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Our filmshoot – part deux (& other news)

As promised, day 2 was just as eventful as our first and we filmed a members favorite (& mine) Kami Robertson, who was sadly feeling a little under the weather, but she croaked through it ok, regaining her voice during the day…. but proved she could still take a hell of a thrashing. (So did we afford her any sympathy?) Well… not to her bottom, at least, as naughty and wigglesome as ever, the delightful side effect of Kami being slightly under the weather was that she was a little weepy which we didn’t have to exploit too much, so we got some tearful scenes and some good honest hard discipline scenes you’d expect Kami to take! Before you call me some monster… remember this, what model would arrive at the film shoot, spot a birch tree in the garden and then go out and pick some twigs and make her own (excellent, I might add) birch to be used on her as the last film of the day? Oh, Kami Robertson, of course!!! I haven’t seen the film in full, I watched bits and took some images and of course it’s yet to be edited. I was filming some scenes with our other delightful recruit new to the site, the girl you saw in the guides uniform yesterday… Danielle Hunt!

Kami and her own home made birch at the filmshoot!

So I have been working hard, unlike some of my fellow countrymen today, namely some 2 million or so in the Public Sector “workers” who are treating today as some sort of Jolly by striking against the Government’s ongoing austerity measures (mainly aimed at them and their unrealistic bloated wage structures, unfair pension arrangements that us in the private sector could only dream of and find hard to believe as it is financial suicide to persist in such folly during these difficult times… however, I hope these idiots and the damned unions see sense, our country is at the mercy of the crappy Eurozone, God help us if that finally imploded. There’d be no one left to purchase spanking memberships as the world plumetted further into economic oblivion. Perhaps, as one of my esteemed fellow spanko bloggers has often thought, perhaps there are zombies waiting to take over the world we mess up and eat our financially feeble brains.

*Disclaimer: The Chief has opened a bottle of quality Shiraz and is not likely to stop chugging at one bottle whilst typing this diatribe! So I better move onto my “Day 2” experience and updates I have started catching up on… *ahem*

So check out Kami and Danielle’s amazing content, these are just some of the films we made and I can’t wait to see these, some good hard caning scenes and top spanking punishments are guaranteed with these 2 girls!


Both girls also completed our special Xmas film and of course were brilliantly portrayed in the Locker Room and Games Room as well as the stairs where they got stripped for their various schoolgirl detention punishments!


Both girls took a really hard wooden ruler hand punishment which really stung, both getting 6 hard strokes each across their palms of both hands before they had chance to recover, they were turned around and given a hard hairbrush and strapping (when you find out what they did, you’ll “thank me” for punishing their disgraceful behavior!)



The girls made our trademark pyjamas punishment films in the bedroom and I had to chuckle as I went upstairs and saw Kami eagerly waiting for me on the bed in those now infamous red dropseat PJ’s – I think you get the idea that she looked perfect in them! It was a real pleasure for me to spank her with her tight bottom poking out provocatively from the drop seats! Oh, and Danielle looked superb in her PJ’s and nightshirt (the night shirt film she got a hard caning as well as a spanking over my knee much to her obvious dismay!)

As you may have seen yesterday, Danielle demanded to try out the Girl Guide outfit after admitting she had never been a girl guide, I was only too happy to oblige and give her 2 films worth of immensely watchable films for us all in some great settings with her getting a good thrashing in that fantastic and (personally for me) trouser busting outfit!


Kami’s birching film was a visual treat and I played around with some early images (below) as you’ll see here to reflect the Edwardian Fireplace. From what I saw – she was incredibly submissive, so I will let you know more when I get the final edits!


So that is just a peek at what you can expect, alongside our other gems that are coming very soon, expect the long play Christmas video in one go, & I hope that I can get you the new films of Jenna’s introduction (as promised yesterday) in time for Friday’s new update!



