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Kami Robertson spanked in PJs!

It’s late here, I’m tired… but I have updated the site and made a special free gallery available which I hope does justice to the latest film which, I must admit, I hadn’t viewed in full until today and so it was like I was a member watching it for the 1st time fully edited! I loved it… and I know YOU will too as it stars Kami Robeertson…. need I say more? OK, then…. she’s in not one set… but TWO (Yes, 2) sets of PJs in this movie and she also gets scolded for daring to wear panties under the 1st set…. then is stripped and made to wear the punishment dropseats…. check out the gallery below…. and if yoiu liked that, there’s the previous film (part 1 of “Wrong Pyjamas” which you can also view)

God is indeed smiling down on us for being able to see these little delights! 🙂

Click image below for the full free gallery


click here

& since I am writing about all things Kami, here are a few more galleries from the same site (click on thumbnails below), if you haven’t seen these before, this is just the tip of the Kami iceberg of spanking movies at now available!

naked caning click here

click here click here

 click here for more

 click here

For the latest FREE movie preview clips
Check out the home pages HERE and see them in HD quality.


  1. Nicely done! Kami plus pj’s equal’s awesome. Will do some bloggin’ on it. btw, love that “vintage” comic at the top of your site.

    Keep it cherry red,

  2. tim tim

    Very nice ,Kami is a little cutie girl,a great favourite of ours ,best,Tim.

  3. tim tim

    John a suggestion for the new girls who look lovely if i may? they are sisters trying to get each other in trouble at school and home and give each other big spanks ,cheerleaders as rivals,best wishes,Tim.

  4. Let’s hope my rival cheerleader uniform arrives tomorrow, I only have one at the mo… I promise you these girls are going to be NAUGHTY!

  5. Paul Down Paul Down

    Hi Cheif,

    Nice ot see another pyjama spanking on TripleA esp as Kami is in them. Mind you I just love those strippy jamas and am so glad you gave her a hiding for wearing her knickers below them. Wil lgive you a mention on my blog over the weekend if thats ok.

    More jama spankings please

    best regards Paul

  6. Thanks Paul, I really enjoyed making this film, especially as Kami was wearing knickers underneath and I thrashed her for this outrage 😉

    I’m gonna be doing some more PJ films on Monday – I will let you all know about these soon enough! I’m off tomorrow to buy some more new jim jams, lol!

    I’ve been really tired from my dayjob this week so will update the blog in full tomorrow, hope that’s ok for everyone!

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