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Keep Calm and Spank On!

I couldn’t help but make up this retro WW2 poster for my blog as we are being bombarded with the old classic slogan “Keep calm and carry on!” Something quintesentially British… perhaps it’s because the Olympic Games are not far off (just 87 days, in fact) … or the fact our feckless immigration staff at Heathrow are forcing travellers and visitors to queue for hours to get admitted to Britain (and I thought the INS were a pain in the arse – ha!) anyway, here’s my out take on it as I celebrate everything British with some of the very latest spanking updates from a few select sites from our side of The Pond.

“Keep Calm and Spank On!”

Jenna Jay gets a good hard spanking and strapping from Nimue in the very latest Short Sharp Shock movie from





There is another short sharp shock film released which starred Amelia Jane Rutherford and Stephen Lewis… this was an intensely personal film for Northern co owner, Lucy… as Paul explains below these fab images from the movie!


This film has a personal and interesting story behind it. At the time of filming, our own Lucy was involved in an intense DD relationship with her Dom which had changed from their previous BDSM dynamic. Lucy found the exchanges so intense, so real, so cathartic and so full of love that she wanted to capture those feelings on film. So we embarked on making this short with Amelia Jane and Stephen. Both of them captured the emotion of a real DD involved couple perfectly, and we believe this scene to be pure magic.

& finally from this great site, a fab pairing of Zoe Page and Caroline Grey, having met Zoe not too long ago, I know just how great she is to work with, I’m going weak at the knees just thinking about the way she disciplines the girls!

Zoe wastes no time in getting to the “bottom” of things


When incompetent cleaner Caroline turns up in Zoe’s office, she infuriates Miss Page with her ineptitude. Zoe tries to control the rage building up inside her, but there’s always a breaking point and when Zoe reaches hers, Caroline has NO idea what is about to hit her…but it will be VERY hard!

See all these latest punishments and more only from


Now as it’s late and I have a course tomorrow morning… (keep calm!) the final 2 images here are of the very latest film updates to come from the sites mentioned, these are both amazing and I love the photoghraphy that accompanies these HD films, something which you should remember as both sites are well worth a look and have a fantastic free preview section for you to check out what they’re offering.

1st from English Spankers – this beautiful new spankee called Kiki who has curves in all the right places making her such a spankable thing (as you’ll see below) – Click image for the amazing free gallery and further preview access:

Click HERE for the FREE HD Movie preview of this stunning F/F Audition spanking

…then see what is coming out this week at as the 2nd installment of “The Runaway” with the ample bottomed Dani Hunt is shown – you will NOT be disappointed with this one either (loving the hand strappings and humiliating positions she is in)

Then check out the free HD movie previews and see for yourself!


OK, I’m off to have a nice cuppa (tea) before bed…  so “Keep Calm…. and Spank On!

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