precious traffic would be insane right now!

So, fuck knows where this rant is leading, I had instended to do some site reviews of some latest content, lol! Right…if you have read all this, then fair play, I found this very therapeutic and will stop now, I could go on and on and on….

I guess you need some sort of reward, eh?

So here are some excellent galleries and old school content of a time that I really miss, and of course these girls looked so fresh, the movies are remasstered along with the many site revamps that make this other network of sites below show HOW you can do it!



There’s a ton more free previews at 1stChoiceSpanking HERE



This is just one of the sites that are operated by Jardale who specialize in remastering old content and lon play spanking films made in the 80s and 90s! See the other sites they operate below (all have some excellent free previews!) Choose the site you would like to check out a little more (below)


Oh, and if you actually want a decent multi site deal, do what Clare Fonda does, make it manageable, how many of us are so distrustful of 20 or 30/40 site deals? They’re crap in general, aren’t they? I’d rather stick with a manageable set of sites at a reasonable price knowing I’m gonna see stuff not repeated elsewhere – see how Clare does it at her CLARE FONDA PASS NETWORK


Well, that was some rant, I’ll try and post something a little saner next time, ’til then… adios.


  1. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Nice rant! I was critical of the whole exponentially growing multi-site madness some years back, when you were under contract and unable to agree in public; good to know you felt the same way (or did I convert you? LOL ;-)).

    A few sites makes sense, because they can have different genre or delivery themes (SSG, Images etc.) but the rest was just madness. Well I guess one can’t expect crooks to be smart at the end of the day.

  2. Indeed, once it started going beyond 6 sites it was just plain stupid. The final 10 sites were an insult to those that signed up to them, frankly. I was ashamed to be associated with their practices. There were just 2 brothers, me and an editor and they liked to think they were some sort of huge corporation, what a joke! I left in 2009 because they couldn’t pay me and owed me a fortune and became an affiliate of theirs as it actually paid me to do so on my terms and for a while it was just about ok but I knew I had to move away from this and rightly so as I was getting fed up promoting rehashed stuff.
    I only owned this domain name and was able to host it in Jan 2011, the time they sold the company and at first they were trying to put gagging constraints on me as part of that deal, to be honest I was going to turn around and say FUCK OFF as I had had enough… but in the end they just gave what was due in that respect and, for what it was worth as I had worked on that site myself (not a lot, btw). I can tell you now if they didn’t at least give me what they did then I would have let rip and it wouldn’t have been pretty online or otherwise but it didn’t need to come to that. I own the domain which is a fantastic domain but that was ruined by the new owners who trashed the blog and I got it back with nothing on it, I was furious, of course! I’m still wondering what to do with that when I have some spare time, of course. Anyway, overall – I know I’ve been had… and it hurts, I won’t forget this either and people from my part of the country never forget.

  3. tim tim

    John i have found that a few sites have not had new content for a long while ,spanking online has nice new vids but some of the others have not ,best ,tim.

  4. Yup, and the only new content will be coming from producers like myself, i have thought of doing it, I know another who is and is planning on another, if it’s worth doing for me and the editor for our time and work then maybe, but these things aren’t cheap to produce and if they say no, fair enough, find someone else to rush it through… basically another reason to avoid these sites as buying in stuff like this is pretty lame in the long run. You’re at the mercy of what is basically your rivals!

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