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Sunday Spanking Galleries

Hello everyone, just wanted to keep you updated with one of my favourite networks from Clare Fonda, the below galleries represent the 2 latest episodes or movie updates from each site featured, which you can check out at the appropriate link if you wish to see more – click on images for the free galleries… and enjoy!

This is the 100th episode of the continuing spanking soap opera!!! Congratulations!

Veronica sent her roomate Missy to see Lilia Spinzoa, who is looking to hire someone. Missy thinks it is for an acting job. But it is waitress work at Cleopatras, an Egyptian styled restaurant. Lilia spanks Missy until she agrees to put on the waitress uniform and take the job. And because Missy was so bratty, she spanks her again, this time with a hairbrush. Missy can’t sit down after this spanking.

EPISODE #99 Madison Spanks & Paddles Sinthia – 8 Minutes

Madison was spanked and paddled by Sinthia (played by Sinn Sage) not too long ago, and she has been waiting for her chance for revenge. Madison storms into Sinthia’s office and overpowers the smaller woman, throwing her over her knee and spanking her, then paddling her.



A New girl’s fantasies, interviews and recollections of childhood spankings: Tracie

Tracie is a very cute girl-next-door type who was spanked growing up by her mom and dad. She is very vocal when she is getting spanked and has a tight dancer’s body. The spankings we acted out brought back a lot of memories for this golden-haired girl.

For more free movie previews from Spanked Sweeties – CLICK HERE


Elise is back from college to stay with her mother for the summer. Mom (played by Clare Fonda) reminds Elise that she has slipped in many ways and she has decided to do something she hasn’t done in years, and that is to spank her daughter when she misbehaves.

See much more of a real favourite Elise Graves in this 4 movie series HERE


Clare has worked with Celia for a while and trusts her, but Celia seems to be quite the enabler when her perky-bottomed friend Moon bails. Slut spankings for both- hairbrush applied! Moon is a hot liitle gothy who is schooled by Momma Clare. Celia is no stranger to a solid thrashing!

Audrey Tate and Ten Amorette have been cheating on Momma Clare with their former pimp. She tells them at the start of this scene they are in for a big punishment with Double Dan. He takes them over his knee both seperately and together for a heavy hand spanking. Of course he makes them kiss little too for his perverted pleasure!

See why Clare loves working on this site (I love it too!) – CLICK HERE


& for you ladies (or gents too!) that love to see a man get his comeuppance – check out the 2 latest movies to come from Clare’s very popular Femdom site

When you marry a woman you had better find out if she has a family full of dominant women, that is unless you are like this man who knows damn well he needs a spanking and a session with a paddle.

Clare Fonda is a soccer mom on a rampage, unhappy with one of the other parents, the dad that is, played by Ace who finds himself over the knee of a dominant woman.

You can check out all the latest episodes (if that is your thing) at Clare Spanks Men


The above sites can be viewed or chosen as part of a 3, 4 or 5 site package, you choose and save money with this pass which you can join on a month’s contract or even better value on one of the long term deals (the sites will update daily between them and nothing is replicated elsewhere!)

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    John Clares sites are excellent ,thanks for the bonus vids on AAA spanking .com Miss Jessica Wood is a great spanker young Shay got big spanks ,best ,Tim.

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