The Female Disciplinary Manual

Whilst perusing over some of my collection of spanking paraphernalia I re read this booklet below.

Female Disciplinary Manual

A genuine 1960s Education Pamphlet from the British Ministry of Education?

As it says, it was intended for use in school, educational establishment and use in the home! OK, it’s not really from the 60’s but I’d like to think it was! It covers all variety of discipline from non corporal (detentions, lines etc) to corporal punishments. Corporal Punishment was divided into the following very detailed sections (for a pamphlet it was over 60 pages long!)
It included:  Spanking, the Ruler, the Switch, Birch, Strap, Compound Punishments and finally the Cane.
Seriously, it looks so genuine, see the pic of me holding it below as I started to write this.
(check out the Home Page on the laptop, ahem…LOL!)

Click to enlarge this pic

<< Click on it to enlarge if you want >>

If anyone is interested I will gladly scan other parts of this pamphlet and show it here, but I am busy, so might forget.
Please bear with me as I have to do a lot of other stuff – this does take a lot of my free time to sort out.
I’ve scanned the pages of the Cane Section, it’s a real eye opener, a true testament to how things have changed in 40 years! Just imagine printing a booklet like this today, my God, the do-goody, overly PC beards would have a field day!

Click on the pages below, the first is only 1 page, the others have both pages scanned.

Pamphlet Section: The Cane
Part1   Part2   Part3   Part4   Part5   Part6

I hope you all found this a fascinating insight into the recent history of British Discipline of an era not so long gone by.

Befitting such a manual, I found a few Galleries from AAA Spanking (of course)

These 3 Galleries feature severe use of the cane from the Movies on this site.
Most befitting of the long gone era when this practice was commonplace for young ladies in a British Educational Establishment.

13 thoughts on “The Female Disciplinary Manual

  1. PietraS

    Ow! This pamphlet is awful… and at the same time absolutely fascinating! Please, Chief, post more parts of it to us! 😉

  2. Klapkaj

    What a fantastic find and makes terrific reading. Thanks for the extract on the cane, but please, please post more soon. Could we have a chapter a week, I’d love the advice on the strap, tawse etc. and general comments. Thanks a lot Chief, a really great find.

  3. Spank Chief Post author

    Thanks for the feedback, I will definitely get some more parts up soon!
    Probably do the Spanking section next, it’s a good section.
    I will also post the contents page so you can vote for the next part too.

    Seriously, reading through it, it’s scary reading, proper advice from the Govt, not like our useless namby pamby overly PC idiots in control today!

  4. ffaiirrm

    Eh, not sure if those acting like this is real are joking or not, but just in case, it was written in the 90s and while good in many ways is not an actual historical manual.

  5. Spank Chief Post author

    I think we decided that it wasn’t actually real but it made for a damned good read anyway.
    Check the other parts, the caning section is particuarly interesting to read! 🙂

  6. marcus

    Yes- it wo it would be good to see some of the other stuff I know is in there, about writing lines for example.

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