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Saturday Spankings – pt2

OK, before I go out tonight, here is the second part of my update… this is some of the stuff I have been viewing this weekend, and it’s well worth a look!

From Clare’s quality sites, I checked out her site (via my CLARE FONDA PASS – which is better value) and do you remember me showing you the diaper girls recently? Well, Tegan was a new girl to Clare and now she is appearing (alongside the gorgeous Missy) at all of Clare’s sites and she plays a hooker babe called Daisy who fell asleep on the job!





Tegan Summers plays new callgirl Daisy who fell asleep on her “date.” Momma Clare gets Daisy’s pert buns very red. The California blond wishes she had never agreed to be one of Clare’s girls as she did not know it would be so rough. She learns the hard way to be a good little slut.

You can see all of Momma Clare’s naughtiest classy hooker babes and sluts getting what they deserve at the site she once admitted to me that she loves filming in… and I can see why as Clare has a lot of fun spanking these hot girls and this role is so suited to her being their bad ass “Momma” – See for yourself HERE

& don’t forget to check out the best value pass with no replicated films at her sites (see banner below for the various sign up options of 3, 4 or 5 sites of your choice!)


& In England, the spankings don’t let up as have some fantastic girl next door type spanking films and the latest of Honey Wells in her school uniform getting thrashed by Aunty Katie is excellent! I have a free preview clip as well as some choice images of the blubbering Honey in her authentic English uniform.





The school bully arrives home and her Aunty wants to know why she is in tears. After listening to the girl?s story and looking at the cane marks on her bottom she phones the headmaster. Once she knows the truth about the bullying and general bad behaviour she decides that more punishment is needed and bends the girl over the table for a blistering spanking on her marked bottom. Her tears and cries do not stop the punishment.

Check out more from this site that not only contains girls next door getting spanked but situations of real life sex and spankings which are an addictive mix – the tour pages have plenty of free previews to let you decide for yourselves just what it’s about – CLICK HERE for more


The next 2 sites I’m featuring here have had some fantastic new movies recently, mainly because I have absolutely fallen for these 2 girls, Scarlet and Paris… you’ll recognise them as I had featured them virtually everytime they appeared… so I have combined some of their most recent updates – images shown below are from Sarah’s site where she finally canes the girls out of their cute gingham dresses…. and the free clip is one of the latest films to come from that has Mr Stern getting all the luck as he thrashes both girls after watching them flog each other naked (it’s a hard life but someone has to do these things!)




Sarah knows all about the cane, she has been caned many times but never to tears. Her object today is to cane these girls till the tears start to flow and boy do they get a caning. Their small pert bottoms are raised for the swish of the cane expertly applied…


See all the free previews with Sarah and the many girls like Paris & Scarlet HERE

I can assure you that next time I am up their way I will be barging in with our cameras and making some films but in the meantime please do check out why poor ol’ Chief here has some serious wood watching these girls continue to spank and flog each other below at English-Spankers


Seeing schoolgirl Elizabeth recently at reminded me of one of her earlier films and I just loved the way she got treated in this film I’m about to remind you of… especially as the exasperated headmaster (in full authentic old school mortar board hat and gown had run out of ideas without resorting to severe corporal punishment) but nowadays, our feral girls will take a mile if you give them an inch… so it’s time to thrash bad girls like her to tears!

The Headmaster has run out of disciplinary measures for dealing with naughty schoolgirl Elizabeth. Detention and writing lines have all failed to curb her waywardness and inattention in class. Now only lines of another kind are left.



Don’t forget to check out their tour pages that contains recent free movie previews… they’re pretty good and show you exactly what you’ll get!!!

Girls like Elizabeth & other naughty brats are punished the traditional way at


OK, I’m off out to the fireworks display – be good and hope your weekend is fun! Chief


  1. tim tim

    John all the little cuties receive big spanks ,verty nice indeed ,best ,tim.

  2. Good to see you using a hotmail address, Tim. Did Paul manage to contact you regards your Northern issue? As your “other” email is a pain to send stuff to for us as it always gets rejected 🙁

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