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  1. tim tim

    John have you been having problems downloading the latest vids at Amber spanks i have does amber come here to read the articles ? best,Tim.

  2. Those vids were uncut edits, very large, aren’t they? Amber and her Daddy do pop by here from time to time but I suggest that you write to their customer support or leave a message on Amber’s blog for a faster response, she’ll see it come through on her mail account!

    Use VLC player to view those massive files, they played back on my older PC without any problem.

    Hope that helps

  3. tim tim

    John i did leave a comment on Ambers blogbut no answer as yet ,yes the earlier vids were easier to download ,the spank Amber ones seem alright but the other sites ones has changed a bit,best,Tim.

  4. tim tim


  5. tim tim

    John is vlc a free player to use? best,tim.

  6. Yes it is. go to – when you install it, like any player software, it will want to play all file types, so you can untick those you are happy with playing for now (eg, wmv on Windows player etc) but after a while you will see what a great multi media player this is so I let it run virtually all file formats now.

    Oh, and it’s really good at playing MP4 files! ๐Ÿ™‚

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