Danielle Hunt becomes a naughty Girl Guide!

Our latest film is now out for members to download and I have a nice little preview of what yoiu can expect, the later part of the film has some excellent bath brush and paddling scenes of Danielle’s lovely rump! It is no surprise that all the girls LOVE to be punished in this uniform as they look so damned cute in them, don’t they? & of course I love spanking the girls in this… it’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it! *sigh*

Danielle gets her 1st spanking for being rubbish at ironing!

So here are some behind the scenes extras and a nice preview of what is out right now! Danielle, as I said, looks so cute and innocent in that girl guide uniform, trying to earn her domestic badge but she’s hopeless at ironing and has tested my patience to the extreme as I should have had my white shirt an age ago! This film shows her briefly trying to iron before I come in, give her hell and within 30 seconds her panties are pulled down and the discipline commences, so no big build up, it’s not necessary 🙂

Danielle tries to iron my shirt!

Below: check out this free clip of an early spanking scene before I really show her some discipline with a paddle and my fave implement, the dreaded bath brush!

This film was shot quite quickly and towards the end of the filmshoot, it was the 1st of 2 films I did with Danielle in this costume… the 2nd was a kitchen scene, and although I don’t have the images to hand, think it was with her on all 4’s getting paddled, I can’t wait to get that one out too… I’m sure you will all approve! So back to this film, I have some screen grabs from the film, they are reduced quality but you will get the idea of what happens and of course, the bath brush!






If you like seeing girls punished in this unform then you will no doubt know that there are many more punishment films available for downlaod right now inside the members area! CLICK HERE for the extensive tour pages so you can see for yourself. Good night! Chief.

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