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News of a new caning movie

Hi Everyone, sorry this is brief… Just a very quick update from me and some news today as I have been really pressed for time. I have just updated with a new movie, it’s a triple girl caning and there’s no warm up, just straight into the action. I think you’ll like it, it’s got 3 mouthy brats who deserve a caning, 2 teachers (me and Mr Down) who, by luck are right and left handed so we can cane the girls opposite each other and also be accurate (a little essential since they were cold caned!)

You’ll see some insults traded, bickering, some quite resentful girls and of course a few tell tale welts appearing:  Click image below for a quick preview gallery (it’s free), then click on the link below that for a quick free preview WMV clip. Have a good one, I’ll be back tomorrow with more inside info on the film and other spankworthy updates you’d expect! Cheers! Chief.


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