Ok, I’m just visiting one other site today as I have had to spend some time on my site updating a full file film. Here is what is happening at one wonderful site I always have time for – Why? Well, just check out the girls and their punishments, at the hands of the capable David Pierson or Veronica Bound… you’ll get to see some old and new girls here I have featured often, girls like Ten Amorette or Charlie Skye…. such contrasting discipline and types of girls…. but all HIGHLY ADDICTIVE viewing as you’ll see below! (& I haven’t even shown you Pixie, of course!)



Ten made a huge error at work which cost the company a lot of potential revenue. Her boss David confronts her and while he chooses not to fire the girl, he does see the need for punishment which I heartily agree with! Ten is one of those girls with such a spankable ass that demands a proper thrashing and David ensures none of us are disappointed as her cheeks turn red with shame and pain!




After being soundly spanked, Charlie is made to tackle her chores immediately and wash the dishes with her red bare bottom on display. This is a particular fave of mine as I love seeing Charlie spanked, especially when she is squirming across Veronica’s lap and trying to avoid one telling swat after another!!!



To make sure Amaya focuses on her school work, Veronica is taking away her laptop and giving her a hot red bottom. As far as I am concerned this is the way to treat spoilt brats like this gorgeous schoolgirl and I think it’s the first time Amaya has been spanked in uniform, and I hope not the last!



This early morning spanking is sure to keep dancer Angelina on her toes for the rest of the day. her evil and fearsome medusa like tormentor spares no blushes as Angelina’s trim bottom is thoroughly paddled until it turns a burning red!


OK, back with a complete round up tomorrow and I promise you will like that (or else!)


  1. Paul Down Paul Down

    Hi Chief,

    As you say more trade mark pyjama spankings due on your great site. I know you have others that have nnot reached the site ( I think one or two with Kami ) Any chance of those not destined for the site being put on your clips site. Such a dearth of pj spankings elsewhere we pyjama spanking fans ( I think thats just me) have needs lol.

    best regards. Paul

    BTW always available to help.

  2. Hi Paul, yes we are going to add some more movies to our clips store in advance of the site and I’ll let you all know here when I do as I realize some people, for whatever reason don’t want to purchase a membership but will look at the odd clip instead. The quality of the clips are very good but not quite as good as the full HD files when they go to the site but that is because we adhere properly to the rules of Clips4sale unlike some producers who just send up whatever file formats they want and to hell withthe correct specifications that producers are supposed to follow. We have had to adapt the clips so they don’t take up more than 10mb/minute (the specification set by Clips4sale) which is not the best quality but we have developed a way to improve quality whilst keeping to the guidelines and you don’t really notice the difference – another 1st for AAA Spanking !!

    Oh, and I am sure we will see if you want to help out again, I still get nice comments of your PJ clip with Wynter on S Tube 🙂

  3. Paul Down Paul Down

    Hi Chief,

    many thanks fior the reply and info regarding Clips. Their are a number of reasons for my asking about that medium at present but it is mostly to do with finaces in this day and age I am afraid, and at lest with clips I can get the pj stuff.

    So glad that you had such a positive reaction from the spanking I did with Wynter. maybe I should drop you a line privately about further opportunitie.

    Best regards Paul

  4. Yeah, I understand though our membership at present is under 20 dollars for the month (if you cancel a recurring deal) and some films are usually around a dollar a minute at clips4sale as it is set by them (not us) well, we could charge more but not less than around a dollar a minute, if you know what I mean 😉

    I’m going to be uploading that film we made together caning the 3 girls in their PJs at the Clips Store, I’ll let you all know about that soon enough

    Oh, and do drop a line, you are always welcome and we’d deffo have you back next year or so when we will be filming 🙂

  5. tim tim

    Very nice lot of vids to come ,i voted for Triple AAA spanking with Northern spanking on Sarahs Spanking England poll ,with Sarah as a female spanker ,best tim .

  6. Ha! Yes, I forgot to mention that, will quickly update a post with a link and vote for AAA myself, lol! 🙂


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