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Latest Spanking Updates

I’m late getting this out today, this was due to 2 reasons. I had to go to work this morning and was driving at 4.30am (yes, there really is a 4 in the morning… sigh) and due to the severe winds we’ve had, the road was blocked by a fallen tree, a huge oak, just ripped from the ground and strewn acroos the highway. I turned aroudn and took a longer detour, almost crashing into another tree not quite blocking the entire road, but this fallen tree was hidden by a small brow of th ehill, there are some scuff marks on the side of the car as I swerved to avoid this danger but that was about it! So I have had a little sleep when I got back from a stressful day at work, hope you don’t mind 😉

I also had a little hitch getting the latest film up (crappy connection here again!) but it resolved itself finally and so, as I mentioned yesterday, my latest film is now out for members of and you can see a free clip on the Home Page HERE I will also feature 2 galleries at the end as I am currently uploading the FULL movie to our Clips Store as well for those that want to see Jasmine and just want to pay for that (which I understand). But in the meantime, there’s plenty to see, so I am starting today with an excellent movie just finished with the very beautiful Charlie Skye… and I have a reminder of her from around a year ago… she started the updates for both new years… what “blistering” start for she is, possibly one of the most stunning girls to get a spanking, she is seriously beautiful and has a bottom that literally makes me drool *drool*

Charlie Skye – ignore this beauty at your peril!

This film was uploaded a year ago –  a film called “Sister Savior”. I have found the text that shows the storyline so you can understand why Beverly is whacking the bejeezus out of her little sis!




Charlie is at first very glad to see her older sister Beverly come to her aid after getting into trouble at school. Charlie is certain her dear sister will take her straight home and she’ll be spared any corporal punishment. But to her surprise, Beverly asks to use the headmaster’s office and gives the mischievous girl a thorough hairbrush spanking herself.

& now for the very latest film from Charlie, over the knee of Veronica,this time…




Veronica catches Charlie texting after she’s taken away her phone privileges. She has the girl fetch a wooden hairbrush and then climb over her knee for another tough lesson. Charlie absolutely hates the hairbrush and struggles mightily to endure her painful punishment which makes watching this film addictive viewing!

You can see ALL of Charlie’s films, past and present at


How do I follow that? Well, Clare Fonda’s ongoing new series of films starring yet another LA babe, Dylan Rose, continues to enact roles from her childhood as she recalls the spankings she got off her mother… of course expertly played with a wicked glint in her eye by Clare herself… and who can blame her as Dylan has a perfect spankable butt as you will see below!!!




SpankedSweeties recently won the “most improved award” at Brushstrokes Spanking Spot (and the other site I featured above came 2nd) – (“Hey, where was my site?” *sniff sniff*) Anyway, you can find out why newbie girl spankings, re enactments of their growing up, spanking model fantasies and interviews as well as a lot of spankings got this site into 1st place – CLICK HERE

I don’t think I featured this double spanking of the gorgeous Jenni Mack and Veronica Ricci at – well, the film is now released in all parts and is an awesome visual feast of tanned butts as you’ll see below! All this in 1280 width Wmv playback as well! Miss Chris plays their mother whacking the crap out of her good for nothing whoring girls… “crackers”, but as ever, these storylines work!




This is easily my fave site from Clare at the moment, and you can see why HERE

Now, that is not to say that My Spanking Room Mate is not a worthy contender (especially as I have just seen the latest film, more on that in a mo)… I have followed this spanking soap opera from Day One and I find it hard to believe but it’s up to episode 96 already… the one I’m showing you is number 94 as it featured Clare getting a good ol’ whacking, and the girl carrying it out? One of my fave models that Clare uses on a regular basis, especially here… the husky voiced and very naughty Kay Richards! You’ll see why I enjoyed watching this full movie in the special free gallery I found (to save me time) – any movie with Clare getting her comeuppance is worth its weight in gold every single time! Click image below to access the free piccies!

I have also just seen the very latest film just released (too late for me to update it here today) but you can watch it now and it stars Missy Rhodes and Veronica Ricci in their debuts at this site… seriously, these 2 together… worth the entrance fee alone, yes, I have “wood” 🙂

Remember that you can view all of Clare’s sites I have featured here today (and it’s how I discovered her latest update of Missy & Veronica…. schwiiinnnng!) via her renowned and best value Clare Fonda Pass – which is the “Dogs Bollocks”, as we say over here in England!


Finally a new debut for an excluisve girl to – and I think you are all gonna love this girl, I geel a contender for new spnkee of the year already and it’s only January 5th! Please welcome Miss Belinda Lawson!

She looks like Scarlett Johansson, has a bottom made for spanking, and a lilting Welsh accent. Meet Firm Hand’s latest exclusive model, Belinda Lawson! This bratty miss failed her senior exams and faces a summer of hard work and corporal punishment. Good news for us!




Check out the free preview spanking of new girl Belinda HERE


Ok, that’s all for now, please do continue to give me feedback on the new blog theme, I’m still undecided but am willing to perservere if you’re still willing to read it 🙂

Oh, and as promised, 2 links to my new galleries and a link to the full link film out now of Jasmine!


& click image below for the full film to download as a one off…

Regards, Chief.

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