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New Films out this week!

Just a few updates of what you can expect to see this week from a few British Spanking Sites… and these are AWESOME as you’ll see!

Just take a look at gorgeous new girl Charlie from English Spankers – caned hard by Sarah… these images are fantastic and only serve to show you the severity of the punishment as well as the beautiful tearful reactions of this stunning young thing! Bravo!

It’s every young girls worst nightmare, to get an unreasonable landlady and it’s every landladies dread, to get a teenage tenant who does not  keep the flat tidy and stores furniture and effects for her friends and. This land lady did give young Charlie a choice, take a beating and get the flat tidy or get out. She has already been spanked and on her return visit there is little improvement and so Charlie has to bend over the table for a real hard caning that leaves its mark. Her first ever caning and it is a hard one.

npp6037004 npp6037009

npp6037013 npp6037014

npp6037021 npp6037031

npp6037034 npp6037037

npp6037038 npp6037044

CLICK HERE to see the latest offerings and free HD clip!


At Sarah’s own site HERE – the return of Danielle Hunt is always worthwhile, I should know as I have some great films stored of her coming up later this year that no one else has done with her… but, you can never go wrong with a caning film with young Danielle… and you can whack that kooboo rod as hard as you like against her cheeks… this girl can take a hell of a punishment… this film is no different, lovers of Miss Hunt will certainly get off on this, like myself 🙂


npp6035010 npp6035022

npp6035025 npp6035027

npp6035033 npp6035035

See naughty Danielle’s painful caning punishment in full – HERE


A new film from has fantastic Sally  (or Satine) and Masie Dee (I really ought to get these girls in a shoot SOON as I have always loved their work together) caught by prefect Zoe Page… the film is called “shower scene”… and anyone who knows these girls working together, will know that this is gonna be HOT!!! But right now… why not content yourselves with some F/F punishment scenes instead of the girls as they are caught in the school corridor without a Hall pass! Oh dear…

NSI110-ZMS005 NSI110-ZMS006

NSI110-ZMS010 NSI110-ZMS013

NSI110-ZMS014 NSI110-ZMS016

NSI110-ZMS018 NSI110-ZMS020

See MORE of this fantastic new film right HERE



& just to let you know, tomorrow I will be updating my site with the delicious and very hawt Leandra James as the “Naughty Nit Nurse” as she gets spanked by the pervy teacher they all call “Dodgy Dave”. God,  this girl’s ass is to die for… as you’ll see in MORE detail tomorrow!!! Like the image below? I promise you will LOVE to see more of her after that…




See all of Leandra’s unique films to this site HERE

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