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Bumper Bank Holiday Spankings

Well, it’s a holiday weekend here in the UK… and as is traditional over here, the weather is lousy (I actually managed to cut the grass to our lawn as it hadn’t rained here for 2 days… ha!) but the temperature is now unseasonally low… so I thought I’d stay in and watch some classic beautiful spanking movies and the images below will show you just what I have been catching up on from the past. These are amazing and timeless, mainly featuring girl/girl spankings there’s a cute section at the end with a girl scout uniform spanking, something which both inspired and fed my own fetish to see girls spanked and punished in such naughty sexy outfits!

So the 1st bumper package sees one of my fave spankees, Miss Michaela McGowen, switching roles as a Top with a cracking girl called Justine Adams – this series (Abuse of Authority) was filmed at a few years ago, but is actually one of my favourite sets and you’ll understand when you see some reminders of what to expect. I have reduced the size of the original images since there are so many, as it is only fair to let members see the full size image sets… and of course, the full screen movies!

Do you remember Miss Justine Adams?
Here is a reminder of what Michaela got up to with her!



My 1st sexy treat for you today is seeing buxom Michaela McGowen give a bare ass smacking for the very first time and the folk at FHS could not have paired a sweeter new sub at the time than Justine for her to play upon! I often wondered what Michaela must have felt to only have had a stinging hand and not a sore red bottom in her new role when this was made! Also, this was Justine Adams getting her very first fully nude spanking (which I can never object to!) some traditionalists don’t like this but there are many girls who enjoy this as much as I do making or watching a scene like this!




In the above set taken from this movie, petite Justine gets her perky sweet little bare bottom cheeks spanked as pink as a strawberry by a very sexy barely dressed Michaela!

Being a lodger in “rich bitch” Michaela McGowen’s home is proving difficult for pretty blonde Justine Adams. A little bit of attitude – “I’m not your servant” – means a trip over Michaela’s knee for a spanked booty. White panties, then smooth bare cheeks exposed and smacked a delicious bright red.

Check out MORE of this in the series “Abuse of Authority”




With both girls in formal dresses, Justine Adams and Michaela McGowen go head-to-head in “Abuse of Authority”. Justine is renting a room in rich bitch Michaela’s home, and finds out what a tough deal she’s earned. Her behaviour earns a strapping right after a party. Bent over a kitchen counter, she takes her licks on the dress, then on bare skin… and Michaela’s enjoying the job!

See more of this red hot bare ass strapping HERE




I could be here all day letting you guys see more of this cute twosome… so I saved this part of the series til last, one of my faves as it has a topless Michaela punishing Justine – with a bath brush (mmm!).  More double treats, too,  as I hadn’t really seen many films of Michaela topless, so to see Justine and her tiny titties exposed as well as she bent over on that bed (oh my… now you know why I wanted to watch this “Abuse of Authority” series again!) The official blurb for the members is explained (below):

Some things are worth waiting for… and Michaela McGowen makes her bare-breasted debut in this hot double topless sequence with Justine Adams from Abuse of Authority. Justine has been going through Michaela’s closet, and deserves retribution: 20 swats with a wooden brush, 10 on white cotton panties, and 20 more with her bottom bare. What a hot sight with four breasts bouncing!

Indeed! & you can only see this incl. MORE of both Michaela & Justine at


One of my most popular clips on the Teen Spanking Tube has been this Hispanic beauty getting a spanking off her pissed off English Teacher! I can see why! I went back and watched this honey again getting a good spanking, such a cute sexy ass, my God… this was a classic for me and it’s only available from – the full film is much better and in better quality, I have also got you some images from this film too! Enjoy the clip and the image set (below):






Check out MORE spanking punishments like this at – HERE


Finally today, I have to say “thank you” to Peter & co at for fuelling my desire to see girls spanked and punished in these uniforms, as you know, my site has now become quite well known for the authentic English Girl Guide outfits and each and every new model now loves wearing them (unless they are super well endowed on top, as the shirts are a little small, lol!) But here is another set that inspired me, the sexy Girl Scouts that got some seriously erotic punishments… and check out those uniforms… oh my!






Check out more wicked spankings of the most beautiful East European girls imaginable – Click HERE


Oh, and if you are interested, I have already updated the clips site to include an as yet unseen final part to Kami’s hard spanking/strapping/paddle/bathbrush and caning punishment and there is also the full film option, this won’t be available at the main site (admittedly in kick ass HD!) for at least a week or so for those that don’t like memberships (why not?) there is this early bird option, click HERE or on Kami’s sore bottom below for more info! Have a great Bank Holiday weekend! Chief.


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